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After we stepped off the plane, I found the woman and told her how glad I was that she had a chance to share about Jesus with the young man. On another occasion I was attending a conference several hundred miles away. A cab driver in the taxi in which I was riding started a conversation.

He was a follower of Christ, and had driven a taxi for thirty-two years.

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I encouraged him to follow his dream again, that it was never too late to accomplish what he might have been—or what God might want to do through his life. Some women think by the time they're grandmothers they have more limitations and therefore, fewer opportunities to live out and share their faith in Christ. In my own church, senior women have helped serve both the physical and spiritual needs of the homeless in places like Dallas and New Orleans.

Many have given "life" away both in their apartment complex and in other countries around the world. For those who are retired or who have flexible schedules, the senior years are wonderful times to volunteer in places and with organizations that truly make a difference.

~L. Lindow

On a mission trip to Peru a few years ago, God gave me several opportunities to share my faith with those of various ages: Each time I shared my testimony, a young Hispanic man interpreted for me. I had watched in amazement as this same young man led one after another to Jesus on a bus—in the amount of time it would take me to brush my teeth.

On one particular occasion, we talked to a grandmother and daughter on the street. The grandmother, in tears, nodded in agreement when I asked if she would like to know Jesus personally. As we were finishing our conversation, the young adult daughter interrupted. The interpreter explained to me what she was saying. She had wanted to trust Jesus from the very beginning of our conversation, but we misunderstood her desire.

Before we left, both said "yes" to following Jesus. When I saw the interpreter again at our reporting time back in the States, he apologized to me. That visual illustration influenced me greatly to follow Jesus at an early age. I told the interpreter not to worry. The people understood God's love and message anyway. We may miss God's opportunities often. But one thing I'm sure of. There really is no "right" or "wrong" way to share the reason for the hope and joy inside our hearts—except to "do this with gentleness and respect.

God calls us as women to genuinely care, to be life-giving encouragers, and we can all share his good news filled with hope. You hear tinges of Buddhist and Native American philosophy. The subject matter was so intense that I felt on overwhelm. Some of it was sheer guilt for what I don't do and how I can possibly change my lifestyle. Other times it was impatience with what felt like rambling and a page later I would be in wonder and inspired??? A small part of me feels cynical about our ability to overcome so many negatives in our society.

My overwhelm comes from a long term personal struggle of discernment. Where I can use my abilities responsibly and effectively? I can't fix everything, even within my community much less globally.

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So what piece do I choose to give my time, talents and treasure to? I have quite mixed feelings. I still highly recommend this book, but take it in pieces, with some time to digest and reflect, which I didn't have. I love Jane Goodall, but this wasn't quite as powerful as I expected it to be. It was interesting reading about spiritual views from a scientist, and I loved her detailed descriptions of her time in Gombe with the chimpanzees.

Goodall really has experienced a lot of sadness and horror in her life and it was inspiring to see how she always managed to turn back to faith. But a lot of the book was just too preachy for me and do I dare say this? Yes, I dare too Christian. I guess when I picked up I love Jane Goodall, but this wasn't quite as powerful as I expected it to be. I guess when I picked up the book I expected almost a Native American type of spiritual view of the world rather than the same sort of Christian ideas that have been pounded in me since birth though Goodall does learn to find God in nature more than anywhere else.

Still, I found myself much more absorbed in her tales of Africa and sighing in frustration whenever she came to one of her long religious tangents. Also, the book felt very scattered and unfocused to me. But in the end, I still love Jane Goodall. I love what she has done for the earth, for nature and for animals, and this book really did make me love her even more. Sep 03, Amy rated it it was amazing Shelves: Reason for Hope is the single most inspiring book I have ever had the privilege of reading. Five out of Five stars is an understatement.

Jane Goodall is kind, compassionate and honest as she writes about her life experiences, the human race, our duties as part of the human race. She speaks candidly about how we might go on hoping when so much of what we have created here on earth is harming the things we need most to take care of: Her peaceful outlook Reason for Hope is the single most inspiring book I have ever had the privilege of reading.

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Her peaceful outlook on spirituality, religion and our position on this earth is not only refreshing and humbling, but moving to the core. Please, everyone, read this book. It will truly change your soul and invigorate your spirit.

Foi um dia maravilhoso. Apr 18, Joana Martinho rated it really liked it Shelves: Each one of us take responsibility for our own lives, and above all, show respect and love for living things around us, especially each other. Together we must reestablish our connections with the natural world and the Spiritual Power that is around us.

And then we can move, triumphantly, joyously, into the final stage of human evolution- spiritual evolution. Mar 09, Preeti rated it it was amazing Shelves: This is the kind of book you have for a couple years, having bought it at a used book store for a couple bucks, but it sits around, until one day you spy it on your shelf and decide to toss it in your bag "just in case. Amazon reviewers have called Jane Goodall not a "great writer" but I feel like the simple style contributes to the flow of the writing - you don't realize how fast yo This is the kind of book you have for a couple years, having bought it at a used book store for a couple bucks, but it sits around, until one day you spy it on your shelf and decide to toss it in your bag "just in case.

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Amazon reviewers have called Jane Goodall not a "great writer" but I feel like the simple style contributes to the flow of the writing - you don't realize how fast you are devouring the words yet it's not difficult to understand, nor is it boring. The title, Reason for Hope, is so apt. I consider myself a pretty cynical person, but the way Jane Goodall writes, and her stories, everything comes together so well that maybe, just maybe, you think there is a reason to hope.

Jul 06, Helen Noble rated it it was amazing. This memoir is highly evocative and beautifully written. If I had any influence on the UK educational curriculum I would make it a compulsory read. It teaches much more about the natural world, and it's champions, than anything else I've read. The implications for humanity and the future of the earth are clearly demarcated. Jane Goodall gives us a unique, heartfelt, insider's view of the world of the chimpanzee and the influence that we humans exert on the future of all of us. We a This memoir is highly evocative and beautifully written.

We are at a crossroads. The least we can do is make informed choices and hopefully invoke change to secure the future for our children. Sep 15, Jeane rated it it was amazing Shelves: Not sure what to say about this book. I read it because of who I am, what I think and feel. What she dd when she was a young girl must have been great. She is one of the people in the world who manages to do things that change things in the world, based on her beliefs. How I wish to be able to do that! In the books she explained how and where she manages to find a way to keep having hope in humanity and the world.

I share many of her thoughts and opinions but I can't be as positive about many thi Not sure what to say about this book. I share many of her thoughts and opinions but I can't be as positive about many things like she is. But she is inspiring and to be admired. And someone who finds her piece and life on her own in nature surounded by only people, I can only feel close to. Sep 26, Jamie Delili rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Any one that needs hope. I've read this book many times. Jane Goodall is my hero. I've had the absolute privilege of meeting her once and it was a highlight in my life.

This book is the first of hers that I read. It is wonderful if you need an inspirational pickup. It does not lean towards religion, it simply explores what keeps her moving forward in a life where sometimes there only seems to be suffering and gigantic walls to be hurdled. It's an easy read and I love it: Aug 10, Pam rated it liked it. I was fascinated to learn about Goodall's life and her research with the chimpanzees, but could have done without all the religious stuff. Granted, it's probably not fair to get annoyed at all the religion in a book with the subtitle "A Spiritual Journey.

Dec 31, Tabbie Elliott rated it really liked it. Environmental responsibility — for if there is no God, then, obviously, it is up to us to put things right. Apr 30, Lola rated it it was amazing. Audiobook is read by the author. Jane Goodall is a truely remarkable person. Her views on humanity and all animals is inspiring. This book will transform you, the way you think. It's a "must read". Jan 02, Christin Badinghaus rated it it was amazing.

New all time favorite book!! This book made me laugh and cry and everything in between. I love Jane Goodall! May 25, Sarah rated it really liked it Shelves: The name Jane Goodall often brings to mind sentimental visions of Africa and an unimposing, tree-hugging scientist turned activist. The stereotype of calm, collected, and relentlessly hopeful is grounded in truth. Which will do the world more good? Which will save me from my own self-destruction? My Greater Power can be found in the inherent interconnectedness of all that exists. Which, according to Goodall, can be enough to propel oneself into optimism and advocacy.

How she finds her smile, keeps her temper, and patiently tries to inform a closed-off species of their own idiocy. It must be exhausting. In the end, it seems that her spirituality, the possibilities associated with the next generation, and the genuinely good people in this world are enough to feed her and keep her moving forward; on to the next city, the next country, the next speaking engagement, environmental event, or award ceremony.

Moral of this story? I hope that one day I can hope like Jane Goodall. Apr 04, Carol rated it it was amazing Shelves: This book was an amazing story of the life of Jane Goodall. Since a very early age, Jane loved animals especially monkeys which she would see at the zoo. She would go outside with her large stuffed monkey called Jubilee where she was able to explore the grounds and other wild life ie birds,etc. Throughout her childhood, she said, "I was daydreaming about my life in the African forest with Tarzan. As an adolescent she developed a very close relationship with Jesus by praying to him continually and to open our heart to him So she did her best to let the Holy Spirit come into her being.

She always believed that miracles can happen. A new Pastor came to her church, and she developed a teenage crush. She once borrowed a book from him, and when she returned it, she had placed a beautiful poem she wrote. But she assumed he never opened the book to the page where her poem resided. Her family lived in England in a beautiful Victorian cottage with much land for Jane to play. She lived with her grandmother --Danny. They suffered from air attacks, rationed foods; they also t night slept in a bomb shelter which was a cage 6' x 5' x 4' high which was placed on the ground floor.

Jane trusted in her faith, and memorized "As thy days, so shall thy strength be. The pictures Jane saw haunted her through out her life. Many, many years later she took the train to Krakow and Auschwitz today is a giant museum, with photos of prisoners in striped clothes, and a huge piles of shoes from those who were to take them off before the entered the gas ovens. There she met Henri Landwirth, who survived and overcame it.

He shared his story ith her, and discussed how his successful hotels were that he was able to give to others-- for him, children with terminal, life threatening diseases.

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He would pay completely for their trip to Disney World, and meals, and You get the picture. This book is so dense and amazing that I cannot truly tell you all that is in these pages. The book does cover her life -- she just turned 80! Her life wasn't always easy, and she has always been the positive, dedicated individual to help others, no matter what.

This book has touched me personally. Jul 26, Regine Haensel rated it really liked it. Jane Goodall speak many years ago at what was then the Centennial Auditorium in Saskatoon. As soon as she walked out on stage, I thought, this is one of the great women of the century.

Her passion for life and the natural world shone through, as did her belief that we can achieve positive change. She writes about her amazing experiences as well as the tragedies of her life, and what kept her going. From her earliest childhood, she felt interested and connected with living creatures, from earthworms to dogs. Her wise mother had to guide and help Jane to realize that earthworms could not survive in a bed, and thus had to be returned to earth!

She was supported by several strong women, not least her mother, who went with Jane on her first expedition to study the chimpanzees of Gombe. This book is not an autobiography, rather it chooses incidents, events, and experiences that have touched, moulded and guided Dr.

There is inspiration here, and parts of it brought me to tears, as well as new resolve to look at my own life and see how. Nov 01, Stacey rated it it was amazing. Jane Goodall was one of my heroes before reading this book, but now, there just aren't words. It was very interesting to see a scientists point of view on religion because a lot of scientists tend to be atheist. Jane Goodall's story about her life, and how it came to be was simply amazing and lucky! She reminds me of my myself.


I'm an animal rights activist, and with all of the cruelty and horror going on in our world, I sometimes question my faith in God. With her being one of my idol's, Wow. With her being one of my idol's, it was nice to hear that she has gone through similar feelings as well. And the fact that she cried over a dragonfly being killed makes me glad I'm not the only one that does that! I love her determination and the fact that she finds solace in nature, because I do too. If anything, this book just made me more of Jane Goodall fan.

I highly recommend it if you are curious about who Jane Goodall is as a person, or interested in learning how she came to work in Gombe. Feb 21, Sowmya Lakshminarayanan rated it it was amazing. Some books are slow runners, some are page turners, some feels good when you read them and then there is the other kind - that leaves a tiny yet significant mark on you forever, changing your perceptions along the course and sometimes moving you to tears Jane Goodall's Reason for hope: