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The main point of the Festival will be Piazza Coperta di SalaBorsa , where it will be possible to meet all the guest artists and, from Thursday 4th March afternoon, ask them a drawing. Still at the Museo Civico Archeologico it's taking place an exhibition dedicated to Paolo Bacilieri and his imaginative world, telling Italy through comics, looking into the style and themes of one of the Italian greatest authors.

From France, Emmanuel Guibert at Cineteca di Bologna and Marc Boutavant Sala d'Ercole in Palazzo d'Accursio , the one being the author of Il fotografo and La guerra di Alan , the other of Mouk , and both co-authors of the adventures of the little donkey Ariol , which also became a cartoon broadcasted on French television. On the other hand, Israeli-American Koren Shadmi , comics author and illustrator for leading American newspapers and magazines, is going to exhibit his own work at Galleria PivArte.

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Besides the above mentioned Bacilieri, amongst the Italians whom Bilbolbul dedicates an exhibition are Lorenzo Mattotti , one of the most famous Italian comic artists, with an exhibition about his landscapes drawings, Giacomo Monti , author of short stories, sharp in narration and contents, at Galleria Nosadella Due, Marina Girardi , who is going to exhibit the panels of Kurden People , her opera prima, at the Feltrinelli Ravegnana library, Marco Ficarra , with an exhibition dedicated to his first graphic novel Stalag XB , and Hannes Pasqualini , who is goign to show, at Camera a Sud, sketches and drawings from Gietz, graphic novel about jazz in Italy post-World War Second.

Spaces for the promotion of young artists are confirmed, in line with the previous editions: The contest has involved more than a thousand children of the primary and secondary schools of Bologna and province: The collaboration with the Cineteca di Bologna is confirmed , through a special schedule dedicated to the relation between comics and cinema. To be shortly announced even the meetings which are going to confront comics authors with journalists, writers, critics, and which are going to focus on the subjects of telling Italy through comics and reportage , as family chronicle, travel diary or metaphor.

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You can book it by writing an email to info bilbolbul. Documents for vehicles imported temporarily A visitor can import temporarily a vehicle registered abroad without passing through customs carnet on condition of having resided abroad in the previous 12 months. To import just the national certificate of registration and a valid insurance for Iceland. The Customs authorities shall issue a temporary permit to the importer that he may circulate free of rights and duties for a month.

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In Iceland in particular, this insurance does not cover damage caused by water of Fords and generally to the chassis in off-road situations.

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