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In , "Peers taking part in the Processions or Ceremonies in Westminster Abbey" were directed to wear the Robe of State over full-dress uniform Naval , Military , RAF or civil , if so entitled, or else over full velvet court dress or one of the alternative styles of Court Dress, as laid down in the Lord Chamberlain's regulations. Other peers in attendance were "expected to wear the same if possible"; but the wearing of evening dress , or a black suit with white bow tie, were also permitted as was the use of a Parliament Robe or a mantle of one of the Orders of Knighthood by those not taking part in the Processions or Ceremonies.

A peeress's coronation robe is described as a long trained crimson velvet mantle , edged all round with miniver pure and having a cape of miniver pure with rows of ermine indicating the rank of the wearer, as for peers. This Robe of State is directed to be worn with a sleeved crimson velvet kirtle , which is similarly edged with miniver and worn over a full-length white or cream court dress without a train.

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During the Coronation, peers and peeresses put on coronets. Like their robes, their coronets are differentiated according to rank: Peeresses' coronets are identical to those of peers, but smaller. In , those taking part in the Procession inside the Abbey who were not peers or peeresses were directed to wear full-dress , naval , military , air force or civil uniform, or one of the forms of court dress laid down in the Lord Chamberlain's Regulations for Dress at Court. These regulations, as well as providing guidance for members of the public, specify forms of dress for a wide variety of office-holders and public officials, clergy, the judiciary, members of the Royal Household, etc.


It also includes provision for Scottish dress to be worn. Officers in the Armed Forces and the Civil, Foreign, and Colonial Services who did not take part in the Procession wore uniform, and male civilians: Ladies attending in were instructed to wear "evening dresses or afternoon dresses, with a light veiling falling from the back of the head". Coats and hats were not permitted but tiaras could be worn.

Here are 50 little known facts about that remarkable day on 2 June 1953:

In an additional note made it clear that "Oriental dress may be worn by Ladies and Gentlemen for whom it is the usual Ceremonial Costume". In the evening, a fireworks display is held nearby, usually in Hyde Park.

Coronation of the British monarch

Historically, the coronation was immediately followed by a banquet held in Westminster Hall in the Palace of Westminster which is also the home to the Houses of Parliament. The King or Queen's Champion the office being held by the Dymoke family in connection with the Manor of Scrivelsby would ride into the hall on horseback, wearing a knight's armour, with the Lord High Constable riding to his right and the Earl Marshal riding to his left.

A herald would then make a proclamation of the readiness of the champion to fight anyone denying the monarch. After , the form for this was as follows: If any person, of what degree soever, high or low, shall deny or gainsay our Sovereign Lord The King's Champion would then throw down the gauntlet; the ceremony would be repeated at the centre of the hall and at the High Table where the sovereign would be seated.

The sovereign would then drink to the champion from a gold cup, which he would then present to the latter. To celebrate the coronation, a coronation honours list is also released before the coronation. Queen Victoria assumed the title Empress of India in The queen did not attend personally, but she was represented there by the Viceroy , Lord Lytton. Tradition prohibited the removal of the Crown Jewels from the United Kingdom; therefore, a separate crown, known as the Imperial Crown of India , was created for him.

The Emperor was enthroned, and the Indian princes paid homage to him. Thereafter, certain political decisions, such as the decision to move the capital from Calcutta to Delhi, were announced at the durbar. Aside from kings and queens, the only individuals authorised to wear crowns as opposed to coronets are the Kings of Arms , the United Kingdom's senior heraldic officials.

Christmas at the Palace of Holyroodhouse

George and the Order of the British Empire. These have only a ceremonial role, but are authorised by the statutes of their orders to wear the same crown as Garter at a coronation.

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Prior to that he wore a replica of the Crown of Scotland. In a new replica of this crown was created for use by the Lord Lyon.

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Coronation Fund Managers

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About the College of Arms. Archived from the original on 29 July Can Sally protect a downbeat Abi from prison dealer Marcia's offer of drugs? Do you really want to jeopardise your release? Share Tweet Pin Plus. I don't know why we've got to sneak in. When I walked in this morning he couldn't care less. Catch up on your favourite shows.

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Most of The Queen's correspondence comes from the UK: The oldest ever recipient of a message from The Queen was a Canadian gentleman, who reached the age of in December The Queen meets thousands of people each year in the UK and overseas. Many people ask how they should greet Her Majesty. The simple answer is that there are no obligatory codes of behaviour - just courtesy. However, many people wish to observe the traditional forms of greeting. For men this is a neck bow from the head only whilst women do a small curtsy.

Other people prefer simply to shake hands in the usual way. Over the many hundreds of years of our shared history, there are few nations who are able to claim a closer bond. Skip to main content. Show me related content. The service is conducted by the Archbishop of Canterbury, whose task this has almost always been since the Norman Conquest in The coronation ceremony The coronation of the new Sovereign follows some months after his or her accession, following a period of mourning and as a result of the enormous amount of preparation required to organise the ceremony.

Feature Feature 50 facts about The Queen's Coronation. Feature Feature The Queen and Honours. Feature Feature The Queen and Law The Sovereign today still retains an important symbolic role as the figure in whose name justiceā€¦. Feature Feature The Queen, the Church and other faiths.