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Prominent on the witness list for the defense is the memory researcher whom Psychology Today magazine once dubbed "the diva of disclosure. She is better known, however, as a best-selling author and a busy expert witness called by defendants in sexual abuse cases to discredit the legitimacy of claims of "repressed" or "recovered" memories. The problem in the courtroom as well as the laboratory is how loaded those words have become politically, the scientifically neutral question they raise about the function of memory hijacked by the well meaning and the self-serving alike.

The phenomenon of recalling previously unremembered incidents of abuse is itself put on trial, the defendant and accuser reduced to onlookers. The congregation dates to at least , when the parish priest in Reedsport made monthly trips to Florence to celebrate Mass in people's homes. Since then, the church has been housed in an American Legion hall, the upstairs of Cooper's Mercantile Store and a byfoot donated building that had to be trucked to a previous site in There's just one problem: The parish might not actually exist -- at least legally.

If that's the case, St. As a result, the building expansion, which had already gone out to bid, is on indefinite, and perhaps permanent, hold. Mary's, other parishes, 24 missions and 44 Roman Catholic schools in Western Oregon -- as well as the archdiocese itself -- are scrambling to prove that parishioners never intended for their money to be used for any purpose other than to build and operate their parishes and schools.

And even when he outlines the full dimensions of his predicament, he still keeps it pretty plain. Father John has the priest part of this down pat. And as for the marriage part, well, he'll take that plunge very soon. At the age of 65, John will marry in May. The Roman Catholic Church, of course, is less thrilled. This month, the bishop of the Dallas Diocese officially branded him a renegade. John doesn't want the marriage debate to get sidetracked into the controversy over pedophile priests. But in that regard, he simply said, "I think a married priesthood would be a healthier priesthood.

It's not proper, and it's a sadness for the church. Things weren't going well for the onetime soundman for ZZ Top and Alabama. After his engagement broke off, he was driving and "yelling at God to give me something here. I said, 'If you want me to be a priest, you're going to have to let me know. He was passing a church with a lighted cross "and as soon as I looked up, that thing clicked on," he recalled. Becoming a Priest in Today's Catholic Church. Airing Tuesday, the show follows several men who were at Cincinnati's Mount St. Mary's Seminary of the West in , at the height of the Catholic Church's sexual abuse scandal.

The documentary notes that the year after filming wrapped, the archdiocese of Cincinnati pleaded no contest to failing to report sex crimes by priests against minors. Reinhart, Tribune Columnist The young man with the crew cut sat quietly in the front row of the Mesa courtroom. He stared straight ahead as people stood before the judge and called him a liar and an extortionist.

He met the eyes of the Rev. Three years of hell," LeClaire said at his sentencing Friday. He watched as deputies handcuffed LeClaire and led him away. A travesty of justice, they said. A brilliant career in ruins. A flock adrift without their spiritual adviser. Their beloved priest set up as a fall guy for the true sex offenders in the Roman Catholic Church. Timothy Catholic Community on Friday called the latest accusations of sexual misconduct with a child "an absurd collection of stories.

Cesolini, now 33, of Gilbert, centers on a assault allegation and also names youth minister Phil Baniewicz of Mesa, who cofounded Life Teen. By Gary Grado, Tribune A judge threw a Mesa priest into jail for a year Friday, leaving his friends and parishioners from Queen of Peace Catholic Church shaking their heads and suggesting he was the true victim. Karl LeClaire to serve three years probation and register as a sex offender as punishment for pleading guilty to committing a sexually motivated aggravated assault against a teenage parishioner in LeClaire admitted to giving the teenager, now a year-old Navy recruit, a sensual massage.

One year was the longest Stephens could sentence LeClaire under an Oct. He resigned in after the Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix got word of the allegations. Gilpin denied doing anything wrong, was never charged with a crime and kept his job at Haile Middle School in East Manatee. But on Friday, Gilpin resigned, two days after the school district learned of allegations he raped two boys in the late s while studying to be a priest in the Northeast.

In his resignation, Gilpin, 60, said he was sorry for "the notoriety that this situation has brought upon you, my colleagues and the school board. Gilpin had been suspended since Wednesday, when an advocacy group informed the district of the s abuse allegations. He had worked in Manatee schools since Gilpin did not return calls seeking comment, but has denied the molestation allegations in the past. Manatee school officials said Thursday they did not know about the allegations against Gilpin until the group told them. PEORIA - A lawyer for a priest suing the Catholic Diocese of Peoria for defamation suggested at a Friday hearing that the diocese is using delay tactics to deny the priest his "day in court.

Edward Bush stepped down from public ministry in after the diocese accused him of sexual misconduct involving two minors. Bush's attorney Carla Labunski on Friday argued in Peoria County Circuit Court that the diocese should be sanctioned for not meeting several deadlines for providing information.

A Toledo priest accused in the slaying of a nun nearly 25 years ago has a new judge and a new trial date. Gerald Robinson to Oct. It was set to begin Feb. Father Robinson, 66, who did not appear with his attorneys at the hearing, is charged with aggravated murder in the stabbing and strangulation death of Sister Margaret Ann Pahl in the sacristy of a chapel in the former Mercy Hospital. Judge Patrick Foley was assigned to handle the case when the semiretired Roman Catholic priest was indicted in April. As Judge Foley's successor, Judge Cook normally would have inherited the case.

But because he was on the prosecution team that investigated the murder, it was assigned to Judge Osowik. The hearing was delayed about 20 minutes while the priest's attorneys, Jack Callahan, John Thebes, and Alan Konop, and assistant prosecutors J. A Hindu priest in Britain has been convicted of raping a devotee of Tamil origin at a temple here. Ramanathan Somanathan, 41, a priest at a temple in Thornton Heath near Croydon, south London, told his victim that she had been his wife in a previous life, and that god had reunited them.

He raped the year-old Tamil woman on two separate occasions, once in and again in , after which she became pregnant and had an abortion, the Croydon Crown was told. The police praised the victim for the "tremendous courage" it took her to come forward and seek justice. They ran the risk of being isolated by their own community," said detective Rob Buckell of the Croydon police. A former Protestant bishop was sentenced Friday to at least days in prison for committing sodomy with a teenage boy who belonged to his congregation in St. Shannon, 61, told a crowded courtroom.

He was arrested one year earlier after the boy, now 18, alleged that Shannon abused him beginning in December Louis area and was bishop in Missouri, Illinois and Wisconsin for the Cincinnati-based denomination, which was founded by a former slave in His churches were in Cool Valley and at South Kingshighway. Gillespie resigned yesterday as pastor of St. John the Evangelist Church in Swampscott after he was accused of asking a year-old girl and her mother to perform a sex act at an Italian restaurant in Chelsea Tuesday night. Gillespie did not return a call placed to the parish yesterday.

The Globe reported yesterday that the Suffolk district attorney was seeking the year-old priest in connection with the allegation that he propositioned a girl and her mother. The archdiocese said it learned of the matter Thursday night. I would like to give him the benefit of the doubt, but this is a very serious situation. Gillespie took over as pastor July 1, replacing the Rev.

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Thomas Sheehy, who retired. Gillespie was formally installed the Sunday after Thanksgiving in a Mass that drew hundreds of parishioners. Supporters of a priest gasped Friday as a Maricopa County Superior Court judge sentenced Father Karl LeClaire to a year in jail for sexually abusing a former parishioner. Judge Sherry Stephens imposed the maximum sentence possible under LeClaire's plea agreement over the objections of supporters jamming a Mesa courtroom and pleading for leniency.

LeClaire must serve the entire sentence without opportunity for early release. Anthony Chacon, 24, said he was disappointed in the sentence, which also requires LeClaire, 48, to register as a sex offender. John The Evangelist Church resigned on Friday after being accused earlier in the week of asking a year-old girl and her mother to perform a sex act for money.

Jerome Gillespie, 55, who was formerly the pastor of Sacred Heart Church in Lynn, is accused of propositioning the girl and her mother Tuesday evening at Floramos Lounge, an Italian restaurant in Chelsea. David Procopio, a spokesman for the Suffolk District Attorney's Office, said Gillespie would be summoned to Chelsea District Court to answer charges of child enticement, soliciting sex for a fee and annoying and accosting a person of the opposite sex. The Archdiocese of Boston, in a statement released late Friday afternoon, said, "In light of the criminal investigation launched earlier this week, Father Gillespie has resigned as pastor of St.

John The Evangelist Church. Gillespie offered his resignation to Archbishop Sean P. O'Malley, who earlier today granted his request. Gillespie's resignation was accepted in the interest of all parties involved and does not represent any indication of Fr. Gillespie's guilt or innocence as it pertains to this allegation. James Johnson, a Waterbury pastor who denies he sexually assaulted a 4-year-old Torrington girl, pleaded not guilty to criminal charges in Litchfield Superior Court on Friday.

Johnson, a minister for 25 years, stood before Judge Charles D. Gill on Friday to answer charges of first-degree sexual assault and allegedly having illicit sexual contact with a minor under 16 years of age in May. The case was continued until Feb. Behind him every seat of the gallery was filled with family members, friends, and members of his church, The Community Tabernacle Out-reach Center, Waterbury, which serves members. Defense attorney Leonard Crone said, "My client has consistently denied these allegations.

The case has been continued three weeks and during that time we will do some discovery and investigation of our own to prepare a defense in this case. Garcia was arrested and booked into jail Dec. At his arraignment Dec. He was then released from jail on his own recognizance with orders not to try to contact his victim or be alone with anyone under the age of 18 without another adult present. It's not the victim's fault. I want her to understand it's not her fault," a tearful Garcia, in handcuffs and chains and clad in a white jail suit, told the judge. Torrington police launched an investigation against the Rev.

James Johnson, 48, formerly of 91 Spring Brook Road, Waterbury, after the girl's mother -- Johnson's girlfriend -- took her to the emergency room at Charlotte Hungerford Hospital in Torrington. The child complained of vaginal pain and burning with urination, according to the warrant for Johnson's arrest, which was unsealed Friday in Litchfield Superior Court. The woman alleged Johnson had sex with the girl May 14, while babysitting.

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Johnson, 48, who is known as Willie, was arrested two weeks ago on first-degree sexual assault charges and risk of injury to a minor with sexual contact. His attorney, Leonard Crone of Waterbury, was granted a three-week continuance to review the case. Crone declined to comment about specific allegations. Friday, he was still in the jail.

The most recent charge alleges he engaged in unlawful sexual conduct with a now year-old girl over a two-year period, Assistant Licking County Prosecutor Melinda Seeds said. Seeds added that her office is continuing to interview people and investigate the case, although she said they have not yet identified any further possible victims. Jenky announced this week. The United States Conference of Bishops requires dioceses nationwide to partake in audits for the charter, and the audits were conducted by The Gavin Group, an independent audit firm based in Massachusetts, Jenky said in a news release Tuesday.

The Peoria diocese, in December, participated in "an extensive examination of all procedures and policies," conducted by two retired FBI agents hired by The Gavin Group, Jenky said. Results of the audit were reported on Jan. The auditors' report commended the diocese for the level of detail and documentation provided to them for review, Jenky said. Her office was responsible for compiling the bulk of information to the auditors for review. The diocese is required to mandate that all employees and volunteers who come in contact with minors participate in the safe-environment program, as well as undergo fingerprinting and child-abuse background checks by the state's Department of Children and Family Services.

The president and co-founder of Life Teen youth ministry was placed on administrative leave by the organization's board of directors on Friday, a day after a lawsuit alleged that he and two others engaged in sexual misconduct with a teenager in Phil Baniewicz, who has spent most of his adult career in the ministry to Catholic youth, was "devastated" by the news, said Mary Jo West, public information officer for the Diocese of Phoenix.

Baniewicz was accused in the lawsuit of abusing William Cesolini, a minor at the time, on more than one occasion. Mark Lehman, who already has served a year prison term for abuse; and Monsignor Dale Fushek, pastor of St. Timothy parish in Mesa, who is accused of watching as Lehman abused Cesolini. The diocese has asked the Vatican to defrock Lehman. Fushek was suspended Dec.

A Florida school district suspended an assistant principal this week after being told that he is accused of sexually abusing a student at a Catholic school in Biddeford more than 35 years ago. The Manatee County School District placed Joseph Gilpin, assistant principal of Haile Middle School, on paid administrative leave Wednesday afternoon, minutes after the superintendent got a call about the allegation from the leader of a group that supports victims of abuse by the clergy.

The school district plans to investigate the report before deciding whether permanent action is warranted, said Margi Nanney, the district's spokeswoman. Gilpin could not be reached Friday. Mary's School came forward with the allegation in September The diocese forwarded the information to law enforcement agencies, although the statute of limitations to bring criminal charges had already expired.

After checking into the report, the diocese has offered to pay a settlement to the victim, said spokeswoman Sue Bernard. Bernard did not disclose details of the complaint, which has not been settled. No other allegations have been made in Maine against Gilpin, she said. Gilpin was a teacher at St. Mary's, which is now closed, from October to June , Bernard said. The diocese then sponsored him to go to the Roman Catholic seminary in Ottawa. He was dismissed from the seminary after a year, she said, for reasons unrelated to any abuse allegations.

Shanley of sexually abusing him as a child came back to court yesterday to complete his testimony, submitting to the final hour of what was a grueling cross-examination. The strongest emotions yesterday came from a different witness: Jean Parish in Newton. She clutched a tissue and, in a near whisper, said, ''I'm so sorry. Superior Court Judge Stephen E. Neel asked her to stop and sent the jury from the room, the second day in a row the judge halted proceedings so a witness could regain composure.

When court resumed, she continued her testimony, still sobbing softly. A day after he begged a judge not to make him return to court, the man accusing defrocked priest Paul Shanley of raping him as a child finished testifying yesterday, but defense lawyers are preparing to challenge his claim that he recovered memories of the alleged abuse nearly 20 years after he says it occurred. The alleged victim, a year-old firefighter and former military police officer, claims Shanley repeatedly molested him between the ages of 6 and 12 while he was a Sunday school student at St. Jean's parish in Newton, but says he buried any memory of the abuse until he began having flashbacks in The Herald is not naming the man because he is an alleged sexual assault victim.

His wife testified yesterday about his behavior after recovering memories of the alleged abuse. He was very agitated and restless. He had soaked the sheets with sweat,'' she said, her voice breaking as Shanley, 74, sat impassively, his hand to his chin. I tried to hold him, but he wouldn't let me. Haile Middle School Assistant Principal Joseph Gilpin resigned Friday, just two days after allegations resurfaced that he molested two young boys while he was a Catholic seminarian more than 30 years ago.

Dearing accepted the resignation, but indicated the district still plans to learn more about Gilpin's past. In reviewing school district and law enforcement records in Manatee, The Herald found at least three instances where Gilpin had been accused of inappropriate contact with students during a career that spanned more than 30 years. The woman took the witness stand shortly after her husband finished more than 10 hours of testimony over three days, much of it under grueling and graphic cross-examination by Shanley's attorney.

The man returned to the stand Friday morning despite begging the judge a day earlier to spare him further questioning. That had raised the possibility the case would collapse, since he is the lone accuser in the case against the year-old former priest, one of the central figures in the Boston Archdiocese's clergy sex abuse scandal. Three other Shanley accusers were dropped from the case earlier by prosecutors. Before the jury entered the courtroom, Shanley attorney Frank Mondano asked Judge Stephen Neel to declare a mistrial, contending the man's emotional outbursts during his testimony would taint jurors and prejudice them against his client.

Neel rejected the request. The accuser, now a year-old firefighter, says Shanley raped and molested him at a Newton parish, beginning when he was 6.

January 31, 2005

He says he didn't remember the abuse until early , when he heard a friend's account of being abused as a boy by Shanley. The testimony was brought out in the trial of Paul R. Shanley, who became a lightning rod in the clergy sexual abuse scandal in the Catholic Church that broke in Boston in early Shanley is accused of molesting the man when he was 6 to 12 years old by pulling him out of Christian doctrine classes at St.

Jean's Parish in Newton and raping him. Shanley's lawyer, Frank Mondano, contends that the accuser concocted his accusations to join a lawsuit with three other men against the Archdiocese of Boston. Since then, prosecutors have dropped the other three men from the criminal case, pursuing only the year-old accuser's allegations. Yesterday, the jury heard testimony from a psychologist who examined the accuser on Feb.

The 2nd District Court of Appeal halted the release of the records after archdiocese attorneys asked the panel to resolve two judges' opinions on the matter -- including one decision that would have required the archdiocese to give the records to Los Angeles County prosecutors on Friday. The defense motion was filed Tuesday. In February , a Ventura County Superior Court judge agreed that some documents in the personnel files of priests should remain confidential. But Judge Thomas F. Nuss, a retired judge serving as a referee in the case, ordered the archdiocese in September to turn over certain records to prosecutors as part of a Los Angeles County grand jury investigation.

He said the church could withhold documents involving discussions between therapists and patients. Louis priests have been laicized, or defrocked, by the Vatican, according to a statement by the archdiocese. Archbishop Raymond Burke asked the Vatican to return Michael McGrath, Donald Straub and Robert Yim to "the lay state," according to the statement, because "all three had credible allegations of sexual abuse of a minor against them. Vatican officials described the meeting as a simple consultation. They said the talks were expected to be positive, reflecting progress made since the first major U.

The norms have been in place for two years, and a lot of cases have been handled. On all sides, there is recognition that much has been accomplished," said one Vatican official. The "Essential Norms" laid out a strict policy on priestly sex abuse, providing for removal from ministry or laicization of priests who have sexually abused minors. The Vatican approved the norms on an experimental basis for a two-year period beginning in March ; new Vatican approval, called a "recognitio," would presumably have to be given again this year, whether or not revisions are made.

Some Vatican sources said they do not expect major changes to the norms. They pointed to improved coordination on sex abuse cases over the last two years between U. It's the largest catholic youth organization in the nation. Now a lawsuit claims Fushek watched as a teenage parishioner was sodomized by another priest in It also claims the program at St. Timothy's church in Mesa fosters inappropriate sexual behavior. Jeff Strickler January 30, A pedophile reentering society after 12 years in prison moves into a quiet, family-oriented neighborhood.

A man sexually abused by a priest when he was a child sets out for revenge. A despondent crippled man tries to kill himself. Events from the daily news reports? They could be, but in this case they're all plots from movies. Filmmakers are increasingly turning to real-life situations for their stories, and, in the process, they are setting off a complex and sometimes bitter debate over the appropriateness of their movies. On one hand, they are applauded for tackling difficult issues with real-world implications. At the same time, they open themselves to criticism that they're making money off someone else's misery.

The wife of the man who has accused defrocked priest Paul Shanley of raping him as a child testified Friday that he had night sweats and curled up in the fetal position on the floor after recovering memories of the alleged abuse. Judge Sherry Stephens imposed the maximum sentence possible under LeClaire's plea agreement over the objections of supporters who jammed a small Mesa courtroom and pleaded for leniency.

The former pastor of Queen of Peace Catholic Church also was placed on three years probation. There's no doubt in my mind this didn't occur," Chacon said. LOUIS - Three priests accused of sexual abuse years ago have been defrocked, including one blamed in the alleged suicide of an ex-Marine he was said to have molested in youth, St.

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Louis' archbishop announced Friday "with deepest regrets to all who have been harmed. Archbishop Raymond Burke said he launched the proceedings - what the Roman Catholic church calls laicization - last year against Michael McGrath, Donald "Father Duck" Straub and Robert Yim in light of "credible allegations of sexual abuse of a minor against them. Burke said he took the often-lengthy action "for the welfare of all children and for the welfare of the Church," and after careful examination of each allegation, the archdiocese said in a statement.

All three men, who each served in several St. Louis-area parishes, have been notified they have been "dismissed from the clerical state. The Associated Press Updated: But the man returned Friday to resume his testimony. Three other accusers were dropped from the case by prosecutors. Reuters - A Massachusetts judge refused to declare a mistrial on Friday in the child rape trial of defrocked priest Paul Shanley, saying he would instruct jurors to disregard an accuser's emotional outburst.

After intense cross-examination on Thursday that left the accuser sobbing, Shanley's defense attorney Frank Mondano asked Superior Court Judge Stephen Neel to declare a mistrial on the grounds that the outpouring of emotion would compromise the jury's impartiality. But Neel rejected the motion, saying such outbursts are "unavoidable" in cases like this and "rarely" the basis for declaring a mistrial. Neel said he would instruct jurors to disregard the accuser's emotions during their deliberations.

Prosecutor Lynn Rooney said she was outraged by Mondano's request, suggesting that his tough line of questioning on Thursday contributed to the accuser's breakdown on the witness stand. He spent eight years in seminary in the North before seeking a new start in Florida. He spent more than 30 years in the Manatee schools developing a reputation as a hard-working educator who had a good rapport with students.

But remnants of his past have returned, and now Gilpin has been suspended from his job and is facing a crisis that threatens his career and reputation. Details of a lawsuit settled in portray Gilpin as a man who took advantage of his position as a spiritual leader. Gilpin is accused of raping and molesting a young boy in the late s while Gilpin was studying to be a priest.

Another man who says Gilpin molested him from to recently brought forth his allegations, and a Catholic church official in Maine says they seem credible. A final policy document on child protection for the Catholic Church in Ireland was agreed at a meeting in Maynooth yesterday. The Church's Working Group on Child Protection arrived at the decision in what became its final meeting. The working group disbanded last September after a row with church representatives over whether professionals or church leaders should decide how sex-abuse complaints were handled.

It is understood church representatives felt such control should rest with church leaders. It is now clear that the handling of complaints will rest with relevant child protection specialists in each area. Ms Maureen Lynott, chairwoman of the working group, indicated then she would remain available to meet the steering group, which represented the church bodies involved, should they develop a resolution to the differences. Yesterday, Ms Lynott said members of the group had "unanimously" endorsed the Our Children Our Church policy document on child protection, and were satisfied that it was "a significant advancement in child protection and that all outstanding issues have now been resolved".

McCoy, a former youth pastor at Central Baptist Church and basketball coach at Central Christian Academy, has pleaded no contest to reduced sexual assault charges in a case. The relationship allegedly started when the woman was Sources say he made a public confession of the improper relationship in the spring of , and was asked to leave his post. The church doesn't deny that McCoy had a relationship with the victim, and says it handled the matter appropriately.

McCoy, 31, could get up to two years in prison and three years of probation when he is sentenced in March in Superior Court. McCoy was originally charged July 1, , with second-degree sexual assault. But that charge was downgraded to two counts of fourth-degree sexual assault before McCoy entered his plea on Monday. The victim, in a civil lawsuit, has accused McCoy of repeatedly sexually abusing and assaulting her over a period of six months in the late s.

She was 17 at the time, according to the civil suit. After a second day of intense cross-examination, the only alleged victim to force defrocked priest Paul Shanley to face child-rape charges to date begged a judge yesterday not to compel him to continue testifying. If he does not, the defense could request a mistrial, a potential death blow to a case that began with four accusers and now hinges on one. All four men alleged that Shanley, now 74, raped them in the s, when they took Sunday school classes at St. Jean's parish in Newton. In July, charges brought by two of the men were dropped, and last week, prosecutors dropped charges involving a third, who vomited after a grueling hearing last October and never contacted them again.

Yesterday, Shanley's sole remaining accuser was at turns defiant and distraught as defense attorney Frank Mondano hammered away at his memory and motives. A year-old Swampscott priest was being sought yesterday for allegedly asking a year-old girl and her mother to perform a sex act, authorities said. Jerome Gillespie, a Roman Catholic priest assigned to St. John the Evangelist Church, is wanted on charges of child enticement, annoying and accosting a person of the opposite sex, and offering money for sex, said David Procopio, a spokesman for the Suffolk district attorney's office.

Gillespie, a priest in the Archdiocese of Boston since , did not return messages left last night at his church's rectory. An archdiocesan spokeswoman said church officials learned about the allegations last night. Gillespie allegedly propositioned the girl and her mother Tuesday night at Floramos Fifth Ave. Restaurant Lounge, an Italian eatery in Chelsea, said Procopio. He would not reveal what the priest is accused of saying. Leonardo Montoya, 30, showed no emotion as the six-person Superior Court jury found him guilty of fourth-degree sexual assault following 90 minutes of deliberations.

Montoya, dismissed from the seminary by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Bridgeport just before his arrest, faces up to a year in prison when he is sentenced March 31 by Judge Heidi Winslow. Leonardo Montoya, 30, was found guilty of fourth-degree sexual assault following 90 minutes of deliberations Thursday.

Montoya, dismissed from the seminary by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Bridgeport just before his arrest, faces up to a year in prison when he is sentenced March Montoya, formerly assigned to St. Augustine Cathedral and churches in Trumbull and Norwalk, is accused of molesting the girl while he was visiting her Bridgeport home on Nov. The girl's family met Montoya while he was working at St.

Augustine and befriended him after he helped them with arrangements for a baptism. On Thursday, with the jury out of the room, the man told the judge he couldn't bear continuing to testify. He'd been through two days of intense and sometimes graphic questioning by Shanley's attorney, Frank Mondano. Every time I come back I have to start over. It's been three years. After learning he would face a third day of questioning by Mondano, the man later asked the judge: Please don't make me. But he returned Friday to resume his testimony. Still, Mondano asked the judge to declare a mistrial, contending the man's emotional outbursts during his testimony would taint the jury and prejudice them against his client.

Superior Court Stephen Neel rejected the request. That means, spokeswomen Elizabeth Smarjesse said, that the diocese is meeting the standards set by the U. Conference of Catholic Bishops to protect minors from sexual abuse. As a result, the diocese won't have to undergo an outside audit in , although it still must conduct a self-audit to document compliance with the charter.

Among other policies, the diocese is required to mandate all employees and volunteers who come in contact with minors take part in safe-environment training, fingerprinting and background checks. It also must provide a reporting process for misconduct and procedures on handling complaints. Jan 28 HER voice is quiet and gentle on the other end of the line, it sounds like she has been crying. She begins by saying that she does not want to speak for long.

But, once she starts, there is a lot to say. Last week, this brave woman heard the news that her priest, Somanathan Ramanathan, the aya of the Hindu Temple in Thornton Heath, had been found guilty of raping her twice. It is the result she has been praying for since she first went to the police. But, now, excluded from her community for daring to speak out, she faces rebuilding her life on her own.

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Now I'm free, but not free to go where I belong, which is with my community. I have been totally betrayed by my own people.

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Now that he has been found guilty, they feel sorry for him. But, the community make it so that we are the guilty party. We are made to feel that we should shut up about it. An attorney representing the Rev. James Poole denied Thursday some of the statements attributed to his client during a hearing in Bethel Superior Court a day earlier. While Timothy Lynch confirmed in a written statement that his client admitted French-kissing Jane Doe 1 as a child, he denied several other claims made by attorney Ken Roosa, including that the former Catholic priest molested another child and that he was expelled from Alaska for a year because of other abuse allegations.

Roosa told the court Wednesday during oral arguments on the defense's proposed protective order that Poole admitted to several allegations made against him. Roosa used the admissions to illustrate his point that some of the documents defense attorneys would have protected from public scrutiny don't merit protection. Among other things, Roosa said Poole admitted to French-kissing Jane Doe 1 on hundreds of occasions, molesting a 6-year-old girl and being sent away from Alaska because of abuse allegations years before Jane Doe 1 claimed she was abused by Poole, who is now 81 and living in Spokane, Wash.

Poole attorney Madelon Blum declined to address Roosa's statements Wednesday during arguments over the gag order and was traveling afterwards. A two men swam at Cronulla on a hot night 23 years ago, one fondled the other in the dark. They were not youngsters. One was a skinny teacher of 29 and the other a priest in his early 40s.

The teacher had an erection but dived under the water and swam away. After this brief encounter in the pool, they drove back to the presbytery together and had sex. What they did that night in January was criminal. The law in NSW was about to change after a long and acrimonious campaign for reform, but when these men had their one-night stand in the presbytery of St Catherine Laboure Church at Gymea, each was committing an "indecent assault" that might land them in jail for five years.

Consent was no defence. The police came for Father Terry Goodall at his Penshurst parish in September and arrested him - under the old law - for having sex with the teacher all those years ago.

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Judge Philip Bell, of the NSW District Court, remarked that on the facts before him, "you'd never get a conviction if you ran this trial today", but under the old law Goodall had no choice but to plead guilty. Having sex with a man was enough to convict him. He was sentenced last week. The complaint, filed by victim William J.

Olmsted, leader of the Phoenix diocese; Bishop Thomas J. The suit says Monsignor Dale Fushek, pastor of St. Attorney Frank Verderame notified church officials Dec. Mark Lehman, who served 10 years in prison for molesting students in the late s at St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic School in Phoenix. Donald Buzanowski, accused of sexually assaulting a year-old boy he was counseling at Ss.

Peter and Paul School, Harvey St. In argument for a reduced cash bond, Buzanowski's lawyer filed a motion Jan. The motion states that Buzanowski can safely be released into the community and cited a Jan. Buzanowski was convicted on a federal child pornography possession charge in The psychologist concluded that Buzanowski's treatment left him at a pretreatment risk level allowable for placement in the community with formal supervision. The motion also stated if Buzanowski were released, a federal probation officer's supervision over him would resume.

Barbour was a driven student who dreamed of being a pilot. Lopes was the homecoming king and the starting quarterback on the football team. The two former altar boys were popular, good-looking, well-liked by teachers. But the two shared something else -- something that would derail their friendship and their lives, and, ultimately, embarrass the Roman Catholic order whose San Francisco district runs the prestigious school and at least 15 others in the region.

In , both boys went to see a counselor they called Brother Joe, a member of the Christian Brothers order who sexually abused them, according to interviews, lawsuits and government documents. What they didn't know was that Brother Joseph Jesse Gutierrez had been transferred by the Christian Brothers to Concord from Berkeley, where he'd had relationships with students that had "sexual overtones.

A Licking County pastor is accused of having sex with underage girls he ministered. And investigators believe with his access to teens, other victims may exist if the claims are legitimate. Sheriff investigators say Alshire, an associate pastor at Licking Baptist Church of Hebron, sexually assaulted at least two teenage girls inside the church. For 12 years, Alshire worked closely with teens at the church.

December 18 East by The North York Mirror - Issuu

He was arrested at his Hebron home after an accuser told a school resource officer that she had engaged in sex with Alshire at the church. Jackson County prosecutors on Thursday accused a Sunday school teacher of having a sexual relationship with a year-old girl who attended his Kansas City church class.

Hall, 36, of Kansas City, was charged with one count of statutory rape and three counts of statutory sodomy. Prosecutors allege he began a sexual relationship with the girl last February when she was Hall, who is married, has known her since she was He also helped schedule recreational activities for the church, according to police. A woman who answered the church's phone Thursday said the pastor was out of the city and could not be reached. She said no one else was available to comment.

The alleged relationship came to light a few days before Christmas when someone called the Missouri Children's Division. The caller said the girl's grandmother, who is her legal guardian, knew about the relationship. A Shembe Church pastor who allegedly lured young boys to his flat on the pretext of watching a Mr Bean movie, then sexually abused them, is being hunted by the police.

And the horrified, "disgusted and very angry" parents of five Durban boys, aged between , said yesterday they would not rest until the man, who is in his 50s, is caught. Now, the traumatised victims and their distraught parents are undergoing counselling at the Oasis Crisis Care Centre in the city's Albany Grove. The alleged abuse was carried out over the past three weeks, said Oasis founder and director, Merle Martin.

Fighting back tears, one victim's mother said: My son trusted him. The pastor, who works at a block of flats on Durban's Victoria Embankment - he did not report for duty yesterday - is said to be "the last person you would expect this sort of horrendous behaviour from," said Martin, a police reservist.

It is claimed that the paedophile pastor, who is married with children of his own, preyed on boys from a nearby block of flats, inviting them over to watch a Mr Bean video. By Greg Frost BOSTON Reuters - The lone accuser in the child rape trial of defrocked priest Paul Shanley has broken down in tears and had to briefly leave court after facing a withering assault of barbed questions about his background.

A day after he wept as he testified how Shanley raped and molested him decades ago, the year-old firefighter admitted under intense cross-examination on Thursday that he abused steroids and alcohol, had a gambling problem, came from a broken home and is repulsed by homosexual acts. Shanley played a central role in the abuse scandal that rocked the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston and enveloped other dioceses. The Vatican defrocked Shanley last year, more than two decades after his superiors learned of the priest's views on sex between men and boys.

Two co-founders of Life Teen, the nation's largest Catholic youth ministry based in the Valley, were accused Thursday in a lawsuit of covering up and helping carry out sexual attacks on a year-old boy two decades ago. Timothy's parish in Mesa had "a social culture which inappropriately focused upon sexual activity. O'Brien, Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted, the Diocese of Phoenix, St. Timothy's Parish and Life Teen Inc. Timothy's parish in But she denied the allegations. Shanley's child rape trial turned to the accuser on the witness stand and made a request.

Jurors had to leave for the day, the judge said. Could he return to court in the morning to finish his testimony? I can't start again. The dramatic exchange, which took place without the jury present, capped a withering daylong cross-examination of Shanley's accuser, marked by sarcastic exchanges, tears, and vigorous challenges of his accounts of being ruined by the abuse.

Over seven hours, defense lawyer Frank Mondano challenged the accuser's memories and his contention that being abused by Shanley, 74, led to many troubles in his life, from alcohol abuse as a teenager to failing to become a Major League baseball player. Mondano suggested that the man was seeking attention from the Shanley case and hadn't suffered as he contends he has.

The alleged victim, 27, accuses Shanley of repeatedly raping and abusing him between ages 6 and 11, when he was a Sunday school student at St. He says he recovered memories of the abuse in , after hearing of news reports about Boston's clergy sexual abuse scandal. Mondano has challenged the authenticity of those memories and is trying to persuade the jury that the charges against Shanley are motivated by hope of monetary gain. Insurance carriers sued the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles in federal court, alleging it has withheld information that could help insurers assess the validity and worth of more than sexual abuse claims.

The lawsuit, filed Wednesday in U. Those include plaintiffs' medical and work records that could help evaluate the claims, the suit says. Nearly clergy abuse lawsuits are pending against Roman Catholic dioceses in Southern California. It is not certain, however, whether Joseph Deters, who returned as Hamilton County prosecutor this month, would consider overturning the plea deal or could reopen the investigation. The Archdiocese of Cincinnati pleaded no contest in to charges of failing to tell authorities about sex abuse allegations against priests, becoming just the third Roman Catholic diocese at that time to strike a deal with prosecutors in a criminal investigation.

The agreement ended a nearly two-year investigation, among the probes nationwide after molestation allegations were made against a priest in Boston in Since last year, activists have called for an outside review of the deal, saying former county prosecutor Michael Allen ended it before determining whether church officials knew of sex abuse by clergy and allowed it to continue.

Mondano has said the man made up his story to cash in on the multimillion-dollar settlements paid to victims of abuse by priests in Boston's Roman Catholic Archdiocese. An assistant principal at Haile Middle School was one of many defendants named in sexual molestation lawsuits filed against the Archdiocese of Boston that led to a multimillion-dollar settlement in , court documents show. Joseph Gilpin, who has been placed on paid administrative leave by the Manatee County School District, is also part of a separate, ongoing complaint filed with the Archdiocese of Portland in Maine.

As the allegations were revealed this week, local friends and coworkers have staunchly supported Gilpin, a distinguished employee of the Manatee County school system for more than 30 years. Father Don Nicholson, a local Episcopal priest who has known Gilpin for seven or eight years, forcefully denounced the allegations. I think it's a defilement. Gilpin, 60, has not responded to repeated attempts by The Herald to discuss the allegations or the district's decision to place him on leave. Jackson County prosecutors today accused a Sunday school teacher of having a sexual relationship with a year-old girl from his Kansas City church class.

He has known the girl since she was 11 years old. He also helped schedule recreational activities for the church. She said there was no one else available to comment. BOSTON Reuters - The lone accuser in the child rape trial of defrocked priest Paul Shanley pleaded with a judge to spare him more of the stinging interrogation that left him sobbing in court on Thursday.

A day after tearfully testifying how Shanley raped and molested him decades ago, the year-old firefighter admitted under intense cross-examination he had abused steroids and alcohol and had a gambling problem. He also said he came from a broken home and was repulsed by homosexual acts. By the end of the day, the accuser was pleading with Judge Stephen Neel to allow him not to return for a third day of cross-examination. Mondano said if the man did not return, there might be sufficient grounds for a mistrial. AP - After a grueling second day of intense and graphic questioning by a defense lawyer, the man who has accused defrocked priest Paul Shanley of raping him as a child broke down on the witness stand Thursday and begged the judge not to force him to continue testifying.

At one point during the questioning, the accuser loudly sobbed as he clasped his hands behind his head and pressed his forehead against the rail of the witness stand. Frank Mondano, Shanley's attorney, has spent the past two days seeking to undermine the accuser's credibility, grilling him about his troubled childhood, his abuse of alcohol and steroids, his gambling habit - and his motivation for coming forward with what he says are repressed memories of the alleged abuse.

The accuser, now a year-old firefighter, says Shanley raped and molested him at a parish outside Boston beginning when he was 6. He didn't remember the abuse until early , when he heard a friend's account of being abused as a boy by Shanley. He has come to understand the pain of sexual abuse. Now, he must put a price on it. Garretson administers a fund set up by the Archdiocese of Cincinnati to compensate victims of clergy abuse. He quit playing ball after the assault, giving up his shot at a college scholarship. His mother urged him to Mass, but he found he could not pray.

How to value his loss? And what of the year-old fondled by a priest who had taken him in for counseling? The priest called it God's will. The boy, swamped with shame, slumped into addiction, obesity and depression that lasted decades. How much for him? Licking County Sheriff's deputies accuse Aleshire, of E. Deputies say more charges are possible involving a second girl who alleges Aleshire abused her over a two-year period. He is also an employee of the Ohio Department of Youth Services, which conducts counseling and other services for the Ohio juvenile justice system.

A former Adelaide Anglican archbishop says it is a pity that Ian George has been forced to cancel a farewell service honouring his time as archbishop. Dr Keith Rayner preceded Dr George as archbishop and says the furore over the planned service has been "unfortunate". Yesterday, Dr George called off the service himself, because of protests from victims of sexual abuse within the church. However, Dr Rayner says the circumstances of Dr George's resignation overshadow a lifetime of work for the good of the community. Mark King says the problem of covering up child abuse goes far deeper than Dr George's involvement.

Outside the jury's presence, defense attorney Frank Mondano argued Thursday morning that the defense should be able to continue using depositions from the accuser's personal injury suit against the Boston Archdiocese to impeach the credibility of his recollections. After Judge Stephen Neel ruled in Mondano's favor, the attorney threw the accuser's own words at him in a bid to convince jurors that the nowyear-old has a tendency "to forget, then remember, then forget again. New Orleans is an exotic -- and sometimes dangerous -- mixture of races, cultures, religions, and politics, thus providing a fertile ground for writers of all genres.

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