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Adam's argument that a very destructive feminism has permeated our society, pushing an agenda which favors women and denigrates men is solidly argued here, and is backed up with a legion of references and statistics. The writing is passionate and supremely rational, and gives solid voice to the frustration that males are feeling -- and the increasing sense of personal uselessness that they experience -- as a toxic feminist agenda permeates modern American thought.

Now don't get me wrong; I'm all for equality of opportunity and responsibility for men and women. Feminism, however, is not about equality; it never has been. It is about special privilege for women at the expense of men. Adam's book succinctly voiced the immense frustration that I personally have felt, having seen the effects of this deification of women and condemnation of men throughout my adolescent and adult life, both in private and in the workplace. I highly recommend this book to all who seek a well-written and carefully considered summary of the arguments against modern feminism and a description of the damage it's doing to our culture.

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I wish every sixteen year-old male could have the chance to read this book before they graduate high school, navigate college, and embark on a workplace career. It could profoundly change the way they view their culture, and the course of many of the life decisions they make, so that they don't end up just another broken victim of life.

Good book, great information that fits with reality, not with the narrative that gets pumped across our media from every direction. Look behind the scenes, do the math, relate it to real life, realize that as ugly as the analysis and numbers are in this book, that analysis and those statistics fit with reality of today which means its true. Read it if you're tired of the narrative that men are oppressors. Very insightful, this book has opened my eyes to issues regarding male rights and the double standard that persist in our society.

This book also offer recommendations for change which I will champion myself behind. One person found this helpful. One person found this helpful 2 people found this helpful. This describes exactly what is going on in American society! Should be required reading for all family court judges! I gave this five stars because of the factual proof he submitted. I remember as a kid wondering why things were the way they were. This book gives granular explanations of how radical feminism is shaping the world.

Very well written and researched book, it is concise and straight to the point. However, I took off a star because his views on civil rights don't seemed as well informed. Still an excellent read nonetheless. One of the best books written on the subject. True journalism at it's finest.

This well written, insightful and informative book provides reasoned arguments and supporting facts for the need for men to organize, promulgate a plan and to efficaciously effect that plan in order to protect men's rights, halt the destruction of Western civilization, and to further men's legitimate and just interests. See all 28 reviews.

The other gender divide: where men are losing out

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There's a problem loading this menu right now. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations. Abuse and rape are not committed because of their gender. I mind that they constantly talk about women having the right of independence and how strong we are, yet constantly make us out to be victims and weak and try to make us afraid of men. I mind that they demonize men; that they use their personal story to make sweeping generalizations.

Your hand was not in that all. Second, women who are not feminists do not owe you or anyone else a damn thing. Do not use that tactic to coerce a women into being a part of your ideological movement. No means fucking no. Practice what you preach.

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I mind that they use abused victims and women of third-world countries to promote their movement. That proves nothing at all. Actions does not equate to intentions. His intentions were to bring Germany out of debt and peace to his country as well as make it powerful. What about the Christians and Catholics' intentions? Their intentions are to save the world from eternal damnation, to bring peace and love to one another; yet we know throughout the ages they slaughtered millions in the name of their god. These may be some harsh examples, but truth nonetheless. Again, actions does not equate to intentions.

Number two, why would you have people ignoring the idiots who speaks for your movement? Feminists do not own the word. They are not the only movement promoting equality and justice. There are egalitarians, there are humanists, etc. When feminism is long dead and gone, there will be movements still for equality.

Let me tell you what MRAs address and point out so they could fix: Men have the highest suicide rate. They have harsher prison sentences than women 3. Certain airlines made it illegal for men to sit next to unaccompanied minors because all men are supposedly dangerous 5.

Circumcision is still legal 6. In most cases mothers win with full custody of the kids 8. Male victims of rape have to pay child support to their rapist 9. The attendance of males in schools have dropped dramatically; females make up more percentage in schools than males In certain countries like the US if men want any rights at all and be considered a citizen, the have to enlist themselves in the draft in the guise of the Selective Service. And this is all just the tip of the iceberg.

Feminism has a hand in the changing of society for the better… or worse. So let me state this again: And that's where this book comes along, it addresses the issues and the things a lot of feminists has done and men's place in society. While I agree with most of it, I didn't like his generalizations about "all women", and he didn't use that many sources, but really, it's all pretty evident with the shit that goes on in society and just a search on google to verify.

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  4. Dec 06, Richard Block rated it liked it. Truth First, Tone Last Adam's self published update of Warren Farrell's The Myth of Male Power is a bracing but harsh assessment of the feminist movement's success in reducing male power and controlling the culture. I believe the facts that demonstrate how in the US at least if not the Western world feminism rules and rules unfairly, replacing the 14th Amendment that specifies equal protection under the law, with dogma that puts women's rights above men's rights in almost every walk of life.

    I Truth First, Tone Last Adam's self published update of Warren Farrell's The Myth of Male Power is a bracing but harsh assessment of the feminist movement's success in reducing male power and controlling the culture. It paints men as monsters and women as saints. In this 'Alice in Wonderland' world, facts are turned upside down, and female 'victims' are given all the rights of men and all the old protections for women, only strengthened to the nth degree. It is ironic to point out the only the most 'traditional societies' share feminism's special protections, but amazing that feminism takes these special measures so much further to tip the balance beyond the 'tipping point.

    Then it becomes a question of motive - for Adams, Feminism is a Nazi style movement that has proven more dangerous than Fascism or Communism for the US - in that it has worked, usurped the Constitution, has produced a totally unbalanced playing field with devastating consequences for men. The movement was started by Lesbians, adopted by elite women in the upper middle class, and imposed on society by the media, culture and courts.

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    Adams is not the touchy feely type that Warren Farrell is, that much is certain. He rails against liberals, Hillary Clinton, the Supreme Court especially the female justices and anyone else who applauds the changes wrought. I have removed two stars -one for poor writing it is flat and pedestrian and one for overcooked, OTT right wing mouth foaming. Yet I agree with the spine of the argument. If you want equality, you don't need extra protections.

    You don't need to scrap the 14th Amendment if it doesn't suit you. And you don't need misandry - the male bashing must stop.

    Women First, Men Last: Feminism's War On Men and Its Devastating Effects

    If Adams is right, I am a stupid liberal for thinking that this can be done without the rancor I find propelling his book May 07, Jeff Creecy rated it did not like it. I was excited about the book, as I agree with the premise. But soon he began sounding sexist. It's one think to point out the ways women have the cards so stacked in their favor and still play the victim, and tell about its effects on the country.

    But while I thought this book would be an intellectual discussion and argument, it comes across as some dumbass that think women are less than men. Also, I tried to ignore the racist shit coming out of the "author"'s mind, but pretty soon I couldn't ta I was excited about the book, as I agree with the premise. Also, I tried to ignore the racist shit coming out of the "author"'s mind, but pretty soon I couldn't take it anymore.

    Comments like how "the civil rights movement is what messed up race relations. It seems like the author is some redneck hick who hates dem colored folks and thinks women need to learn their place. Worst book I think I've ever read. Feb 24, David Mayfield rated it it was amazing. Well constructed evaluation of feminism Book was well thought out and researched? I agree with his conclusion that feminism is leading to the fall of western society and the evidence for extreme inequality in the legal systems treatment of men vs women.

    I'd recommend to any man who has been submitted to the injustice of the american family court system. Elisabeth Bennett rated it liked it Jul 14, Dan McDonald rated it it was amazing Dec 02, Brian Moroz rated it liked it Mar 22, Seve rated it it was ok Aug 23,