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Like the tree I am at, it's not brilliant because it's on the ground right next to some buildings and buildings attract attention of other players.

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But I was well hidden enough in the ground and hiding behind the tree, so it gave me an advantage and I wanted to keep it. If you find a spot you like, and it hides and covers you well then stay at it for as long as possible. You might end up waiting for awhile and nobody may even come by, but if you spot is overlooking buildings or the such then it's great.

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If an enemy moves in, and is uncomfortably close to you and your spot; just wait them out, they'll rather end up leaving or you'll get the chance to take a shot. They will usually end up moving on out and therefore giving you a shot, patience is a virtue when sniping.

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When you get there stay as quiet as you possibly can, so that if anybody is running by they won't hear you moving into your new position and investigate. If they take a shot at you whilst you're in cover, it is best to stay IN cover but move a little so they can't just line up their scopes so when you stand back up they get a headshot. Thanks all for watching, and I hope I cleared up any confusion and I hope at least some of you have learned from the video!

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There is, but it is so minuscule that you barely have to adjust for it; so you don't really need to aim high in Blackout. If it's a really, really, long shot I'd aim just above the head or so to be sure though. I think I have been way overcompensating for bullet drop in this game. I know it's supposed to be there but I agree it isn't nearly as much as I thought.

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  4. Seeing your video helped reinforce that it isn't very much. Like the 4x scope has boxes. Aim with the m mark. I think I heard that the range finders in the scopes are adjusted for 5. And used the m marker in the scope.

    What you need to know about 'stand your ground' laws

    And that is actually a good amount of drop but m in game is quite a distance. Other than having a m shot with the ABR and 3x scope. How did you use your wing suit just then? Nice video, you should put it on youtube tbh. That said, I think "standing your ground" in this case would be better phrased as hiding behind a tree. Vernetta Foreverpimpinnevaslippin rated it it was amazing Sep 13, Marcia rated it really liked it Jul 28, Fatima King rated it really liked it Feb 11, Saba rated it it was amazing Oct 23, Aishah rated it it was amazing Jan 04, Stephanie Wiley rated it it was amazing Jul 13, Mandela Carter rated it it was amazing Oct 10, Tenisha rated it really liked it Jan 09, Me'Tova Hollingsworth rated it it was amazing Nov 15, Penney Gant rated it it was amazing Feb 04, Mizzladiiredd rated it it was amazing Dec 03, Laurell rated it really liked it Dec 31, Demetrica Boling rated it it was amazing Mar 30, Dominique rated it liked it Oct 05, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

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    Blackout: Stand Your Ground by David Weaver

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