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Why are you so nervous? Is there any problem? And they began to check the documents and the routine work of the office. Jeff Douglas had worked with Peter for twelve years and they had become good friends. Besides work, they had something else in common; both of them fought in the Gulf War. Jeff belonged to the Marine Corps and he was in an M1 Abrams tank which participated in the Kuwait City liberation, and he retired with the rank of sergeant. Mary Rock had been married to Jeff for three years and they had a nine month old baby named Thomas, and they lived happily in the village.

That Friday, as the day progressed, tourists were arriving from the city, joining the villagers who had their jobs or businesses in the city, and commuted the fifty minutes that separated the two places. But that Friday was not inviting, due to the threatening gray clouds in the sky that forecasted a storm and discouraged regular visitors from taking the road to the village.

Late at night, it was evident that the storm was ready to burst at any time and the streets were half empty, and due to the storm forecast, business had a low influx of people and they had to wait for better conditions to encouraged people to go to the town. This time, friends agreed to meet at the house of Will and Anna Perrys, who had two children: They had a playroom in the first floor, with all the necessary equipment and toys to have fun.

Anna's mom, Susan, who lived with them, loved to play with her grandchildren, to watch them run and to look after them. Clouds were getting blacker over the skies of Lago Feliz. Friends started to gather: Charles Mercy and his wife, Dolores, with their children Dennis and Michael, five and seven years old, respectively; Josh Miller, the village priest with a PhD in Philosophy; Jeff, Mary and little Thomas, who felt asleep in his stroller, with his pacifier hanging from a red bow around his neck; then came Jennifer and George.

The kids ran up, followed by Susan, enjoying themselves. You can get hurt Is the meat ready? Peter was watching from his house the thick darkness of night and the black clouds announcing the gathering storm. Using a portable radio, Peter contacted his men on duty, to ensure they were in position and that everything was going without problems. He left his room and went downstairs to the kitchen. The game is about to start, and we are starving. I'll get the beers, I'm coming He went down to the basement to find a case of beer.

The light bulb burned out — he said to himself. Peter groped for the second switch in the basement, being careful not to bump into things that were there. Suddenly he noticed something shining in the dark. He moved forward toward it, and when he was close enough he noticed it was that strange shaped stone animal head he found in the desert, the one he had tried to erase from his mind.

Peter was terrified, and began to sweat. Those fierce eyes were watching him intently. It was an evil, wicked look, and its jaws opened even more, like trying to burst out laughing. Peter was paralyzed by fear. The memories of that night of horror, blood and fright, turned back to his mind. Peter tried to calm down and overcome the feeling, when suddenly the first thunder sounded, and started to rain. Unexpectedly the light came on. He grabbed the case of beer, two bottles of whiskey and went upstairs.

He crossed the garden and entered the house of his neighbor and friend. Did you see a ghost? You are pale — Will asked him. The thunder took me by surprise that was it — said Peter. Jennifer approached her husband with a kiss on the cheek and asked him. The evening was very lively. They enjoyed the baseball game that they'd been looking forward to.

Dinner was very animated. The children ran around the table and they wanted to go back to the playroom. Peter was still thinking about what took place that night.

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Although he had tried to forget what happened all those years ago, memories came to his mind, as ghosts bringing the memories when his comrades died. Sergeant Wilkins torn apart by a mortar shell; the wounded men, the executions of Iraqi soldiers, the crying child and entering to that infernal tomb, where he was a victim of unimaginable terror; events that he never experienced in his life.

He kept watching his friends, talking, drinking beer. The children were upstairs with Grandma. Peter was looking all this, but he was not listening. You have been distracted all night — said father Josh. No reason to worry — Peter agreed. The night progressed, it was early morning when the rain became a storm, and the lights in town started to flicker. Water flowed like a small river by Main Street.

Using the walkie—talkie, Jeff began to call: There is something causing interference and it won't let us communicate. Let me try again: We'll back in a couple of hours. Father Josh was telling about something that had happened. You can see the moment when she was wheeled away. Then she lost consciousness, and started bleeding from her nose and mouth, I think they shot her in the chest — said Charles. How about if we play something? He returned with a plastic bag, he opened it and pulled out a box placing it on the table.


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It was a rectangular tablet of yellow wood, and antique look. In the upper left corner it had the image of the sun with a smiling face and the word "YES" on it. On the opposite side, it was the moon on crescent with a star, and a face of woman looking to the first one, preceding the word "NO". Below, forming and arc, capital letters were arranged in two rows: At the bottom corners two figures of witches stood, watching up at the sun and the moon respectively. It was an Ouija board. Let's have some fun until Peter and Jeff return. What do you think, Josh? Father Josh watched them amused and curious.

He smiled nervously, wondering what his fellow priests would think if they saw him playing with the Ouija board invoking spirits, beings from beyond. But to tell the truth he was a little drunk and he wanted to continue the fun. If it's just a game — he thought. Nobody will get hurt Dt 18, 10, Jr 29, 8. Consulting horoscopes, astrology, palm reading, interpretation of omens and lots, the phenomena of clairvoyance, the use of 'mediums' conceal a desire for power over time, history and, finally, men, the well as a wish to conciliate hidden powers. They contradict the honor and respect, and loving fear that we have only to God.

These practices are even more reprehensible when accompanied by an intention to harm another, with or without the intervention of demons. Wearing charms is also reprehensible. Spiritualism often implies prediction or magical practices. That is why the Church warns the faithful to be saved from it. The uses of traditional medicines do not legitimate the invocation of evil powers or the exploitation of another's credulity. Peter and Jeff got to the Sheriff's Office, as the rain began to subside.

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The streets were deserted; the tourists for the weekend the few who dared to go into town in that weather were in the clubs and restaurants. No one ventured out to get wet yet. Jeff spoke to the officer on duty: Through the radio, the officers on duty began to report that, despite the rain, everything was quiet, except for the checkpoint number 2, which had not been reported since the storm started. Lightning 2 is not responding. Jack, keep us informed if you manage to communicate with them.

Peter and Jeff left again in the police vehicle, a rustic van with four—wheel drive with high and wide tires, great to navigate any terrain, they had no problem crossing the small streams that had formed by this strange storm that had not lasted long. The checkpoint Lightning 2 was 25 minutes from town, at the southern end of the lake, a place chosen by young people to dance, drink, and have fun outdoors. Most of the time they installed a platform there, for weekend events where they had rock bands or other kinds of music.

Also at night, it was a favorite place for young people to escape with their partners to make love. The more adventurous swam in the lake at night, when the weather was favorable. Police were always hanging around the area to prevent scandals or intoxicated persons involved in a fight. Otherwise, a night like this, the situation must be calm. It was difficult for some madman would think of going that far and the danger that the vehicle was damaged in the middle of the road to wait for someone to get help, or to be located by the police car rounding in the area.

I hope everything is fine. They continued to drive along the road parallel to the lake, and began to penetrate the pine—covered road in the middle of the night. The storm subsided and bound away to the city, the track was still wet, but the sky was clearing, revealing the light of the moon that looked great with a sky full of stars. Dolores and Ann began the distribution of candles while Josh and Charles arranged the chairs. Susan and Mary went to the playroom and found that the children were sleeping, Mary saw her little Thomas who was fast asleep with her pacifier in his mouth. There, carefully and quietly to not wake them up, they returned to the living room.

Jennifer came down to the basement to find the amulet and realized that the face of the beast now looked wild, his fierce gesture more terrible than before. She felt a little afraid to pick it up, but then she smiled, thinking that her thought was silly; that was the perfect object for the game they were about to start. Finally, there you are, Jenny. What did you bring us? Where did you get it? Will grabbed the makeshift "pointer" and placed it on the table. Everyone got silent, trying to concentrate. The candlelight lit up the room when suddenly they heard two very loud knocks on the floor.

All eyes were opened. Anna saw Jennifer get frightened, while Charles and Dolores raised their hands off from the pointer instinctively. Josh watched them without saying anything. Once again they heard the two beats, then Susan started laughing and they realized that it was she, who with her feet was knocking the floor to scare them. She couldn't contain her laughter.

The priest blushed with shame. Will said; remember that you must not lift your fingers until game is over, right? It is very important. How strange this is — commented Jeff. We should be getting to where the men are— said Peter. They continued along the road and the lake could not been seen anymore because the trees covered the road doing it a little more narrow. Abruptly from the bushes, a deer came running swiftly crossing the road.

The reflection of the lights from the patrol make her eyes bright red for a second; hardly the vehicle slammed on the brakes and it was stopped. The animal continued his race at full speed and crashed headfirst into a tree. Did you see that Jeff? What the hell happened to that deer? They got out of the car and headed to the place where the animal was. Although the moon was now clear, it was impossible to distinguish very well the conditions of the deer. They walked toward it which was about fifty feet and Jeff lit the lantern. One of the animal's antlers had broken when it hit the tree; the other was run through the cortex.

His legs shook in a spasm. The head, the side that lacked part of the antlers, was bleeding, glowing with the reflection of moonlight and part of the brain was emerging. Blood gushed from his nose and foam: His suffering was terrible. Peter drew his pistol from the holster and approached the deer which kept bleeding with his eyes wide open and the brain mass hanging over the side of the head. The roar grew louder, now was not the same feeling of suffering— they could feel it — it could be feel his anger, his rage.

The animal was trying desperately to get rid of the tree. The Sheriff pointed the gun to the head of the animal. The bellow was mixed with the shot that echoed through the night. The bullet pierced the deer's head sideways smashing what was left of his brain. But the animal did not fall. Still struggling to escape, his eyes were now more open and bloodshot, his look gave off hatred.

He threw light on the spot where the animal was shot. The bloody hole in and out gave the answer. He aimed the gun again at the head of the animal, to give the coup de grace, when suddenly a huge shadow flew over, just for a moment, but everything went dark for a couple of seconds. Did you see anything? What could have been that?

The deer was frantically trying to escape, and once again, pointing now to the base of the head, Peter fired. The animal stood still for a moment after receiving the second shot, but started moving again, still desperately trying to break free. Peter and Jeff stepped back surprised. They did not understand what was happening; all at once the deer managed to escape, leaving his horn stuck in the tree, then he turned to where both men were, giving them a blank stare, all covered in blood, took two steps and fell thunderstruck.

They looked confused and surprised at the same time.

There was the animal lying on the ground. Both men were stunned. Not only was everything quiet, the strange thing was they did not hear anything, nor the sound of crickets, or the movement of the leaves of the trees to be shaken by the wind, nothing. There was no noise at all. It was as if everything had been paralyzed.

As in a picture, everything was still and did not hear a single soul. Both of them were puzzled, surprised by this situation, when their radios sounded and startled them. We still have no contact with Lightning 2. The other Lightning has not reported in. The police returned to their vehicle in silence, meditating on the moment they had just experienced.

The moon was down to half the sky and looked red. It is strange they have been cut off.

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They continued to drive for a few minutes down the road, in the middle of pine trees and came to a straight path where it could be seen the lake again. In the distance we could see some bumps on the road at both sides of the highway. They moved closer with the vehicle and finally, they could see what it was.

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Several dead deer lying on the pavement, with their eyes and snout wide open and expressing terror, not less than thirty were arranged along the path that way. They got out of the vehicle and turned on the lights, with shotguns in one hand and covering their noses and mouths with the other. Approaching the body of the first animal, the stench of rotting flesh made them gag. Flies buzzed around the body, producing an infernal buzzing, and the animal's belly was open and everything inside was strewn on the ground; it seemed to have exploded.

All the bodies were infested by maggots and worms. There were no signs of struggle, no trace of any other animal. Also found no traces of vehicles or anything that indicated that the animals had been killed elsewhere and taken there; the bodies had been rotting for at least twenty four hours. Jeff, trying not to vomit, touched one of the animals. Shit, you're right, it's warm, let's see the others.

They approached the other carcasses and verified that all of them retained their body heat as if they were alive. For the level of decomposition they should be dead for at least few hours; plus the storm, the rain should have cooled them and because of this, the organs should be scattered, blood Peter looked at him and said: Let's look for the boys. It was impossible to continue in their vehicle; the bodies were blocking the road, so they had to continue on foot. The headlights of the truck's shining from behind as they went by road through the bodies of animals, both policemen cast their shadows over the trees and made them look like two giants, but as they came to the other side, their shadows became shorter.

At that time, they heard a shot, then another and another; they felt the unmistakable sound of bullets flying over their heads. They threw themselves to the ground, while the shooting continued, but no longer in the direction where the policemen were. Once again they heard the shots now follow by cries of despair. Shots continued and finally they saw Franklin running from behind the bushes, firing toward the trees. Who are you shooting at?

The policeman was pale, trembling from fright, wide—eyed, and though he had run out of bullets, he tried in vain to keep shooting. Peter and Jeff raised their rifles pointing toward the trees and came to Franklin. What it was attacking you? First they heard squealing like pigs, and then this sound was multiplied becoming people screaming and wailing. Then clear voices of men and women, pleading for help and mocking. It was the sound of a crowd of people. The screams were heartbreaking, hair—raising and was it coming from there, from the place where moments ago, the police had been firing.

The bushes began to move and then, out of nowhere, a herd of animals came, black, hairy, huge, full—bodied wild boar, tusks, and human faces with eyes of fire that caught them by surprise, jumping on them, snarling and laughing. Peter and Jeff shot their guns without success. The beasts threw them to the ground while the policemen tried to protect themselves by covering their heads with their arms. The animals began to bite them everywhere; the cries of pain were heard echoing through the forest while the beasts laughed and snarled. Finally the creatures ran to the lake and disappeared into the water.

Jeff and Peter got up from the ground shocked by what had happened, their heads were exploding with pain and they felt dizzy. Franklin was still on the ground, vomiting. Gradually they came to their senses and started running towards the vehicle which was far away with the lights on. They came to the place where the deer were dead. The three policemen were out of breath, they were still shocked by what had happened. What the fuck was that? They wanted to kill us! Regaining his breath and sitting up, Peter looked at his men and began to touch his body, realizing that he had no type of injury; only his clothes were dirty, filthy, having rolled in the vegetation.

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  5. He was covered with mud, animal hoof prints were all over his clothes, same like Jeff and Franklin, but they were not injured. What the hell was that? The policeman did not answer and kept looking back in terror. Peter grabbed him by the shoulders shaking vigorously. Answer me, snap out of it.

    Franklin looked at Peter, then to Jeff and started to babble. We, Michael and I were going to the lake, checking if anyone was swimming and to warn them of the storm. Peter realized that they had forgotten Michael. Where did you leave him? I do not know where he is. To go back there would be a suicide mission.

    Peter remained silent in thought. Wake up all the staff that is sleeping, leave only two positions covering the town and the entrance; send the rest here immediately. The stench and insects flutter around the carcasses of deer increased,. Everybody put their fingers touching the amulet that moved the pointer. When touched, they felt a kind of chill that was transmitted from the tip of their fingers to their heels.

    Suddenly, the pointer began to move slowly to make circles on the table, all fingers on top of these. It wasn't heading anywhere specific, just moving in circles. Josh thought someone was moving the pointer, so he decided to follow suit. This time, the pointer started to move a little faster. Dolores began to write. The fingers on the pointer were moving more quickly now. Josh was convinced that the response had been from Dolores; as she was still shaking his head and gesturing with her mouth — not me—.

    They all looked at each other, skeptical and nervous — Ann asked —: He is here with me Would you tell us later? Everyone will experience it. Everyone gets there, it is inevitable I have to go, goodbye. Fingers got frozen on the pointer; everybody looked at it suspicious, thinking about what "Rose" had told them, when there again it began to spin, moving by a strange power, supernatural. Josh's doubts were dissipated yet, thinking it was a joke played by Will for them to believe in the game, so Josh decided to play along.

    There was no response; the fingers were making erratic movements. Now the pointer began to move over the letters. Dolores went to take notes. Now the pointer was moving faster. Josh spoke now with a startled. At this point, everyone was scared. Ann and Susan tried to lift up their fingers from the board, but it was impossible, their fingers were as heavy as a ton of lead.

    Their fingers now moved quickly instead, making it difficult for Dolores to continue the writing. Did a lion eat you? An atmosphere of fear invaded the room; everyone felt apprehension about what "Michael" was saying. And you are next. He was nervous for sure. What danger are you talking about? How can we help you? Everyone was shocked; they look at each other terrified. The lights of the candles began to lose intensity and a chill wind entered the place where they were gathering, making their skin to get goose bumps; they were frightened to death.

    Their fingers moved frenzied across the board without any logical order, and they could not leave the table, making their wrists ache. Susan lost consciousness at the table, banging her forehead and getting a small wound which began trickle blood. Ann and Jennifer tried to help her, but could not take their fingers off the pointer. It started at the window, and then they realized it was coming from the injured woman. They all looked scared how Susan's face was rising slowly, with an atmosphere turning into terror.

    Her forehead and part of her face were bathed in blood. Her face sprouted knots under the skin, and seem to try to let them out without success. Her eyes, normally green, were now black and moved completely out of control.

    The Evil Visitor

    Her skin was so completely transparent that was possible to see her blood circulating through the veins. She opened her mouth and let out a yellow vapor, offensive, which let them see two fangs like a snake with yellow and brown teeth in an advanced state of decomposition. The voice began to laugh out loud, while everyone looked on shocked, full of dread, struggling to let go of the Ouija board without success, Dolores wet herself, scared, while Jennifer and Ann cried desperate, seized with a nervous breakdown. At that moment, the pointer stopped and left their hands forcefully projected, giving them the relief they craved.

    The table flew through the air and the charm was thrown out the window breaking the glass. Everyone fell over and the candlelight went out, leaving the room dark. Everything was silent, only the sobs of Ann and Jennifer were listening. In the midst of darkness, they listened to a hiss; it was the sound of something moving, like a snake crawling on different sides of the room, with a strange voice moaning at the same time. That thing was moving quickly, hissing and getting closer to the people in the room, while laughing hysterically.

    Charles, who was closer to the switch, got the light on, so they saw her. Susan was crawling on the ceiling with her arms perpendicular to torso and her legs moving together like a snake. Her black eyes were injected with the blood vessels on the verge of bursting; her body was covered in blood and from her mouth went a dark forked tongue in and out nonstop between its fangs. She began to spit at all of them as she moved through the ceiling down the walls and climb again. The figure was hellish. All those present were paralyzed by the horror they were witnessing, while Susan was on the ceiling laughing and shouted: Having said this, she collapsed on the table and her shadow stayed on the ceiling for an instant, while opening her jaws and looking at them with those bright, scary, evil eyes.

    Jennifer and Ann rushed to help her while Josh did not hide his amazement, he was petrified. Charles and Dolores approached with caution, looking at Susan who lay on her back over the table. Suddenly, they heard screams coming from the nursery. They ran upstairs to rescue the children, while Josh stood downstairs gazing at the dying woman on the table, badly wounded and covered in blood. He approached her, and still with the terror of what had happen he overcame and grabbed her hand. Her eyes were half open, with an absent gaze when she saw Josh, and tried to say something.

    Two streams of blood gushed from her mouth, attempting to talk. Using her last strength, Susan raised her hand and grabbed him by the arm, beginning to tremble. Josh put his ear to her mouth who said to him: Josh began to mourn, as blood dripped from mouth and nose of the dying woman, who cried with one last breath: What happened to Michael? Focus, Franklin — Peter spoke harshly to Franklin — while this one was still pale, but recovering a little from the race the three of them had made to escape from those "beasts".

    Everything was quiet, we had not seen anything when the storm began — told Franklin — the rain was so strong that we decided to stay parked and to come into the hut at the entrance of the dock. We got off, starting to smoke and play cards waiting for the storm to be over. Radios seemed to be dead — said the policeman. Then we looked through the window and saw how this kind of small clouds were forming, in white color and gleaming; and they were approaching to the cabin. One of them came in with an infernal whistle. We were very frightened; suddenly it exploded with a small noise.

    We found it odd that it had ended very soon, but we were still nervous about what we saw. These objects were very strange, they kept floating still and then exploded, — Franklin continued. These rays are natural phenomena that occur sometimes in storms like the one we had today. It takes the form of a bright floating object that, unlike the short common lightning discharge, this is persistent. It can move slowly or quickly, or remain almost stationary. It can make whistling sounds, crackle or no noise at all. Globular lightning discharges are extremely rare and the details from the witnesses can vary widely.

    Many of the observed properties of ball lightning reports are incompatible with each other, and it is very possible that several different phenomena are being incorrectly grouped under one name. Discharges tend to float or glide in the air and gave the appearance of spheroid. The shape can be spherical, ovoid, teardrop—shaped or a cane, with no dimension much larger than the others.

    The larger dimension measured between 0. Many have a reddish—yellow color. Sometimes the discharge appears to be attracted by an object, while occasionally it moves randomly. After several seconds the discharge will go away, be scattered, absorbed by something or, in rare cases, it vanishes with a bang. Information taken from Wikipedia. Are you kidding me, Peter? Here's something strange, very strange, we almost got killed.

    What the hell does the storm have to do with it? You saw those things with human faces, animal bodies, and the screams; something else is going on here. One thing is sure: He offered one to Peter, who did not accept it, and then to Franklin, who lit it up and swallowed a deep puff, trying to pluck up courage. Michael and I left the cabin, still frightened by those rays and we decided to return to the fork in the road to the lake, to continue our rounds. We got into the patrol car and set out.

    We moved a few yards along the shore and then it happened Remember that today is a Friday and many people come to have fun, especially those who want to get away and have fun with their partners — Peter said. I shone my flashlight to the place where the laughter came from and we saw two women, very pale, bathing naked, laughing, and jumping.

    We note that there was something between them; they held something in their hands. They were flinging it up to the air and then sank it into the water. They passed it between their legs, breasts and they laughed We got closer and could see what they were sinking, and then biting. Can you believe it? It was a baby Peter and Jeff got goose bumps. In the distance they could see the lights of the other police cars that came in support.

    The red and white lights were flashing in the distance. Both of them had red eyes, they fixed us with a stony gaze and dropped the child, who disappeared in the water.

    The Evil Visitor by Fernando E. Sobenes Buitrón

    Then they began to leave the lake and we drew our weapons. At that time they rose from the water and they pounce on us; Michael and I shot them but could not stop them. One of them knocked Michael down, while the other tried to grab me. I started to run and I heard the awful laugh again. I stopped and saw that Michael had gotten up and ran to the hut. Suddenly those "things" became that I kept shooting and running until you found me. The lights indicated that the patrols were very close.

    They would think we're crazy, drunk or drugged. Peter stayed thoughtful for a moment. Franklin, I want to know if you understand me. Then, Peter spoke to Jeff. When Fuller saw the dead deer and felt the stench of the carcasses, he began to gag and could not help vomiting.

    Three more vehicles arrived with six men, so there were nine men, and Jeff began to order. Take out all your shotguns and flashlights. We can buy time, especially if he is injured. How were they killed? Do not separate and stay alert. They went to the jetty illuminating the lake, but they found nothing. There was no sign of Michael, just a reflection of the moon on the water, moving gently with the breeze. They realized that there was no electricity supply in the jetty, surely because of the storm. Peter and David came to the door, anguish reflected in their faces.

    Mark Kowalski, one of the policemen, tried to lean in the window and turning on his flashlight he saw the legs of a person. The police uniform was unmistakable. Three policemen began to push hard on the door until it gave way. Jeff lit the kerosene lamp that was hung at the entrance, and came into the cabin. There he was, Michael Hudson sitting on the floor, his back against the wall.

    He was still holding his pistol with the right hand and the other lay inert hanging from his body. Kindle Cloud Reader Read instantly in your browser. Product details File Size: Self-published December 10, Publication Date: December 10, Sold by: Share your thoughts with other customers.

    Write a customer review. Showing of 3 reviews. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. It is a spiritual battle with evil, the lieutenant retires back home to get married and becomes a sheriff.

    One thing he forgotten is on that fateful day in Kuwait, when he let his men killed the injured enemies with no mercy as they plead for their lives he found an ugly amulet, putting in his pocket bringing it back to the states. Years later the friends opened the door to evil using the charm as a piece in a game and the attacks begin, stomach wrenching as they are targeted and the priests are trying to come to terms with their faith, They are the weak link and need to accept their faith or be destroyed.

    There are scenes like the demonic movie and the possession of being taken and committing horrific acts of criminal acts and not remembering what happen then to come to the realization of the brutality they committed. There are other scenes the reader should prepare themselves for. The plot deserves four stars but the editing needs work a Spanish translation into English.

    It is very graphic and should be read by 18 years and older. It has potential as it examines through fantasy the beliefs of religious beliefs, true or false. It has a purpose to open the human mind to the possibility of what if and now it the time to explore what you believe in.

    For if evil is real then this author is knowledgeable or has an very imaginative mind of understanding the powers of the unseen and in a very graphic style of writing an entertaining tale. Full with chills and suspense trying to warn or attract readers to this story or truths. I don't just choose books at random, this one was calling me because there are hidden messages in it just as the words in the Bible. Or it is a horror flick write in a book, either way I would recommend it for a break, make sure you have a full glass of water by your side to re-hydrate as you gasp at the twisted plot.

    One person found this helpful. As horror writers search for that "new" monster to grab readers, they dig deeper and deeper into the depths of their imaginations. Authors give us mutants, chemical monsters, sparkling vampires, and an odd assortment of other creature double features. Sobenes Buitron's The Evil Visitor dips into the oldest monster in the book. Satan, demonic babies, and the Iraq War fill this confusing tale. The first thing I noticed about this novel was the awkward formatting.

    Originally published in Venezuela, perhaps this is a lost in translation issue. The dialogue is stilted and breaks the flow of the narrative. It's extremely difficult to follow conversations and the dialogue actually hinders the story. There were many times when I had to re-read portions in order to keep track of the characters. It's the classic religious battle between good and evil. It opens with Biblical quotes and the characters look to a Christian God for safety, mercy, and strength throughout.

    There's Catholic imagery of saints, icons, and priests fighting the growing evil. The novel's climax hints at angels, heavenly beings, and an all-powerful God in the afterlife. From The Exorcist to Rosemary's Baby, this is all material we've seen before. In the search for the perfect monster, Satan is not it. The religion is too heavy-handed.