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The legal precedents permitting grant of asylum to individuals for imputed political opinions also hold a significant potential for trouble. As wars rage throughout the world, many of them of an internal nature such as those in Latin America in the s and s, it is a foregone conclusion that large segments of those societies will get caught in the middle, wanting little or nothing to do with either side, but victimized by both insurgents and government, each equally pitiless and brutal. That is the case in Syria right now. But are we prepared to accept whole swaths of foreign populations from each trouble spot on the globe as an antidote to our troubled consciences and our understandably increasing unwillingness to put boots on the ground and intervene?

Finally, and most troubling, even as the Board of Immigration Appeals BIA , the administrative appellate tribunal with jurisdiction over appeals from decisions of the immigration courts, has tried to hold the line on interpretations of protected classes from being extended to former gang members, it has been overruled by some of the federal circuit courts, most notably the Sixth, Seventh, and, most recently, Eighth and Fourth Circuit Courts of Appeal.

The man, Kenyan businessman Francis Gathungu, testified that he had unwittingly joined the group. This is difficult to credit given the infamy of Mungiki in Kenyan society and the flagrant openness with which it operates. Lending further doubt to Mr. It is important to note that the circuit courts do not hear testimony; their decisions are made from the written record. In this case, the Eighth Circuit overruled the findings of both the initial trier of fact, an immigration judge who was present when Gathungu testified and was well-poised to make credibility judgments, and the BIA, which had also denied his request for asylum at the administrative appellate level.

One can readily extrapolate from this finding that it is only a matter of time until the premise is applied to asylum as well. There is something decidedly wrong, almost perverse, about according the privilege of asylum, or even withholding of removal, to persons who have participated in criminal organizations, whether or not they have themselves been caught at, and convicted of, particularly serious offenses. These are individuals who have by their own admission supported organizations whose violence against others is horrific, well-documented, systematic, and widespread.

After all, support of such organizations cannot in any form be benign. We live in a world of asymmetrical threats, where dangerous organizations cannot neatly or accurately be pigeonholed into one category or another. In a recent article published in National Review , professors Robert Delahunty and John Yoo brought to light another deeply troubling case: Navy and brought to the United States to be tried for his crimes.

As the professors pointedly observe, Ali — now being physically in the United States — is entitled to apply for asylum. There is little doubt that, aided by his attorneys, he is doing so. But even assuming that his application fails, will USCIS adjudicators or immigration judges then grant him protection under removal-of-withholding or CAT provisions?

How a finely tuned system of checks and balances has been effectively dismantled

Such a result is beyond ironic. Why is our generous nation so determined to grant asylum and other protections to individuals who have actively supported the victimization of others through membership or participation in the terrorist organizations-cum-gangs-cum-rebel groups-cum-pirate bands they have belonged to? This is a kind of moral relativism difficult to comprehend, let alone justify.

The difficulties facing the asylum program are not only qualitative, but quantitative and the two are inextricably linked.

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As legal interpretations of protected classes and political opinions expand; and as adjudicators and immigration judges deny fewer and fewer cases, and as at least selected circuit courts exercise judicial activism to inappropriately expand the interpretations of protected classes, more and more individuals seek to avail themselves of the benefits of asylum, whether merited or not.

After all, what have they to lose? In the long run, this puts legitimate asylum seekers at risk. Instead, the bill contains provisions that obviate even the most fundamental checks and balances in a well-functioning system:. It seems obvious that the hole into which the asylum program has climbed, in no small measure because of the inapt, and sometimes inept, decisions of all three branches of government established by the Constitution will not be well served by going in the direction the Senate bill would drive it.

What should be done instead? First and foremost, the House of Representatives, in its deliberations over immigration reform measures, must reject all of the asylum-related provisions contained in the Gang of Eight bill. They are singularly out of touch with the realities of the problem-plagued asylum program. Congress must take steps to legislatively curb the propensity of courts to grant protections to aliens who are members of, have participated in, or have materially supported heinous criminal organizations or insurgencies — whether they are transnational or indigenous to a particular region — if those organizations systematically victimize others.

This can be done by amending current language that limits the persecutor bar only to those who persecute under the five designated grounds, or by adding supplementary language to establish victimization of others with the purpose of furthering unlawful objectives as a bar to asylum or refuge. DHS and, failing its action, Congress must immediately institute a mandatory program of routine audits of a percentage of both credible fear findings, and formal asylum grants — perhaps an across-the-board 10 percent of all cases — as a method of detecting fraud and ensuring appropriate findings of credibility, and approval of asylum cases.

For quality control and integrity reasons, the audit program should include both pre-decisional cases that are on the cusp of being issued and post-decisional cases as well. Attorneys, should issue instructions to each U. Congress should amend the INA to provide that refugees and asylees will only be entitled to apply for conditional residence after a year in status, and not eligible to apply for adjustment to full lawful permanent resident status until after three years.

This regimen is consistent with current law and procedures relating to aliens who derive benefits from marriage to a U. Although the three years of conditional residence does not eliminate fraud, it acts as a levee against an overwhelming volume of fraud while at the same time permitting government officials additional opportunities to further examine the bona fides of cases before immediately granting resident alien status. Each application for adjustment of status filed by an asylee or refugee should, prior to adjudication, include careful consideration of whether there are changed conditions that merit denial of adjustment and termination of asylee or refugee status.

This consideration also affords the government a chance to initiate a second look at whether the initial grant was appropriate or, as in the case of Jorge Sosa-Orantes, a Guatemalan war criminal, facts can be brought to light showing that the individual should be placed instead into removal proceedings. Congress should amend the INA to provide that return to the ostensible country of persecution, however briefly, by a refugee or asylee at any time prior to adjustment to full lawful permanent residence shall be deemed prima facie evidence that the individual is not entitled to such status, and require him to be placed into removal proceedings.

Finally, ICE must renew its commitment to effective use of detention of arriving asylum seekers, consistent with its statutory mandate. This permits the individual to lawfully remain in the United States for many months, sometimes years due to backlogs, and obtain an employment authorization document after a short hiatus of days during which work permits are barred while awaiting the interview. USCIS has developed a number of aids to assist asylees in this process.

How do I become a U. Davis , 99— and 00—38 , F. Citizenship and Immigration Services website, op. In that instance, the judge will only hear the claim relating to asylum; if it fails, the alien will be removed under expedited procedures that do not require an immigration court hearing.

Asylum in the United States

Cardoza-Fonseca , U. Department of Justice, Office of the U.

Lauderdale Sun Sentinel , March 30, Crocetti , former associate director, U. D substantive rules of general applicability adopted as authorized by law, and statements of general policy or interpretations of general applicability formulated and adopted by the agency.

The APA also requires federal agencies to promulgate such statements of general policy in the Federal Register sufficiently in advance to permit interested persons and groups to comment upon them, so that the agency may review the comments and take corrective actions based on the commentary prior to finalizing such policies.

After Gaspar obtained a restraining order, her boyfriend was deported to his home country of Guatemala. Several years later, Gaspar was also deported back home to Guatemala, where her ex-boyfriend found her and began again to beat her. Gaspar is trying to obtain a new visa called the U Visa, which is issued to non-citizen victims of serious crime. Weld County District Attorney Ken Buck quite reasonably questioned why an illegal alien, now back in their home country, should be rewarded for helping law enforcement and as a result obtaining law enforcement protection.

He was stunned to learn that two illegal aliens had used his Social Security Number to obtain the jobs. They open up bank accounts.

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The Social Contract reported on this and presented independent studies concluding that 20 million to 30 million illegal aliens are likely living un-apprehended in the United States. The consequences of the illegal alien crime wave are being borne by the citizens of the United States as the communal price to be paid for providing corporate interests with an unending supply of cheap, foreign labor.

What needs to be done? Enact laws in all states requiring use of the federal E-Verify program to ensure that those applying for jobs are lawfully present. In June, , as a result of the Defend Colorado Now initiative to deny public benefits to illegal aliens, HB was passed, which requires applicants for public benefits to affirm that they are lawfully present in the country. The bill therefore denies most non-emergency services to illegal aliens over the age of 18, but it does not include the all-important component of mandatory E-Verify use. King of the Dustin Inman Society, which requires use of the federal E-Verify program to prevent employers from hiring illegal alien labor to take jobs Americans will do.

Asylum in the United States | Center for Immigration Studies

Secure the border from unarmed - and armed - invasion. American Border Patrol has surveyed the entire U. This amount represents just 3. It is time to steer Colorado - and our country - in the direction of immigration sanity for the sake of our children…of all races. Howard Pankratz, " Gomez-Garcia gets the max: Dave Gibson, " Illegal alien arrested for molesting 3-year-old-girl in Colorado ," Examiner. Chamber of Commerce of the United States of America et al. Constitutional limitations on HSI operations can create legal obstacles, and knowing how to avoid later complications and challenges in court lessens the chance of judicial failure.

In order to enter private property, HSI agents must either be given permission to enter or serve a judicial warrant. The ICE handbook emphasizes the ease with which agents can satisfy constitutional requirements by following a few simple guidelines, such as requesting rather than demanding information from targets. Undocumented Mexican immigrants wait to be deported from the Immigration and Customs Enforcement center on April 28, , in Phoenix, Ariz. These are due process protections.