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Hold the Cheese Please! Danny is tired of feeling different because he is lactose intolerant. After being teased by a classmate at lunch, Danny reacts by eating ice cream and drinking milk during a class party even though he knows he will have tummy troubles.

With the help of the school nurse, Danny is able to teach others about lactose intolerance. The book contains an introduction to parents, a glossary, a list of non-dairy calcium rich foods and resources for more information. As Danny says, "When you learn to accept things in your life they seem less scary.

Story about a child who tells a new friend that she has Crohn's disease. Lesson is to have a "fighting attitude: Written to help children struggling with Crohn's find validation for their feelings and learn more about the disease; also can be used with siblings and friends. This book provides and illustrated and easy-to-read navigation through the digestive system. It gives an overview of nutrition, anatomy and roles of the different organs throughout the digestive tract.

This includes a glossary of terms for reference. Although this does not include disease information on IBD, it offers valuable information on related digestive knowledge. This updated edition is free guide for patients with short bowel syndrome SBS. SBS is a disorder that affects people who had large portions of their small intestine surgically removed. The information in the guide can help patients and families understand their gastrointestinal track GI and how to maximize what is left of theirs.

There are things that can be done with diet and medications that will help the GI track work more effectively. The guide provides helpful and valuable information. This reassuring, informative guide helps you to actively recognize symptons of Crohn's and Colitis and explains in plain English the procedures doctors use to diagnose the disease.

It outlines how the body is affected and the consequences you'll face if the disease goes untreated. With authority and compassion, it covers how you can control your disease through changes in your diet, and explores the treatment options available, filling you in on the risk and benefits of each. Fred Saibil, a renowned expert on IBD, explains complex medical conditions in plain English, with a straight-forward, easy-to understand style.

This new edition contains 7 added tables and drawings to guide you. This 3 rd edition contains the latest on topics such as: This book is packed with important information and is a helpful guide for anyone living with Crohn's disease. The format is well laid out, answering a wide range of questions from common to unique, and is filled with interesting visuals, diagrams and charts. For those seeking a well-presented broad view of the gut, Inside Tract may be just the book. Not specifically focused on IBD, this guide to digestive health covers complementary approaches to a number of digestive diseases.

It includes a questionnaire and evaluation point system for self-help to digestive health. This free guide is for patients with short bowel syndrome SBS.

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Robynne Chutkan, MD, But what does this groundbreaking resarch really mean for our everyday health? Synthesizing the latest findings, Dr. The resulting imbalance makes us vulnerable to a host of autoimmune and chronic health conditions. Chutkan explains, there are effective lifestyles and diet changes we can make to reverse this damage. Provides answers to common questions asked by patients, family members, and friends, based on scientific information and the authors' experiences treating IBD.

Also includes insights about living with IBD from the patient's perspective. Through the personal stories of patients, you will learn how to prepare for emergencies, flares, treatment failures, surgeries, and all the "what ifs". Kane's patients have taught her that one size doesn't fit all when it comes to IBD treatment.

She delivers straight talk that dispels myths on medication and nontraditional treatments, "healthy gut" diets and diets for flares, and cancer prevention. She'll help you understand what your doctor is telling you about testes and surgery so you can pinpoint your options. With straightforward honesty and laser precision we witness Lois struggle with a disease that systematically and relentlessly destroys her colon and rectum while she valiantly tries to maintain and adapt to her illness.

2. Keep your phone away from snoozing. (You snooze, you lose.)

Nineteen years later she faces the biggest decision of her life: Surely It can't Happen to Me? I'm a Doctor Dr. This book is about hope and my ongoing battle for survival through extreme circumstances that could have led to breaking point. Even medical specialists have been astounded and inspired by the quality of life I have managed to achieve, given what I have had to endure. I have relied on years of professional medical experience and more importantly, years of personal experience as a patient to come up with a strategy that has helped my recovery and helped me to improve my quality of life profoundly.

I want to share my journey and strategy that helped me get my life back on track. That he sees her as something more. It is designed to help the reader quickly identify ways to improve their own picture of optimal health.

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Gut Feelings Ahmed Mutalib, The heart-wrenching story of Dr. It is based on more than interviews with patients, parents, siblings and romantic partners.

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Gut Feelings is an autobiographical book that takes the reader by the hand along the winding path of inflammatory bowel disease. In all its ups and downs, its twists and turns, it presents an underlying promise of a better understanding of the disease, as well as a better understanding of themselves for readers, for whom it is a collection of useful advice in self-help and personal growth.

Battling Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

Crohn's & Colitis

Tough choices confront him at every turn, with experts sometimes recommending different course of action. What keeps his hopes alive is his dogged determination to uncover everything known about his condition through painstaking research and his willingness to try anything that might improve his quality of life. Questioning Protocol Randi Redmond Oster, Compassionate teacher and Avid sailor. Throughout her lifetime Annie had twenty-eight surgeries and the majority of her bowels removed, resulting in an ostomy.

She endured months at a time of no eating and no drinking, receiving all of her nutrition through an IV.

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For many, a diagnosis is accompanied by a loss of freedom, loss of sexuality, and loss of hope. Over the past two years, I have struggled through creating the routine of waking up at before 6 a. Here are six cues that aided me in becoming the one that gets the worm. We listen to different music based on our current mood or activity.

When people read or study, they tend to gravitate to classical music, or maybe you feel like relaxing and listen to some reggae or meditation music. So why not apply the same mentality to waking up? Most of us need some morning motivation, so why not use our favorite workout song to get the blood flowing.

In my experience, I have the same mental triggers with my workout song as I do with my alarm.

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