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Quotations "Though the mills of God grind slowly, yet they grind exceeding small;" "Though with patience He stands waiting, with exactness grinds He all" [Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Retribution ]. The act of retaliating: References in classic literature? For this is your truth: A just retribution , however, quickly fell upon the Eagle.

What we call retribution is the universal necessity by which the whole appears wherever a part appears. The lessons of yesterday had been that retribution was a laggard and blind. If there had been a possibility of making Adam tenfold amends--if deeds of gift, or any other deeds, could have restored Adam's contentment and regard for him as a benefactor, Arthur would not only have executed them without hesitation, but would have felt bound all the more closely to Adam, and would never have been weary of making retribution.

Yes, a dangerous matter -- so dangerous that even the most saintly dared only whisper their religious opinions with bated breath, lest something which fell from their lips might be misconstrued, and bring down a swift retribution upon them. Translation of retribution for Spanish Speakers.

Translation of retribution for Arabic Speakers. Encyclopedia article about retribution. What made you want to look up retribution?



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Test your knowledge - and maybe learn something along the way. Synonyms Did You Know? Example Sentences Learn More about retribution. Synonyms for retribution Synonyms payback , reprisal , requital , retaliation , revenge , vengeance Visit the Thesaurus for More. And they fall for each other in the process.

Kenyon is at her best when she does romance. And while this relationship isn't my favorite of hers, I did enjoy it. I could have done with a couple less pop culture references, though. I enjoyed the first few, but after about the 10th one, I was ready for her to reign them in.

It seems Kenyon plans to continue with the Native American storyline in the next book. It will feature Dark Hunter Ren, who was a major player in this story. I don't know how I feel about that. But I have no doubt I'll be there next year, to follow where Kenyon leads. It's never a dull ride.

View all 18 comments. Jul 30, Alp rated it it was amazing Shelves: I don't like skipping books in a series, so I had to read Retribution. I tried a couple of times before and it didn't grab my attention. I wasn't looking forward to it. Maybe I shouldn't have taken a break this long. God, where to start? Retribution is one huge mess of a story. It was weak, to put it mildly. From a weird, icky and unbelievable romance to the problem and its solution s in the end, it was a mess. It was like the author had to write it in a hurry. The I don't like skipping books in a series, so I had to read Retribution.

The mythology and folklore is Native American and could have been much more interesting. The heroine got off way way too easily for the things she'd done. I didn't care at all. There wasn't a single moment in a book where I felt anything for them. The scenes from Brady's past where he is playing with her when she was a little girl were not necessary.

Instead of what they were trying to achieve making them more likeable to the readers, I guess , they added the icky factor into the mix. I don't mind immortal characters finding love in the most unexpected places, but I don't think I've read any playing with their love interest when they were kids.

The rest of the characters are equally bad. Every conversation had a young adult vibe of the worst kind. To add to it all, Nick had to make an appearance. I hate him with a passion. I'm not sure if his book would be able to change anything. The thing is that I have a feeling he is being set up with another hateful character Artemis.

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As for the much praised epilogue, I guess it starts fine but including Artemis and her cringe-worthy behaviour and comments was not good. Is there anything I liked? There was one scene where an ancient being is trying to drive a vehicle and it was funny as hell. Not accidentally funny either. I'm thinking Sherrilyn Kenyon gave someone else to write this story. View all 8 comments. I think is my first ever three stars read in the Dark Hunter series.

This was not what I expected and I am shamefully disappointed. There is a lot of maybe even to much focus on Native American Mythology and very little, if any focus on Dark Hunter Myths e. Jess is a cowboy thru and thru and I love me my cowboys- Save a Horse, ride a Cowboy — right? Abigail was so confused about right and wrong, but she is quite happy to hang out with the person she thinks killed her parents, hmmm Well, usually SK does it in style.

Hey, some like it freaky, just not me. Disappointed but still trudging on the DH lane. View all 6 comments. Mar 02, Megan rated it it was ok Shelves: It was just too painful. Sorry, I had zero interest in him. Jess is a Dark-Hunter and on the prowl to find the chick killing Dark-Hunters … that would be Abigail.

Because of one of the Dark-Hunters she killed she brought on the apocalypse. Especially not after 19 books of her being a witch View all 13 comments. Aug 03, Liz rated it liked it Shelves: Give me some slack in reviewing this book. It's my third read in less than 24 hours and the two previous were really good so I'm feeling a little cynical.

I was really excited to finally see Jess's book. He's mentioned in multiple previous books and I love how Kenyon writes stand-alone stories but uses the characters to preserve continuity in the series. Previous books have addressed ancient European mythologies - Greek, Sumerian, Celtic, Give me some slack in reviewing this book. This book deals strongly with Native American mythologies that are largely ignored in previous books.

I didn't quite understand how this fits into the rest of the series. The Sumerian Gallu demons are being killed by the Greek Daimons to grant them more power than boring-old human souls. The daimons are no longer bound to darkness and can stalk their prey during the daylight. The book opens as Jess is receiving dire warnings from several friends - a human woman, surrounded by daimons, is tracking and killing Dark-Hunters. However it's worse than any of them imagine, the woman, Abigail has a specific vendetta against Jess and all the other Dark Hunters were just a bonus. She and her daimons lure him to a sewer, where she is overpowered and taken to Jess's house, where they are overwhelmed by their attraction to each other.

But being a book, it's not quite that simple. Unfortunately Abigail did not just kill dark hunters, she managed to get a fanged Native American protector of the apocalypse. Abigail and Jess need to navigate through the Native American myths to prevent the apocalypse. This book is a case of too much. The series is already dealing with the blending of multiple mythologies - several of which should be ending the world before too long. The other mythologies blend well because the people who worshiped the various deities would have theoretically interacted on some level - even if they were just trying to kill each other.

We have no evidence that Native American's interacted with the ancient Greeks or any other Europeans at that time. I've been really worried that the series is becoming too convoluted for the past few books. Retribution is confirmed many of my sinking suspicions. Only so many apocalypse myths and causes can happen simultaneously. Some of the humor in this book gets a little cheesy. Jess makes Abigail so hot that "if she were a chicken she'd be laying hard-boiled eggs. As cheesy as somethings got I was relieved to see new jokes rather than repetition of the same jokes in multiple of the previous books - I was getting a little tired of hearing the same joke in every book.

View all 10 comments. Sep 04, Colette marked it as did-not-finish. It's sad when a beloved series loses it's mojo.

Even more sad when the best thing about the book is it's cover. The poor Dark Hunter series has at book number 20, lost that loving feeling for me. I never ever thought I'd say this, but Retribution was a do not finish for me. It pains me to write it, because as I've stated before this is one of my all time favorite series. I haven't read the Chronicles of Nick yet, because I think it's stupid to have 10 books to get to one dark hunter book but fri It's sad when a beloved series loses it's mojo. I haven't read the Chronicles of Nick yet, because I think it's stupid to have 10 books to get to one dark hunter book but friends have told me that it's like the author has poured everything she has into that seires and well, you can tell with this book.

It's almost like a different writer wrote this one then the earlier novels of this series. Maybe I shouldn't be so harsh as I only got a hundred pages into this book, but with lines like: Turn on those god powers and use them. I am not responsible for her knowledge of nothing. Someone was socially awkward. She wasn't sure at this point if she liked Z or not. He was rather off putting. I know that Jesse was born in the s and was a gunslinger, but seriously, I don't even think gunslingers talked like that. When the actual storyline started, I groaned out loud.

It was another-I'm going to hate you for the whole book because I think you're evil till I find out I was lied to then I won't be able to live without you storyline I just couldn't get into it as much as I forced myself to keep reading it. Another issue I had was that when the Dark Hunters whip out their cell phones or computers they are all apple products. All the I phone product placements just didn't sit well with me for some reason. I mean, I don't even see J. Ward doing such obvious product placements with her popular Black Dagger Brotherhood Series, and if anyone could get away with it, she could.

Also, when I learned that Acheron and Simi weren't even in the book until the bonus chapter I was like how can this be? They are the dark hunter series! How can Simi not have her BBQ or shinys to play with? Or are they too busy making cameos in Nicks books to be in the Dark Hunter world now? Despite my misgivings on this book, I tried to skim it Iridescent like the wings of a summer butterfly. Life seriously needed an undo button. The coward in her wanted to turn around and run.

But she'd never been a craven a day in her life, and she wasn't about now when they needed her to stand strong.

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I'm assuming craven is supposed to be coward, but you get the point.. I can't remember the last time I was so disappointed in a series book. But please, please don't churn out another DH book just trying to make the fans happy.


I'd rather wait and have a quality one then what the last 3 have been. This review is kinda harsh, but mainly because of how drastically disappointed I was in reading this book. That being said, I'll still buy whatever Dark Hunter book comes out next. What can I say? I'm an optimist and the next one can't any worse. View all 4 comments.

I think it's inappropriate for Tory to wish the pain of castration on Ash, a man who was once castrated. First of all, she mentally rants about how Ash needs to know what it feels like to have great pain down in his lower regions as if he doesn't already and then she thinks about how she wants to be the one to do this, so she fantasizes about castrating a man who has already been castrated. I'm sorry, but giving birth is not an excuse to wish extreme pain on someone, especially 1.

I'm sorry, but giving birth is not an excuse to wish extreme pain on someone, especially someone whose entire life has been one big ball of pain and suffering. Abigail sucks as a heroine. She's stupid and blindly kills people without making sure they're evil and without even knowing who they are! And everyone forgives her for no reason. Where was the romance? Also, there was only one sex scene. Also, they didn't figure out they loved each other until the last paragraph.

I didn't enjoy the scenes during which Abigail was a little, tiny child and Jess was a full grown man. It's one thing to know he knew her when she was an infant, but it's another to have to bear witness to those scenes. I swear to God, if Kenyon thinks Artemis will make an acceptable heroine for anyone , let alone Nick, she is crazy. It seems to me this is being implied.

Artemis changing because of Nick? There is no redemption for someone who brutally beat Ash, the most beloved character of the series, over and over again, allowed him to be castrated, beat him some more, and then watched while he was murdered. I think Kenyon thinks that just because Artemis helped Tory give birth, that she has been redeemed. That woman deserves eternal torment. If she becomes a heroine, I will never read a Kenyon book again. Jess is just a replica of some of Kenyon's past heroes. They all have the same sense of humor.

He had a bit of Dev, a bit of Talon, a bit of Ash, and a little bit of Raven. I debated a couple of days how to handle this book - whether it would be a 1 star or a DNF. Then I met the heroine and totally disliked her. So I thought about a DNF. But I decided to keep going to see if It got better. The story was strange different than previous stories. And the Hero knew her as a child.. And the Hero knew her as a child Totally skeeved out at this point plus by now I totally hated the heroine. So then I started hating the hero. BTW one sucky sex scene. Did the same author write this book it is do bad?!

I skimmed the remainder of the book and read the bonus chapter about Acheron since folks raved about it. What the fuck did they read? Because I read a chapter that was totally ruined by the bitch goddess being included in such an intimate moment. Is the author seriously trying to redeem her sick ass? I was so angry I just put it away for a couple of days. Calmer now I have decided to mark as a DNF because I did not read all of the pages and not give it the 1 star it deserves.

View all 9 comments. Mar 11, Holly rated it did not like it Shelves: By far my least favorite book of the series to date. Good grief I had so many problems with this book, I don't even know where to begin. Everything from the dialogue to the new character development felt completely flat and emotionless to me. It was almost as if Kenyon wrote a few scenes here and there, and left the majority of the story up to someon By far my least favorite book of the series to date.

It was almost as if Kenyon wrote a few scenes here and there, and left the majority of the story up to someone else. While in the end I wound up somewhat liking the character of Jess, I definitely could not drum up an ounce of sympathy for Abigail.

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Yes, she was lied to and used by the 'family' that raised her.