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Log in Admin Help. Structural variants in the morphology of the first abdominal tergite supporting the monophyly of the Latin American genera Cibyra, Druceiella, Pfitzneriella , and Trichophassus Lepidoptera: Bulletin of the Buffalo Society of Natural Sciences, Morphological evidence for phylogenetic relationships within the Hepialidae Lepidoptera: New species of Endoclita C. Felder, , from Sumatra, Indonesia Lepidoptera: The European Entomologist, 8: Larval description of the New World ghost moth Phassus and the evolutionary biogeography of wood boring Hepialidae Lepidoptera: These predators are attracted to the moths during the male flight displays.

Eptesicus nilssonii , the northern bat, has often been documented preying on lekking ghost moths. The ghost moth is a member of the family Hepialidae, an early branch of Lepidoptera. Species in the Hepialidae lack several predator defense systems, including ultrasonic hearing. Despite these precautions, the moth is still at a large predation risk.

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It is believed that the deaf moths, such as the family Hepialidae, predate the predatory bats that may have driven the evolution of ultrasonic hearing. Members of the Hepialidae also lack adaptations that allow for erratic and maneuverable flight as well as color mimicking, two traits that aid in predator defense.

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On average, most female ghost moths will lay around eggs over four days, but a female can lay anywhere from to 1, eggs. The young larvae feed on plant rootlets, while the older large feed on larger roots, stolons , and the lower regions of plant stems. The larva have at least 12 instars , but further research is needed to see if there may be more instars during higher temperatures.

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The ghost moth typically pupates during the April or May after the two to three year larval growth period has ended. Adults are most commonly found in June and July, and they are typically active around dusk. In particular, lekking and mating occurs at dusk. Ghost moth larvae are polyphagous —they are able to feed on multiple types of plants.

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Ghost moths frequently cause damage to strawberries , lettuce , and chrysanthemum plants. Chinese authors retain a number of species in Hepialus. Most of these are placed in the genus Thitarodes by others. Species retained in Hepialus include:. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the New Zealand moth with the same common name, see Heloxycanus patricki. Pests of Ornamental Trees, Shrubs and Flowers: A Colour Handbook, Second Edition.

Ghost Moth is a novel constructed around dichotomies.

100 years ago: Ghost moth hovers at its peril

It is set in Belfast but during two contrasting eras of that city's history. It is a study of two different types of love: The contrast created by an interval of a mere 20 years could hardly be starker. The Belfast of is an optimistic postwar whirl of tearooms and operatic societies. People employ the prefix Mr or Miss when addressing one another.

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