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You can click on download link below!!! Innovation does not only mean the introduction of new methods, it is the application of creativity in the creative industries with the means of profitability and development. New South Wales Government, , p. This, in turn, is the basis for any economy, where increasing efficiency is not to the detriment of business and the sale of goods and services West, n. Figure 1 depicts the interplay of technology, production and cultural amenability, whilst illustrating the balance between the end product and the emerging phenomenon of user-amalgamation.

The rise of information and communication technologies has fundamentally changed the way we work and live.

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  7. Innovation — defined as a permanent process of developing and applying new knowledge to work, life, products and services — has become the driving force in our society. This is becoming a more and more open process where citizens act as both users and producers, creating their own goods, services and environment. The challenge is to make sure this creative power is distributed throughout society. Van den Steenhoven et al, , p.

    The currency in which this creative power is distributed among societies is what has become known as Creative Capital — that precious and not always tangible commodity that allows creative businesses to thrive in a global marketplace and gives individual cities their cultural idiosyncrasies. At the Creative Capital Conference held in Amsterdam, over people such as innovation experts, economists, creatives and speakers from over 20 countries around the world collaborated on the future of Creative Capital in Europe Van den Steenhoven et al, , p.

    To firstly define exactly what domains the creative industries comprise of, the following sectors are cited by the New South Wales Government , p. This somewhat succinct definition of the creative industries appears to be standard worldwide and on a national level, the Government of Western Australia , p.

    The economic, social, industrial and cultural contributions of these industries are increasingly being recognised as essential elements of an advanced and thriving regional economy. They are vital in determining the image of a region, retaining talent to that region and providing positive, substantial benefits to other industry sectors.

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    To refer to other industry sectors, it appears that the acknowledgement of the value of Creative Capital is unilateral. This indicates that Creative Capital is a valuable resource for communities to be nurtured and developed. Communities capture creative and cultural value when they effectively manage innovation risk in the appropriation of business and local policy-making pertaining to the creative sectors.

    Novel combinations of existing technologies and processes, is also common, with creative industries often using existing content for new purposes. TV programmes are repackaged for DVD, mobile phone or online downloads; music is repackaged in a new compilation or made available for MP3 players. Miles and Green, , p. Business economics - Business Management, Corporate Governance. Business economics - Miscellaneous. Soziologie - Wohnen, Stadtsoziologie. Art - Overall Considerations. Politik - Politische Systeme - Allgemeines und Vergleiche.

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