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Living on campus is a popular choice for first-year students starting their time at university. Residence prices vary across the country. Depending on which university you attend, living in a campus residence can burn a serious hole in your pocket. To avoid incurring extra expenses, students should make sure to first determine whether their meal plans are transferrable to the next year.

At some universities, meal plan credits are eligible to roll over to the next year, and if the student moves out of campus residence, they can receive a gift card to pay for food at university vendors. Most students choose to live off-campus after their first year of university. But eating a few meals on campus might save you some spare cash and time.

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We rec signing up for a 5 meal-per-week plan, so you can grab lunch on campus between classes. This goes for food items too — get your cereal, frozen meat, etc. With all the responsibilities that come with off campus housing, it can sometimes feel like added coursework. Create a cleaning schedule ex. Studies show that doing some extra favors for your roomie will even boost your roommate relationship.

But chances are, tons of people on campus will be trying to do the same, so start looking a few months before. Hang up flyers around campus, post in Facebook groups, and put an ad on Craigslist.

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Truth is, the best time to get renters insurance is now! A lot of renters insurance companies talk about protecting you from fire, vandalism, etc. Talk to the current tenants about their experiences with the landlord.

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Do not sign a lease until you personally enter and view the exact unit you will be renting. A model unit may give you an idea of the available units, but ask to see the specific unit for rent, even if people are currently living there.

Tips for Students Living Off-Campus

Once you have visited a unit multiple times and are seriously considering renting the place, you may need to provide the landlord with certain information:. You may need to pay an application fee. The landlord may check your credit report as well. Most landlords require a student under the age of 21 to have a co-signor typically a parent or guardian.

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Before signing the lease, read the lease carefully. The lease affects your rights and responsibilities. After signing the lease, your co-signor will also be asked to sign the lease. Ask for a copy of everything you and your landlord sign. A lease is a binding contract between the tenant and the landlord. Every lease should explicitly spell out information important to both parties, such as:. RENT — The lease should stipulate how much the rent is per month, as well as when the rent is due.

With rent, the topic of utilities must also be specified: By law, tenants have a grace period of five business days to pay their rent. If not included in the lease, within 30 days the landlord should provide you with written notice detailing the type of account, the current interest rate and the name of the bank at which it is deposited.

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What is the penalty for breaking the lease? This checklist is intended for educational purposes and should be used as an aid only. After the initial term of the lease, will the lease be month to month? If so, how long? How is routine maintenance completed for the unit? Is maintenance on call 24 hours a day? Is painting or altering the property in any way permitted i.

Your landlord's insurance does not cover your personal property in the event it is damaged in a fire or stolen. Check with your auto insurance company or other insurance companies for a price quote. You can also ask your parents to see if their homeowner's insurance covers your property.