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This book features the following character: Number of books Alphabetical. Level 2, Angelina Ballerina. Orlando the Marmalade Cat. Angelina Ballerina TV Puppets. On the Case with Holmes and Watson. The Cahill Witch Chronicles. Amazon Media EU S. Share your thoughts with other customers.

Write a customer review. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. These are ridiculously funny, silly books - for children but with plenty for adults to enjoy. I have been reading them to my 6-yr-old boy and 4-yr-old girl who both love them. The illustrations are fantastic. Little Princess Doody is naughty and this makes for some great stories. It is really several short stories rather than a long book with chapters. The stories are independent, but do follow in sequence. I have bought a stash to give as birthday presents as both of mine enjoy them so much.

Its 10 chapters are wonderfully imaginative. They challenge the child reader to respond creatively and with emotional intelligence to the problems and adventures faced by Little Princess Doody, the book's delightful heroine.

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Little Princess Doody is resourceful, rebellious, adventurous and kind-hearted. She has friends who include: Her father, the King, is essentially greedy and selfish and only interested in himself. Her mother, the Queen, is essentially loving and kind but wants her daughter to behave quietly and like a young lady.

The expectations of her parents, and the dangers faced by her friends, present Princess Doody with a variety of moral dilemmas. She resolves these in an enthralling and action-packed series of adventures. My two great nephews aged 9 and 6 were riveted when reading and listening to these stories. One person found this helpful 2 people found this helpful.

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All children's books should aspire to be like this one. There can be no doubt that this book will, in time, become a children's classic.

To my mind, it already is one. Each chapter contains its own little story but the book also develops funny little plots which develop as the book progresses.

The result is superb. My children adore this book and I secretly read it again and again myself! I have just ordered 5 more from Amazon having resolved to give it out as a special gift for children's parties much better than a plastic toy! I very much enjoyed reading this with my children. Little Princess Doody is a lovely book for younger readers or reading at bedtime. We enjoyed all of her adventures and liked meeting her friends. I even laughed out loud a couple of times when reading it, much to the amusement of the children. We particularly liked the dumpling eating contest between the King and the Zookeeper and the frog bubble race.

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  6. Lovely book with lots going on and nice touches of humour. It will be asked for again at bedtime which is our biggest recommendation. Little Princess Doody is the perfect antidote to simpering Disney-style princesses, and oh so funny. This is a princess who loves her jewellery collection but also gets up to mischief, gets covered in mud and has all sorts of adventures.

    My daughter absolutely loves her and can remember every detail of all the stories as can the rest of us, as we've all sneaked off and read them as well. The illustrations are great too, with Doody's coiled hair and beautiful expressions making a her a unique and instantly recognisable character.

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    One person found this helpful. Little Princess Doody is a great character and the stories incredibly funny and original. Unlike most insipid children's books, Little Princess Doody will really appeal to your kids as she is a slightly naughty heroine while also being good and kind.