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Church Hymnal, Fifth Edition The first Nowell the angel did say Date: Church Hymnary 4th ed. Common Praise The first nowell the angel did say Tune Title: Complete Anglican Hymns Old and New Complete Mission Praise Evangelical Lutheran Worship Christmas Season ; Epiphany of the Lord Source: English carol, 17th C.

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The First Noel the Angel Did Say

The first Nowell, the angel did say Tune Title: Seasons and Feasts Epiphany Source: Gather Comprehensive, Second Edition English carol; Some Ancient Christmas Carols, 2nd ed. English carol, 18th cent.

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A Worship Book The first Noel, the angel did say First Line: English carol, Some Ancient Christmas Carols, 2nd ed. Hymns for a Pilgrim People: Irregular with Refrain Scripture: Christmas ; Jesus Christ Source: Hymns for Today's Church 2nd ed.

Hymns of Faith Christ Advent and Birth Source: Hymns of the Saints: Hymns Old and New: Hymns to the Living God The first noel the angels did say Tune Title: Jesus Christ Incarnation Source: Lead Me, Guide Me 2nd ed. Moravian Book of Worship Our Songs and Hymns Christ his birth Source: English carol, 17th century.

Rejoice in the Lord Jesus Christ Epiphany and Youth Source: Seventh-day Adventist Hymnal The first noel the angel did say First Line: The first noel the angel did say Tune Title: Small Church Music The First Noel the angel did say Tune Title: Irregular with refrain Source: The Christian Life Hymnal The first Noel the angel did say First Line: The First Noel Date: Christmas Birth; Epiphany Life Source: The Cyber Hymnal The first Noel the angel did say Date: The Hymnal for Worship and Celebration The New Century Hymnal Traditional English carol, alt.

The New English Hymnal The New National Baptist Hymnal English carol, before The United Methodist Hymnal The Worshiping Church Australian hymn book II Noell, nowell, nowell, nowell First Line: Aujourd'hui, le Roi des cieux, au milieu de la nuit Tune Title: Irregular with refrain Date: Its current form was first published in Carols Ancient and Modern and Gilbert and Sandys Carols , both of which were edited by William Sandys and arranged, edited and with extra lyrics written by Davies Gilbert for Hymns and Carols of God. Today, it is usually performed in a four-part hymn arrangement by the English composer John Stainer , first published in his Carols, New and Old in The melody is unusual among English folk melodies in that it consists of one musical phrase repeated twice, followed by a refrain which is a variation on that phrase.

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All three phrases end on the third of the scale. It is thought to be a version of an earlier melody sung in a church gallery setting; a conjectural reconstruction of this earlier version can be found in the New Oxford Book of Carols. The Annunciation to the shepherds and the Adoration of the shepherds are episodes in the Nativity of Jesus described in the second chapter of the Gospel of Luke Luke 2.

The Star of Bethlehem appears in the story of the Magi the Wise Men in the Gospel of Matthew ; it does not appear in the story of the shepherds.

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In common with many traditional songs and carols the lyrics vary across books. Was to certain poor shepherds in fields as they lay; In fields where they lay, keeping their sheep, On a cold winter's night that was so deep: To shepherds there in the fields did lay; Late in the night a-folding their sheep, A winter's night, both cold and bleak.

To Bethlehem's shepherds as they lay.

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At midnight watch, when keeping sheep, The winter wild, the light snow deep. Shining in the east, beyond them far: And to the earth it gave great light, And so it continued both day and night: Whose glory then did shine so far: Unto the earth it gave a great light, And there it continued a day and a night.

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Bright in the East, beyond them far, Its beauty gave them great delight, This star it set now day nor night. Three Wise Men came from country far; To seek for a King was their intent, And to follow the star whersoever it went: Three wise men came from country far; They sought a king, such their intent, The star their guide where'er it went. O'er Bethlehem it took its rest; And there it did both stop and stay Right over the place where Jesus lay: And seemed o'er the City of Bethlehem to rest, And there did remain by night and by day, Right over the place where Jesus Christ lay.

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O'er Bethlehem town it took its rest; The wise men learnt its cause of stay, And found the place where Jesus lay. Full reverently upon their knee, And offered there in his presence, Their gold and myrrh and frankincense: With reverence fall on their knee, And offer'd up in His presence The gifts of gold and frankincense.