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At least around the Fenelon Clan Abode, sprinkling hoy water is a normal thing, especially when we hear strange noises or sense that the Nasty guy is messing with us.

The Many Faces of Mary

You get the idea. In any moment of fear the holy water comes out and is liberally used.

The Many Faces of Mary

Therefore, it makes perfect sense to me that Bernadette would use it to test the heavenliness or devilishness of the young woman who kept appearing to her. Kids will be kids. I love this little girl dearly.

The message of Lourdes

I love my life, my family, my friends, my Church, my work. But even more I love my Blessed Mother and want to see her face to face. I want to feel her arms encircle me and see her smile at my childlike antics. Bernadette Soubirous was given that great, great gift while still here on earth. She shared that gift, and was ridiculed for it. Still, the gift was so real, so precious to her that no one no how could take it from her.

Lourdes apparitions

Pius X, known as the underground Basilica that was completed in marking the centennial of the apparitions. This last structure mentioned can accommodate 25, people! All in all, about four to six million pilgrims visit these churches annually! Although many of those who go to the Shrine at Lourdes, more fully described in this website are not cured of their illnesses, enough have been healed over the years that it is estimated that some million people have visited there since ! Lourdes is also a celebrated place of prayer, and both Rosary and Blessed Sacrament processions occur there daily.

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Speaking of the Blessed Sacrament processions, one well known Catholic convert, the author Msgr. Many of those malades the French word for the sick who go to Lourdes and are not healed leave there stronger spiritually, if not physically, nonetheless. Bernadette herself entered the convent of the Sisters of Notre Dame in Nevers in , serving our Lord with dignity, grace, and love in what was left of her short life.

She passed away from tuberculosis in and was canonized as a saint in To this day her body remains incorruptible that is to say, it shows no signs of decomposition or decay , another sign of the miracles associated with her. This litany of St. Michael makes a great weapon against the forces of darkness surrounding our church and society at large these days.

See a Problem?

Let Saint Michael the Archangel give you hope and courage in thes…. Some of the Marian works below are famous; others may not be. How many do you recognize?

God Loves and Cares for Us

List them in the combox! Do DO do do, do DO do…. The idea behind it for better or worse is that the sculpture incorporates various ethnicities, making Mary a universal. I see more African than others, but I do see that this is a mix.

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