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Short back and well balanced all through with good angulations. Well filled and nicely turned head with good expression. Straight front, very well made throughout, with good angulation. Smaller in type but another top quality dog. Enjoyed his day, his young handler got the most out of him and did a really first class job. Straight front and very well made all through, just needs to fill out a bit. Head is filled right up with sweeping profile. Straight front, but a little upright in shoulder. Mature in body and of good proportions with strong quarters. Moved fairly well but losses her topline on the move.

Straight front, good round bone.

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Deep chest, well balanced with strong quarters. Straight front and well balanced. Strong well filled head, good eye and expression. Straight front, correct topline and nicely balanced all through. Strong quarters with good angulation.

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Very good head, correct mouth. Strong head with good turn and fill. Straight front, could be a tad shorter in back but well bodied up with good angulation and strong quarters.

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Short back and good angulation, nicely made all through. Mature bitch with good head and eye placement. Straight front, deep chest.

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Correct topline and tail placement and good angulation. Long filled head with sweeping profile and filled right up. Good reach of neck leading into well placed shoulders. Straight front, good topline, well bent stifles and extremely well balanced all through. To be hyper critical I would like better feet but her many virtues outweigh this.

Moved well both ways. This type of equipment was more commonly found as mid-rank armor in the early installments of the series, which grew into a less common type of weapons.

List of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles armor | Final Fantasy Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

The most recurring appearances of Ice equipment are under shields, swords, and rods. The sword of Ice equipment is often seen as Icebrand. Several Ice-elemental equipment can be found during the visit to the Molten Cave and Dwarven Hollows. They are all resistant against Fire, while the armors grant weakness to Ice.

Islands of Rage & Hope Black Tide Rising 3 by John Ringo Part 2

Ice-elemental equipment is found in several locations between the defeat of Golbez at the Dwarves' Castle and the return to the Overworld. With the exception of the Frostshard, every piece of Ice-elemental equipment from Final Fantasy IV returns with the same statistics. The only new ice equipment is Ice Whip. Ice armor is only found in the form of shield which for the first time, is weaker than the Fire correspondent while Ice Bows , Ice Rods , and the Icebrand exist in the weapon area.

There are no Ice-elemental weapons or armor besides the ones listed below. Instead, by pairing the Ice-element with the Elemental Materia in the Weapon slot makes Ice-elemental weapons.

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The Armor slot makes Ice-elemental armor. Many Ice-elemental weapons and armor can be obtained via customizing. Icestrike must be the dominant ability for weapons. A weapon with Icestrike, whether or not Icestrike is the dominant ability, will always be shown emitting snow.

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The Icebrand and the Ice Staff appear, however there are many weapons and armor that give similar benefits as Ice equipment. For example, the Legionnaire's Harness raises resistance to Fire, while the Scorpion Harness lowers resistance to Ice, Shiva's Shotel has a chance of dealing extra Ice damage when attacking if certain conditions are met. They all use their respected generic weapon sprite during battle. Ice equipment is notably expanded. Some of these weapons teach Ice-related abilities, as well; for example, the Ice Lance teaches the Dragoon job the ability Ice Breath.

The Flurry Robe and Ice Shield appear as well for the armor portion of the set. The armor Ice has a shield icon before its name. It can be bought in Ameyoko for 6, GP. The weapon called Ice has a sword icon before its name. It has 40 use , it also increases a Robot's HP by 81 and increases their Str by The damage formula for Ice is the user's Str x12 and deals Ice -elemental damage.