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Very nice display pail. It will clean up better than shown. Royalite gas oil pail Call or text Check my other ads for more metal and porcelain signs. Antique Esso Grease Pail. Basically back in those days they had milk inspectors. This one milk inspector named Hood, arrested a milk peddler for selling impure milk.

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This milk peddler was annoyed with Mr. Hood and to get back his revenge, he told him of Albert Thornburg selling bad milk from a sick cow. Albert took him to the place where the cow was at and there was a male milk maid sitting there with a pail apparently milking the cow. When Hood inspected the pail, the milk looked bloody and smelled like turpentine.

The milkmaid and her pail

Indeed it was turpentine. The cow was made of paper mache and was to be used as a sign. Apparently at about this same time, Mrs. Thornburg had her own troubles.

The Los Angeles Times reported in June of Anyway, back to the desert. Albert keeps his 80 acre tract and on March 8th receives the deed. When asked who owns the land Albert shows him the deed. Obviously this was a good deal for both men and the deal was struck. The rest is history for The Coachella Valley Preserve. But not for Alkali Al.

Bucket lid / plastic / stainless steel - ,, - Albert Kerbl GmbH

James Thornburg is buried. Albert was born in , making him only His death was Saturday Sept. He leaves a widow, Paulina Thornburg. The writer gives a short summation. Alkali Al Thornburg is. The man who for nearly a half century toured the west with his.

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