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Claude is a dog that is far from ordinary and spends each day after his owners leave pursuing adventure. In this book Claude and his best friend Sir Bobblysock go to the Snowy Mountain and learn to sled, ski, and more. Claude on the Slopes is a fun book. Cluade is a dog on a mission, to have new adventures. He is sweet and sometimes a bit simple, but never comes off as a bumbling fo Claude on the Slopes by Alex T. He is sweet and sometimes a bit simple, but never comes off as a bumbling fool.

Sir Bobblysock is a sock yes, but he is somehow also the more practical of the two characters. Claude learns about sledding, skiing, snowman building, snowball fights, the dangers of avalanche, and the methods to help those buried after one. The illustrations are great, adding some color and aditional humor to the tale.

Young readers that are fans of picturebooks featuring world discovery by an innocent main character that gets to do this they cannot, like Curious George, will enjoy Claude on the Slopes and the previous book in the series Claude at the Beach. While I enjoyed reading the book I do not think it broke new ground and did not leave me looking for more, but I am certainly glad that I met Claude and Sire Bobblysock! Oct 17, Vera Godley rated it really liked it. We're visiting Claude again. Claude is from the United Kingdom England or France or somewhere thereabout. Claude is a dog and lives with his people and Sir Bobbysock.

Claude and his friend and companion, Sir Bobbysock, like to gad about when his people are not present and this time the slopes have a covering of snow and that is where Claudel goes - The Slopes. As an early reader "chapter book," the Claude series brings delightfully simple line drawings, sparingly colored with bright red and blu We're visiting Claude again. As an early reader "chapter book," the Claude series brings delightfully simple line drawings, sparingly colored with bright red and blues and a storyline complete with innuendoes that the adults will relish that is both elementary and sophisticated.

Elementary children will identify with a visit to the library and reminder to use their"indoor voice. Discovery of snow and the fun it brings to life was a joy to Claude. Claude wears a magical beret and it provides lots of goodies and helpful items along the way.

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Smith has brought a delightful book for young readers. Parents and kiddies who build home libraries will want to get the entire series. I encourage school and public libraries to add these to their shelves for young readers to enjoy. I received a complimentary copy in exchange for my review Oct 12, Dorine White rated it really liked it. One day Claude opens his front door to see the world covered in white.

It's his first sight of snow. Together Claude and his friend find their way to a mountain where they learn all about sledding, snowballs and avalanches. My Thoughts- This is a seriously cute book that both child and adult will love. On the child's side, Claude is an adventurous dog who wears a magic beret. This nifty beret left me in fits, reminding me of Mary Poppins carpet bag. What fun for a child's imagination? The book is done in a black, white and red color scheme that works. The author's European roots shine through as Claude loves his tea and fashion.

Claude dazzles wherever he goes and learns all about the many things that can be done with snow. As an adult this book cracked me up. There are so many inside jokes that had me snorting. I really liked the fact the Sir Bobblysock had a bunion.

I could read this book over and over to my kids. What a fun book. Children will love reading the continued adventures of Claude, the beret wearing dog, and his sock companion Sir Bobblysocks. Children of all ages will enjoy exploring the snowy slopes with this pair of friends and will find the story fun and exciting. The author has created some entertaining and amusing characters, and a story that is packed full of laughs, not only for children, but also for those of us that are a little older, but remain big kids.

Sorry, I meant young at heart What a fun book. Sorry, I meant young at heart. This book contains great illustrations throughout, accompanying the text and providing additional enjoyment and allowing greater interaction with the book for younger children too. I would recommend this book as a great bedtime read for the kids.

I thought this book was just the right length for that purpose.

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I look forward to reading further adventures of Claude and Sir Bobblysocks. This review is based on a complimentary copy. He's no ordinary dog—he leads an extraordinary life! Each day when his owners leave for work, Claude decides what adventure he will have.

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What will happen today? Claude and his best friend, Sir Bobblysock, go to the Snowy Mountains to swish down the powdery slopes. When their winter wonderland threatens to avalanche, Claude must come to the rescue. Moon Shine Art Spot: Claude is a super witty, charming and outstanding dog. I have read a few of Claude's adventures and a Book description: I have read a few of Claude's adventures and absolutely love the hilarious illustrations as well as the whole concept.

Claude's best friend, a sock with his own wonderfully quirky personality adds so much fun to the stories. The adventures are fun and keep the reader engaged and the simple illustrations add so much whimsy and fun to the action. I am over the top in love with Claude and I am a grown up!! I have to add that Claude's hat is just precious and shows great individualism. Claude and his best friend Bobblysock discover snow and all the fun things that go along with it like snowball fights, sledding and building snowmen, but he must also use his wits and his trusty beret to save the day when an avalanche occurs and the only Mountain Rescue person is trapped under the snow.

Young readers will delight in Clau Claude and his best friend Bobblysock discover snow and all the fun things that go along with it like snowball fights, sledding and building snowmen, but he must also use his wits and his trusty beret to save the day when an avalanche occurs and the only Mountain Rescue person is trapped under the snow. I would recommend this book for any school or public library. It would be a fun book to read aloud to class or for a family reading night. Dec 01, Maryann Skaritka rated it really liked it. Claude the Dog and his ever faithful companion, Mr.

Bobblysock, who happens to be a real sock are off on a winter adventure in this whimsical chapter book for young readers. A red beret, which Claude proudly wears contains lots of surprises that will have readers laughing and smiling. The slopes bring quite a few surprises for the duo when they learn about sledding,skiing and snow ball fights.

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Bobblysock even wins a snowman building contest to the delight of Claude. One interesting character Claude the Dog and his ever faithful companion, Mr. One interesting character that they meet is Sidney Snood who is in charge of Mountain Rescue. Unfortunately Claude forgets the advice that Sidney gave him - to use his inside voice when skiing outside in the snow. The result is that Claude causes an avalanche that traps Sidney and Mr. Bobbleysock who are outside of the mountain cabin.

Claude is quite the dog and the story has quite an adventurous and happy ending! May 28, Mary Brown rated it really liked it. Smith was a very cute book. Claude and his best friend, Sir Bobbysock, are looking for adventure and Claude finds it on the snowy slopes.

Sir Bobbysock found his adventure entering a snowman building contest. Claude and Sir Bobbysock also learn about an avalanche the hard way.

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I liked that this book used words that children might not know, because this offers a teaching experience. I also liked the fact that the "inside voice" theme had an important part in the book. Who hasn't told their child to use an "inside voice". There were lessons to be learned. There was also humor and adventure found within the book.

My four year old granddaughter was giggling throughout the story. The illustrations were simple but adorable. I'm happy to see there are other Claude books to read. I'll have to get these for my granddaughter. If you're looking for a cute book to read to the children in your life, this is a great choice. Jun 17, Susan Kaplan rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Read aloud to children 4 - 7.

Claude on the Slopes is a charming children's tale. Claude is a dog who lives with Mr. Shinyshoes and his best friend, Sir Bobblysock who is a sock. Together, Claude and Sir Bobblysock go on many adventures, and this story of their adventures in meeting snow for the first time, learning that it is fun to play and, and, ultimately skiing which Claude enjoyed, even though he caused an avalanche; sadly, it was not Sir Bobblysock's cup of tea. The illustrations are charming, adorable, c Claude on the Slopes is a charming children's tale. The illustrations are charming, adorable, cute and clever.

I can see parents, grandparents and other "significant adults" reading this book aloud with great gusto to a child between the ages of four and seven, and know that everyone would have as good a time hearing about Claude and Sir Bobblysocks' adventures as the characters themselves. I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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Claude at the Circus Alex T Smith. Claude on the Slopes Alex T Smith. Review quote A humorous treat. I read this to both girls as I felt the beautiful, quirky, illustrations would keep my youngest girl 3 involved in the story. From the very first minute I mentioned Claude's best friend 'Sir Bobblysock' the girls laughed and continued to do so everytime I mentioned his name!

Especially when he pops on a pair of ear muffs that Claude produces from his Berret. My eldsest was amazed at just how much Claude managed to pull out of hid berret and was very amused when Daddy came home and asked him to pull something out from his green Berret! Needless to say it wasn't quite as impressive as anything Claude managed to pull from his The story is all about Claude's adventure to the slopes and the people he meets along the way. It reminded me a bit of Mr Ben, going on a new adventure every day through his magic door.

The girls especially liked the part where Claude made it to the top of a big mountain and called out to Mr Bobblysocks and caused an avalanche. A great ready although a slightly longer one for a before bed story. I would normally have split it but as it was so good I wanted to see what happened so ended up reading it all to the girls! We have three other Claude books and the kids have enjoyed all three of them.

We particularly liked the illustrations in this book and it has the usual humorous storyline. This is a lovely book with attractive illustrations thoughtfully done from Claude's eye level, which I think warms you to the main character, Claude. The story has a chatty narrative and I like the way some words are really really BIG to show how important they are, or how loud something is. Claude and his best friend go off on an exciting adventure whilst Mr and Mrs Shintshoes are out at work.

It's a humorous book set in a winter wonderland. I'll be looking out for more Claude books! We were very excited to receive Claude on the Slopes and included it in our Christmas Book Countdown - an alternative to chocolate calendars and an excuse for lots of snow, penguin and Santa related stories. It looks like a 'proper' book rather than a picture book so on first sight I wondered how long it would take to read! However it is nicely paced and reads through easily in one sitting. We hadn't met Claude before and he's quite a character, wearing a beret which is comparable to Mary Poppins' bag as so many things pop out from under it at very convenient times.

The star of the show for my son though was his companion Sir Bobblysock - he thought he was absolutely hilarious. The name and the drawing combined really made him laugh. Children are so used to full colour books that I wondered how just red and black illustrations would be received but there was no negative comment on this. The illustrations tell the story so well that my son tries to read out the story himself, based on the drawings alone.

We really enjoyed reading it together and my son found it very amusing. He also like learning the word avalanche and discovering the difference between our indoor and outdoor voices useful for me too in certain noisy situations! I think we'll read more in the series and expect they will be handy when my son has learnt to read as they look quite 'grown-up'.

This is a weird book because there is a sock which is alive and is the best friend of a dog who can talk. The pictures are really nicely printed, and it is a funny story.

I enjoyed it a lot.