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You will face your own depths in this embodied meditation, but secure in the knowledge that you are "held" within this beautiful metaphorical structure—communicating the objective of the endeavor as the process. The process is threefold: Like life, we enter and exit through the same door, thus, the Labyrinth offers a strategy for finding balance within the flow of change.

Winter's Labyrinth, a coming of age story told in four seasons, leads the reader into a circuitous adventure of self discovery—finding at center, the very heart of being—and then returning back to the world, that transformation.

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Cover design by Justin Gray Morgan. Miles found several aspects of that Deal unacceptable and the exchange turned into a minor battle with Ryoval's security. Despite her lack of combat training, Taura demonstrated spectacular raw ability and contributed mightily to her own rescue.

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Nicol, who was to be part of the Deal, also contributed to the battle. They escaped and were pursued, but managed to reach the Ariel and depart the Jackson system. Miles created confusion and avoided pursuit by telling different lies and a couple of vital truths to Ryoval and his rival half-brother, weapons dealer Baron Fell. Sign In Don't have an account?

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Contents [ show ]. What did Bel, straight and healthy and of normal height, if unusual genital arrangements, find so attractive in a little half-crippled part-time crazy man? Wish to be great!

That at least you have a fighting chance for. Great at whatever you are. A great trooper, a great sergeant. A great quartermaster, for God's sake, if that's what comes with ease.

A great musician like Nicol—only think how horrible if she were wasting her talents trying to be merely normal. Retrieved from " http: Shards of Honor Barrayar.

Kate Mosse on her novella 'The Winter Ghosts'

Miles, Mystery and Mayhem.