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Science Matters

It was a very helpful book that was easy to understand. Good college level text book. Achieving Scientific Literacy by Robert M. Hazen, James Trefil and James S. Trefil , Paperback, Reprint.

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Reviews "Easily one of the finest available single-volume introductions to science. Hazen and Trefil have a particular genius for picturing even formidably abstract ideas in concrete images. Science Matters is a rare exception-a science book for the general reader that is informative enough to be a popular textbook for introductory courses in high school and college, and yet well-written enough to appeal to general readers uncomfortable with scientific jargon and complicated mathematics.

Overview Details Excerpts Customer Reviews. Knowledge of the basic ideas and principles of science is fundamental to cultural literacy. Hazen , James S.

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HAZEN is the author of more than articles and 20 books on earth science, materials science, origins of life, history and music. His recent books include Genesis: An Integrated Approach with James Trefil.