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Althea is, to quote the poets known as Savage Garden, truly, madly, deeply head-over-heels for Oliver. So how do they reconcile that? Althea and Oliver go to punk shows in basements, talk on rooftops, hang out with vegan activists, dress up as JFK and Jackie O, and at one point, sort of flood a bathroom. It reminds me of how important Perks of Being a Wallflower was when I was 16, how it showed me that you could break out of your shell and have new experiences, even if they seemed scary.

You could meet new friends, even if they seem intimidating.

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Your next YA read: 'Althea and Oliver' by Cristina Moracho

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    Your next YA read: 'Althea and Oliver' by Cristina Moracho - HelloGiggles

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