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A goodnight without words, more…. Recently, I have been to MiVeg, a very interesting ethical festival centered on respect for life and consciousness. This time it took place into the beautiful Villa Arconati in Bollate, close to Milan, a lovely location despite the pouring rain. You can look around, taste, test and listen to all news from the veggy world.

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Also you can find excellent organic products, not tasted on animals, for your home, for kitchen, for your face and body care as vegan creams and cosmetics. And we know, all women love to try new scents, textures and colors.


We start trying a lipstick, and half an hour later more…. It has evolved over the years, cyclically reworked in shape and colour by the fashion designers: So, hands up who does not own a pair of blue jeans or a blouse denim into the closet. Just impossible to live without it! Talking about beauty and cosmetics unfortunately do not ever coincide with a respectful and ethical vision.

There is a dark side in the beauty industry that many people fail to recognize, and that involves cosmetics that were tested on animals, a real torture for them. Furthermore, an indiscriminate use of harmful substance in beauty cosmetics can cause serious damage to our skind and health. Ethical practies must be observed in the manufacture of the products that consumers use, especially now that there are already lots of ethical alternatives that present better and safer options for personal care, respecting people, animals, and the planet. Speaking of wich, some weeks ago I received a mail as unexpected as well-accepted from the editorial assistant of Alyaka.

Each year, the beverage industry gets rid of over more…. Each time Alessandra starts working, or better yet before she starts doing so, she takes a long look at the materials that has decided to sahpe. She observes their characteristics and begins to imagine what type of object they may become… a ring? Her own creativity will give the answer. The Olympics has just finished, giving us great emotions and satisfactions.

They are Fiona , Meagan , Venus e Serena , just like the marathon runner Fiona Oakes veggy at 6, vegan since she was 12, winner of the North Pole marathon , the Canadian figure skater Meagan Duhamel vegan since , won silver medal in the Winter Olympics in Sochi in more…. Some weeks ago, within my cruelty-free fashion column on Radioveg. In fact this fabric is made of skin extracted from the mushroom cap, by Grado Zero Experience in Italy.

It can be worked exactly as the animal skin but this is totally vegetable.

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It is completely non-toxic and therfore it can be used to make items in close contact with the skin. All we know that the ancient Romans believed in many gods. Novels, quotes, artistic representations, are often inspired by this element: Finally we can leave for the long-awaited summer vacation. Sea, sand, relax, endless nights on the beach… Sounds great!

I would sugget to you a different color for your summer, intead of the usual white: This shade is faboulous on any skin color type: So enjoy your holidays, Ethical friends!! The celebrations are held annually and aim at raising awareness upon topics such as: Today the conservation subject has become a big priority. The project is an attemp to provide water to everyone. You have the possibility to participate in different ways, more….

If you are regular readers of this blog, you surely know him: All his creations are simply perfect. The ethical and absolutely innovative materials used by Tiziano are perfectly blended with sustainable high fashion, creating an unbreakable bond between ethics and aesthetics that enphasizes the message of a good cohesion between human being and nature. Ehm, no… These shoes are not exactly made of carrots or cauliflowers… I believe the best way to explain it is showing you the movie they have made to promote their crowfounding campaign.

To learn more, you can visit directly the Kickstarter web page, where the project, items, colours, are perfectly described. And where you can also join it actively, donating or buying your pair of ethical shoes. Today I would like to tell you a story… not just a classic tale, but a modern fairytale that you surely do not know. From this journey, were born beautiful more…. Honing her skills on new technologies, design and more…. When we talk about hemp as a fabric or a garment, you definitely think about a confortable t-shirt to wear at home or to practise Yoga; or about those extremely soft and warm socks you like to wear in the evening, sitting on your sofa, watching tv; or you think about those canvas bags, really ductile, which you can carry folded in your handbag, in case you need it… Well, forget it.

Because I want to show you a new version of hemp, this incredibly versatile plant with many virtues, now finally introduced to the high fashion world. Actually I wonder why such a noble fiber, soft as silk, ter-resistant, warm, absorbent, with natural antifungal and antibacterial properties, is not adequately valued. So even the most important fashion designers have finnaly decided to make use of more…. Kartell has employed a revolutionary material to present a sustainable item of furniture with an industrial background that is both high quality and highly creative.

The raw material is organic in nature and comes from renewable plant-based sources that will not disrupt food production. After a series of processes to perfect its composition, this biomass becomes a very high-quality material that Kartell has injection moulded just like other plastics: The city of Milan hosts this event which is designed for international perfumery professionals.

There were several news and thematic workshops held by experts and perfumers. Our senses were bombed by essences coming from everywhere. I thought a rainy saturday was the right day to go visit the exhibition. I started wandering idly across the stands, whens uddenly I was captured by a corner full of bloomed roses. That made me stop andhave a look. I met Neela a woman who comes from Calcutta but lives in Paris. Four years ago she designed a small perfume line, which has evolved through the years.

Within the industrialised society we live in, we get contaminated by loads of refined food. In other words this means everything we introduce into our system, has an influence not only on our body but more….

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  6. Ancients were accustomed to make tools and any sort of objects out of wood. This means tradition, taste and obviously craftsmanship. Despite their Swiss technology, these watches are MAde in Italy products. The company was founded in by Marco Tommasoni, after coming back from a trip to Australia. In a short time period he achieved extremly positive acknowledgments. His brand has recently more…. Nature has always inspired human creativity; it influences with shades and combinations as wonderful as the best painting made by a great artist.

    A bright green, full of life, in all its nuances. The fabrics will be absolutely natural and they will go beyond the classic cotton or linen. Even used by famous designers as Ermanno Scervino for his last man collection, hemp will find a new life in fashion with a new stylish and trendy mood. Would you like to find out more information? Well, do not miss the next issue of Funny Vegan with our luxury cruelty-free fashion column! Today a little dream comes true: I studied at Politecnico University of Milan and I graduated in with a thesis about luxury.

    Fashion, shoes, luxury are themes that have haunted my days and sometimes also my… sleepless nights! A special thanks to our partners and to everyone who made this event possible: Thanks from my heart to all of you. Protagonists of our second Ethical Fashion Event, the luxury cruelty-free brands which partecipated as mains sponsors, embellishing the ethical fashion collections or simply exposing their new season items in the corner dedicated to them.

    A special thanks to them which made this dream real. Proud to have these amazing brands during this second fashion show, dedicated to the ethical woman. Photo by Dario Agrillo Photo. This is a concrete evidence that nowadays concepts as ethics, beauty, femininity and tastefulness can coexist in armony without mortify or impoverishing the womanhood. Very shortly we will present our second Ethical Fashion Event, as a conclusion of Milan Fashion Week, it will take place in a urban location willingly chosen to be in contrast with the three collections you will see on the catwalk.

    Three ethical fashion designers, inspired by the respect for Nature and life itself, will present us three different styles of nowadays women: The woman displayed is fierce and contemporary according to Ugo Masini ; romantic and emotional for Tiziano Guardini ; feminine and fairy-tailish for Francesco Romualdo Mr Ciaccia.

    The project has been made with forest conservation organization More Trees. The stackable kit of parts is made of Japanese cedar wood and has been described as the Japanese version of Lego. The pieces can be easily disassembled and restacked. Until a few weeks ago, I must admit it, I had no idea of who he was: Here and there I found amazing pictures of this guy with his long but neat beard: In between chapters there were training sections, organized by athletic preparation and colorful pictures of skilfully made delicious plates… No doubt a few minutes later I was standing in front of the counter with my new purchased item in hand!

    Fabrizio Bartoli , native of Tuscany has a passion for mountains and endurance sports since he was a boy, as an athlete he has taken on and distinguished himself in many disciplines: Later on, Fabrizio has approached Duathlon, right before giving himself in to Cross-Triathlon and Ironman But besides his several accomplishments, what makes this young athlete so special?

    In fact, Fabrizio after his daily 8-hour training, gets back home, takes a shower and instead of having a 2kg t-bone steak, replenishes himself with whole grain cereals, legumes, season fruit and vegetables. Fabrizio Bartoli is the perfect example of how sports, love for animals, wellness and vegan nutrition are able to coexist without causing issues. And so the calmness and the lack of belligerency with which he sends his message of respect towards animals.

    As Michele Lessona has written: The exhibition stands mostly as an invitation to all of us, absent-minded consumers of nowadays, to respect the most precious things surrounding us. Natural fibres are weaved just to create garments, such as clay, once is dehydrated and baked, is useful for containing food. Chromatic balances are what make a unique artwork out of each garment.

    Carved surfaces are shaped, thanks to different varieties of clay, into cavities and protuberances and turn a simple bowl into a garnished item. A clear message emerges from their privileged point of view, that is respecting the nature which surrounds us. Even though the cold weather is still bothering us, a hint of spring is in the air; the days slowly get longer, the sun shines more frequently in the clear sky and the air begins to smell like flowers. As if by magic, we were already flying to the next season, the Spring Summer For next spring season, they have chosen feeble but at the same time striking tones, a very chic pastel palette ispired by the colors of the summer skies: So off to the pastel tones and obviously to imagination.

    Who said fashion cannot be ethical, cruelty-free and environmentally friendly? Nowadays this is the first and only company in the world to have patented systems and materials for the industrial production process that fuses tha special characteristics of the paper to the processing technique. The outcome is a shoe that has all the typical aesthetic and funcional characteristics of leather, without replicating the environmental damage of its production. Besides, over the years the brand has joined forces with many other green e cruelty-free materials , creating strongly expressive twines: Hence the clear choice not to use animal products leather, feathers of fur which turn in favor of a totally environmantally sustainable material such as recycled paper.

    Be different, wear Cartina! Once again Italy confirms itself as a character of this ethical revolution. Stories which tell about a well-estabilished company that has decided to change its philosophy, producing in a more respectable way, still working with the same care but changing the choice of materials. The model is a slip on sneaker provided with a flexible sole and completely made out of elastic bands.

    Stretch, declines its definition and materials in different versions: Versatile footwear for men of all ages and times. Original vegetable origin materials are employed for a respectful approach which safeguards animals and the environment. Carmina Campus is an accessory fashion brand, which also creates furnishing accessories. She has done so, in the past few years, in a very personal way: Carmina Campus — which is located in her fascinating farm, just ouside Rome — was born as a creative and sustainable project of ethical fashion, in response to the current effects of economic, ecological and social crisis.

    These ideas meet the school of though of hand-made processes, artisanal excellence and propensity to the re-purpose culture. From pvc to ancient carpets, from truck tires to plastic pipes, from hardware store leftovers to offcuts, from alluminium cans to vintage fabric offcuts, old stocks or close-out sales. Humble remainders are salvaged, recycled and turned into unique objects, thanks to an original design and the manufacturing care borrowed by luxury productions.

    Moreover there are also some socially useful activities going on, such as this special project in Africa, made possible thanks to the collaboration with the International Trade Center ITC , joint agency of the World Trade Organization and the United Nations which promotes work, professional development and micro enterprises in African countries.

    Vibram was born in thanks to it founder Vitale Bramani grandfather of the current president Marco who had the brilliant intuition to employ vulcanized rubber technology in order to develop trekking soles, combining it to tractor technology. The innovation had an immediate success which gave the brand international exposure for its quality, performance and reliability.

    It is now more than twenty years since Vibram started working for sustainability with different venatures, starting from the Ecostep blend and also with the creation of many products which respect european regulations, including their materials and promotional gadgets. These are two different realities which share a common purpose: This is how they create a unique collection of bags, which past being comfortable and having a sophisticated design, is also the expression of a priceless value: These bags are created, produced and distributed by Carmina Campus and were born by the re-purpose of wasted Vibram rubber sheets into finished products.

    Models include shopping bags, larger and smaller shoulder bags, tote bags, handle bags with pocket cover and a backpack. Colorful shoelaces are trasformed into twines on each side and evident stiching on the edges. Also the typical spiked soles, made with metal moulds, are tuned into decorations for handles and pocket covers. Moreover, some bag models are created with Ecostep plates, an exclusive Vibram blend with a particular multicolored stippled effect, available in four tones: Vibram Ecostep was launched more than fifteen years ago and is made with production waste.

    Today it is also employed by Carmina Campus in order to produce cruelty-free bags. This may be the birth of a new way of conceiving fashion: Do you know anything better than a detox session after Christmas? Several lunches and dinners with relatives, parents and friend cold be really hard to sustain!! An ancient suburb recently restored and turned into a receptive structure whether to retire and to be regenerated.

    Despite it opened only few years ago it has already won important international prizes such as the World Luxury Spa Awards gotten in The offer is articulated in order to satisfy the most differents demands; An area properly devoted to aesthetics proposes besides massages, baths and treatments to the oxygen and peeling cure. A specialized team is able to intervene in more technicals circles with medical terapies based on Vitamin C or colon hydrotherapy.

    Point of strenght of this structure are the Healtheatarian programs: Specific solution to cure stress, overweight or obesity. I know Kukka design from many years and each new product reconfirm it as a great brand. Sustainable materials and cultural behaviors: The packaging is minimal but still very elegant and neat. It can be placed on a table, a shelve and even on the floor.

    The playful front metal ring comes in a selection of different colours. At Christmas colorful baskets of fruits decorate our tables: But here you have a rather interesting use which I discovered recently: Merr , rich in cellulose and lignin. This Christmas , eating the traditional slice of pineapple at the end of dinner , I will appreciate even more this wondeful fruit! James Yurichuk, founder of the new brand Mammoth Outwear, is working hard to change the current trend of Made in Canada parkas with fur-trim. Actually the Company has just launched a very successful kickstarter campaign and is donating the sale of each parka to support groups effort to Make Fur History.

    I promise to post really soon a moodboard with these wonderful cruelty-free jackets and a long interview of James Yurichuk, talking more about this amazing initiative. These completely cruelty-free handcrafted bags are so accurate in both their look and their functionality and are sought-after for the quality of their material and their manufacturing techniques. She is a fashion designer from Vercelli, who cares much about making ethical products which do not employ any animal origin material.

    These bags have original shapes and materials and are addressed to a feminine and demanding audience that wishes to combine an ethical choice with a high-quality made in Italy product. In Origine bags traditional italian materials such as wool, silk and leather have been replaced with polyurethane, polyester, viscose and cotton. Oh, what a pleasure it is to hear such words more and more often…! In order to make big whishes come true you must have a lot of initiative and a certain amount of courage, and Giulia told me what is her secret: Life has then made me change paths, so I had to put my dreams to the side as I enrolled in a radiology course.

    Pagina principale

    My instinctive passion for fashion has however continued to move around in my head, making me rethink my future once again. Many people change their life and start entrepreneurial activities, driven by failure or by the struggle of finding a stable job. So I decided to go all in and dedicate myself to an activity which mirrors me perfectly, and reflects all of my choices. I remember as, when I was a child, I used to go with my grandfather to pick my mom up from work. I loved to peek into open boxes, looking for a fresh printed copy with its unique smell… Those were the good old days!

    I guess I discovered Kartell during one of those days, as I was flipping through the pages of a magazine. What I saw in that picture was this beautiful lamp with a round shade and a tampered steel tube standing beside of two colorful plastic chairs which seemed to have come from the future! Thanks to this endless research the company has fused into plastic new and unespected features, such as satinized surfaces, enhanced softness. Kartell is already considered as a proper lifestyle icon and its certified production process avoids useless waste, embracing enviromental sustainability and recycling.

    Kartell has brought plastic into a new and unexpected setting: Many big brands such as Moschino o Normaluisa have signed several collaborations with Kartell, developing colorful collections of fun and easy to wear shoes and handbags. Fashion and design are perfectly marged together, inside of a both romantic and urban suggestion. The finished product is able to grant each and every wish of its vast and demanding audience.


    The wonderful and cozy Circolo dei Lettori had been the perfect location for four days of workshop, speeches, conferences and events devoted to fashion, design, artisan excellences and new social trends. Each edition is more interesting and full of initiatives. Hard and Heavy themes can be presented from an artistic point of you. In name of beauty and respect. Fall season is here… and rains too. Cities turn gray like our mood. What to do to warm up? Turning on a light and sip a hot cup of tea… Someone else got a brillant idea to make a change.

    A normal city street. And then something incredible happens! As soon as the rain touches the asphalt, something remarkable transformed the gray city in a triumph of life and colors. The project is called Project Monsoon: Images of multi-coloured whales, turtles and fish converted grey roads and alleyways to feature the cheerful underwater scenes and invite Seoul citizens to get off the streets under the rain. Who knows if it will happen in our cities, too? Even from the outside of the shop window, you could see the eye-catching streght of fabric patterns.

    Wax obviously catched the eye of bystanders, who are usually used to less vivid urban colors. We entered the shop and we were surrounded by sparkling colors: Colors were wisely matched in order to create incredible clothing lines and accessories but also amazing furniture. WaxMax was conceived in a small windowless atelier, by two creative women who started the project by combining design and handcraft with ethics and elegance. These ladies got in touch with many cultural influences, but they developed a specific passion for African Wax Print Cotton.

    WaxMax was though of in between Italy and Cape Verde, but meant to exceed all boundaries.

    A Walk to Remember Full Audiobook Nicholas Sparks

    You can see in these contemporary but timeless creations, the way that design and tradition have been matched with each other. WaxMax invests, grows and believes in its own wishes. These workshops unable people to create useful and significant items which are also ethically and economically sustainable. Milan has emellished with an intense and vivid touch of Africa, which boosts our heart and soul. Escudama , piedmontese brand born in , gave to schoolbags a second life.

    The bags are a little retro nostalgic, but they are totally trendy as well because of their cheerful color palette. The smaller version is suitable for younger children, very convenient to take to the kindergarten or day care. Every year Autumn season and its warm colors renew in me the desire to spend more time outdoors, even though the days are getting fresher and shorter. And what if we could enjoy the spectacle of nature protected in a transparent bubble, sheltered from the cold, insects and bad weather but fully inside the landscape?

    If what we could spend a night under the stars, comfortably stretched out in bed like being at home? Read in the middle of a snowstorm? Made of recyclable and anti-U crystalline material, it has a small entrance supported by a light frame creates a barrier between inside and outside. It has the size of a sphere with a diameter of about four meters and it is designed to create a new approach to temporary accommodation, at the beach, in the countryside, in a park, or in authorized zones, for leisure and eco-tourism luxury.

    The bubble-tend is based on minimum energy, minimum material, maximum comfort and perfect interaction with the environment. Both the packing structure and the power consumption are low enough to allow the least possible environmental impact. Inside it includes a moisture control system and the air recirculation, which, by creating a slight pressurization, avoids the condensation and the formation of mold and supports the structure.

    Design, innovation, simplicity and comfort. In Europe there are already more than forty hotels that give you the option to sleep in a Bubble Lodge. In Italy, unfortunately, there are none … But who knows if after reading my post, someone will go for this kind of responsable luxury tourism. We are still talking about EcoFashion, about winsome trends and young talents who are finding a niche in the world of Fahsion. I met this young designer during our Ethical Fashion Event and I was impressed by his creations. This project gets shaped through the years, undergoing changes and trasformations.

    Once again Fashion can go hand in hand with Recycling, garanting us with unexpected surprises. Toast the rice with salt and saffron dry, without added fat. Drizzle with broth and cook for 13 minutes adding broth as needed. Add the shallots cream during cooking. Season wit salt, remove risotto from heat when cooked, let stand 1 minute, then stir with extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice and… energy. Boil the leaves in salted water and cool. Boil g of dried chickpeas and rehydrated in plenty of lightly salted water.

    Pick them up, once cooked, place in blender and blen adding cooking water, salt and extra virgin olive oil. Combine the chickpeas smooth 50g tahini. Cut into pieces coarse deliberately making sure to make smaller cuts for vegetables harder to cook. Put all the vegetables in a pan over high heat with olive oil and cumin, and cook jumping vigorously, add salt sparingly. Make the ceram starting to mount the yolks and sugar, then add the mascarpone and raspberries lio and finally the whipped cream.

    Set aside to cool. For karkade, boil 1 minute the hibiscus flowers in water and let steep 10 minutes Sweeten to taste. Soak the sponge fingers in karkade already cold and put cookies layered with abundant cream, finsh the cake with raspberry lio crumbled. October 19, at 19 — Expo During a prestigious event like Expo, whose aim should be promoting good and healty food that nourishes the Planet and its inhabitans, we could not miss. Three traditional Italian recipes were presented during the show, revisited in a veggie way and with Qatari influences: In each event, Ethical-Code becomes a precious container that encloses important or growing realities, supporting them as a source of inspiration to ethical behavior that does not represent a waiver but an evolution.

    Once again we have shown that ethics and aesthetics can coexist, even in the kitchen. In February started a collaboration with Equoevento , a non profit association which recovers the excess food produced at events to redistribute it to charities. The activity also promotes respect for the environment, avoiding the disposal of hundreds of pounds of organic waste.

    This also means that in one year the hotel will be able to donate over 35, hot meals. The operation was carried out by Fausto Ciarcia , human resources manager of the Rome Cavalieri , who has found a strong willingness on the part of the hotel team. A surprising result, at a time in history when the global crisis has increased the economic hardship of many: Donate moments of beauty to those less fortunate in life is an example to be copied. He is Martin Vitaloni , Executive Chef of Rubacuori restaurant, which has cooked for us and our guests a great creative and tasty vegan buffet.

    To avoid any kind of controversy or dispute, I should point out that Martin is not a vegan chef but he is a multifaced and prepared professional, once vegetarian, able to satisfy a particular clientele as vegetarians and vegans; a skill not common among his colleagues… And we really like this!

    Making the dough for tagliatelle by mixing all the ingredients listed above. If the dough ever needs moisture, wet your hands with plain water. Make the tagliatelle and place in the refrigerator. For the sauce, boil the fennel thinly sliced in lightly salted water, once cooked put everything in the blender and blend emulsifing with raw olive oil and salt. Cook the tagliatelle and then dress them in a bowl with extra virgin olive oil, mint leaves hand broken, lemon juice and roasted hemp seeds. Place the fennel sauce in quantities to taste in a shallow dish, for exemple, and lay the noodles over the sauce.

    Would you wear a diving suit to go out for dinner? Would you choose neoprene for your wedding dress? Before aswering, just have a look at the new design trends that is bringing materials once used to sports specialist to fashion and design world. A Novel United States: Kirschmann Nutrition Almanac 4th ed United States: A novel United States: Washburn The Christmas Cookie Killer: Bhaktivedanta Coming Back United States: Eden Longing for Home: A Proper Romance United States: Steven F Havill Scavengers: Jon Sharpe The Trailsman Kiera Cass The one Italy: Ellie Rollins Zip United States: Barry Manilow Sweet Life: Lino Monchieri Il doppiomo astrale Italy: Jon Roberts American Desperado France: Vuoi consultare i libri di Wikibooks?

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