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This included the discouragement of the use of Yiddish and the encouragement of the use of European languages, like German, which was close to Yiddish and therefore a practical replacement. As a real antisemite, Nicholas commissioned a report to understand what's wrong with the Jews. The report issued found that the Talmud was the cause of the refusal of the Jews to assimilate into Russian society. Nicholas felt that exposing the Talmud would ameliorate this problem, and to do so would require translating it into European languages, and he was prepared to pay handsomely for such translations.

Nicholas purchased volumes of Pinner's translation, and so when it was printed, it was dedicated to him! At the beginning of the volume were 18 haskamot from both traditional rabbis and maskilim. The volume itself was evidently aesthetically pleasing. It included the traditional layout with German translation on the facing pages.

In addition, punctuation was supplied for Rashi and Tosafos. At the bottom of each page he included a translation and etymology of selected difficult words. When Pinner tried to acquire a haskamah from the Chasam Sofer, the latter was incredulous on the grounds that a vernacular translation is basically impossible given that the plain understanding of Rashi alone is subject to many disagreements, so how could anyone think they could manage such a translation? Pinner assured him that he didn't mean that he would do the whole thing himself, rather he would have a team and he would be the editor.

One of the rabbis who would serve as translators was R. Pinner claimed that he had lined up R. Adler to translate Eruvin and Yevamos. The Chasam Sofer accepted this, and wrote a haskamah. As it turned out, Pinner had been playing loose with the truth. Adler's name to receive this haskamah, and then used the Chasam Sofer's haskamah to get more. Adler denied any involvement at all. When the Chasam Sofer found out, he retracted his haskamah. Not only that, when it became known that Pinner continued to use the haskamah, Chasam Sofer issues a kol koreh asking rabbis to ban the printing, buying and reading of the work.

Shadal too did not offer a haskamah on similar grounds his letter on the matter was printed in Keren Hemed 2 pp. In addition to highlighting certain errors he felt Pinner had made he questioned whether one man could indeed translate the entire Talmud, noting that even Rashi could not complete his commentary on the Talmud. Interestingly enough, another objection to the work arose in some quarters, best exemplified by a letter written to the Chasam Sofer by a Dutch rabbi, Tzvi Hirsch Lehrin.

In it he noted that if there had been so much opposition to Mendelssohn's Bible, which was only a translation into German with Hebrew letters, how much more so must there be something faulty with a Talmud translated into German with German letters! In addition, argued R. Lehrer, although Pinner might have been motivated le-shem shamayim, to defend the honor of the Talmud before detractors, the opposite would occur once its contents were accessible: How much more so would non-Jewish opponents of the Talmud use this translation against it!

Interesting as well is that this was not the Chasam Sofer's objection. Ultimately the Czar discovered his true motive and support was withdrawn, which was why only Berakhot ever appeared. OCLC lists 26 copies worldwide. Rebound in beautiful quarter-leather boards with gilt lettering on spine. Hebrew title with closed tear, repaired with tape by previous owner; no loss of paper. Internal pages slightly foxedat edges, but all text is bright and clear; binding is tight. Complete in 4 volumes.

Probably the most important single reference on the Holocaust. A must for every scholar and collector. Holocaust, Jewish -- Encyclopedias. Holocauste, -- Dictionnaires anglais. Includes bibliographical references and index. Complete in 2 volumes. Yad Vashem, Jerusalem Cloth, 4to, pages. Systematic gathering of data from research studies, historical information, testimonies and documents, dealing with more than 1, ghettos throughout mainly Eastern Europe where Jews were concentrated and where they were deported. Seventy years after the outbreak of World War II, most of the European ghettos have still not been systematically researched.

This pioneering two-volume encyclopaedia gathers data from historical studies, testimonies, and documents dealing with more than 1, ghettos throughout Eastern Europe. This encyclopaedia offers detailed entries on the various ghettos into which the Jews of Eastern Europe were confined during the Holocaust. Entries on each ghetto are written by scholars and specialists on their topic and include location, wartime name, and geographical coordinates, and, for the larger ghettos, information on life before World War II and during the Soviet occupation era, German Nazi occupation, ghetto setup, institutional life and leadership, terror and killing operations, underground resistance, and the number of survivors at liberation.

They also describe the differences between each ghetto and examine the difficulties of daily life in the ghetto, coping strategies, and different forms of resistance. The first reference book of its kind, The Yad Vashem Encyclopedia of the Ghettos during the Holocaust is a valuable resource for diverse disciplines and is supplemented by a special DVD of wartime footage of ghettos filmed in real time during the Holocaust. New York, Oxford University Press, Academic and thorough examination of th e Holocaust in the context of earlier genocide and Antisemitism Includes page bibliography!

Holocaust, Jewish Persecution -- History. Holocaust, Jewish -- Causes. Jews -- Persecutions -- History. Holocauste, -- Causes. New York, McGraw-Hill, Hardcover, pages, illustrated, 8vo, 24 cm. National socialism -- Dictionaries. Nazisme -- Dictionnaires anglais. Germany -- History -- -- Dictionaries. Allemagne -- Histoire -- -- Dictionnaires anglais.

OCLC lists copies worldwide. Tears to edges of cover dust jacket. Otherwise, Very Good Condition. Jews -- United States -- Social conditions. Refugees, Jewish -- United States. Jews -- Germany -- History -- United States -- Emigration and immigration. Germany -- Emigration and immigration -- History -- Sponsored by the Research Foundation for Jewish Immigration.

Blue cloth with gilt lettering on covers and spine.

Nice, clean copy in very good condition. Ktav Publishing House, Inc.

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Hardcover, 4to, pages. He was born at Zareby, Poland and lived in France from until There he was active in Communist circles until when, influenced by a group of Russian-Jewish emigre intellectuals associated with YIVO, he left the Communist movement. In he went to the U. And served as a paratrooper in World War II. His historical work is noteworthy for its laborious collection of original sources and ample documentation.

He wrote especially on French Jewish history but also on the modern history of the Jews in Eastern Europe. Ex-library with spine label on jacket and stamp on title page. Edgewear to top of jacket. Very good condition in good jacket. London, Vallentine Mitchell, Cloth, 8vo, pages. The first volume of the Wiener Library Catalog, in our opinion still the most important work in the set. Includes bibliography pages Ex-lib with minimal markings bookplate and stamp. Tear at top of backstrip. Otherwise, very good condition.

Volume 4 of the Wiener Library Catalog series of books on the Holocaust. We have found this to be an excellent reference work; we keep 1 in the shop for our use. Paperback, vi, pages, illustrated, 4to, 28 cm. Massive work, with paper after paper addressing the complicated history between Jews and Poles up to and during the Holocaust and after. Jews -- Poland -- Congresses. Poland -- Ethnic relations -- Congresses.

Light wear and sunning to cover, sunning to title page. Some highlighting to first pages. Fourth and Revised Edition. The Idea of the Nation in History and Thought. Ashley Montagu's copy with his notation on rear and scrap of letter to him laid in. Internal pages slightly tanned, but all text is clear. Overall, very good condition. Stuttgart-berlin, Deutsche Verlags-Anstalt, Each of these eight short stories describes a Jewish child's bout with anti-Semitism, from the Spanish Inquisition to modern times. Each story includes a brief introduction that places it in the proper historical perspective, and is followed by a commentary by Albert Vorspan, a writer on social justice.

Margin note on one page; otherwise a nice, clean copy. Warszawa, Uniwersyet Warszawski, Jews -- Poland -- Public opinion. Light wear; very good condition. Duijker, Hubertus Carl Johannes. Amsterdam, North-Holland Publishing Company, Original Publisher's Cloth, 8vo, xi, pages, 23 cm. Bibliography on pages Surveys of Research in the Social Sciences.

International Union of Psychological Science. Good condition in good jacket. Zurich, Verlag Die Gestaltung, Holocaust-era Jewish imprint on the Jewish Question and Alien law. Otherwise Very Good Condition. Hardcover, 8vo, ix, pages, 21 cm. Rabbi and communal leader. Born in Pittsburgh, Penn.

He received his Ph. From Columbia University and later was honored with a D. From Hebrew Union College. His first career was as a rabbi, serving congregations in Niagara Falls, N. He moved to White Plains, N. Vernon, and for half that time simultaneously served as national chaplain of the Jewish War Veterans before joining the American Jewish Committee as National Community Relations Consultant. He wrote Punishment without Crime, which both explores the sources of prejudice and suggests preventative programs to strengthen human relations.

He took issue with the then current efforts of the American Jewish community to answer the charges of antisemitism, suggesting that they spread the libel. Instead he proposed an affirmative portrayal of the Jews. An anticommunist, he published The Rosenberg Case, which demonstrated their guilt and suggested that the Jewish community not defend them, positions deeply unpopular with rank and file Jews. Inscription from author to Leo and Gertrude Russlander, January 10th Light wear to cover edges and corners.

Original cover, 8vo, pages, 21 cm. Tips for success from the leading American Antisemite of the s, though this work itself is not expressly Anitsemitic. Lightwear to cover binding. Light chipping to cover edges. Cloth, 8vo, pages, 21 cm. Includes colored end papers. Roots of the right. Biddiss, Michael Denis, ed. Ashley Montagu's copy with laid in article with his notation. Handlin, Oscar and Mary F. Jews -- United States. Some wear and creasing to cover. Underlining on several pages. Jerusalem, Hamakor Press, A collection of anti-Semitic verses and images from Arab school texts.

Reprint of the edition from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. Forward by Judge Julian W. New York, Columbia University Press, Cloth, Large 8vo, pages. Janowski's Early magnum opus. Much nicer than usually found. Hamburg, Hans Christians Verlag, Auflage Second Edition In German. Antisemitism -- Germany -- History -- 19th century. Antisemitism -- Germany -- History -- 20th century.

Germany -- Social conditions. Germany -- Ethnic relations. Germany -- Politics and government -- Includes bibliographical references pages []. Light wear to spine. Later cloth with original paper cover mounted on front. Pages are slightly darkened, but all text is clear. Ex-libris with usual markings. Otherwise a nice and clean copy. Cloth, Rebound in cloth with original cover mounted.

Weimar-era philosemitic call for justice and calling on Germans and Jews to work together though, of course, they are seen as distinct Nationaler Verlag Joseph Garibaldi Huch. Attractively rebound in period cloth, with original front cover mounted on front and gilt lettering along spine.

Internal pages are nice and clean. This copy bears the rubber stamps of the Bibliothek zur Erforschung der Judenfrage. Pinson was "a U. Born in Lithuania, Pinson was taken to the U. He was also history editor of the Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences , and an editor of Jewish Social Studies Pinson's principal scholarly interests embraced modern European history, with special emphasis on nationalism and modern Germany, and recent Jewish history.

In Jewish studies, he edited a number of important books: Pinson analyzed Dubnow's national theories and appraised his role as historian. Pinson was actively involved in the work of the Yivo Institute for Jewish Research. He was also chairman of the modern Jewish history committee of the Jewish Publication Society of America. Inscribed by editor on FEP. Underlining and margin notes on some pages, but still nice.

Very good condition in god jacket. New York, Wiley, Hardcover, 8vo, xiv, pages. Antisemitism -- Germany, Austria. Based on the author's thesis, Cambridge, Schriftenreihe des Internationalen Schulbuchinstituts, 7. Jews -- History -- Study and teaching -- Germany. Education -- Germany -- 20th century. Germany -- History -- Includes bibliographical references pages Light wear to cover.

Internal pages are slightly darkened, but all text is clear. Holocaust-era examination of the historical and current Anitsemitism in Poland, and includes much on immigration and hoeps for a new, liberated, Socialist Poland, built by Poles and Jews together. World War, -- Poland. Poland -- Politics and government -- Covers worn with heavy wear at spine. Kritische Studien zur Geschichtswissenschaft, Bd. White collar workers -- Germany -- History. Clerks -- Germany -- History.

Social classes -- Germany -- History. White collar workers -- Political activity -- Germany -- History. Personnel -- Allemagne -- Histoire -- Allemagne -- Conditions sociales -- Includes bibliography pages as well as tables and endnotes. Inscribed on half title page, but otherwise a nice, clean copy. Hardcover, xiv, pages, 1 illustrated map plans, facsims, 8vo, 20 cm. Dreyfus was "an officer in the French army, involved in a treason trial.

His court-martial, conviction, and final acquittal developed into a political event which had repercussions throughout France and the Jewish world. He studied at the Ecole Polytechnique and entered the army as an engineer. In he became a captain on the general staff, where he was the only Jew.

He was overwhelmed by the drama in which he played the central role, but failed to grasp its deeper significance: After his final exoneration he was reinstated in the army as major and served a further year. He reenlisted in World War I and was promoted to lieutenant colonel at its conclusion. Ex-library with spine label on jacket. University OF California Press.

Antisemitism — France — history -- 19th century — exhibitions; Treason — France — history -- 19th century — exhibition; Artists — France — political activity — history -- 19th century — exhibitions; Authors, French -- 19th century — political activity — exhibitions; Dreyfus, Alfred, — exhibitions; Dreyfus, Alfred, — catalogues; France — politics and government — — exhibitions; France — intellectual life -- 19th century — exhibitions.

University of California Press News laid in. Library spine label on jacket. Librairie Du Trident, Softcover, 8vo, viii, pages, 20 cm. Ukraine -- History -- Revolution, Wear to edges of pages. Chicago, Anti-Defamation League, Protocols of the wise men of Zion. OCLC lists 12 copies worldwide. Small stain on back; wear to corner of several pages, including small tear to corner of front cover. Some edges are slightly darkened but all text is bright and clear. Overall a nice copy in very good condition.

Cohn, Norman Rufus Colin. First Harper Torchbook Edition. Jews -- Germany -- History. Covers lightly worn but still nice. New York, Viking Press, Germany; political history and theory; 20th century; Third Reich; origins. Duitsland; politieke geschiedenis en theorie; 19e en 20e eeuw; het Derde Rijk; voorgeschiedenis. Allemagne -- Politique et gouvernement -- Bibliographical references in "Notes" pages Nice, clean copy in very good condition with good DJ. Kampen, Kok Jaar, Frontis photo, designed end papers. Title translates to English as, "German National Socialism: Western European Democracy Put to the Test.

Literatuuropgave on pages Boards slightly bowing, but still nice. Berkeley, University of California Press, Illustrated cover, colored end papers. Hitler, Adolf, --Views on Jews. Ashley Montagu's copy with his price notation. NY Times Book Review article laid in Very good condition in very good jacket.

Hardcover, 8vo, pages, 24 cm. Antisemitism in motion pictures. Motion pictures -- Germany -- History. Includes bibliographical references on pages and index. OCLC lists 15 copies worldwide. Signed by author, Light wear to edges of dust jacket. National-socialisme -- Histoire -- Sources. Allemagne -- Politique et gouvernement -- -- Sources. From the Preface translated: In Germany, there are an estimated 6 million voters for the Communist Party.

How long can the German Republic survive? A temporary paralysis or even elimination of German participation in the economic machinery of the world would be felt in all countries. Would be the loss of these and other foreign investments directly and indirectly associated with Germany's instability if it were pushed into a long-lasting civil war, or if it abandoned the system of private capitalism. Germany -- Economic conditions -- Allemagne -- Conditions economiques -- Ex-library with minimal markings. Dust jacket shows some wear with small tear along spine.

Boards are slightly worn but still nice. Internal pages in very good condition. In powerful dust jacket very suitable for display. Marcus' classic work on Antisemitism and Jewish Life in Germany, mostly focussing on the 1 year that Hitler had been in power, but with much on the preceding centuries as well. Published by the Dept. Of synagogue and school extension of the Union of American Hebrew Congregations. Nazi-era American home-front publication. This is a scarcer presentation edition from the publisher with the special presentation page preceeding the half-title at the front of the book.

Very Good condition in good jacket. Large 8vo; pages. Dust jacket shows some edgewear with sunning along the spine; still nice in protective mylar sleeve. Internal pages are nice and clean; binding is tight. Cambridge, Harvard University Press, Translated from German by Sidney B. Pages are stamped along edge of text block, but otherwise is a nice, clean copy in very good condition in the elusive dust jacket.

OCLC lists 9 copies worldwide. Small stain to back cover; backstrip torn. Internal pages are tanned, but all text is clear. Paris, Francois Maspero, Examines Nazi views on literature, art, race, sculpture, architecture, etc. Includes names-index and bibliography. Some material on exile literature, emigration, and anti-Jewish measures. Previous owner's name on half-title page. Light wear, pages starting to darken at edges. Almost Very Good Condition. Original Publisher's Paper Wrappers.

A collection of images depicting the Nazi government's attempt to identify, classify, discriminate against and eventually persecute those considered "undesirable" or "racially" dangerous. OCLC lists only 1 copy worldwide. Ex library with usual marks, bookplate. Harrisburg, PA, Stackpole Company, Ashley Montagu's copy, with price notations in his hand. Wulff, Wilhelm Theodor H.

New York, Coward - Mccann, Inc. Translation of Tierkreis und Hakenkreus. Foreword by Walter Laqueur.

997,73 RUB

Tredje Upplagan Third Edition. Internal pages are clean and bright. Nearly very good condition. During the World War. Antisemitic Anti-Masonic tract from the year before Hitler rose to power. Translated from German Berlin, Im Deutschen Verlag, Secret Documents from European Archives]. World War, -- Diplomatic history. World War, -- United States. Franklin Delano , Pages slightly tanned, but all text is clear and paper is not fragile. Munich, Zentralverlag Der N. Subtitle on title page: Dark blue leather with gilt title and embossed sword design on cover.

Raised bands and swastika motif on spine. Inscription on half-title page from previous owner, dated Spine shows some wear, including small tear with missing cloth at top. Internal pages are nice and clean, and all text is clear. The Liberty Lobby was a conservative political organization, whose founder, Willis Carto, was known to hold strongly antisemitic views, and to be a devotee of the writings of Francis Parker Yockey, who was one of a handful of esoteric post-World War II writers who revered Adolf Hitler.

Many critics, including disgruntled former Carto associates as well as the Anti-Defamation League a group that fights antisemitism and Holocaust denial , have noted that Willis Carto, more than anybody else, was responsible for keeping organized antisemitism alive as a viable political movement during the s, s, and s.

This is Liberty Lobby Radio program Includes index. National socialism -- Periodicals. Germany -- History -- — Periodicals. Light wear to edges of cover. Small closed tear on page 20 with no loss of text. Otherwise a nice, clean copy in very good condition. One thousand mark note issued by the Reichsbank Directors between and Vries De Heekelingen, H.

Buenos Aires, Editorial La Mazorca, Black handprint with star of David makes for a dramatic cover illustration. Judaism -- Latin America. Pages brown; a few margin notes in pencil. Small crack in spine. Good condition with Good jacket. Hamburg, Tenuat Tora Wa'awoda in Deutschland, Paper wrappers, Original Paper Wrappers. In German with some Hebrew on cover. Passover preparation guide published in Germany during Hitler's reign.

Passover - customs and practices. OCLC lists 8 copies worldwide. Covers worn with small chip to front, no loss of text.

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Jewish law -- History. OCLC lists 22 copies worldwide. Cover worn with chipping to corners and edges of backstrip. Previous owner's name on title page. Internal pages browning at edges, but all text is clear. Last 50 pages slightly chipping at corners. Uri Ben Phinehas, Of Strelisk. Hardcover, 12mo, 20 pages. Holocaust-era imprint from London.

Uri ben Phinehas, of Strelisk.

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Staining to front and back cover. Berlin, Schocken Verlag, Spine sunned and lightly worn. Memorial Book of the Dutch concentration camp "Erika" in Ommen. World War, -- Prisoners and prisons, German. World War, -- Personal narratives, Dutch. Kamp Erika bij Ommen Concentration camp. OCLC lists 16 copies worldwide. Internal pages slightly tanned, but not fragile. A seldom seen book with nice pen-and ink cover illustration. Vught Concentration camp Vught — Konzentrationslager.

Pages darkened, but not fragile. Amsterdam, De Bezige Bij, Concentration camp inmates -- Germany -- Dachau. OCLC lists 11 copies worldwide. The Life and Work in the Camp. OCLC lists 20 copies worldwide. Includes songs and a list at rear of those killed at, or deported to their deaths from, Grini. World War, Personal narratives, German.

Softcoer, 12mo, 11 pages. Crakow, Centraina Zydowska Komisja. Paper Wrappers, 8vo, 65 pages. Published under the Kolegium Redakcyjne. Wolff's solitary listing for Belzec, written by one of only two prisoners who survived. Edgewear to covers, pages tanned. Some soil to back cover. Bumped corners, very good condition. Paper Wrappers, 8vo, 62 pages. World War, -- Jews. Forced labor -- Poland. Pages tanned, but all text is clear.

Warszawa, Zydowski Instituthistoryczny, Paper Wrappers, Large 8vo, pages. Includes 9 pages of indices Loaded with German documents. Pages tanned but all text is clear. Light wear to wrappers, paper browning but solid. Hardcover, 12mo, 31 pages, illustrated, 21 cm. Holocaust, Jewish -- Poetry.

Holocaust, Jewish , in art. In Hebrew, Yiddish and English. Yiddish poems translated into Hebrew and English. Lider fun getos; Songs of the ghettos. Light wear to cover binding. Intro by Josef Rosensaft. Massive memorial tome commmemorating the survivors of Belsen. Over half the the photo pages deal with immediately after liberation, the rest follow survivors and their organziation through Israel, the Americas, and elsewhere.


Ted Van Doorn - a Memoir Paperback – September 26 2010

Oslo, Gyldendal Norsk Forlag, Paper Wrappers, Original Publisher's Cloth. Photos are war-time snapshots of life and work in the Grini Concentration Camp. Dust jacket shows som edgewear and spine is slightly cocked. Krakow, Wojwodzka Zydowska Komisja, Paper Wrappers, 8vo, pages. Picture cover and many facsimiles. Introduction by Zofia Nalkowska. Title translates to English as, "Organizing Rage.

Small piece of scotch tape on top of spine, otherwise a nice clean copy in very good condition HOLOa. Cracow, Wojewodzka Zydowska Komisja, Rebound in cloth, cover mounted on front. Pages darkened, but all text is clear. Softcover, 8vo, pages. Apitz was born in Leipzig as the twelfth child of a washer woman. During the latter he published his first poems and short stories in Communist newspapers. He wrote his first play in and was later repeatedly imprisoned under Nazi rule in various concentration camps for spreading socialistic anti-war propaganda and being an active member of the Communist Party.

From to he was an inmate of the Buchenwald concentration camp near Weimar. It was this stay that became the basis for his most famous novel, Nackt unter Wolfen Naked Among the Wolves. Ex-library stamp in front cover corner. Tops of pages not cut apart. Bumped corners and edges. Holocaust, Jewish -- Lithuania -- Vilnius. Jews -- Health and hygiene -- Lithuania -- Vilnius. Jews -- Medical care -- Lithuania -- Vilnius.

Medical care -- Lithuania -- Vilnius.

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Public health -- Lithuania -- Vilnius. Edges of mounted cover are slightly faded, but all text is clear. Otherwise a nice, clean copy. Hardcover, 8vo, pages, illustrated, facsims. OCLC lists 21 copies worldwide. Wear to cover corners and edges. Stuttgart, Deutsche Verlags-Anstalt, Story of the author's deportation from Brno Bruenn to Theresienestadt and Sobibor and eventual liberation.

A Moving story published by the Leo Beck Institute. World War, -- Conscript labor -- Germany. Zurich, Europa Verlag, Published in , one of the earliest Concentration camp exposes. Lacks jacket, some wear to wrappers, otherwise Good condition. Prisoners of war -- Germany -- Biography. Light wear along spine, but still nice. Overall very good condition. Paperback, 8vo, , pages, 23 cm. Yivo Institute for Jewish Research.

Aroyfgetsvungene Yidishe reprezentantsn unter der Natsisher memshole. Holocaust, Jewish --Congresses. Ex library copy with spine label. Kovno Klein, Dennis B. Hardcover, 8vo, Hardcover, Folio, pages, illustrated, 31 cm. Loaded with drawings and other illustrations. Jews -- Persecutions -- Lithuania -- Kaunas -- Exhibitions. Holocaust, Jewish -- Lithuania -- Kaunas -- Exhibitions. Kaunas Lithuania -- Ethnic relations. OCLC lists 13 copies worldwide. Small chip to front cover at top of spine. Internal pages are browned but not fragile.

Includes over pages of black and white images from the deportation; a chronology and list of internment sites; and a key of distinguishing signs given to deportees. World War, -- Prisoners and prisons, German -- Pictorial works. A few closed tears to dust jacket. Internal pages are nice and clean copy, in very good condition.

Stockholm, Fredens Och Frihetens Forlag, Softcover, 4to, 30 pages, illustrated, 30 cm. World politics -- -- Anecdotes. Lodz Ghetto Eisenbach, A. Loaded with Nazi documents. Pages darkened at edges, but all text is clear. Warsaw, Zydowski Instytut Historyczny, Includes foldout map of Bialystok ghetto. World War, -- Poland -- Bialystok.

On Jewish resistance in the Bialystok Ghetto. Covers are slightly worn with previous owner's name stamped in margin of front cover. Yiddish Scientific Institute--Yivo, Paper Wrappers, 8vo, 30 Pages, many illustrated. Holocaust-era report on the Nazi-enforced ghettos of Poland.

Ted Van Doorn - a Memoir Paperback – September 26 2010

Poland -- History -- Occupation, Small pieces missing from edge of cover, pages lightly tanned. H Very Good Condition. Michel, Jean and Louis Nucera. World War, -- Personal narratives, French. Prisoners of war -- France -- Biography. Translated by Jennifer Kidd. Ex-library with usual markings and protective plastic sleeve over jacket. Margin notes on a few pages. Panstwowe Muzeum W Oswiecimiu. Krakow, The Museum, Paper Wrappers, Small 4to, pages. Articles concern Nazi activities and atrocities at Auschwitz. Includes many photos and facsimiles.

Carl Claubergs verbrecherische Unfruchtbarmachungs-Versuche an Haftlings-Frauen in den Nazi-Konzentrationslagern [Carl Claubergs criminal sterilization experiments on women inmate in the Nazi concentration camps], Ethisch-rechtliche Grenzen bei Experimenten in der Medizin - und der Fall Prof. Clauberg [Ethical and legal limits in experiments in medicine - and the case of Prof.

Includes index by name, subject and location. Light bumping to corners. Die sowjetischen Kriegsgefangenen im Konzentrationslager Auschwitz [The Soviet war prisoners in the concentration camp Auschwitz], Reproduktion von Dokumenten der Arbeit uber sowjetische Kriegsgefangene [Reproduction of documents about the work of Soviet POWs], Kalendarium der Ereignisse im Konzentrationslager Auschwitz-Birkenau [Calendar of events in the concentration camp Auschwitz-Birkenau], Reproduktion von Dokumenten zum Kalendarium der Ergebnisse im ersten Halbjahr [Reproduction of documents to the Calendar of the results in the first half of ].

Die Liquidation des Konzentrationslager Auschwitz-Birkenau [The liquidation of the concentration camp Auschwitz-Birkenau], Kalendarium der Ereignisse im Konzentrationslager Auschwitz-Birkenau [Calendar of events in the concentration camp Auschwitz-Birkenau], Reproduktion von Dokumenten zum Kalendarium der Ereignisse im zweiten Halbjahr [Reproduction of documents on the calendar of events in the second half of ].