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How long has the search been going on? How much money was spent by Fennseeks? Probably millions of dollars spent looking for phantom gold. I think Fenn is really a good guy. Buy stock in the Santa Fe area then chase everyone there to spend money. Fenn What a great story! I read the pome two to three times a month and discuss with a co-worker and family members.

Your story is the stuff of legend and adventure. The great United States of America and some of its citizens have lost there sense of adventure. Your book challenges that way of thinking and living our lives in this great country we call home! Once again thank you for what you started! Fenn is quite a genius and I do believe his story is true. A man who was dying of cancer will do these things for obvious reasons.

One of them is to enjoy beauty, another is the thrill of the chase, and the third is that he hopes that the one who finds his treasure will use it wisely! Thank you forrest, from a dreamer. I always say; be positive, optimistic, hopeful, have a dream, believe in God and love your children. I would love to do this. I lost my grandpa to brain cancer six months ago, he was a local park ranger in TN. He loved the woods. You have made us all believe in adventure! But, it is the true treasure of the adventure of hunting for this box. The time spent with family or friends or even alone, the beauty of area, learning history or meeting people along the way.

What a great adventure and education he is teaching all of us! Good luck to anyone search! Have FUN enjoy the adventure N. If I could get the funding I would be more than happy to split the earnings with my funder! After reading the poem and understanding the clues and topography of the region for me it has taken me 3 hours of this morning to figure it out!

The place I hav in mind meets a the criteria of the poem and makes so much sense! I gather you must be hunting in New Mexico, Don…with that much confidence. That and other reasons…like work, for example. The clues were posted in the San Francisco Examiner Newspaper. About 60 years ago the clues led people to believe it was buried on the beach directly across the Great Highway where I lived with my Mother. It was so exciting and I was sure I knew right where it was.

We had no shovel other than a small fireplace utensil which I used. By the end of the first day the beach looked like nothing but giant holes as far as the eye could see. Some were so deep, you wondered how they would ever fill them in again. As it turned out the treasure was found and not on the beach at all. If my age and health would permit, I would be out there to where I thought the clues led; digging away myself. The memory of that summer long ago has brought me almost as great a pleasure as finding the treasure.

Good luck to you all.

The Thrill of the Chase Poem by Forrest Fenn – Mysterious Writings

I wish more than anything that I was in a position to go on an adventure like this. I wish I could be there. I have deciphered the clues Mr. Fenn has left only in his poem that says nine clues. Prepare for an update soon, and the return of the piece he requested that is in the chest. I apparently think like he does. This is not a five year hoax. Welcome to the group that believes the treasure hunt is real. The poem have hidden GPS coordinate and I decrypted it. If someone wants to share the money and go to find it let me know….

If this is in the area of your coordinates, lets talk. I did exactly as Forrest said and solved it in sequential steps. I implemented this principle and it led me to a specific area of about feet on the far side of a river. On our first trip in July, my wife and I found the blaze. The river water level is too high during the warm, summer months from the snow melt and the treasure is submerged.

We were looking down at about GPS. We returned home and started watching the USGS river water level site. The water had been as high as about GPS in the previous month of June. My first challenge required floating across the river and disguised as a fisherman, I spent 5 hours searching and found nothing. Two days later, I repeated the float trip with a Maglite and a long handled digging tool and still did not find it. I think the treasure has either already been found, or the river buried it forever. I am not able or willing to continue searching and want to share my poem interpretation as it gives me closure.

He does not want us to find it and he wants us to have fun searching but, what I think is, he really wants us to talk about him! His poem is full of metaphors and he has had a lot of fun playing us. Here are a few of my interpretations of the Cheat Sheet: There is a major highway about feet from this place. The river buried it for him. Thanks for the good advise. I think I need to take some time off treasure hunting. I got burnt out. Here is what FF said about his inspired treasure hunters. I share the following to bring closure.

Possible Solution to F. Poem As I have gone alone in there 1 Glenwood Canyon And with my treasures bold, I can keep my secret where, And hint of riches new and old. Begin it where warm waters halt 2 Glenwood Springs And take it in the canyon down, 3 No Name Exit on I 70 turn right and take road down to dead end Not far, but too far to walk. Could be in river? But tarry scant 9 Tarry looking train tunnel entrance see photo with marvel gaze, 10 metaphor for canyon wall Tar is small in perspective too… So why is it that I must go And leave my trove for all to seek? So hear me all and listen good, 11 hazard warning Your effort will be worth the cold.

Best time to search is Winter If you are brave and in the wood 13 Glenwood Canyon I give you title to the gold. I would love to go on the search. I have my own sob story that could be added to the others looking. But as the saying goes, you need to have money to make money. But I still look and hope someday….. Half mile down from Manby hotspring they breed Brown trout byArroyo Hondo. FF wants to pass the curse onto a greedy person! The Aztec gold must be returned to Teotiohuacan!

I have no means of searching for the gold, but I love riddles. If you do that, then the transitions between stanzas are extremely important because they mark the place where one leg ends and another begins. Fenn himself said to focus on where warm waters halt, but I think that the previous line, about riches new and old, is a hint for finding WWWH. More on that in a second. A warm water river flows into a cold water river. Fish could do that. Regardless, there are a lot of places where warm waters meet cold, so there must be some other way to narrow it down. Perhaps the confluence is a place where prospectors once panned for gold, and did so very successfully.

Rivers and canyons are part and parcel with each other; after all, rivers form canyons in the first place. Regardless of whether you are physically boating down a river or simply walking alongside it, you will be following the path of a river. You follow the river and put in below the home of Brown. If it were a place where something lived, there would be too many possibilities. I think it refers to the origin or source of something.

Start at the confluence of two rivers, one cold and one warm, then trace the path of the cold water river south through a canyon until you reach a creek. At the home of Brown, a new part of the journey begins. Either a the terrain is difficult, or b you are wading through water of some kind biblical interpretation, the meek shall inherit the earth, so it is by water. Obviously, he means the end of your journey, but he might mean the end of something else, too. There is no paddle up your creek, either because the water is too shallow for a boat, or because the creek has dried up.

Heavy loads and water high could refer to a bridge of some kind, and it could also refer to high water markers. Either way, if the transitions are important, then the blaze will be near heavy loads and high water. Whoever finds it, the first thing you should do is hire a good tax lawyer!

I think Fenn himself is warning you about this, too.

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Just take the chest and go in peace. Of course, my inner child wants to believe that the gold is still out there somewhere, just waiting to be found. Your way of explaining everything within this article is really good, all can without difficulty know it, Thanks a great deal.

The Poem by Forrest Fenn

Fenn knows its there still so he must be keeping tabs on it somehow, checking up on it, etc. It is probably somewhere he is still able to travel to on foot. I just read about Fenn some days ago. I am so far away in Nigeria, yet this is as intriguing as it gets. I do agree that Fenn wants people to explore the area. One thing is for sure, there will be a finale to it, not the least likely when he is gone.

He may feel dead not literally if someone uncovers this treasure in his awareness. I just put New Mexico and other Rocky Mountain states on my list for future adventures. Thanks Jenny, I love it when things do this, a simple reminder about the tone of the poem. Whenever I reflect back, the first thing that comes to mind is the tone that Mr.

Fenn visually and verbally expressed when he recited it. What an experience it is to feel it resonate once again, alone in my thoughts. A beautiful place to reminisce.

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I would love to hear him read the entire book. His expression and feelings to each chapter and word spoken only he can truly understand, but we try to. I do believe that Forrest would come forward and tell that someone has found the treasure. Forrest is for certain that no one has found the treasure. I do believe that either he or someone else is keeping a close eye on this thing. I started my day off with inspecting a famous map that we all know. The Map of Ponderosa. Take a close look where the blaze starts on that map.

I just started laughing when I saw a house just above the blaze. I had to ask the question. I wonder if this was the home of Brown? That fire starts in Virgina City. Lastly, I would like to thank you for giving up some time and letting us know what you think. That was a good read. Lots of people thought the same thing but were wrong. Take all the precautions. And enjoy your trip when you do go.

Thank you Bob, and I will be safe. If everything goes as planned then by this time next weekend I will have it. Safe travels Charles and careful hunting…looking forward to your success in solving this great mystery. I am heading up that way for fourth of July relaxation, fishing and walking around.

My guess is he carried it. Close to a road, but hidden away out of sight. Near train tracks, or water for steam locomotives. North of Santa Fe in the mountains, not far from home. Hidden in his home state to promote the state and give it business. To have people come in to his store. Go with metal detector. Alot of good ideas here at this site. My guess someplace off the Rio Grande river. Brown trout spawn there. Been looking for hatchery for brown trout too. Think of the money flowing into the state economy because of what he did. He might have all ready made up what he gave out.

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  5. I think its true and real. Its like playing the lottery, if you dont play, you cant win. I plan to pay a visit to my suspected location this summer to fish, camp AND search! Much of the same information is shared in each of these; however, every now and then, a different wording or story is added. Nothing more is said to be required. Are they the 9 sentences of the poem, 9 different phrases in the poem, 9 verbs, 9 […]. With this hunt I am amazed at certain correlating aspects to the Grail Quest.

    The Thrill of the Chase. I like reading over them every now and then for it helps keep me on track. I will add to the […]. I try to ask myself, what is Forrest really saying? Unlike most of my reviews, I have not actually read this book. It is not available in digital formats and my local library did not have a physical copy.

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    The AD about Treasure Chest. Undated but First Thus c Light blue green pictorial boards. Corners bumped and rubbed. Light wear to edges. Black lettering to boards. Small loss to head of spine, larger loss to foot. Creasing and chipping to edges and wear long folds. Rear panel a little grubby. Book is in very good condition. No dust wrapper but I don't know if one was issued. Front cover by Hilda Cowham.

    The book is in a good plus condition. Slight skew to spine. Manville Fenn VGC 1st edition hardback c. The book is in fairly good condition. Loss of the front loose leaf as shown. Occasional minor marking, foxing and tanning to the pages. Enid Blyton illustrated by Grace Lodge: The collection contains very rare and old original scans of children storybooks from famous authors and illustrators from the Golden Age of Illustrations. Be ready to be enchanted and travel to the Fantasy World as being told by these original authors more than years ago!

    Illustrated by Bryce Hamilton. Foxing to edges of text block else VG. Edition not stated possibly 1st. Slight lean to spine. An explanation of the year month by month for younger children. Pictorial panels to the first page of each month. Black linen spine with silver title. Grey paper boards with gilt title to front. Pictorial dustwrapper is age-toned and has a few small chips but is not price-clipped. Presentation inscription signed and dated by the author. Loosely inserted business card. Illustrated by Irene Hawkins. The book is in good condition.

    The Thrill of the Chase Poem by Forrest Fenn

    All pages are intact and are well bound. White titles to spine. Gift inscription to endpaper.