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Harry Potter and the Unexpected Lordship by ScribesApprentice reviews After being entered in the blasted Triwizard Tournament Harry finds himself studying in the library for anything that will help him get out alive. What will be the outcome of Harry stumbling upon information that could shake Hogwarts, and our hero, to its roots? Nada Mas importa by god of hope reviews Izuku Ahora el Uzumaki ha dejado su antigua vida en el pasado para comenzar una nueva en otro mundo donde existen chicas monstruos.

NaruHarem, M por seguridad. Contiene elementos de Prototype. Rumors about his deadly power and merciless battles spread around the gamer community… and Harry? Well, he wasn't aware he was considered as "Raid Boss", nor that the world he had arrived at was considered a "Game". Aventuras desde las sombras by erendir reviews Una sociedad oculta seres magicos, entre ellos, el ultimo dragon occidental.

Misterios y peligros entorno a el. Un pasado borrado, un proposito perdido. Watch a ruthless and fierce Harry becoming a powerful lord of North and emergence of of North as a powerful kingdom Fairy Doom by supremehunter reviews Sinopsis: Natsu tiene pesadillas infernales donde una voz le habla. Overlord of Shadow by YinShadow reviews What is a man? After losing 2 of his beloveds, he gave on mankind and become one of the Darkness to forever curse god.

Shyish by Rik reviews He was banished from the world where he was born. Now in Old World, Naruto a Wizard of Amethyst Order shall crave his path through countless enemies and finally gain freedom that he craves inside. Multi X-over with several universes.

Red Dragon Of Stupidity by Nosferatu reviews Have you ever seen a Shonen series with a dumb protagonist that is absurdly strong for some reason? Well, that is exactly who this Ise is. He's not the sharpest knife in the kitchen you see. The Icy Hot Hybrid by 3headed-dragon reviews He suffered through most of his childhood then he was abandoned by his mother. That was the day he became cold to her and her children. Few have gotten through his cold exterior and seen just how warm he can be. Now with new family backing him how will life turn out for him and will his mother recognize her mistake.

Bell isn't your normal day adventurer either, no, he is in fact, an unblessed one. No one would accept him into their familia, due to his weak looking self. Leaving Bell with one last option to secure his dreams. Watch as Bell becomes the first unblessed adventurer to enter the dungeon. Tread carefully young hero Pero todo va a cambiar pronto. Yggdrasil would close down and any players left would be forcefully logged-out. That's what was supposed to happen at least.

Harry was transferred to the New World. Sometime during the Great War he was sealed inside a Sacred Gear which enables whoever wields it with the power to transform into fearsome beasts of immense power. Powerful, original version of Ben Tennyson. Rated M for swearing, violence and DxD nudity. Part 1 by Diablo Ex Machina reviews After a cosmic bomb goes off and splits off copies of Ben into alternate realities, an older version of Ben lands on Eden Prime during Saren's attack.

Using his shapeshifting abilities and advice from Paradox, Ben fashions himself as an extra-galactic ambassador. Joining Jane Shepard's crew, Ben finds himself on an other epic quest to determine the fate of the galaxy. Abandonado y olvidado por sus padres desde que nacio. Conocio a un hombre, a un dios llamado Izanagi-no-Okami. Cuando peleo contra su antigua familia. A Shadowed Soul by devilblondie reviews He was abandoned at a young age, the world believing him dead. Death Eaters believed untouchable are dying.

Who is this assassin? Will he join Dumbledore or take the war into his own hands? The Song of the Accursed by Aion-Daimon reviews The nature of man is a cyclical dilemma of endless fighting of will and desire. After the fall of countless civilizations filled with magic and wonder that faded into history, humans live an illusionary life that is peace.

But nothing remains the same in the natural order, and progress demands a lord to mantle the weight of souls of the world. To bear the curse of Undeath. Dark by Mumei Mu reviews A endless nightmares that purge him for years, overprotective family who try to stop him from reaching his dream and many questions when he awoke something With the power of Darkness in many forms, he will discover the truth and answers to those bizarre memories But he will face unlikely adversaries down the path while recovering what was lost to him.

The Guardians by Dragonlord0 reviews 15 years ago an incident split the Jedi Order in half and left. The leader of the group formed a new group of force users and swore vengeance against the Jedi and the Republic for the death of his sister. Now watch as both the Republic and the Separatists face a new enemy who's army outmatches their own. Harem, Lemons and pregnancy. Crossover army Star Wars: Gojira Nomoto, along with his older brother Yuya Nomoto, have found themselves in a dangerous path in bloodshed fighting competition of human hybrid animals in order to survive and Gojira is a special because he is the Brute of Godzilla, making him the humanoid King of Monsters while also finding love in a vicious way.

Justified Means by Spectre reviews Restored to life by Cerberus, Commander Shepard attempts to salvage his plans to stop the Reapers, survive whatever Cerberus has planned for him, and build a harem of beautiful lovers. Takes place during Mass Effect 2 and is the first in a three book series that will conclude with the Reaper War. Monstrous Delinquent by Mumei Mu reviews He is the delinquent, known as the Aka Oni, that the delinquents fear to face and a high school student with secrets and foggy past.

One day, he run into two women waiting for someone near his house after expelled from his school and it all get blurry after that. Now he have to deal with monster girls as a new host and attend a unique high school Worst Jumpchain Ever by Dhagon reviews You'd think travel between dimensions would be one of the best things that can happen to a person. Especially if they start by gaining magic.

And it might be. If you didn't end up trapped between a psychotic villain, corrupt government and untrustworthy allies in a repeating cycle. Sequel to A Brighter Future. The Fox of Overwatch: Naruto awakens to find his memory erased by Talon, who seeks to make him a WMD. Not taking this news well, Naruto give his own violent opinion, before embarking on a crusade to destroy Talon, with his actions drawing the attention of the UN, who sics Overwatch on him. How will this play out from here? Set in an alternative history of the story of Overlord.

A history where Momonga mysteriously left the guild before its collapse and Tri'ade took up the mantle of Guild Master. Sin ser Issei Hyodo Akeno, Le Fay P. Crimson Hope by godospartan the Kitsune reviews Shepard, a War hero Infiltrator born on Earth, is chosen to become the first Human Spectre, but she is not alone. Even though his entire squad got killed under his command, one, Naruto Uzumaki, born on Earth, has been noticed by Nihlus as Spectre material as well. Will Naruto's Biotics be enough to ensure his entry to the Spectres? The Zenko of the DC by hussbek reviews Naruto suddenly finds himself in another world after reaching a climax in the fourth ninja war, He tries to find a way back home while along the way he encounters a group of people whom the residents call 'superheroes'.

NaruHarem with multiple elements. Deku The Flash Lantern. Naruto's Wedding Ring Tails by HaretaSora reviews Naruto after Kaguya ends up not only with her sealed inside him but his body regressed to a 7 year old form. The Great Maelstrom Trainer by 3headed-dragon reviews Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze dreams of being the world's greatest Pokemon Master, follow him as he battles his way to the top. Along the way he'll make friends, he'll make enemies, he'll experience victory, he'll experience defeat, and he'll gain lovers.

Naruto is about to hit the Pokemon world with the force of a Maelstrom! The Ninja Overlord Part 1: Rise of an Overlord! From chapter eight, we follow Naruto and his story from now on. Rated M to be safe Summoner of the League by KyuubiGoku reviews All it takes is one choice. All it takes is one chance. When others want to give up.

When others want to surrender there is just one thing that can turn everything around. All it takes it one thought to be put into action. All it takes is one person to be unique. All it takes is one. This is my first shoot at writing story on anything so take it easy. My story is about what would happen I Lelouch was reborn House Stark in the Game of thrones world and how he would change the fate of the Seven Kingdoms. I am now doing this story till the end and all chapter are being over look one more and will be updated. Traveling to Ishgar from lands unexplored, he hopes to put some distance between him and the war that drove him to the brink.

How will Ishgar change in the wake of the man whose rage laid the foundation for a better future? M for sex and violence. There are no mortals left in the world, only the dead and the Gods are next. What if, in a desperate bid to escape their Doom, the Gods turn back time? But in order to make things go the way they should, they allow two mortals to retain the memories of the future they lived before King of the Universe? I'm pretty sure that one is a mistake. The young devil had life going pretty well for him, but, his life and his entire family and friend's lives were all changed, whether for better or worse, with the appearance of a pink haired alien in his bathtub.

Bens Hero Academia by Mil the fic writer reviews When Ben gets sucked into a world of heroes, he will have to prove that he is a true hero. But how will he do with a bunch of girls with him? Starts at Arlong arc. In the process of being Beta'd.


The United Universe Legion by Dragonlord0 reviews Long ago an ancient and powerful civilization was attacked by the most evil of species. Before their demise however they created a legacy in order to protect the universe and unite them as one. The last of this civilization would avenge his people and unite the universe as one. Inspired by Infinity War. Lemons girl on girl action pregnancy. Celestial Ascension by Kronium reviews They were all gone.

Every single one of them. Akihiko Horiuchi is of two bloodlines. One blessed by the heavens themselves, while the other from a devil hero. With these, he will take the supernatural world by storm, wreaking vengeance on those who wronged him and his people. Will he let it control him, or take a different path? Strong, later godlike OC! Black blades, black bows, black knives, black souls. Black bones, black skin, black hearts, black kin. Black is our flag, black is our land, black is our code, and so the Legion stands.

For we are the Legion, and dread to all our foes. Yes we are that Legion, that Ebony Legion, who brought them all so low. I don't own shit! Naruto Game by Mumei Mu reviews What happen if a six year old Naruto get this weird game thingy power and it ask him some questions that he don't understand but answer it anyway? One crazy chaotic life and bunch of regrets, that's what! At least he can become the hokage faster and get a family that he always want, thank to this game abilities. A Nobody by Jebest reviews Living a new life in another reality, Naruto now must handle a lot of complications of him interacting with various heroes, villains and anti-heroes.

How will things go with them interacting with a Nobody. NarutoXHarem Rated M for language, violence and lemons. Now the land is plagued by the return of dragons, who wish to enslave all mortals like in days long past. The fate of Skyrim, of all Tamriel, rests in the hands of two unlikely individuals. Now, if only the two of them could get along. Skyrim belongs to Bethesda Game Studios. Elder Scroll series - Rated: Follow his adventures as he changes Westeros and shakes it to it's core.

M - English - Drama - Chapters: Dawn Breaks over Westeros by Mach reviews I don't know how many times I've had to save the world. Being the Child of Prophecy is such a burden. When Jon Snow was murdered by his fellow Night's Watch brethren, I decided it was time to come back once again and finish the job that I started years ago. I am Azor Ahai, but you may call me Spectres of the Forgotten by Daniel DeCobray reviews At the final battle of the fourth great shinobi war, Naruto subdued the ten tails but at a great price. He then found himself in the far future where he met the Cullens.

Years later he decided to move to Forks along with them. Strange things began to occur which may reveal the truth of what happened in the past so he decided to investigate. Sith Resurgence by windstorm16 reviews No summary yet. After being told he died too early he is to be reincarnated in a new world. He will also be granted one wish. But after using his wish to get more wishes, Naruto becomes probably the most powerful being there ever lived. How will this new world handle such power?

With civil war threatening to tear the land apart, and an entirely more dire threat arising beyond the Wall, John and Cortana take it upon themselves to again protect the whole of mankind; from both it's own demons The Shinobi Menace by NeonZangetsu reviews Cast adrift through space and time after a disastrous explosion, a single shinobi finds himself stranded in a galaxy far, far away; forced to fight a an evil even greater than Obito. Now, the mostwanted scum and villians of the galaxy have a new name to fear, a new face to dread. Hints of NarutoxShmi present. Flight of the Kitsune Star Striker by hussbek reviews Naruto joined the Cornerian Academy in order to become an ace pilot like his dad who is a member of the famous Star Fox team.

Faunus Naruto, multiple xovers elements. The Lightning King Raijin by Shadow Knight Destroyer reviews Hero's aren't born, there made just as Villains aren't born either; all it takes is for a single moment in there life to change who they are. There's one hero who is between those two, and the side he joins will effect everything. Original Version of Uzumaki Naruto: Dawn of the Gamer by Legend of the Kyuubi reviews At a young age Naruto grew up with little to no friends. Because of this he grew up with a love of video games.

One day somehow he woke up with the ability to view life as a video game.

Naruto has no idea what to make of this, but decided to make the most of it. Old Version Naruto - Rated: Dragonborn Justice rewrite by Angry lil' elf reviews The Dragonborn and Odahviing find themselves in a strange new land where they have to adjust with its K - Spanish - Adventure - Chapters: Ella busca venganza por la derrota de su gente Harry potter is thrown through the veil into the Star Wars universe this is his story of pain and love to find a way home and after that his revenge and building a life for those he cares for and hopefully a bright future.

One man can answer and for him it is no. He has lived an eternal life fueled by his Darkness and has seen all he ever cared about be destroyed. Now, he rises again to rejoin the fight and regain all that he lost to Kami. His name is Naruto and he is the master of Darkness. Reading Adventures of the Equestrian Ninja by D-nasty reviews Twilight, her friends, Spike, the Cutie Mark Crusaders, Celestia, and Luna received a letter from a mysterious and were teleported to a strange room.

There they have to read a book of Adventures of the Equestrian Ninja about thierselves and Naruto. Watch as they become lost in the world adventure, oh and they'll be shock of the Mane 6 like the same person along with others. A Maelstrom's New Adventure by D-nasty reviews He tried to bring Sasuke back, but because he couldn't he had to be banished and have his chakra sealed, but who knew he'd end up in a new world because of the sealing. He still can't use his chakra, but maybe being with the Tennyson's on their road trip will help him find a way to help them, but, since they're going to D.

Now that I've become a Multiverser, the dream of joining my heroes in the fight against evil is able to be a reality. And with a slew of heroes and villains in this world both expected and UNexpected, it looks like this adventure's gonna be a wild ride! Rated M for violence, language, and mature content. Young Justice - Rated: Right after the fight with Kokabiel Naruto's body has evolved again. Now time to take on many more threats.

Someone has to stand at the top. The game has changed and what you thought you knew about the world will be turned on it's head by one unique individual. Badass Powerful to Godlike Naruto. Supreme King Rising by windstorm16 reviews No summary yet. He was then pulled from death by Hagoromo to meet someone. And that someone want's to meet and ask for his help. Pairing undecided for now. Uprising by 2Lazy4u reviews After escaping Vorkuta, Viktor Reznov awakens to a new world after his death. As a stranger with no place to call home, he soon meets a half-elf girl and eventually joins her faction in the upcoming spectacle known as the Royal Election.

A new power shall rise, shaking this world to the core as different factions race for the throne. But Reznov knew only one way to reach it A different Army for the Jedi by Dragonlord0 reviews five years before the clone wars began a young Jedi knight had visions of the war and knew it would be inevitable.

Knowing the Jedi also needed to change he set out on a quest to find a way for the Jedi code to Change and gather followers to help the order in the war. Massive army crossover harem girl on girl action lemons and pregnancy Star Wars: Billionaire from the past by Dragonlord0 reviews A man who just wakes up from his long sleep finds out he's in the year or at least a month before it actually is. Given the chance to enjoy the future he makes a great life for himself and to many women in this time.

Sucky Summery I know. Anyway expect to see a lot of hotness in this story including female Fry if you seen her. Oc Harem Lemons girl on girl action and pregnancy. Greek Duelist by Dragonlord0 reviews Duel academy gets more then Jaden Yuki they get a duelist who's deck involves old legends of Greece. Lemons girl on girl action. Slight violent blood and gore chapters and pregnancy. Heroes from the future by Dragonlord0 reviews A devastating war occurs in a great distance in the future the only three survivors go back to the past when the one responsible goes back to conquer the past.

Watch as three war surviving warriors go back and fight alongside the justice league and save the past from a monster. Slight crossover from marvel comics Young Justice - Rated: However as they arrive a mysterious person known as the Ghost Rider appears and starts killing the Ghosts. Will Dani Female version of Danny Be able to stop him or will she join him. OC harem Lemons girl on girl action Milf action Pregnancy marvel crossover.

Danny Phantom - Rated: The Spartan Mutant by Dragonlord0 reviews The son of an old friend of Professor X arrives at the institute badly injured after a powerful mutant has killed his entire family. Now watch as this young Mutant joins the X men with the ability to copy all the powers of every mutant just by looking at them. Oc Harem crossover harem lemons girl on girl action and pregnancy. The greatest Warrior by Dragonlord0 reviews A great clan of warriors was almost wiped by a mad king. Now Skyrim will see the great power and skill these warriors had with one of its survivors.

Massive harem girl on girl action. Total drama island by Dragonlord0 reviews Another camper is sent to the island during the first season but this camper is more then what the others think Harem girl on girl action and pregnancy Total Drama series - Rated: Overlord of Nazarick by basa93 reviews Dragon Lords. The Six Great Gods.

The Eight Greed Kings. Beings worshiped by mere mortals for their strength and wisdom. What happens when a being above them appear? Fox of Atlantis by KuronoDono12 reviews In a single day and night of misfortune, the island of Atlantis disappeared into the depths of the sea. It soon slipped into the realm of myth and legend however he new it really existed and is determined to get back there. The Lost Empire - Rated: Capaz de cambiar el equilibrio del mundo. Esta es la historia de Corey.

He's more magic than man by this point and isn't so afraid to show off a bit, although it does seem to still get him into a bit of trouble. Seeking to fulfill his duties as Emrys, he works to bring the Old Religon back to Camelot and unite all of Albion. Whether it's under Arthur Pendragon or not is still up for debate. Naruto the Mega Gamer by hussbek reviews Naruto has been given many titles which are all displeasing, he has a personal favorite title which is the Crazy Gamer. He receives a strange installation package which sends him into a world where he's going to have to get his ninja AND game on if he wants to stick with the big leagues and help his new friends Or maybe more without any continues.

The Sith's Apprentice, Book One: Apprentice by Illuviar reviews A Sith Lord ends up reincarnated on Earth with a few simple goals - make a fortune so he could enjoy a long overdue vacation, uplift the local technology for convenience sake, because not having a proper planetary datanet is simply so bothersome and pick up an apprentice. After all, someone has to deal with any new or old up and coming Dark Lords and the British Wizarding World. Born on the night of the kyuubi attack his mother died from child birth and his father left him alone in the world but he grows up and becomes known as a Uchiha prodigy but there is something more to him then just that?.

Dark Knight of Hogwarts by windstorm16 reviews Naruto Uzumaki has lived a lonely life, orphaned at birth, hated at his orphanage, hated by his housemates, hated by his school. But when the girl he loves betrays him he will unleash his darkness and show the magical world just what happens when you back a wolf into a corner. Contiene elementos de jojo. One never getting the upper hand over the other and with the Balance becoming endangered, a life needed to be created to uphold said Balance.

This is the story, of how that child was conceived. Kaguya shoved Naruto into an Inter-dimensional portal which landed him onto the world of Shingeki no Kyojin. Will he ever go back? Star Wars, a Jedi out of time by Crusherboy93 reviews In the days of the Old republic, a Jedi Master is sent into a Coma after being hit by force Lightning from a sith during a battle. Centuries Later, the Jedi wakes up to a whole new Galaxy, the people he knew were gone, but can this Lone Jedi out of time help bring the Clone Wars to a quicker end, or will he die before the end of the Clone Wars even comes?

And I do not own star Wars Star Wars: An Unexpected Adventure by LoDsIx reviews A wizard, a burglar, and a company of dwarves venture out in hopes of retaking a lonely mountain. What if a ninja suddenly appeared in middle-earth and was recruited first before the company was even formed. One things for sure, this is surely an unexpected Adventure.

He has slain the Emperor. The prophecy is fulfilled. But the Force is not happy. The prophecy was fulfilled too late in the design of things and sends its Chosen One back in time to where he can make a difference. Now Vader is in his prime, fully healed, sans the right arm being mechanical, and knowledge of the future. How will this play out? Star Wars - Rated: Total Drama Shinobi by blackheart reviews When Naruto appeared in this world he was bored. So when he was offered to join a new game show he took it looking for a chance to make friends, and to end his boredom.

What crazy antics will Naruto bring to Total Drama Island. Pairings secret for now. She was never given a chance to feel loved. An unlikely reunion between a famous doctor and a forgotten slave will change their lives. She would remind him what it feels to love. He would teach her how it feels to be loved. Forbidden Desires by kman reviews In the beginning, everything was normal in the Loud House Now, a pandora's box of taboo has been unleashed and Lincoln must try his best to restore sanity back into the Loud House before everything falls to chaos, or more so than usual.

Based on JumpJump's fic and Make it with Chu. Lincoln x harem Genre: Romcom, harem, drama, slice-of-life. Loud House - Rated: The dragons thrive on as Naruto becomes their keeper. In a world where might makes right, he has seized the fate of Westeros by the throat. Begins in Fourth year. El fin de runaterra? Fanfic by WafleKouhai reviews Runaterra esta en peligro debido al posible regreso de los "vigilantes".

Gracias a un conjuro especial, se pudo traer desde nuestro mundo a runaterra a un simple jugador de LoL que fue confundido con el descendiente del anterior Gran invocador Reginald Ashram. Este fanfic , mostrara la nueva vida de este personaje, creciendo tanto como persona e invocador. Actualizacion semanal League of Legends - Rated: His name is Naruto Uzumaki and his dream is to be the greatest Pokemon Master and his companions will be with for the wild ride! No one thought to show him the light until he found it on his own.

Born in darkness, raised in shadow for all his life, will this blade rebel, turn on the empire he swore to protect, or will he remain loyal? Only time will tell. Legend Reviving by ChickenGodofDOOM reviews In a world full of amazing people, creatures, and yordles- all fit for the title of Legend without a doubt- one man sleeps, forever dreaming of a past life gone by.

And when he finally awakes in such a wondrous world filled with things he's never seen before, will he also prove to be worthy of that title of Legend? Vampire of Prophecy by Shawn reviews After the 4 Shinobi War, Naruto awoke in Kami's Court, to learn that he was banned from the afterlife because of his status as the child of prophecy, being turned into a true vampire by the gods, Naruto seeks only his happiness.

Naruto x Bonnie x Katherine x Rebekah x? Teen Hybrid by Shawn reviews He was fingertips away from accomplishing his goal, when that noisy old Sage got in the way, but it isn't all bad he's had a moderately normal life. But that changed when his friend took him to see a dead body and something big, strong, and fast bit him. The bite, gave him back his original body, and with that came strength, speed, and a craving that has only grown stronger. Ahora es un maestro en una escuela en un pueblo llamado Royal Woods en Michigan, luego de que asesinaran a su familia.

Ahora tiene una nueva oportunidad de empezar desde cero. Gravity Falls - Rated: M - English - Romance - Chapters: The Master of Death in Nazarik by dEBB reviews Today at midnight, the server would close down and any players left would be forcefully logged-out. Harry knew better than that though. He had seen the changes in the runes, had seen how they changed to become more permanent with each "new version" of the server.

With his luck though, he shouldn't have been surprised when his peace was disturbed by a summoning ritual, his old world requesting the Master of Death. How will Voldemort react when MOD! Harry and Nazarik's NPCs are summoned to end the war? All the while, Westeros is in a state of unprecedented transformation. The Age of Reformation has begun, and the winds of change shall not be stopped. The Dread Wolf of the Hunt by 3headed-dragon reviews He's the son of a virgin and the grandson of Death.

Monsters fear him as they never see him coming and when they do it is already too late to run. Follow him as he proves himself to his sisters, makes his mothers proud, finds love, and shows all of his enemies why the saying goes "May the Dread Wolf never find you! OC x Harem elements of Naruto and Bleach. I partner is transported to a planet known as Eden Prime. A Systems Alliance colony that just happens to be under attack Se que esto esta mal Pero ella me ama y yo la amo No voy a volver a sacrificarme por nadie No voy a renunciar a mi felicidad M - Spanish - Romance - Chapters: Limonada para el calor by MrRayney reviews Autora: As MaloMyotisemon was defeated his last final wish was granted.

Now without the leader of the second team of DigiDestined, the Digital World calls back an old hero to partner with Veemon. Even if it might ruin his life. Or in my case, living. My reality was broken. So, I decided to fix it. To make a new one. It was supposed to be a game. I never expected it to become my new reality. But now that I'm here, I want to stay. I want to protect it. This world is MINE! Some time ago, he woke up and found himself able to live life like a video game.

Harry couldn't make heads or tails of it but now decides to make the most it. The Gamer is coming to Hogwarts! The Chronicles of the Eternal Sage: Therefore, everything was made according to what I, God, wanted it to be. But things do not always go as we want them to be, there will be success and failure, it is natural to us and to everything. It happened to me so many times and it will happen to everyone for as long as the world exists. Mangenkyo Sharingan Naruto, Rinnegan en Shippuen. Tenseigan Hinata en Shippuden. Sennin Mode por decidir. Alive Minato y Kushina Naruto - Rated: Pleasure Trail of Alucard by pta reviews In the world of Blood Trail of Alucard, there is more then just the necessary battles the various individuals must go through in order to bring about change in the New World.

Follow, as the more intimate moments between them are revealed, be it in the bedroom or outside of it. Naruto Harem Naruto - Rated: And last, but certainly not least So, when he finds himself mysteriously catapaulted thousands of years into the future, you'd think he'd be able to adapt rather readily, no?

There's just one problem Sometimes the change is good, other times its bad. Robert has taken a change for the worse. His origins revealed and his power growing, he becomes a more fearsome warrior then ever. After 5 years of complete isolation, A broken Luffy does the unthinkable. A certain someone however, has different plans for the rubber man.

Join Luffy as he begins a slightly different adventure from the past in order to change the fate of his nakama. Dark, Smarter, and OP Luffy. Hadrian Baratheon is not going to play the game he is going to break it. Phantom by overlord susanoo reviews Brought to a world full of the supernatural Danny decided not to be a hero or a villain. He found a place to belong and people he was fond of and decided to just enjoy his life to the fullest. No matter what came after him he would survive and gloat over the fallen bodies of his foes.

In a land foreign. Twisted Reflections by vendetta reviews She was a failure of a Mage, unable to cast even the simplest of spells. He was an Undead, a monster used as a pawn in battle he could never understand. They had nothing in common, and yet fate saw it fit to bind the two souls together. George Edwards is dropped into the dangerous world of Game of Thrones. He will have to play that dangerous, cunning, and evil game if he wants to protect his Dragon Queen and the woman he loves,and protects, Daenerys Targaryen.

Goes up to Season 7, at least until Season 8 is out. Rated M for being Game of Thrones. Will he be able to eliminate the threat and return to his world,or will he be stranded there forever! What if the Rinnegan was an ancient Uzumaki and Senju bloodline. What if the Sharingan and Rinnegan were from different evolution lines, and what if they were compatible. I know, crazy right? Would things that drastically? Well, you're about to find out.

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  • Blood of Honour: A Jack Tanner Adventure.

He stepped through the Veil into his next Great Adventure. Rating will change later on. Watch as the strongest Saiyan in Universe 7 meets with the strongest hero, as the throne of the Saiyans being the strongest race was demolished upon their meeting when the warrior race meets those who have learned to remove their limits and learn that the most important lesson.

Strength belongs to no race. No perderan nada por leerlo: M - Spanish - Chapters: Watch the skies by Different Dimension Demon reviews Dragons are thought by muggles to be myths. What is the heir and next in line to be king of the dragons to do? Carve a bloody war path to reclaim his species rightful throne. Follow Harry James Potter, the newest Lord Bahamut- master and king of all dragons, as he takes his rage out on the worlds assholes and bitches Harry Potter - Rated: The Loric of The Force by Dark Naruto Senju reviews Naruto at an you aged watched two planets he called get destroyed taken by slave traders only to be rescued by an Jedi Master befriends a young girl named Aksoka.

Only to be left in a cave by Master Yoda. Years later Naruto the Mandalorian Gerenal shows up. How will his reappearance affect not ony Yoda but cloest friend Ahsoka. Story starts during the battle off Kristofsis. Todo se le pondra patas arriba cuando conseguia un poder que todos envidian, pero que el odiara. Recibe a diario golpes de su amiga Stella Fem Bakugou. A Song of Kings and Gods by dearhunter reviews Jon Snow's life story is a sad one, and the other gods had problems of their own.

Watch as Jon Snow becomes something greater yet unknown to even the gods. This Book holds ancient forbidden knowledge no man was meant to know. The Necronomicon has entered the ninja world. An evil so unspeakable, so diabolical, it's very existense became the means to certain destruction. This, is the story of of a man Changes of mind by kunashgi reviews Cody continues to have no luck with the girls, tired of this, makes a promise to put first his future first, before a loving relationship. Trent invites him to join a Total Drama on an island.

He decided to go, to relax from the stress of school, without knowing that his change of attitude attracted several girls to him. But Chris has other plans to entertain the cast, insane plans Total Drama series - Rated: Star vs las Fuerzas del Mal: Star ha vuelto a un Mewni en peligro y ha dejado a sus amigos en la Tierra desconcertados y con un futuro incierto en su destino. Y quiere su varita de vuelta. The Forces of Evil - Rated: Now he has been given a second chance to soar to the sky to blaze a trail to the sky.

Now inspired to become a true shinobi he will show the world the power he learn with his IS. Watch out world and see the blazer soar towards the heavens! Ultimate Gohan" instead of this story. This story is outdated and it delivers cringe to grammar Nazis and the story is a copy paste of Subaru's actions. This fic was a practice story. If you want to know what cancer tastes like, come read this outdated story. Sabes bien lo que pienso acerca de tus idiotas amigos y ahora los traes a mi casa? As she is freed and gifts another with Geass Naruto decides to join her.

Empathy by scarface reviews Wrongly accused of a crime and thrown away into one of the worst prison's imaginable. Naruto shall have to rise above the odds Naruto x Large Harem. Or rather he drags Momonga with him. But he will not grieve for their leaving he rather cherish these moments without bitterness. He will move on like they did. And will not let His friend behind too. Esta es la Historia de Naruto Vladi. El Vampiro de la Academia U.

Call me the Beast Master by Different Dimension Demon reviews Finding out you can do something fantasy writers havd made millions on hadn't been what eleven year old Harry Potter thougbt he'd come into knowjng when he woke up like any other day. What does the addition of a fox with more than one tail do to the mix? Resumen corto para no spoilear. Naruto salvaje, astuto y despiadado con el enemigo. In a strange place with options to replay his life in a world of either Light or Dark, Harry makes what seems to be the obvious choice and intends to use this 'Game' to ensure that he never fails his friends again.

But there is more to this 'Inquisition' that will rock his beliefs to the core. Gamer Harry mild DA: InquisitionXover Harry Potter - Rated: Legend of the Raiju by Jaykid1 reviews Many people believed that lightning was reserved for the rare Firebender, but what if it was possible for one to truly bend lighting. How would the story of the Avatar change, when it crosses paths with a true Lightningbender? Orphaned by birth and born in the slums of Ba Sing Se, this boy takes no shit from anyone and will beat the living shit out of you if you try to cross the line with him, but what happens when he meets a girl who is as equally stubborn as him?

Find out what happens! The U Game by V-Aido reviews Who would think that he was favored by the gods that he would be in game? But yet here he was, a book in his hands and a bunch of cheat codes he is trying to get, all while trying to go on with his life. It isn't going to be easy though, the gods told him that much.

Dragons of Ice and Fire by serpentguy reviews There are things hidden in the far north, secrets buried under ice. Jon Snow faces the white walkers early, and stumbles upon a power that could change the world. It forges a new path for him and everyone around him - and a new journey south, a journey as a dragon. The world begins to change - with steel and snow, fire and blood The Gamer by andrew reviews Hyoudou Issei wakes up one day to find that he has the gamer ability that allows him to live his life like a gamer would play a game.

Watch as he learns to use his power and change into something more than human. M - English - Humor - Chapters: Invincible by scarface reviews With corruption and evil filling the world, from the Elemental Nations, Metropolis, Gotham, et cetera. Naruto x Justice League x Young Justice xover. Harry Potter and the Game by Concept reviews With his life turned into a Game, Harry now has to raise a Phoenix, uncover the Founders' darkest secrets, deal with political manipulations and live through Hogwarts all while trying desperately to not swear too much.

League of Legends - Rated: Nobody knows what happened. And only one race ever successfully opposed them: And even they, too, disappeared; only, not in as mysterious of a circumstance. In their wake, however, lies the catalyst the universe needs, as the war to end all wars is coming. The cycle will continue. But he's going to wield his abilities, both hacking and gaming, to turn everything around and make it out alive with the friends he meets. And hey, winning the hearts of a few girls may not be part of his plan, but it happens anyways!

The phrase many of familiar with. A time when all around you is plunged into darkness and it's up to you to get out yourself. But for Naruto, this has always been his life. Not even Souma has this level of power. Fair Warning, some chapters will have mature themes in them. If you haven't read that yet, go do so, like right now. If you have already, maybe you'll enjoy this as well. It can tide you over until the next chapter of that masterpiece. El nuevo gran general de los uzumaki by irrealiti13 reviews una guerra se avecina. I am a Saiyan from the Dragon Universe 7th Dimension.

I am a former god of Destruction. Zeno's father has placed me in a new realm of existence with no hope of returning to my own. Instead of being a Destroyer, I will be a Protector here. After years of living with his wives in his dimension, Naruto decides to yet again take the role a being a hero. But why is it everywhere he goes S. D is always following him? Naruto is the son of two major players in this Pirate Era.

Aiming to help his younger brother Luffy become the Pirate King and to destroy the World Govt along with the Celestial Dragons, while also trying to overcome his demons from the past. Luffy has been chosen by a warrior not of his world. He has been chosen to become a Reaper: A guardian of worlds that travels from each world and ensures they do not get destroyed. Now that he has been chosen, he plans to build a crew and claim the One Piece, become the Pirate King, and then destroy the corrupt governments before moving to the next world.

A charming jester by The Swordslinger reviews "Getting to know people, making them feel at ease around you, and making sure you have a mutual understanding works wonders in life. Sadly, I can't say I'm the good one out of us. I will be complete. Light Fairy Tail bashing. Natsu se enamora de Lucy pero esta prefiere a Sting. Deck of Heroes by greyblueflames98 reviews Who would've thought that a deck of cards would have that much of impact on someone's life! Certainly not Naruto Uzumaki!

Semi-crack fic with serious moments, harem, Zeltrech trolling Naruto, servant shenanigans, and large amounts of property damage. Note removed and poll over! Blood Trail of Alucard by pta reviews Alucard, one of the 41 members of Ainz Ooal Gown, a warrior vampire known for having strength to match even it's the guilds mightiest warriors.

Follow as he accompanies Momonga on their journey through the New World. What events could possible make him want to join her, and why would she want him to join. This is a story of the twos journey so that our favorite Targaryen can claim her throne. A possibly less uncaring Daenerys.

An Android Unmatched by Kurama Otsutsuki reviews He needed to surpass the strength and speed of Son Goku and his friends; he needed the body of Android 21; he also needed to not be distracted when he was transferring his consciousness into his new body… which meant he needed Androids 17 and 18 to keep Son Goku's friends busy while he was working… damn. A Power's Convergence by RekkingPride reviews Chosen in his time of weakness, Merged Zamasu tries to take control of Naruto's body so that he could enact genocide with a physical body following his own body's destruction.

However, things don't work out as planned. Luffy ate the powerful Chi Chi no Mi, and can now manipulate blood. Smarter, Stronger, Logia Luffy. The Path I Choose by ratedn reviews Naruto Dreyar, from the day he was born his decisions were made for him. However one faithful day his destiny changed into something more and will forge his own path as the Maelstrom of Chaos, finding what he desires the most and will his own purpose.

I do not own original content in any shape or form. He is sent to Earthland where he ends up in the tower of heaven, meeting a certain little red haired girl that becomes his little sister. Join them on their adventures with the Fairy Tail guild. Rated M just in case. I don't own Naruto or Fairy Tail. Realizing how the devil-class system subjugated devils of lower class, Naruto will represent his origins as he rises and expose the corrupted system that he lives in, and he'll do it without the high-class devils even realizing it. Power of Destruction Naruto!

When it looks like it is the end for Harry, an unexpected event makes Harry's life even more complicated than it was before. One thing is for certain, his life does not get any easier On long term hiatus - please see the latest update. This is the story of said life. Features lemons, bashing Zeoticus and Sirzechs all the way through, and Rias for a bit , and characters from other anime, video games and mythology. Kenji x Harem, Different! Guilty by Blood and a new brand of Justice by AmusedLight reviews Freed from slavery, sailed with Fishmen pirates, became a war hero in the Elemental War and lastly an revolutionary.

This is the story of Naruto Uzumaki who's dream was was one thing and one thing only; To be Free. Any feedback is welcome. Some inhale adrenaline and exhale into a mindless high. Some commit reckless risks to feel excitement and alive. That is my Poison and my Cure. Reckless with the safety of my heart, alive by your touch, excited by your body, and high on your heart.

Tony Stark has hit rock bottom, broken hearted and at the end of his rope, he needs a little something to hold on too. What happens when witch meets superhero? Perhaps these two are just what each other needed. M por violencia, 'lemons' y lenguaje. Luffy grandson of Monkey. D Garp, and son of red haired Shanks and Draconis the revolutionary.

Luffy grew up with one dream, surpassing his father and becoming the king of all pirates. Rated M for language, gore and sexual content. Watch as she He! Naruto Overlord by Crowfeast reviews Naruto discovered the truth of what the village had plan for him. They thought he would be their dog? The Legend Of Fire by UchihaMadara reviews Naruto is cast aside by his parents for his siblings, whom are jinchuriki.

Watch as he burns his own path in life with the power of his predecessor and the eyes of his sensei. Will he show the world what a will of fire can really do. Does it mean the will to fight to protect your village? Or does it mean the true nature of fire? Sasuke Naruto - Rated: Seven years later the Rookie 12 and their sensei's go on a trip to another village and find out what our favourite blue eyed blonde has been up to these last seven years.

Is it just me or does that kid look like a mini Naruto? Evil in the making by sonofcreation reviews Set after the giant war. Percy Jackson has been betrayed by the gods over a misunderstanding. Not a normal betrayal story. But it turns out to be a lot more complicated than he thought.

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And this small alteration changes the fate of the whole Wizarding world The Forged Sword of Victory by ByzantineAlter reviews Shunned and ignored by the village he grew up in, Naruto receives a new opportunity to prove his doubters wrong and those he loves proud. Namun dia harus mati sebagai pahlawan melawan seorang Dewi dan menyelamatkan dunia-nya. Kini dia dibangkitkan kembali dalam sebuah dunia yang sangat berbeda, hidup sebagai Heroic Spirits dengan code name 'Archer'. Beberapa tahun kemudian muncullah Minato dan Aria Uzumaki yang merupakan anak dari Naruto yang membantu Rias dan rekan-rekannya serta Xenovia dari Kokabiel.

Siapakah ibu mereka dan kenapa mereka bisa mempunyai sayap dan kekuatan cahaya seperti malaikat? The King of the North by Maximus Redwood reviews Hadrian Potter begins his next great adventure in a world like no other as the son of a Stark. This story is a compilation of multiple other Fan fictions that I enjoy that have either been cancelled or are on Hiatus.

A Tale of a New Storm by FirstStory reviews With the war won at a cost, Naruto is given a second chance to live the life that had been taken from him due to the mistakes of his predecessors. Blessed with the powers of the Sage, gifted with the abilities of his parents, and joined by his most trusted partner, Naruto will enter the land of Fiore with the intent to find a new purpose. Second chances by FlameXFullmetal reviews The 4th war had ended, but the price had been to high.

Now at the end of their rope, and with nothing to lose and everything to gain, can Sasuke and Naruto repair the damage before it can be done or are some things meant to happen without reason?


Seeing the danger that Luffy could pose to the village he takes the boy to a small island in the East Blue for a year. He teaches Luffy how to use his Haki and drops him back at Fushia a year later. Shinobi Terakhir by MrMentholz reviews Berkisah tentang seorang bernama Naruto Uzumaki yang berasal dari dimensi lain dan terdampar di dunia yang penuh dengan mahluk supernatural.

Ia terpaksa menjalani hidupnya yang baru dan meninggalkan dunianya yang dulu. Namun tetap tak meninggalkan identitasnya sebagai seorang Dragonslayer by KitsuneDragon reviews He said he saw great potential in my small body and he raised me. Because of him I lived,I learned Even if he didn't call me the same. I am his son, I am his student He explains that - because of the unsual circumstances of her death - her soul can't move on to the afterlife nor can she return to her own body. To overcome this 'paradox', she will be reborn in another world, the World of Ice and Fire, as Daenerys Targaryen.

The Last Enemy Version2. Betrayed and left for dead. Naruto is resurrected to fulfill an ancient prophecy, seek revenge, and make a new home in a new world. Contains bashing of course , light blood and swearing, violence throughout, and potentially OP Naruto. Luffy's Mother is WHO? Alliances are formed and tested, while the seas are thrown into turmoil as Luffy's allies rush to save him before it is too late. The Blue Pheasant Flies On by kingoffire1 reviews Aokiji dies in his death-match against Akainu on Punk Hazard only to awaken in a strange place with heavy injuries.

Now he is living out his second chance at life in this world while the circumstances of what happened constantly nag at the back of his mind. Raised in Fairy Tail with little ability in magic and consistently babied by the older mages, he thrived to be powerful. One day he had enough; he left Fairy Tail and travels the world to become stronger, only to be nearly killed, until a beautiful swordswoman saves him.

Now, decades after his imprisonment the world of Shinobi is a completely different place. Too bad as some idiot had to go and mess with the Forbidden. Shinobi better update their Bingo books Revenge of the betrayed by Jusen Uzukaze reviews Naruto meets Satsuki at the Valley of the End and shows something to her and asks to ensue him.

When they reach Uzu Naruto exposes a lot of secrets to her and they make 3 goals. Strong Naruto and Satsuki. The Boyfriend Appeal by Netella Love starts when you walk by. When you see an attractive person comes and eyes you. Unknowingly, he's your neighbours rival! A girl who loves tennis, who plays for fun but desperate for a boyfriend. Her crush comes unnoticed until someone attractive arrives, until he falls for her Prince of Tennis - Rated: The Survivors Reunion by Lastdragonborn reviews The survivors of the worlds bio-terrorism decide to get together for a reunion, but two things happen that no one expected.

A romance bloomed between a sarcastic ex-cop and a stunning redhead, and a terrorist attack in Portugal. All that's left to wonder is whether or not they'll survive. But was she really? It seems nobody cares about what she says on that matter Welcome to Erina's personal hell.

Resurrection by OrangeSpark reviews The war was over, everything was over. Naruto clutching for dear god, as he draws his last breath while saying his goodbyes to his best friend Sasuke Uchiha. As he fades away from the living he is suddenly transported to the domain of the most powerful being in the universe.

Then he suddenly wakes up as a baby? Naruto Master of Kunoichi by DealtShadow35 reviews n this Naruto world the strong Shinobi are allowed to have Kunoichi slaves but Naruto is in a house with a lot of sexy Kunoichi and He might take them for himself he just has to deal with assholes, Lemon, Harem, Slaves. Rating M por violencia y posibles limes o lemons futuros Naruto - Rated: Dante en Highschool DXD by fitoxi reviews Dante despues de su pelea con argosax, recibe ayuda para regresar al mundo humano, pero ya han pasado milenios y todo ha cambiado.

O, habra muchas chicas sexys. Harry Potter and the Unexpected Lordship by ScribesApprentice reviews After being entered in the blasted Triwizard Tournament Harry finds himself studying in the library for anything that will help him get out alive. What will be the outcome of Harry stumbling upon information that could shake Hogwarts, and our hero, to its roots? After training in the Marines, Luffy sets off to prove that he is the greatest Marine since his Grandfather. No devil fruit Luffy in the beginning. A Luffy who wants to be the Hero and share the meat.

Mine, and mine alone by Cibbsoldlady reviews "You will be mine, and mine alone A powerful one who he can't keep his eyes off? Why, make her his of course. Little does he know, she changes everything. AU from the middle of Thor on. M - English - Fantasy - Chapters: What will happen when Lucy gets knocked out when she gets there, read to know. Natsu in many sensual moments with different girls.

You will either love it or you will not. Check it out and please leave some reviews to improve and make certain scenes better. Fairy Tail - Rated: DArc by Neon-BlueSapphire reviews Naruto Uzumaki, seorang yang tewas dalam pertempuran melindungi desa kelahirannya, di beri kesempatan kedua oleh Kami-sama dan membawanya pergi ke tatanan baru, "bangkitlah anakku, malaikat pertama spesial dan terkuat milikku", Warn: DiES IraE by Nomechan reviews Claire was moving foward after all terrible things she had lived due to bioterrorism; or so she thought When a friendly reunion is interrupted by a terrorist attack, circumstances lead to a tragic loss.

Will Chris and co be able to save the person they love or will they lose her in the claws of something worse than death? Itachi Sitri by Michael Shadow reviews After the edo tensei was undone, Itachi gets offered a second chance by a dark being, the next thing he knows he has a twin sister, an older sister and two new parents, and they are all devils.

I don't own anything! No Chakra Itachi, Itachi x harem small , more information in ch1. Rated M because it's DxD. The Truth of Phenex Ganti Judul by A Viscount reviews Ini kehidupan yang begitu rumit sampai menemui titik yang mana, tak ada satu pun rumus untuk memecahkannya menjadi n. Kehidupan, kematian, hanya kata yang tidak terlalu di ambil pusing olehnya, semua begitu hambar dan pasti, tidak menyenangkan. The Last Dark Lord by karloss reviews When secrets come to light, When evil makes its move, When darkness drowns out the light.

What can a hero do? Armed with knowledge long lost, wielding a power never seen before and aided by most surprising of allies, Harry Potter steps into the Dark Rated M for gore, violence and sexual situations. M - Indonesian - Family - Chapters: Only way to get out of the place is to read the books and complete the task book. Naruto Harem Naruto Lemon may be As a permission given by Shadow Knight Destroyer Disclaimar: M - English - Humor - Chapters: Novocaine by StardustWarrior reviews After the end of the war, Harry has a meeting in Gringotts that changes his life.

Given a unique opportunity to rebuild the world, he takes it upon himself to restore what was once lost to the wizarding world, while falling for a charming witch at the same time. Watch a ruthless and fierce Harry becoming a powerful lord of North and emergence of of North as a powerful kingdom And she'll do anything to get him.

What if he reincarnated as Lucy Heartfillia with both his memories and access to his his Gate? How would Earthland deal with a girl struggling between herself and her past life as the arrogant King of Heroes? What if others had reincarnated as well? Truly Precious by Lupin Dark reviews Luffy attained his dream, but it was at the cost of his friends.

Now he has a chance to go back and make sure they all survive. The age of dreams isn't over yet. Advent of Mokuzai by blackfoxX10 reviews Indra and Ashura never looked each other eye to eye. Even after they died, their chakra transmigrated in their descendants of Senju and Uchiha Clan. Hashirama and Madara too, succumbed to the same fate as their ancestors.

Watch as Naruto brings the two families together again and breaks the chain of hatred that plagues the Elemental Nations. What if she was a nice person who changed his views on Slytherins and magic in general? The world would change forever. Enjoy, and don't forget to review! Follow our favourite knucklehead on his road to become the ultimate bridge to peace. Is this some sort of cosmic joke or simply a coincidence that will shape another of his journey?

T - English - Fantasy - Chapters: Pero todo va a cambiar pronto. The fight flips sides when the bad guys get more then they bargained for - because he's coming to find her. Sadly for them, he's not just some dude - he's a wise cracking hero. And hell hath no fury like a hero scorned.

It's not vengeance he's after Can they survive it together in the middle of a new prophecy. Yggdrasil would close down and any players left would be forcefully logged-out. That's what was supposed to happen at least. Harry was transferred to the New World. A Father's Love by Kyoka Suigetsu Totsuka reviews Being a single father with two little girls is hard enough, but when there are monsters trying to kill them everyday, it's even worse. Well, he loves them more than he loves himself, so he would just have to hope for the best and pray to the mothers of his children.

Seorang pahlawan perang yang mati karena menyegel Juubi didalam tubuhnya, saat ia berpikir akan pergi ke alam kematian, dia malah bereinkarnasi menjadi anak dari Dewi sihir dan seorang Raja agung. Mungkinkah ini akan menjadi kehidupannya yang baru? Reloading by animeotaku20 reviews After making amends in the afterlife, Dahlia Potter, Snape, and Dumbledore get kicked back to the realm of the living by Death.

Only problem is, it's again. Dumbledore is now a genuinely cheerful old man who's a bit mental, Dahlia's a sneaky little shit who's obviously too cute to be any trouble, and Snape wonders what he did to deserve this. Harry, time travel, crack? T - English - Humor - Chapters: Free to roam the world of the living once more, how will things change when Tobirama Senju is told that his last remaining descendant was none other than Naruto Uzumaki? But when all hope is lost he gains a new power that to Rival or even surpass his ancestor. Instead of being killed by Black Beard he ends up kidnapped, along with a certain flame user's little brother.

Still distrustful of his new crew Ace is reluctant to ask for help. Through his efforts to save Luffy the Whitebeard crew gets a better understanding of who Ace is and what he's willing to do for family. Still bearing the scars of his past, Naruto Uzumaki wanted stay alone—then they came barging into his life. All while being in love and God of the Night, Loyalty and Time.

How will this change affect his destiny. Son of the Moon Archer: Zeus' Master Bolt is missing and Naruto joins Percy in his journey before the world turns into a battleground of the gods. Inspired by SoulReaperCrewe's son of the Huntress: A Sun's Devilish Maid by pain17ification reviews Stranded in an unfamiliar world, yet aided by a compassionate Sun, a devilish woman finds herself choosing to become his maid.

As the Sun grows up as a ninja of the Leaves, the Devilish Maid helps him grow into his potential, and finding herself loving him in the process.

With these feelings and this bond she has with this Sun, will she want to leave him? Naruto the Human Among Devils by fairy tail dragon slayer reviews Sasuke, dead, his half of the Sage of Six Paths power given to Naruto so that he can seal away the sinister Kaguya. After fighting her, she unknowingly teleports the two of them away to a strange void. When their battle in finished, how will Naruto deal with living in a new world populated by weak humans, strange devils, and both angels of dark and light?

The adventures of the Straw Hat crew and their goofy Captain, and his red-headed friend as First Mate. Nico Robin x OC pairing. What if it was all a big misunderstanding? Watch as Naruto is able to tap into the power sealed inside of him on the day of his birth and the following events. Starts after the graduation. Stronger Naruto but realistic progression. Title becomes more apparent later in the story.

Lives lost and peace has returned to the Shinobi World. But what happens if Naruto and Sasuke have learned that their lives were not what it seems to be. They were actually from another world that had gods and goddesses. Explore how Naruto and Sasuke now venture to their actual world and learn their heritage. Is being re-written even though it's not finished as of August 20, When he arrives at Hogwarts for the Tri-Wizard Tournament 13 years later, everything changes and the battle for the magical world of Britain begins.

Will he join the light? Or will the dark entice him? Harry just hoped that the Yule Ball and his date with Lavender Brown might alleviate some of it. Is he trapped within an illusion or actually in a whole different world? Only Shirou can unfold the mysteries and find the truth. Unlimited Rettousei by ferduran reviews The end of an history is the begining of another one, but what happent when that new history is on a new reality just because Kaleidoscope was bored. A neglected Tatsuya ficc.

Naruto Gremory by Shinigami reviews Reborn as the son of Sirzechs Lucifer, along with a comrade from his previous life, all Naruto knows is that the world needs him to play peace-bringer. See him becoming the strongest. Summoner of the League by KyuubiGoku reviews All it takes is one choice.

All it takes is one chance. When others want to give up. When others want to surrender there is just one thing that can turn everything around. All it takes it one thought to be put into action. All it takes is one person to be unique. All it takes is one. Entren,Diviertanse y descubran como se desarrollara esta historia One Piece - Rated: Dragon Soul by Adventreader reviews Summary in the first chapter. From the Other Side by Curious Kitsune reviews When her fight with Atlas is interrupted by Luke using the power of Kronos, Artemis, goddess of the hunt and moon finds herself in the apartment of a familiar whiskered blonde.

Low on power, badly hurt, and possibly being hunted, the huntress decides to hide inside the most unlikeliest of places, Naruto's soul. Only one problem, she isn't alone in there. Birth of a Demon King by Erosire reviews Just because he hasn't been born yet doesn't mean he couldn't have his fun! Westeros, Essos and beyond shall bow before him or perish and scatter like dust in the winds. This story is for adult only!

Read it at your own arousal! Naruto x Everyone probably. Now, they will both continue their journey together. Where the journey takes them, only time will tell. However doing it together, makes it that much more fun. Read as the journey unfolds for both Soma and Erina in a way that they would never have imagined. After some pondering she decides to bring her other descendants. Now they will have to protect what's important from a few rogue gods and an organization that wants to weaponize them. Luffy's mother was someone else Now that they know who he is, his mother, grandmother, and aunts and uncles will stop at nothing to get him back and keep him safe.

The twins were separated, one receiving a better upbringing than the other. But Dumbledore made a very big mistake. Rose was not the GWL, Violet was. And now she's learning the truth Retrograde by Knife Hand reviews Harry's trial before fifth year goes differently because someone knows more than they should about Harry. Chapter 20 up Harry Potter - Rated: As Sirius is the only one left to know Harry's heritage. When he gets there he sees his abused godson and takes him away.

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Follow his adventures as he changes Westeros and shakes it to it's core. M - English - Drama - Chapters: Dawn Breaks over Westeros by Mach reviews I don't know how many times I've had to save the world. Being the Child of Prophecy is such a burden. When Jon Snow was murdered by his fellow Night's Watch brethren, I decided it was time to come back once again and finish the job that I started years ago. I am Azor Ahai, but you may call me Future Story Ideas by Crowfeast reviews Note: These are future ideas that will be produced later on so please PM me or comment if you find one or have one you would maybe like to see here.

With training from both Shanks and Garp during his childhood, Luffy's dream of being the freest man in the world is within his grasp. LuffyxHancock One Piece - Rated: Something you can't forget by Sliverknight reviews Naruto's life was always hard and difficult. On the day of October 10th he was being chased by the villagers and in that night he meet a girl that will change his life and the fate of elemental nations forever Fem sasuke, maybe harem XD Naruto - Rated: The Empire Of Uzushiogakure: He built a village that offers peace to the people without taking anything in return.

Chapter 17 is updated and Expanded Naruto - Rated: Death offers a deal. Harry takes the place of Viserys just before his mother's death, when the woman places a crown on his head, and a baby in his arms. This is the story of his entrance into the Game of Thrones. For others you win or you die, for him he has to win to die. And its not just the throne he has to take, but also the dawn.

The game shall not be the same. There will usually be a poll on my profile, regarding which lady should I write about next. Go vote and maybe YOUR vote will help your favorite female character make an appearance. K - Spanish - Adventure - Chapters: The Storm by ninag95 reviews Soma is stuck for the night at Erina's mansion thanks to a massive storm. Let's hang out and see what happens. It's Leon and Claire and the years of their friendship and fun together.

Bad jokes and sex probably. All artwork is Demonleon3D! Don't You Dare by The Red Abyss reviews Kushina thought Minato loved her but she didn't know that he loved the village more than anything. He betrayed Kushinas trust in him by sealing kyuubi in her new born baby Naruto. She thought its finished but when whole village tried to kill her on the kyuubi's sealing spot, Kyuubi's residual chakra in her body reacted and something happen…Naruto x Kushina fic.

He was then pulled from death by Hagoromo to meet someone. And that someone want's to meet and ask for his help. Pairing undecided for now. Ripples in Samsara by AbyssEater reviews He was lost, wandering without a purpose, looking for one. There was more to himself, he knew but exactly what remained unknown.

So he would look for what he fated to do, even if it took forever. After all, what were a handfull of years when you've lived for so long? The Fifteenth Olympian and the True Love by luisfilipe reviews Annabeth died a year ago in a car crash. What will he do? Will he ever get over her? When the Gods approach him, Percy may just find the answer in the most unsuspecting of places. Rated T because of some violence and kissing are or may come to be involved. But nothing too harsh. Noteworthy Boredom by gr8rockstarrox reviews She passes him a note because she's bored during Binns' class.

It's funny how the butterfly effect works, because a piece of parchment with some ink on it — a mere relief from boredom — will now change the outcome of the future war. The tiniest of actions can have the biggest of impacts. Moon Knight by AZ23AJ reviews Naruto wakes up with no memory of who or where he is but was given a mission by the Shinto Gods to bring true justice to the world as their agent of justice. Sins of a Family by MircThomas19 reviews Naruto, who was neglected for his younger twins, decided to live on his own and become his own ninja.

Later at the age of fifteen, he learned that he had a new sister that suffered a life like his. In order to help her, he will have to get involved with the family he grew up hating the most. Strong and Mature Naruto! Looking just like a younger Joichiro, Soma heads off to Tootski because it's what his dad did.

Will he continue to follow in his father's footsteps, or will he start to follow his own path? Azriel by Lolicon Bijak reviews Membahas tentang kehidupan satu-satunya Malaikat yang paling disegani di Surga. Sejarah dimana ia memulai perjalanan dari awal ia membuka mata dan menghembuskan nafas, sampai ia hidup untuk sekarang ini. Possession by TheRedhood reviews Dramoria Malfoy can be a little Too bad the object of her infatuation is the one man she thinks she can't have, at least not in perpetuity.

But don't Malfoy's always get what they want? And this Malfoy is fixing on being Mrs. Sitri Stronger by RayNaruKushi reviews Naruto Sitri sudah menuntaskan misinya dari Kami danemulai misi baru untuk menjaga perdamaian di dimensi asalnya mampukah Naruto menyelesaikannya Warning: What would have happened if the Schools involved in the Tri-Wiz were less receptive of Harry's name coming out from the Goblet? What if everyone was against him? And where the icy blue-eyed Slytherin Queen fits in all this?

Bashing of some characters around. The world is filled with distortion, In his quest for Rehabilitation he challenges the metaverse, to change society, to save his friends, however The demon princess of tennis by Cornelisse Linda-chan Meet Miyuki Rinda and enjoy her journey to the end of this story.

T - English - Friendship - Chapters: The secrets and manipulations will rock Wizarding Britain and reveal a boy who never stopped fighting and a love that never quite faded. Naruto and Kurama I'll explain in story are sent back to inhabit the former body of Sasuke Uchiha with hopes of fixing the past and preventing the war among other tragedies M for gore and possible harem Naruto - Rated: If he had to take a major demotion for the safety of the village?

Follow along as he takes on the Shinobi World far better equipped, and far more deadly. On the brink of heading off into a whole new world, Harry finds himself scared he always will be alone. He writes a letter, more for himself than anything. Then Hedwig takes it upon herself to deliver it to someone just as alone as him. Rose on Fire by uoduck reviews Elia's second child is named Haeron Targaryen, for the bird that flies through the window during her pregnancy.

Haeron 'Harry' Targaryen is one nameday old when the Rebellion happens and spirits his family away from the Lannisters, using nothing but accidental magic and old knowledge. What happened over Summer by LeoHiggins reviews Summer vacation was time to relax and have fun Let me tell you what happened. Born on the night of the kyuubi attack his mother died from child birth and his father left him alone in the world but he grows up and becomes known as a Uchiha prodigy but there is something more to him then just that?.

Ma Fleur, Mon Ange, Mon Tout by mysterycritic reviews What happens if Harry was rescued from the Dursley's in the middle of the summer by Fleur, and adopted into the Delacour family. How will his power grow on his journey to learn how to love Fleur and his new family? Romance Dawning from Ashes by justaguyinpajamas reviews What if Shanks brought a different devil fruit back with him to Fushia Village? One Piece gets turned upside down by an improved Luffy of course. New power and crew members. Watch as he tries to achieve peace in this new world but will he be able to achieve it?

The world is destoyed, only Wizards, magical creatures and demigods live. A choice is offered: A new World to conquer. Harry Potter, their King. They must create a new race for themselves to unite, thanks the help of the gods. Westeros, and Essos, Beware! Reinkarnasi, jika diartikan maka menjadi 'kelahiran kembali' Namikaze Naruto seorang pria baik, pintar dan Ramah namun sayang bujangan tewas tertusuk oleh pencuri saat menemani temannya kencan. Between Risa's teasing, Yui's lecturing and his adopted mother's blatant disregard of the standards of a mother son relationship Naruto was struggling to stay sane.

Now a pink haired alien has declared she will marry him and her sister is trying to create him a harem as her father sends assassins after him. What's a guy to do? After she recovers from the lost of her brother can Luffy show the world that she can still be King of Pirates and can she really find love with a fellow pirate and rival for the great treasure. Law, Sabo, Straw Hats P. Sasuke's Basketball by XxUzumaki45xX reviews While living with his brother Itachi, Sasuke ends up joining the Seirin basketball club due to it being the closest school.

In hopes of finding a challenge that will push him to his limits, Sasuke joins Kagami and Kuroko on their journey to defeat the Generation of Miracles. M - Spanish - Chapters: Yoake no Kami by Crimsonwheel reviews For how long would you keep striking a beast before it strikes you back? For how long could you remain unbeknown to the hatred that resides in its heart? What will happen when your actions comes back to haunt you? The Three Great Factions will find out the answers when they crumble under the power of the God!.

Reencarnada en el cuerpo de Daenerys Targaryen, sus memorias y magia intactas, decide que la lucha por recobrar el honor perdido de su familia casi extinta merece la pena jugar el Juego de Tronos. No importa la sangre derramada y las ciudades en llamas. The dragons thrive on as Naruto becomes their keeper. In a world where might makes right, he has seized the fate of Westeros by the throat.

The Blond Mother Lover by supernaturalsex reviews Children fear the boogeyman, but men fear an even scarier monster. The legend says you should hide your wife and especially your mother because by leaving them alone, you're offering them to The Blond Mother Lover. This is Uzumakicest with graphic smut and somewhat of a plot. A Different Beginning by Tsuyoru Tatsuya reviews Tatsuya's heritage and the true nature of his magic are revealed before the choosing of the next clan head. What difference could it make in the long run? T - English - Sci-Fi - Chapters: The Broken Serpent by nel the huntress reviews FemHarry!

What she didn't know though was that she is a witch and that fate has many plans for her. A Fateful Walk by Shygui reviews After the final battle. A walk through the castle will shift the destiny of several people. Harry once again leaps without looking trying to save the life of a Slytherin witch he barely knows even after six years of school.

The aftermath of his decision will have significant ramifications for those involved. EWE - please be aware that this Fic will go to some dark places. To Fight The Fire by Lost and at Home reviews After the events of fifth year Harry is left grieving and reeling from the actions that caused the death of Sirius, until a sudden realisation about his life and who he needs to be sharpens his motivation and sends him down a path that will change his destiny forever.

Voldemort meanwhile begins to seek greater powers to control not only wizarding Britain, but the entire world. Wheels of Fate by AbyssEater reviews The aftermath of the war ended differently. Instead of fighting they both went their own way, resulting in both ascending to those that stood above mere mortals. Though, their conflict never ended because of it, it was merely put on a hold. Eons gone in the blink of an eye as the world changed around them. But everything must come to and end, it's just a matter of when. Daughter of a Dragon, Blood of Wolf and Soul of a Fox by SalamanderNatsu reviews "Every time a Targaryen is born, the gods toss a coin in the air and the world holds its breath to see how it will land.

As I am a ruler in old life I'll grow above everything life throws at me as I did in my old one. Naruto reincarnated as Fem! The third coming of the demon by The-Saiyan-God-of-Destruction reviews What if Naruto's parents wouldn't Minato and Kushina but instead members of both the Senju and the Terumi clan's, what if Naruto was born in Kirigakura instead of Konohagakure, what if Naruto had wood style as well as lave and boil release and what if Naruto was an prodigy which earn him the title of the third coming of the demon. Child of the Queens Court by Loony69 reviews What if someone decided that the plans to leave Baby Harry with those Muggles was not going to happen and took the boy to live a life full of love friends and training.

He always risks his life for the others and now he dies to protect Annabeth. And he will never come back, or does he. This is the one where Percy's life is changed! I try something out of the ordinary with Percy and Artemis at some point pair? Reborn by ZuttoAragi reviews Basara was a young man that lived a quiet life with his dad. But when he met his new sisters everything changed. Now drawn back into the supernatural, will he rise above his past or fall before it? In his Pocket by Blandusername reviews A simple decision makes all the difference.

That morning after receiving the letter from no one. Harry didn't walk into the kitchen letting his letter get taken by Dudley. He put it in his pocket. Harry Harry Potter - Rated: It brings with it nothing but destruction, death and despair. I will end war. I will end the needless cycle of those who would shed blood for petty reasons by taking that which they would wage war with. Ghost of sparta new world by BlackJeck 21 reviews Setelah mengalakan zeus dan dewa - dewi olympus sang hantu sparta telah terbebas dari kutukan serta dendam di hatinya, kini dia pun memutuskan untuk mengakhiri hidupnya.

Daring, Nerve and Chivalry by justin. Our hero discovers his true purpose as he joins an ancient, forgotten Knightly Order. Meanwhile, Bellatrix Black plots in the shadows He always knew the environment in Konoha was neglectful and destabilizing to Naruto. He decides to send the boy away with someone who can nurture him. As a result, a more worldly and competent Naruto returns to the leaf years later. His story begins here, think you know it? One Piece Version by Miledman2 reviews In a world of crime and law, one mobster will show the world, that anyone can fight the law and still have a great time.

Luffy is the next playboy in the series with him being the crime boss and having a great time. Rated M for lemons, harem, Disclaimer to Oda. For Your Eyes Only by salil. How will the magical community react to where their savior had been for the past 11 years?

What happens when the 'Champion' is now a broken boy is working for the thing that his parents were working for, 'Survival? Mention of child abuse Harry Potter - Rated: Rewrite Version by DealtShadow35 reviews Having had enough of the hatred Naruto becomes what they fear and is going on a killing spree of the evil and corupt and finding mate weither they are married or not. The Ultimate Prankster by personazero reviews After the war Naruto was sent to another world. A world were Hope and Despair are in constant battle with one another.

Time to find out. Harry Potter And The Greatest Death Eater by lordofhalfbloods reviews Harry Potter, betrayed by his friends in the summer of the 5th Year sets out to forge a new life for himself involving new friends and old not so much friends. But what happens when he has a chance meeting with one of Voldemort's most powerful Death Eaters? His aunt and uncle take Charlie in as their own son, but mistreat Harry. When they both find out they're wizards set to attend Hogwarts, Harry is determined to stand out from his brother and carve his own path in the wizarding world.

The Alpha Wolf by Wyvern03 reviews His will is the blade in which the coming tide shall fall upon. His duty, the armor that gives him purpose and strength to fight on. His blood the unbreakable shield against the coming darkness. His soul, the last bastion, forged in the furnaces of war. So beware enemies of the North, for the Alpha Wolf has arrived, the North never forgets, and Winter is inevitable. Harry After the Yule Ball, things went a little different. The consequences of that night will change the lives of two fourth years forever. Hybrid's Game by Kyoto reviews The Uzumaki clan has always been mysterious, especially since the end of the great war, but something has been happing.

A plan has been unfolding. And the ancient house of Lucifer will rise again There may just be a problem. And it's name is Naruto Uzumaki. Harry Potter and the Power of Love by Master of Energy reviews What if things went slightly differently at the graveyard? What if Dumbledore made all the right choices? And what if Harry devoted himself to destroying his enemy?

T for torture in beginning. The Chronicles of the Eternal Sage: Therefore, everything was made according to what I, God, wanted it to be. But things do not always go as we want them to be, there will be success and failure, it is natural to us and to everything. It happened to me so many times and it will happen to everyone for as long as the world exists. They would have been happy to live in peace, but some egotistical Gods and Goddesses think otherwise. Zeus agrees, on his one condition. The one thing Percy Jackson can never accept. All characters belong to Rick Riordan not me! But this decsion will set the wheels of fate in motion and powers long forgotten will claim their rightfull place in the world once more.

Beware Dark and Light, a third faction will join the fight. Into a New World by iamblaze reviews Realising that Kaguya is a threat too big, Naruto takes the decision to sacrifice himself for his friends. But he didn't expect to end-up in a whole different world. Watch as Naruto makes new friends and make it his mission to bring peace Luffy's mama is wait WHAT!

No one knows except Oda just who exactly Luffy's mother is Sailing towards TotoLand, Luffy's unaware of his mother being closer than ever Now watch as they try to deal with this! Now what will Nastu do, will he take the challenge give by Great Red or not? Dance of Serpents by ImageViewer reviews Harry Potter leaves the war torn world, caused by Voldemort and leaves behind a broken destroyed Dumbledore and his army, using his new family tomes, he escapes through a created veil of death into the world of Westeros. Set Before the dance of dragons with his three Basilisks, which catching the attention of the Targaryens who are fascinated by his ability to speak to dragons.

However, with Natsu intervening during her casting of Last Ages, Ultear was given a third chance to make things right, with Natsu tagging along and revealing that he isn't just the lovable idiot everyone thought he was. Beware of the lion! Can the little kitsune find a new home inside the den of a lion? This is not a Regulus replacement story. M for mature theme. You do the same thing in another one, but in a different way. Formatting for chapter 1 fixed. Instead of an oppai loving pervert he is a deaf and unsociable teenager boy. Instead as Pawn he was reincarnated as the only Knight of Rias Gremory.

For the first time Issei Hyoudou finally found a purpose in his life, to protect his master, become her sword and the strongest Knight of Underworld. Finally by hyvnn reviews Wherein a drunk and an idiot stop making excuses. Especially after her clans massacre. A Dragon's Peerage by King0fSkulls reviews What would happen when Natsu saw Acnologia kill Igneel after the fight against Tartarus, what if he unlocked a power that turned him OP only to do a forbiden move that should of killed him, only to be saved by Daenerys the third Heavenly Dragon which only the higher ups in each faction now about.

Watch as Natsu strugles in a different world with his own perage. Love Your Enemy by aresu reviews Iwa and Konoha have hated each other since the third great ninja war. What happens when events unfold that forces Iwa's most promising Kunoichi and Konoha's number one most surprising ninja to spend time together? Will they be able to overcome the hatred that shackles their nations or are they destined to be enemies forever?

Can Harry deal with the upcoming war with Voldemort? Alongside a Marriage Contract with the Black sisters? On top of this, Harry must also come to terms with the fact that Professor Dumbledore isn't the man worthy of his trust that Harry first believed. It's My Life by jockztheblackdevil reviews Kehidupan Naruto semakin penuh dengan gairah, setelah melepaskan status perjakanya dengan kekasihnya saat merayakan hari kelulusan.

Lalu pada malam hari ia tak sengaja menemukan ibu tirinya yang tengah bermasturbasi ketika ia baru saja pulang. Di tengah situasi itu, ibunya berhalusinasi dan bercinta dengannya yang dikira adalah sang ayah yang telah meninggal. Bully edition by Fox King jm reviews Naruto Uzumaki was known as a "Bully" in his old school and got into a lot of trouble. To avoid Jail, the Judge sentenced to the toughest and will-breaking school in all of Japan. Naruto must face Bullies, do jobs for others without getting kicked out of his new school.

Naruto x Harem, fighting and more. I don't own anything, so please enjoy: I Want my First To be! The Death of a Betrayed Savior by alexdanoob reviews Percy is betrayed by everyone at camp. He is offered an opportunity he can't refuse. Can he protect his loved ones from the new enemy that threatens the world? This is my first story.

Constructive criticism is appreciated. Update schedule is Sundays and Wednesdays. The rating may update to M because of violence, language, and torture, not because of adult themes. I'm home by ahungrylioness reviews AU. A Yukihira with a darker past makes a connection with the God's Tongue, but it all falls apart when Nakiri Azami enforces his regime within the school. While struggling to survive in this new Tootsuki, both of them must face the demons of the past in order to succeed.