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Then, when we finally arrive, I just look blankly at my husband and expect him to magically turn into a local tour guide and show us the hotspots around town.

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When you know what you want to do, you can more easily set up a plan for each day and that immediately relieves a ton of stress and anxiety. No one is getting along, some of the plans you were most looking forward to have fallen through, someone is fighting the sickies and the accommodations leave a little to be desired. Instead, spend the day as a family doing the bare minimum.

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Go out for ice cream just because. Walk along the water for a few minutes and let the waves tickle your toes. Pack a simple picnic and take it outside. Go see a movie. Do the little things that your family enjoys and relieve yourself of the burden of planning the perfect day. Do these tricks work every time? However, when tiny setbacks get in your way of an otherwise enjoyable trip, remember that all hope is not lost. Getting back on track just requires a little change in perspective and a willingness to brave the journey together.

William Carey’s Less-than-Perfect Family Life

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William Carey’s Less-than-Perfect Family Life | Christian History Magazine

Refocus your priorities and expect to be pleasantly surprised by even the tiniest of moments. Want to know what happened the second after that flash went off? After five of the 13 episodes aired, ABC ceased broadcasting the show, with the last episode broadcast on June 6, However, those episodes which were not broadcast in the US have been shown in other countries.

The show joined Lifetime Television 's lineup on June 1, in syndication. The network aired all 81 episodes, including the eight Season 4 episodes previously not broadcast in the US.

Less Than Perfect - Season 1

But as of , it was no longer on Lifetime's schedule. The first seven episodes and episode nine of the final season of Less Than Perfect aired on TV2 in New Zealand, with the remaining episodes eight and 10 through 13 yet to be scheduled. The show also aired on MBC 4 to Arabic speaking viewers. Lifetime also reran the show for a brief period in From the beginning, Less Than Perfect had a simple opening sequence, credits which were played over the opening scene of each episode of season one.

However, in season two a new opening sequence, along with a theme song, was introduced. The new opening credits for season two lasted only seven episodes, then reverted to the previous basic credits which lasted until the end of season three.

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Season four introduced a five-second opening, in which the title can be seen on post-it notes on an office desk, while a brief instrumental version of the theme tune is played. Early reviews for the show found the characterization generally stereotypical, but critics often praised the performance of Sara Rue. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

List of Less Than Perfect episodes. Archived from the original on October 16, Retrieved October 25, Archived from the original on July 16,