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The pirates and some situations in this movie may frighten sensitive viewers. Two children are abducted by a villainous storybook pirate and threatened with death. The pirate Hook kills, displays comic suicidal tendencies, and tries to seduce children into hating their father. There is a lengthy name-calling exchange between Williams and a young boy, including phrases such as "maggotburger" and "near-sighted gynecologist," culminating in Williams screaming "Eat me!

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Profanity includes "ass," "bitch," and "hell. Add your rating See all 12 parent reviews. Add your rating See all 15 kid reviews.

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Now a hardworking lawyer with three kids and a troubled marriage, Peter heads to London with his brood to visit Granny Wendy Maggie Smith. What if Peter Pan had to grow up? For those familiar with J. Unfortunately, Spielberg and Williams made this movie for their children, seemingly without regard for anyone else's kids, who may not like such a sweet center or dark edges to their entertainment. Neverland fails to look like anything more than what it is: The real standout here is Hoffman, who's a surprisingly good Hook but is given woefully little to do other than snarl and rant.

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Learn how we rate. For Your Family Log in Sign me up. Reviews Find the good stuff, faster — from books to YouTube. YouTube channel reviews are here! The best media for your family, hand-picked by our editors. What's on your mind? Get answers to top parenting questions here. Movie review by Scott G. Mignola , Common Sense Media. I know there are a ton of bikes out there around this price range, but this one stuck out to me.

Blues Traveler - Hook

After receiving my bike, assembly was quick and easy. A minor tweak to the brakes, and the rear derailleur thanks DB for the videos and I was good to go. Living in coastal mid Atlantic, the 1x8 is OK for the job, however this is my first upgrade I plan to do 1x I need a little more range for those climbs. The fork is OK, and expected for the price. The geometry is great, and this will be a bike I hold on to for a while.

Don't let "the internet" tell you its a waste of money to buy entry level. This one is set up for long term with its great geometry. I removed a star because of the 1x8, really that's it. I would have preferred a 1x10 at least. Great entry level bike, with room to mod and grow. The color is a head turner and looks great in person. This is my second Diamondback bicycle, the first being an early 's chrome Silver Streak that was my prized childhood possession until it was stolen. The result of hard work mowing lawns and a hard lesson about quality bicycle locks and humanity in general. Here's what I think about the Hook: Perfect execution of a "real" entry level trail capable mountain bike.

This is not a big-box chain store bike that only looks the part, this is a very real and capable machine.

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It's not meant to impress your buddies with it's spec sheet and some super precious "Vibranium" groupset. It's meant to impress your friends with it's value and design. Diamondback did a great job with the Hook, Line, and Sync'r models. Great geometry and frame design as well as a few house brand quality components that work well bars, stem, wheels.

I bought the Hook as it was "enough" for me to get back into MTB and allow me some budget for tinkering and repairs. A 1x crankset and chain guide is very uncommon in this category, but still super appreciated. The brakes are mechanical but solid and reliable after some adjustment. If Diamondback could spec a simple air fork SR Suntour XCR 32 Air is an inexpensive alternative , a hydraulic disc brake setup Tektro and Shimano both make crazy inexpensive variety's , and any better option over a square taper bottom bracket Wow, this bike would become a sales juggernaut!

As it is, it is still an amazing value. I've had it a month and I've replaced the fork with the Suntour listed above and it's a game changer. Nothing was broken on the original fork, I just had the opportunity to upgrade cheaply. I'll be running the mechanical brakes for a bit longer as they are doing exactly what I ask and the feel is good at the lever, although it's not a 1-finger affair. I did my research and I knew what I was buying ahead of time and I'm completely happy with this bike. You should buy from DB with confidence. If you search, you'll see he spec'd a Hook for the female rider in his 3-part series title "Mountain Biking explained".

Good luck watching that video and not wanting to go immediately on a ride! Overall, good job Diamondback! I think I actually like it better with the stylized and colorful sets than if it had been done with CGI backgrounds. Robin Williams doesn't get a lot of chances to be really funny and goofy, but that's okay. To be clear, it's got a lot of humor which involves him in crazy situations, but his particular style of witty zaniness doesn't get utilized a lot. It does, though, when he engages in a battle of semi-sordid, semi-sophisticated insults with another of the Lost Boys.

He plays Peter Pan who's grown up and has a wife and son and daughter, and he's forgotten about Neverland. Captain Hook kidnaps his children while he's away for the evening, and Tinkerbell finds him and takes him to Neverland. He must learn how to fly again and how to "wish" things into existence. Then he must lead the Lost Boys in rescuing his children. There are many ways this could have been done predictably and ineffectively, but the passion of Spielberg comes through in the whole movie, and there are many times when I thought I was seeing a repeat of the slave boys from Temple of Doom because of how he focuses on the emotions of their faces.

The passion Spielberg has for individuals and their emotions and family relationships comes through, because of his own childhood experience with divorced parents and his Jewish ethic of the worth of the individual. It is very exciting when Peter finally gets inspired and discovers that this enables him to fly, and he zooms through the air so convincingly I don't think CGI would have enhanced it at all. It was as neat to me as the E. Captain Hook's portrayal by Dustin Hoffman is hilariously unctuous and fickle.

He even stages a ball game to try to make Peter Pan's son identify with him, so that Peter will get jealous enough that he'll learn to fly again and duel Hook. Hook wants to be acclaimed for killing Peter Pan in an exciting fight, not while Peter is a wimpy lawyer who's afraid of heights, so he has to make Peter jealous enough to be motivated to fly again. I get a kick out of the predictable orchestration of John Williams in his fast-paced Spielberg action scenes, but there are some neat melodies he uses which have originality.

The way Peter Pan finally reconciles growing up with keeping his priorities right is very moving, and all the plot elements get tied up in the end to my satisfaction. The movie carried me along with its passion even though I am not that big a fan of the Peter Pan story. There's a lot of freshness and direction to the plot which made it as appealing to me as if I were a kid--and I didn't even see this as a kid. One of my favorite Robin Williams movies.

The story and acting is so good. This should be in everyone's movie collection. I have watched this movie four times, and find new things to appreciate each time. It captures the essence of magic, is the epitome of fun, and the characters are all such really zany, precious, incredible characters. For those who want to dot the i's and cross the t's of perfection, I suppose there might be things to criticize, but half the fun is just allowing the happy thoughts and sure enough, the movie FLIES!

I have always enjoyed this movie.

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I'm a total sucker for 'alternate reality' type stories, where well known characters are taken and placed in slightly different settings. I just eat that stuff up. I watched this movie as a kid and loved the heck out of it then.

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Now I have kids who are getting to the point where they will enjoy these fantasy stories and I can share it with the next generation. As for the digital presentation of Hook watched via the Amazon FireStick, it's magnificent. The quality is cleaned up and remastered to look fantastic in HD. I had previously only see this on regular TV.

I don't think I'd ever even watched this on a widescreen set before as it's been years since I watched it last. But on a modern HDTV this movie has a whole different feel. The sets on Hook at colorful and vibrant and that was completely lost watching this on VHS in If you haven't seen this since your VCR broke 10 years ago, give it another look. It holds up well over time. One person found this helpful. I first saw this movie as a kid and loved it! I bout it 15 years later because my wife had never seen it.

We watched it together and liked it but i guess age had taken away the childhood thrill of the movie. The movie gives a wonderful look at a different Peter Pan and Never-land so would recommend it to movie goes and children with a sense of imagination! Makes you think as a parent about Makes you think as a parent about how much time you have with your kids.

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