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It was not a conscious decision, and years later, reflection provided yet another insight into Human behavior, vindicating Earl Nightingale and others who understood that you become what you think. Expanding one's mind sets you apart from the crowd and it takes courage to make a conscious decision to follow through and purposely stay on the path, with or without support, no matter what. Is it worth it?

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More lessons were to be learned before this sank in and I regained my footing on the path to spiritual enlightenment. Although the disquiet was ever present, personal development found itself on the back burner. Landing in Australia, finding a great job in a traditionally minded Company that paid me to travel the country and overseas, meeting wonderful people, extending youthful exuberance, was balm for the disquiet.

Even though this seemed the perfect occupation, I was part of a carefree group of friends who sought adventure and plans were made for further travel together. This time London was in our sights. Fate intervened and I conformed once again. Falling in love with a beautiful woman who spoke passionately of establishing an independent, sustainable lifestyle on a rural block of land totally seduced me. The engineer in me immediately saw the possibilities in such a lifestyle and the solutions to obvious and not so obvious obstacles.

The mechanic, the myriad ways of implementing those solutions. Inspired by this vision which held the promise of not only helping ourselves, but also wider Humanity by developing eco friendly systems that could be replicated by others, the desire to travel rapidly faded. We waved our friends goodbye at the airport, got married, and purchased a rural acreage on the outskirts of Sydney.

Rolling up my sleeves in anticipation of the joys of problem solving, I had no inkling of the rude awakening awaiting me. I was about to learn many more ways that did not work. After a tumultuous seven year marriage where few of the principles espoused in the philosophy of Personal Development were followed, predictably ended in divorce, I licked my wounds and set about restructuring my life. These principles exist on a razor edge of goodwill and understanding. All parties involved in any transaction must appreciate this fact for that transaction to truly succeed.

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The details of this all too common tragedy are of but titillating interest. The cause, and the prevention, of such tragedies, can be found in the above two sentences. Not believing in regrets , feeling sorry for myself was a time wasting option not about to be taken. That did not mean that I was emotionally intact, far from it. Everything I had worked for was gone, a few miserable dollars shared from the sale of assets no compensation for the needless trauma and destruction we had wrought.

I took a cue from talented songwriters and artists who use personal upheaval to produce memorial and creative works of art. I would use this experience to drive the desire to fathom why such disasters happen. Sadly , coincidently the remarkable old company that had been so good to me was in terminal decline. Studying this decline, I was fascinated how closely it resembled mine.

The parallel of failure between individuals and gigantic corporations is, to say the least, striking. The field engineering division I had now called home for thirteen years was abruptly shut down. We were offered positions in other remaining departments, but being no substitute for the type of work we were engaged in, and recalling allowing my Father to arrange my first job, I politely declined and resigned.

Preferring to seek my own fortune. Disparately feeling serene, my faint inner voice was growing stronger, reigniting my earlier ardor in pursuing knowledge of the Human mind. I reinforced my vow to understand where and why I had gone wrong and what could be done to prevent it's repetition, vowing also to never again stray from the path of spiritual enlightenment. My marriage collapse made me acutely aware that I was far from alone in experiencing the destructive forces that had brought me undone.

All around me was evidence others were being buffeted and mauled by these forces. From a deteriorating economy, to divorcing film stars, to disintegrating political parties. Why so much turmoil? The more I studied Nature and the Human mind, the clearer the answer became. A two month respite , doing odd jobs for beer money, and much reflection to settle my mind served to rebuild my battered confidence.

Ready to face the world again on my own terms, a newspaper advertisement with the persuasive power to lure me to the other side of the city, found me witnessing a demonstration of an American domestic appliance that retailed for twice the price of it's nearest competitor. The company was seeking commission only sales people. Getting paid only if you produce was a truly appealing challenge.

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Impressed with the quality and sheer usefulness of the machine in front of me, I decided, on the spot, to join the ranks of one of the world's most important professions, Sales. Although the appliance company provided sales training, this was presented by colleagues in the same position as me. Most of what was said went right over my head.

Looking further afield I discovered master salesman Tom Hopkins. Listening to his tapes every traveling moment, reading his book every resting moment, reflecting often on what he espoused, produced my first sale and a new friend in exactly three weeks. Tom Hopkins opened my mind to the vibrant world of selling, the lifeblood of every Nation's economy.

Tom also introduced me to the players in the vibrant world of Personal Development. It is no coincident top sales professionals practice mind expansion. Armed with the confidence of knowing I was learning to do things right, significantly bolstered by the response of happy customers, I was caught up in the addictive excitement of mounting sales figures.

Influenced by Earl and Tom, beginning to really grasp what mind expansion truly meant, I enthusiastically sought out motivational authors, who, through lack of awareness were previously hidden from me. With the mental lights gradually brightening I found a rich lode of insightful lore in the form of books. Initially at libraries, a good source for out of print material, but preferring to have my own copy as a ready reference, I made a point of purchasing these books wherever possible. As my selling expertise gradually increased, opportunities to attend sales and motivational seminars presented themselves.

Sometimes described as overpriced, usually by those who have never attended one, seminars too, proved to be an invaluable source of learning material. The stage presence of some of these speaking greats eliciting an immediate sense of capability in the mind of the listener. Books and recordings being available for purchase at the event to maintain the momentum, if one knew how to do just that. Developing the ability to maintain the momentum is one purpose of this website. My education was advancing at a rapid clip. I felt I was learning the important stuff, but outside the field of sales few shared my elan for mind expansion, as though it did not exist.

Feeling alone but not lonely, these were good people who were simply not on the path of spiritual enlightenment, I ratcheted up my learning curve several notches and embraced philosophy. Conformity would never catch me unawares ever again. In the sense that some philosophers have arrived at theories that are more complex than the situation they are supposedly explaining, this is a well deserved perception. Others make perfect sense. The message intelligent minds have both sought and promoted down the ages was, and still is, practical and useful. Practical and useful is of the most benefit to we Humans and is the message that still holds my rapt attention today.

I gravitated to the most practical motivational authors, who, advocating the same message in different ways, deepened my understanding of what they were saying. This deeper understanding in turn helped me recognize who, among the myriad philosophers, had or indeed has a true grasp of how our mind functions. A subject that now has the avid attention of Science. Science and philosophy have much in common, the earliest philosophers indistinguishable from the earliest scientists, sharing a fervent desire to uncover truth wherever they delved.

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While both disciplines have branched and specialized beyond recognition they should still be seen as one entity with a common goal. The search for truth. Truth seeking philosophers and scientists, along with my favored motivational authors, became my heroes and mentors. Never again would my mind suffer from malnutrition. Selling played a pivotal role in my education. Australia at that time was steadily becoming multicultural. Meeting and interacting with people from all over the world, in a sales environment in their respective homes, is an experience I cherish.

Learning first-hand that Nationality has nothing to do with being Human. That our differences rest solely in our cultures and beliefs, that these differences are a source of knowledge and creativity as deep and as endless as the universe itself, and the anguish and trauma we suffer is visited upon us because we fail to recognize that when we hurt others, via our perceptions and then actions, we are hurting ourselves. Practicing personal development goes a long way in alleviating the pain inflicted by another's ignorance. A practical lesson gleaned from selling that remains within reach and I reflect upon often is the fact that the worst recession in my experience did not stop people of all Nationalities from purchasing a quality, value for money product that they recognized they had a need for.

Non manipulative selling and personal development, like science and philosophy, also have much in common. Both fulfill a deep seated need that exists in every Human Being. We all have a desire to improve our life skills and brain power, and we are all salespeople. Even if the only thing we sell is ourselves, our livelihoods depend on selling to each other. After several years of direct selling it was time for a change, deciding to fulfill a strange desire I had harbored since childhood.

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It turned out to be a tough way to take a break, but proved to be another rich lode to mine in my ongoing search for enlightenment. You may not be surprised who you meet in a taxicab, but I was. Many folk are willing to open up to a taxi driver in a way they would never do to any other total stranger. Even with such vibrant mental stimulation there for the asking, though, the novelty of piloting a cab soon wore off.

Knocking back an offer to buy the cab operators license, which is now worth more than a flash house, I gave the game away and instead bought a rubbish removal truck. This was right up my street. Hard physical work, plenty of it, we were in the middle of a building boom, and income to match the effort I was prepared to make. It was a very profitable line of business. And a worthwhile investment. It seemed natural now to study Human behavior and this occupation provided ample opportunity. In workspaces as diverse as banks and commercial building sites I observed folk interacting with each other as I unobtrusively went about my activities.

Psychology was becoming an ever growing influence in my education as I studied the perceptions, observations and original thinking of great practical minds down the ages and related it to what I was observing in real life as it played out before my eyes. In all spheres, all over the Planet. These real life events were more entertaining than television drama, decidedly more instructive, and in some cases, downright disturbing.

History was reflecting itself in the actions of we Humans.

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These modern day repetitions of history had two things in common. Firstly, so often folk, many of them leaders who we depend on to get it right, were simply getting it wrong. Resorting to squabbling and bickering, posturing, spin doctoring, blame mongering, and violence, in lieu of seeking and implementing solutions to problems. Who do they think they are fooling?? I would ask myself. On a smaller scale others were thriving and prospering, going about their business with demonstrably capable equanimity and impunity.

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