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They were both video vixens! Most annoying habits your mothers-in -law practices. Seven women die in Kenya everyday. The untold story of a backstreet lady who used…. What do Kenyans know about Abortions? How to make Apple Cider Sangria. Mpasho is your go-to entertainment and lifestyle news website. We provide you with the latest breaking news, gossip and videos straight from the industry. Marya reveals why she broke up with her baby Serving them at Louisiana-inspired boils and celebrating their delicate, sweet flavour, Bob hopes the public can, quite literally, eat into the thousands of tonnes of crayfish that are destroying habitats, feeding on fish eggs and invading fisheries.

And so it is I find myself stepping foot onto a rickety boat, inappropriately dressed and trying desperately not to fall in, to catch these critters with Bob. Out on the water today at AbingdonLock trapping crayfish and cooking them up with CrayfishBob pic.

Like many other trappers, Bob catches around tonnes of crayfish each year, a weight equivalent to 15 fully-grown elephants, but he has faced strong opposition from those who view these actions as more of a hindrance than help. The little critters carry a deadly plague which has all but wiped out the native White Claw species.

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And the crayfish are ready! It is only permitted in areas where the species is already well established. Creating a market for them risks increasing their numbers and spreading them further. But, as we reach a meander in the river and turn to head back, Bob explains to me how trapping is not as black and white as many believe it to be.

Bob founded a national institute of Crayfish Trappers NICT to create a community for professionals and an appearance on television with the Hairy Bikers and Three Men in a Boat has raised awareness of just how good eating crayfish can be. Among his allies is chef Mark Hix,who he has supplied crayfish to in the past. They are much less aggresive. Agree that this article needs something on reproduction and anatomy. I came here to try to confirm a high school memory that crayfish are occasionally hermaphroditic - which would mean that the one I pulled out of a flood puddle will or will not reproduce in my aquarium all by its lonesome self.

Apart from US bias, is there anything to support: Crayfish are eaten in Europe and China, but they are perhaps most popular in Louisiana, where the standard culinary term is crawfish. Back to the original question, perhaps the issue is not so much the popularity, as cultural prominence.

Crayfish are extremely popular in parts of Europe, while almost completely absent from other parts, but it most of those places they are only used in a particular way usually beer or hard-liquor chasers or vice versa. In Louisiana, crawfish are an inextricable part of the local culture and end up in a rather broad spectrum of dishes.

Perhaps prominence is a better ward than popularity.

Popularity seems much more subjective. On the other hand, if you've shopped for crayfish and that's cray fish, not craw fish in Massachusetts or even in New York City and bothered to pay attention to the country of origin, the majority are imported from China hence crayfish. Some specialty shops do get Louisiana crawfish seasonally just as they get Maine shrimp that are unheard of in the rest of the country , but, as a rule, the market is dominated by cheaper Chinese imports.

Also, if you review Russian sources not Wiki. RU , most warn against buying the inferior Chinese imports and opt for Armenian, Kazakh and Turkish imports instead, if local or Ukrainian catches are not available. Speaking from personal experience, I tend to agree--although, of course, that's mostly subjective. There aren't any rivers, lakes or creeks very close, and it wasn't raining yesterday, though we've had a reasonable amount of rain in the last few days.

In any event, I was hoping to find some comments about where crayfish can live -- I was really surprised to find one just walking down the street like it was no big deal -- but the article doesn't talk about that, beyond a comment about how they can live underground. Procambarus clarkii says that this species can tolerate dry spells, so perhaps that's what it means -- they can live on land. I am wondering that the street-walking crayfish you saw might have lived in the sewerage or come with the flood water.

Crawfish will live just about anywhere there is water including drainage ditches. Is there any wastewater ditches in your vicinity? Potentialy Crayfish can live anywhere that has a water source. Crayfish a slightly different from fish.

Find Out Why Everyone Is Talking About Crayfish Camp, Naivasha!

They don't have to stay underwater all the time and they can typically walk around on land for a while as long as theres some water source even if it's just a little puddle of water. That's why they're are rather impressive little creatures, if you ask me. One thing sorely lacking in the article is how crawfish can burrow up from underground that is what I'm told they do.

I'm assuming that they travel underground streams, but they can be found building "burrows" like chimney stacks made from mud - perhaps four inches in height in a person's backyard. I lived in Pearl River, Louisiana and in certain times of the year I would find many of their "chimneys" in my backyard. I'm assuming that they create these burrows when they rain has turned the clay-like soil rather mushy.

As "Dougmc" states above, I've seen a crawfish walk across a parking lot once - it was a strange sight, but I let him be. Check out the following link to see images of these "chimneys": Why do Astacus fluviatilis redirect to this article? It has been removed from the Astacus article see the early history of that article, when I created it. My brother caught some crayfish in his yard and put them in his freshwater aquarium. It's about a 5 gallon tank and feeds them why the guy at petsmart said to feed them, but it appears that they are just dying out of the blue for some reason and we are trying to find out why.

Can they live completely summerged in water at all times or do they have to have a way to get dry occasionally? Are they killing each other. The main casualitys I have had with Crayfish is that Adult's are very aggresive and they may kill each other at times.

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So it's possible if you have several of them for htem to be eating each other. Or even some fish such as cichlids will go after Crayfish. They can live being submerged in water I've kept Crayfish for years in Aquariums. Also what did the guy tell you to feed them? Crayfish work well with eating things such as peas, or carrots, or corn I used to feed mind little slices of turkey and they loved it, but now I feed them either vegetables, those shrimp pelets, algae tablets, or even standard fish flakes. Crayfish really aren't picky eaters.

Find Out Why Everyone Is Talking About Crayfish Camp, Naivasha! - Mpasho News

I added a different photograph under the Pets section, the one that was there was very small and not very clear. Also, most crayfish are quite sensitive to water quality, and will be stressed and sometimes die to levels of ammonia that barely register on home test kits. It's best to fishless cycle their tanks or use tanks matured with fish. Keeping them in an uncycled tank usually doesn't work out. They're prone to stress from overcrowding I go by about 1 square foot of tank floor per cray , as well.

When stressed, they often fail to molt properly.

How do you get rid of invasive crayfish? Eat them, of course

After molting, even healthy crays are vulnerable targets to tankmates. My red swamp crayfish would stalk other crayfish that were about to molt and pull their legs off while they were still soft. How can the brains of crayfish be referred to as a butter when the brains of standard sized crayfish [for eating] are presumably practically miniscule in size?

The next sentence says that after eating the shell, it can either be discarded or used as decoration. We could say that about KFC, but we would not because it's frivolous and obvious, not to mention unappealing. This article is goodand I don't mind that the 'Crayfish as Pets' section lies within its main bodybut we should tighten and polish it more. My step dad is allergic to the iodine in Shrimp and said he thought Crawfish had Iodine in them also. Does anyone know if that is true? He has never tried them because of what he thought. He has an allergic reaction to shrimp.

He swells up, his eyes, face and looks awful, so I did not want to expose him if they are the same. Of course, we like to eat them, but what do they like to eat? Please add that to the article. The most common species eaten around the world, is what we produce here, as crawfish, is it not? When we ship them to other nations and elsewhere, are they still labeled crawfish?

Talking Crawfish

What do most of the people that eat them worldwide call them? Dream Focus talk Crawling In Troubled Waters"? I would include a link but it would only be deleted as it has so many times before even though it is a valuable resource that may answer many of your questions, and clear up some of the confusion I'm seeing here. Just trying to help That makes it a free resource, not a valuable one. You get what you pay for FYI - I actually wasn't trying to start anything about the link on this talk page, rather I was simply making a valid point about trying to post a link here.

I like the pictures in the article, instead of a gallery, it just making more sense. I tried to upload one from a government website, showing how the ecological disaster of the zebra muscles, spread on crayfish used as bait, but its not lining up quite right. I believe this event is an important in the history of crayfish.

Got to show the good with the bad. Our class is learning about crayfish.

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We need some info. This is a common battle and drive-by correction for this article. Obviously people have strong opinions on this matter. The article title uses a 'y' so demands the spelling be the same. Conversely, there are more Google hits for 'w' than 'y', with 1.