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Cluster Matrices for Home Economics Occupations. Education for Employment Task Lists. This document contains information for home economics occupations in Illinois in seven sections. The first part provides lists of employability skills for the following: The second section contains task analyses for the…. Women's Careers and Transitions: This interpretive collective case study sought to fully understand and describe the experience of women leaders who took a career break to be stay-at- home mothers.

Five women leaders representing a variety of industries and leadership roles participated in the study. Multiple methods were used to collect data with participant interviews being the…. Home stay program provided tourists multi ethnic life condition with cultural experiences and economic well beings for the local people.

Malaysian home stay program differed from the other commercial home stay in the world. Home stay accommodation can create a scope to the local communities for active participation in tourism activities. The study examined the potentiali Electric heating provides a high level of home comfort - economically. Research and development at IVO in the area of electric heating boasts a tradition going back almost thirty years.

Research aimed at further progress is continuing. The first results show that electric heating continues to be very competitive with other heating systems.

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It is an economical way of heating the home and it also increases the comfort of those living there. A Proposal for High Schools. Proposed is the development of an ecology curriculum at the secondary school level by home economics instructors in conjunction with teachers in biology, health, social science, etc. To combat the decline in enrollment in home economics and the complaint of irrelevance of traditional cooking and sewing courses, home economics teachers are urged to….

The transformation of primary care PC training sites into patient-centered medical homes PCMH has implications for the education of health professionals. This study investigates the extent to which physician assistant PA students report learning about the PCMH model and how clinical exposure to PCMH might impact their interest in a primary care career. An electronic survey was distributed to second-year PA students who had recently completed their PC rotation from 12 PA programs. Descriptive statistics and ordered logistic regression analyses were used to characterize the results.

A total of second-year PA students completed the survey. Twenty- five percent of respondents stated they were oriented to new payment structures proposed in the Affordable Care Act and quality improvement principles. Predictors of interest in a primary care career included: PA students lack adequate instruction related to the new health care delivery models. Students whose clerkship sites offered greater number of PCMH elements were more interested in pursuing a career in primary care.

This article addresses economically disadvantaged minority girls' knowledge and perceptions of science and engineering and the influence of their experiences with science, technology, engineering, and mathematics STEM on their choices for future careers. Full Text Available This paper presents the results of a study conducted among pre-service home economics teachers from the Faculty of Education of the University of Ljubljana with different levels of practical experience in teaching. The pre-service Home Economics teachers in the 3rd year of their studies had just completed their first class of teaching experience in contrast to the pre-service teachers from the 4th year of their faculty studies, who had conducted more teaching lessons.

The results showed that the 4th-year pre-service teachers had fewer doubts and problems concerning the planning and conducting of a lesson. They also statistically significantly agreed that they are sufficiently prepared to teach than the 3rd-year pre-service teachers are. The results showed that the majority of the pre-service teachers agreed that the feedback from their colleagues was helpful for their professional development. The results suggest the importance of practical teaching experience in the context of professional development and the intention to continue a career in education.

Describes a middle school career -oriented teaching unit with emphasis on teaching for divergent thinking. The unit provides hands-on opportunities for eighth-grade students to explore careers using the knowledge and skills developed in their home economics class. The careers are restaurant management, hospitality service, and interior design. Equality at home - A question of career? Housework, norms, and policies in a European comparative perspective. Full Text Available Background: Dual-earner families are widespread in contemporary Europe, yet the division of housework is highly gendered, with women still bearing the lion's share.

However, women in dual- career couples and in other types of non-traditional couples, across and within different European countries, appear to handle the division of housework differently. The results show that dual- career couples divide housework more equally than dual-earner couples, relating more to the fact that the former group of women do less housework in general, rather than that men are doing more.

By combining conventional economic and gender-based approaches with an institutional framework, this study contributes to the research field by showing that the division of housework within different couple-earner types is contextually embedded. We examine how work difficulties in the early career , and the generally deteriorating work conditions associated with the recent U.

Drawing on panel data from the Youth Development Study, we test whether individuals change their work values in response to concerns about satisfying material needs or the features of jobs that they are able to attain. Results indicate that extrinsic values are weakened in the face of unemployment, as well as reduced job security, income, and advancement. These patterns support a reinforcement and accentuation model in which workers adjust their values to emphasize what they actually obtain from the job. The study adopted a survey method. The area of the study is south eastern Nigeria.

Three research questions guided the study. The population was made up of 63 Home Economics lecturers from the six…. The instructor-coordinator's handbook is for Home Economics Cooperative Education programs, those which are designed to prepare students for the world of work or for advanced education. The guide lists terms related to home economics cooperative education and covers the following subjects in separate chapters: An instructional aid is provided for home economics teachers who wish to integrate the subject of solar energy into their classroom activities.

This teacher's guide was produced along with the student activities book for home economics by the US Department of Energy Solar Energy Education. A glossary of solar energy terms is included. Work- home interface stress: The importance of work- home interface stress can vary throughout a medical career and between genders.

Changes over the period were examined and predictors of emotional exhaustion analyzed using linear regression. Levels of work- home interface stress declined, whereas emotional exhaustion stayed on the same level. Some gender differences in predictors of emotional exhaustion were found. Work- home conflicts have a substantial impact on career decisions that affect the adequacy of the surgical workforce.

To evaluate factors associated with work- home conflicts W-HCs of US surgeons and their potential personal and professional consequences. Members of the American College of Surgeons. Burnout, depression, quality of life, alcohol use, career satisfaction, and career decisions ie, reduce work hours or leave current practice. Of participating surgeons, On multivariate analysis, hours worked per week, having children, sex, and work location Veterans Administration or academic center were independently associated with an increased risk for W-HC all P career option to their children Integrating personal and professional lives is a substantial challenge for US surgeons.

This paper studies the importance of the socialization environment--nest--for the career destinations of early career researchers. In a sample of research groups in the fields of science and engineering at universities in Germany, we identify research orientation, output, funding as well as openness to industry and commercialization as relevant….

The training program outlined in this guide focuses upon the development of students for gainful employment through a two-year course of study in clothing and textiles. Instructional topics are provided in six areas: An International and Intergenerational Vignette. This unique Feature article comprises a collage of contributions submitted by family and consumer sciences FCS practitioners from around the world also called home economics , human ecology, and human sciences.

This article explores the career dynamics of performers in the gay male pornography industry, by focusing on a common career path- from porn star to stripper to escort. Between and , most men performing in gay porn films, unlike contract actresses in the straight porn industry, have been unable to earn enough income to work exclusively as performers in front of the camera. The industry's constant search for new faces and fresh performers creates what sociologist Paul Cressey has called "the retrogressive dynamic": The longer a person works in a sexual occupation, the less one is paid, and the lower the status of the work venue.

In the porn industry, one aspect of this process is referred to as "overexposure," during which the performer experiences a diminishing "fantasy potential" as fans lose erotic interest in the porn star who has appeared too frequently in too many movies. Performers attempt to confront the retrogressive dynamic by limiting the number of adult films in which they appear in a year, diversifying their sexual repertoire, or shifting into other roles within the industry behind the camera, marketing, production, etc. One common option is to pursue work in economically complementary forms of sex work such as stripping and escorting.

Updating the content of home economics modules in terms of sustainability. Home Economics is an obligatory subject in the fifth and sixth grades in nine-grade Slovenian elementary schools. Its objectives and contents are targeted at educational work that stimulates students to form positive viewpoints, knowledge and behaviour towards sustainable society development. Ostomy Home Skills Program. The training program outlined in this guide focuses upon the development of students for gainful employment through a two-year course of study in home and institutional services.

Instructional topics are provided in nine areas: Economic and cultural influences on the decision to leave home in Peninsular Malaysia. Although the departure of children from the parental home is an important life-cycle event, few studies have investigated nest-leaving in developing countries. Using retrospective data from the Second Malaysian Family Life Survey, we estimate hazard models of nest-leaving in Peninsular Malaysia. We find that the departure of children, especially sons, responds to economic incentives, including housing costs, family businesses, education, and economic growth, and that ethnic differences in nest-leaving are important.

We also find that the median age of departure from home has declined sharply over the past 40 years, a period of rapid social and economic change in Malaysia. Many working women will experience sexual harassment at some point in their careers. While some report this harassment, many leave their jobs to escape the harassing environment. This mixed-methods study examines whether sexual harassment and subsequent career disruption affect women's careers. Using in-depth interviews and longitudinal survey data from the Youth Development Study, we examine the effect of sexual harassment for women in the early career.

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We find that sexual harassment increases financial stress, largely by precipitating job change, and can significantly alter women's career attainment. Internationally, the number of patients requiring treatment for end-stage kidney disease ESKD continues to increase, placing substantial burden on health systems and patients. Home hemodialysis HD has fluctuated in its popularity, and the rates of home HD vary considerably between and within countries although there is evidence suggesting a number of clinical, survival, economic , and quality of life QoL advantages associated with this treatment.

This is a comprehensive literature review of patient-centered and economic impacts of home HD with the studies published between January and July Data from the primary studies representing both efficiency and equity of home HD were presented as a narrative synthesis under the following topics: There were a number of advantages for patients on home HD including improved survival and QoL and flexibility and potential for employment, compared to hospital HD. Similarly, there were several barriers to patients preferring or maintaining home HD, and the strategies to overcome these barriers were frequently reported.

Good evidence reported that indigenous, low-income, and other socially disadvantaged individuals had reduced access to home HD compared to other forms of dialysis and that this situation compounds already-poor health outcomes on renal. Enhanced care assistant training to address the workforce crisis in home care: Changes in job satisfaction and career commitment were observed as a consequence of a geriatric case management training program focusing on skills development among personal care attendants in home care.

A comparison of pretraining and posttraining scores uncovered a statistically significant increase in Intrinsic Job Satisfaction scores for participants years of age, whereas levels declined among the group of middle aged participants and no change was observed among participants age 52 and older. On the other hand, a statistically significant decline in Extrinsic Job Satisfaction was documented over all participants, but this was found to be primarily due to declines among participants years of age.

When contacted months after the training series had concluded participants indicated that the training substantially increased the likelihood that they would stay in their current jobs and improved their job satisfaction to some extent. A comparison of pretraining and posttraining scores among participants providing follow-up data revealed a statistically significant improvement in levels of Career Resilience. These results are discussed as they relate to similar training models and national data sets, and recommendations are offered for targeting future educational programs designed to address the long-term care workforce shortage.

Home health nursing care services in Greece during an economic crisis. The purpose of this review was to describe public home healthcare nursing services in Greece. The effectiveness and the efficiency of home healthcare nursing are well documented in the international literature. In Greece, during the current financial crisis, the development of home healthcare nursing services is the focus and interest of policymakers and academics because of its contribution to the viability of the healthcare system.

A review was conducted of the existing legislation, the printed and electronic bibliography related to the legal framework, the structures that provide home health care, the funding of the services, the human resources and the services provided. The review of the literature revealed the strengths and weaknesses of the existing system of home health care and its opportunities and threats, which are summarized in a SWOT analysis.

There is no Greek nursing literature on this topic. The development of home health nursing care requires multidimensional concurrent and combined changes and adjustments that would support and strengthen healthcare professionals in their practices. Academic and nursing professionals should provide guidelines and regulations and develop special competencies for the best nursing practice in home health care. At present, in Greece, which is in an economic crisis and undergoing reforms in public administration, there is an undeniable effort being made to give primary health care the position it deserves within the health system.

There is an urgent need at central and academic levels to develop home healthcare services to improve the quality and efficiency of the services provided. A Nation at Risk: Neglect of career development at all levels, K-adult, is costly to employers, taxpayers, and individuals. The information delivered through computer-based career guidance systems is vital, but it must be accompanied by training in critical reasoning skills so that relevant information for decision making can be selected through the insight gained…. Most stay-at- home mothers wish to return to the workplace; yet, the majority are not successful.

There is a looming labor shortage and increasing organizational initiatives to increase female participation at most levels, providing opportunity for this talent pool. The purpose of this descriptive study was to examine the reentry strategies of…. Apnea of prematurity affects a small proportion but large absolute number of late preterm infants, with out-patient management variably utilized despite relative clinical equipoise and potential for improved cost-effectiveness.

In-patient costs for discharge-delaying ABD events were compared with hypothetical out-patient management. A total of late preterm and term infants were included in our analysis. Sensitivity analysis demonstrated few instances of decreased relative cost-effectiveness. Out-patient management of discharge-delaying ABD events in a late preterm and term population was a cost-effective alternative to prolonged in-patient observation. Internet Multi- Homing Problems: Companies seeking to ensure that their Internet connection is resilient often purchase services from multiple providers.

This leads them inexorably towards having their IP address range visible in the global routing table, increasing the resource usage of every Internet router. There is little prospect of change in the IPv4 world, but there is a chance to fix the problem as IPv6 is rolled out. Unfortunately, SHIM6, the engineering solution chosen to solve this issue in IPv6, will only be effective if universally adopted, and there are no short-term incentives to prefer SHIM6 over a duplication of the IPv4 arrangements.

However, it would be almost impossible to ensure the substantial revenues involved are correctly redistributed to those bearing the costs. Occupational Home Economics Education Series. Fabrics and Textiles Merchandising. Competency Based Teaching Module. This module, one of ten competency based modules developed for vocational home economics teachers, is based on a job cluster in fabric and textiles merchandising. It is designed for use with a variety of groups including grades and adults.

Focusing on the specific job title fabric and textiles salesperson, ten competencies and the student…. Home Economics as an Academic Discipline: The history of the home economics curriculum is traced from the late nineteenth century. The importance of the ideas of Sir Francis Bacon and Count Rumford in providing the philosophical justification for the application of science to everyday living is emphasized. The establishment of land grant colleges and women's colleges in the nineteenth…. Teaching Units for Consumer Home Economics.

The instructional aids in this packet were designed to be used by high school home economics teachers who have Spanish speaking students with limited English skills mainstreamed into their regular classes. The teaching aids can be used by both English and Spanish speaking students at the same time because both Spanish and English are presented on….

Home Economics --Food Service Catering. An instructor's manual and student activity guide on food service, catering are provided in this set of prevocational education materials which focuses on the vocational area of home economics. This set of materials is one of ninety-two prevocational education sets arranged around a cluster of seven vocational offerings: This module, one of ten competency based modules developed for vocational home economics teachers, is based on a job cluster in the catering industry.

It is designed for use with a variety of levels of learners secondary, postsecondary, adult in both school and non-school educational settings. Focusing on two levels of employment, food caterer…. This study was designed to ascertain the challenges of improvising instructional materials by Home Economics teachers at the Upper Basic education level in Nigeria, and as a result identify strategies for enhancing improvisation. The study used survey research design based on two research questions.

The sample was four hundred and thirty-one Home…. This teaching guide provides materials on how to implement a global education curriculum into the home economics program. The stated objective is to motivate students to become more caring and responsible citizens of the global village. Contents include a list of student objectives, steps to take in implementing the global view curriculum, and…. A study was done of higher education curricula with substantial enrollment by women such as fashion merchandising and home economics to examine the context and substance of the curricula, to identify infrastructures that have supported these programs, and to probe issues that face administrators, faculty and students engaged in such programs.

The purpose of this paper is to test an hypothesis that teachers' personal orientations toward food preparation, nutrition and environmental issues would be related to their perceived importance of food skills. Little research has been conducted on home economics teachers' views on the importance of the food…. The purpose of this paper is to examine and report on the impact of technology and culture on home economics and nutrition science education in developing countries with a focus on Nigeria.

Globally and most especially in developing countries, the advent of information and communication technologies has meant…. The mixed role of local communities in home -based economic activities in Caribbean cities. These income-generating activities are financially, socially and spatially strongly integrated within the household. In the Global South they are, after paid work, the most often performed type of livelihood. Using the self-efficacy concept from Bandura's social learning theory, researchers developed an instrument to measure students' self-perceived competence in home economics core areas.

Administration to all graduate students at a midwestern university during verified eight original competence areas and added a ninth. Course of Study for Occupationally Oriented Classes. Grades 8, 9, The guide is divided into three sections, one for each grade. Sections are further subdivided into units, each of which is laid out in three columns.

Column headings are goals and concepts, activities and resources and notes. Poor urban households in the economic 'south' deploy various livelihood activities. This study examines the prevalence, organisation and relevance of HBEAs in four neighbourhoods in the. Paediatric tracheostomy and ventilation home care with challenging socio- economic circumstances in South Africa. Children discharged home with a tracheostomy need a safe home environment and access to health care. We described the indications, clinical characteristics, socio- economic circumstances and outcomes of children enroled in a tracheostomy home care programme in South Africa.

We performed a retrospective chart review of children receiving a tracheostomy and enroled in the Breatheasy programme at the Red Cross War Memorial Children's Hospital, Cape Town. Medical and background characteristics were recorded. Influences of socio- economic variables and underlying medical conditions on length of hospital stay, unplanned readmissions and mortality in the first year after discharge were evaluated.

In the period , patients were discharged home with a tracheostomy. Median hospital stay after tracheostomy insertion was significantly longer when parents had incomplete schooling compared to completed secondary school or higher education; 30 days IQR versus 23 days IQR , respectively. Unplanned readmissions in the first year were documented for 72 patients The risk for unplanned readmission was 2. Tracheostomy-related mortality was low 1. An underlying medical condition was the only independent significant risk factor for mortality OR 5. This study demonstrates that despite difficult socio- economic circumstances, home ventilation of children with a tracheostomy is safe, provided caregivers are adequately trained and supported.

Published by Elsevier Ireland Ltd. Economic and environmental scheduling of smart homes with microgrid: DER operation and electrical tasks. Microgrids are promising in reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions, compared with the current centralised energy generation systems. Smart homes are becoming popular for their lower energy cost and provision of comfort. In this work, a mixed integer linear programming MILP model is proposed to schedule the energy consumption within smart homes using a microgrid system.

The proposed model is implemented on a smart building of 30 homes under three different price schemes. Systematic review of the economic evidence on home visitation programmes for vulnerable pregnant women. A systematic review of the economic evidence on home visitation programmes for young or vulnerable pregnant women was undertaken to provide a summary of the existing literature of these interventions. Relevant studies were identified from a number of sources including large databases, free text search on Google Scholar as well as hand-searching of the obtained references.

The search yielded a large number of papers, of which 12 were considered appropriate to be included in the review. These were either full or partial economic evaluations: The review highlighted the paucity of good quality economic evaluations in the area of home visiting programmes for young or vulnerable pregnant women. Methods varied substantially between the studies spanning from differing data sources e.

It is difficult to establish a coherent body of economic evidence for these interventions and draw a firm conclusion on their value for money. Home visiting programmes are complex interventions, with impact on the lives of mothers and their children. The funding of such interventions should be based on rigorous effectiveness and economic evidence. There is a need for well-designed economic evaluations which will follow the appropriate methodological guidelines and also take into account the complexity of such interventions.

These analyses should preferably consider multiple perspectives and allow for the fact that the majority of the benefits accrue in the long-term future. Published by Oxford University Press. For permissions, please e-mail: Concept maps for home economics in the secondary school nursing programme. Concept maps are an effective learning tool in teaching, learning and knowledge testing. The key principle is quality learning where new concepts and subject matter are understood and linked to the existing knowledge.

The purpose of the diploma work is examining and organizing concepts; creating concept maps for topics from the subject catalogue for Home Economics in the nursing education programme; finding out if concept maps could be used as a learning tool or learning technique, and w Food away from home , especially fast food, is often cited as contributing to rising obesity. This negative publicity can affect the demand for restaurant meals.

In this study econometric models explaining visits to table service and fast food restaurants are estimated. The explanatory variables include not only standard demographic and economic measures but also measures of nutrition knowledge, attitudes, and concerns.

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Effects for the former are similar to those found in past studies. The Home of the Tiger: Economic Speculation and the Ethics of Habitation. Full Text Available In Ireland, the " home " has a long tradition as a powerful spatial signifier, capable of expressing a range of social, aesthetic, and political interactions. Historically, home ownership in Ireland was not only a measure of working-and-middle-class respectability, but also a symbol of national independence that stood in opposition to a colonial history of dispossession.

By centralizing the connection of urban space to capitalism, speculation opens the domestic spaces of the home to the processes of speculation and devaluation. Essentially, my argument analyzes how changing the economic parameters of domestic space creates a concomitant change in how homes are figured in the Irish cultural lexicon.

  • Introduction to Hypoplasticity (Introduction to Geotechnical Engineering & Tunnelling).
  • FREUNDINNEN (German Edition)!
  • Thomas Muntzer: A Tragedy of Errors.
  • The Veterinarians Guide to Your Dogs Symptoms.
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This change represents a cognitive speculation where the speculative value of a home , as a commodity is what confers an authentic social status on the homeowner. Any ethical concerns related to domestic space, both its use and value, are superseded by its ability to generate capital via a speculative evaluation. Through the connection of spatial and cultural transformation, my paper furthers current discussions in Irish studies that analyze the dramatic impact, and aftermath, of the Tiger.

The literary response to speculation, found in analyses of Deidre Madden and Anne Haverty, frame speculation as a parody of communal life that eliminates any real interpersonal relationships in a wave of postmodern alienation. Finally, my paper articulates how the lasting damage that followed the collapse of the Tiger altered the way the Irish understood the concepts and realities of the " home ". Economic impact analysis of an end-of-life programme for nursing home residents. Due to limited end-of-life discussions and the absence of palliative care, hospitalisations are frequent at the end of life among nursing home residents in Singapore, resulting in high health-care costs.

Our objective was to evaluate the economic impact of Project Care at the End-of-Life for Residents in homes for the Elderly CARE programme on nursing home residents compared to usual end-of-life care. Project CARE was introduced in seven nursing homes to provide advance care planning and palliative care for residents identified to be at risk of dying within 1 year. The cases consisted of nursing home residents enrolled in the Project CARE programme for at least 3 months. A historical group of nursing home residents not in any end-of-life care programme was chosen as the matched controls.

Cost differences between the two groups were analysed over the last 3 months and final month of life. Compared to the controls, the cases were older with more comorbidities and higher nursing needs. This study demonstrated substantial savings associated with an end-of-life programme. With a significant proportion of the population in Singapore requiring nursing home care in the near future, these results could assist policymakers and health-care providers in decision-making on allocation of health-care resources.

Economic implications of home births and birth centers: It is widely perceived that home births and birth centers may help decrease the costs of maternity care for women with uncomplicated pregnancies and deliveries. This structured review examines the literature relating to the economic implications of home births and birth center care compared with hospital maternity care.

Data were extracted with respect to the study design, inclusion criteria, clinical and cost results, and details of what was included in the cost calculations. Two studies focused on home births versus other forms and locations of care, whereas nine focused on birth centers versus other forms and locations of care. Resource use was generally lower for women cared for at home and in birth centers due to lower rates of intervention, shorter lengths of stay, or both.

However, this fact did not always translate into lower costs because, in the U. The quality of much of the literature was poor, although no studies were excluded for this reason. Selection bias was likely to be a problem in those studies not based on randomized controlled trials because, even where birth center eligibility was applied throughout, women who choose to deliver at home or in a birth center are likely to be different in terms of expectations and approach from women choosing to deliver in hospital.

This review highlights the paucity of economic literature relating to home births and birth centers. Differences in results between studies may be. Long-term ventilated patients in Germany receive intensive care mainly in the patients' home or in assisted-living facilities. There is a lack of knowledge about the nature and extent of resource use and costs associated with care of this small, heterogeneous but overall growing patient group.

A sub-study in the context of a research project SHAPE analyzed costs of 29 patients descriptively from a social perspective. Direct and indirect costs of intensive home care over a period of three months were recorded and analyzed retrospectively. Standardized recorded written self-reports from patients and relatives as well as information from the interviewing of nursing staff and from nursing documentation were the basis for this analysis.

The main costs were directly linked to outpatient medical and nursing care provided according to the Code of Social Law V and XI. Intensive home care for ventilated patients is resource-intensive and cost-intensive and has received little attention also from a health economics perspective. Valid information and transparency about the cost structures are required for an effective and economic design and management of the long-term care of this patient group.

Recent evidence signals the need for effective forms of home support to people with dementia and their carers. The cost-effectiveness evidence of different approaches to support is scant. To appraise economic evidence on the cost-effectiveness of home support interventions for dementia to inform future evaluation. A systematic literature review of full and partial economic evaluations was performed using the British National Health Service Economic Evaluation Database supplemented by additional references.

Study characteristics and findings, including incremental cost-effectiveness ratios, when available, were summarized narratively. Study quality was appraised using the National Health Service Economic Evaluation Database critical appraisal criteria and independent ratings, agreed by two reviewers. Of the articles retrieved, 14 studies met the inclusion criteria: Five studies were incremental cost-utility analyses, seven were cost-effectiveness analyses, and two were cost consequences analyses.

In four studies, interventions were dominant over usual care. Two interventions were more costly but more beneficial and were favorable against current acceptability thresholds. Occupational therapy, home -based exercise, and a carers' coping intervention emerged as cost-effective approaches for which there was better evidence. These interventions used environmental modifications, behavior management, physical activity, and emotional support as active components. More robust evidence is needed to judge the value of these and other interventions across the dementia care pathway.

High-performance workplace practices in nursing homes: To develop implications for research, practice and policy, selected economics and human resources management research literature was reviewed to compare and contrast nursing home culture change work practices with high-performance human resource management systems in other industries. The organization of nursing home work under culture change has much in common with high-performance work systems, which are characterized by increased autonomy for front-line workers, self-managed teams, flattened supervisory hierarchy, and the aspiration that workers use specific knowledge gained on the job to enhance quality and customization.

However, successful high-performance work systems also entail intensive recruitment, screening, and on-going training of workers, and compensation that supports selective hiring and worker commitment; these features are not usual in the nursing home sector. Thus despite many parallels with high-performance work systems, culture change work systems are missing essential elements: If purchasers, including public payers, were willing to pay for customized, resident-centered care, productivity gains could be shared with workers, and the nursing home sector could move from a low-road to a high-road employment system.

Deconstructing career myths and cultural stereotypes in a context of Deconstructing career myths and cultural stereotypes in a context of low resourced The Educational Visions and Cultural Meaning. This article explores foods talked about and chosen in the education of Swedish Home Economics as a relationship between structural processes and agency. Three data sets from observations and focus group interviews with teachers and students were analyzed for food classifications. These were related to a culinary triangle of contradictions, showing factors of identity, convenience and responsibility.

Results show that foods talked about and chosen by teachers and students were reflections of dominant cultural values. Results also indicate that teachers had more agency than students, but that the choices they made were framed by educational visions and cultural values. An attempt was made to prepare a nonfermented bread-like food usable as home economics teaching and learning material. The new receipe could be a model for showing the leavening process of bread by use of sodium bicarbonate and yogurt as an acidifying agent. In this study, the nonfermented bread was used in the class by forty second grade high school students on the theme of "Infant foods — focusing on snacks— " The students favorably evaluated the bread-like food as being easy to prepare A techno- economic comparison of rural electrification based on solar home systems and PV microgrids.

Solar home systems are typically used for providing basic electricity services to rural households that are not connected to electric grid. A techno- economic comparison of the two options to facilitate a choice between them is presented in this study on the basis of annualised life cycle costs ALCC for same type of loads and load patterns for varying number of households and varying length and costs of distribution network.

The results highlight that microgrid is generally a more economic option for a village having a flat geographic terrain and more than densely located households using low power appliances e. The study analyses the viability of the two options from the perspectives of the user, an energy service company and the society. Families' Social Backgrounds Matter: Parental support with children's learning is considered to be one pathway through which socio- economic factors influence child competencies. Utilising a national longitudinal sample from the Millennium Cohort Study, this study examined the relationship between home learning and parents' socio- economic status and their impact on young children's….

Is home -based palliative care cost-effective? The aim of this study was to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of a home -based palliative care model relative to usual care in expediting discharge or enabling patients to remain at home. Economic evaluation of a pilot randomised controlled trial with 28 days follow-up. All estimates are high uncertainty. The results of this small pilot study point to the potential of PEACH as a cost-effective end-of-life care model relative to usual care.

Findings support the feasibility of conducting a definitive, fully powered study with longer follow-up and comprehensive economic evaluation. The influence of perception and motivation on the interest of career in the field of taxation students majoring in accounting of the faculty of economics Universitas Negeri jakarta. This study used 75 students S1 Departement of Accounting, State University of Jakarta which is still active academic year Data used in this study is primary data and selection of samples using a convenience sampling method.

The first phase of testing the validity and reliability of the statement of each variable. The second stage, performing variable regression perception and motivation towards a career in the field of taxation the interest of students. The results of testing the feasibility of the model shows that the two independent variables, namely perception and motivation affect the career interests of students in the field of taxation Accounting Department of Economics at the State University of Jakarta simultaneously.

Accessories modifying based on plastic waste of shampoo bottle as home economic product. Plastic is a waste that can not decompose by the soil and if its left without a good handling can pollute the environment. Plastic waste needs processing by the recycle bottles principle.

Shampoo bottle is one of plastic waste with high density polyethylene type HDPE. One of the innovation to recycling shampoo bottles waste into the new products whichbeneficially and aestheticallyform by engineered the buns accesories. Accessories are one of the tools used by most women, in the form of trinkets or ornaments which ajusted to the trend to beautify the look.

Accessories from shampoo bottle waste can be obtained from household waste, beauty salon and the beauty program study by inculcating human beings' behavior by transforming waste into blessing while also increasing family income. Technique of making its by compiling through improvement of panelist team. The goal of this research is to engineering theaccessories based on shampoo bottle waste as home economics.

The method are using experiment, observation and documentation, analysis using descriptive. The product can be ordered according to the desired design, but it takes a long time. Therefore accessories engineering from shampoo bottles waste-based can be used as home economics. The production of shampoo bottles waste-based accessories should improved its quality and quantity, to be marketed through the community, by the cooperation with accessories and bun craftsmen. Costs and economic consequences of a help-at- home scheme for older people in England.

Solutions to support older people to live independently and reduce the cost of an ageing population are high on the political agenda of most developed countries. Help-at- home schemes offer a mix of community support with the aim to address a range of well-being needs. However, not much is currently known about the costs, outcomes and economic consequences of such schemes.

Understanding their impact on individuals' well-being and the economic consequences for local and central government can contribute to decisions about sustainable long-term care financing. The study followed a participatory approach, which involved staff and volunteers. Data were collected during and Costs of the scheme were established from local budget and activity data. This article highlights the potential contribution of voluntary sector-run help-at- home schemes to an affordable welfare system for ageing societies.

Economic inequality--the income gap between the wealthy and the poor--is increasing. Educational inequity has also increased with low-income students less likely to complete college than their wealthier counterparts. As the gap widens between the education "haves" and "have-nots," those with inadequate education are faced with…. Can we do better? Economic analysis of human resource investment to improve home care service for the elderly in Serbia. Social services aimed at the elderly are facing great challenges caused by progressive aging of the global population but also by the constant pressure to spend funds in a rational manner.

This paper focuses on analyzing the investments into human resources aimed at enhancing home care for the elderly since many countries have recorded progress in the area over the past years. The goal of this paper is to stress the significance of performing an economic analysis of the investment. This paper combines statistical analysis methods such as correlation and regression analysis, methods of economic analysis, and scenario method.

The economic analysis of investing in human resources for home care service in Serbia showed that the both scenarios of investing in either additional home care hours or more beneficiaries are cost-efficient. This paper shows how the statistical and economic analysis results can be used to evaluate different scenarios and enable quality decision-making based on exact data in order to improve health and quality of life of the elderly and spend funds in a rational manner.

Many countries have considered telemedicine and home monitoring of patients as a solution to the demographic challenges that health-care systems face. However, reviews of economic evaluations of telemedicine have identified methodological problems in many studies as they do not comply with guidelines. The aim of this study was to examine economic evaluations alongside randomised controlled trials of home monitoring in chronic disease management and hereby to explore the resources included in the programme costs, the types of health-care utilisation that change as a result of home monitoring and discuss the value of economic evaluation alongside randomised controlled trials of home monitoring on the basis of the studies identified.

A scoping review of economic evaluations of home monitoring of patients with chronic disease based on randomised controlled trials and including information on the programme costs and the costs of equipment was carried out based on a Medline PubMed search. Nine studies met the inclusion criteria. All studies include both costs of equipment and use of staff, but there is large variation in the types of equipment and types of tasks for the staff included in the costs.

In six of the nine studies, home monitoring resulted in a reduction in primary care or emergency contacts. However, in total, home monitoring resulted in increased average costs per patient in six studies and reduced costs in three of the nine studies. The review is limited by the small number of studies found and the restriction to randomised controlled trials, which can be problematic in this area due to lack of blinding of patients and healthcare professionals and the difficulty of implementing organisational changes in hospital departments for the limited period of a trial.

Furthermore, our results may be based on assessments of older telemedicine interventions. Department of Health update. Technologies such as electrical appliances entered American households on a large scale only after many decades of promotion to the public. The genre of "household physics" textbooks was one such form of promotion that was directed towards assumed white, female and largely middle-class home economics students.

Published from the s to…. A study compared the cost effectiveness of secondary child care and commercial foods occupational home economics programs in Kentucky. Identified as dependent variables in the study were program effectiveness, cost efficiency, and cost effectiveness ratio. Program expenditures, community size, and program age were considered as independent…. Health economic evaluation of home and hospital-based care in The care at home approach for type 2 diabetic patients can be Economic evaluation of home -based telebehavioural health care compared to in-person treatment delivery for depression.

Introduction Home -based telebehavioural healthcare improves access to mental health care for patients restricted by travel burden. However, there is limited evidence assessing the economic value of home -based telebehavioural health care compared to in-person care. We sought to compare the economic impact of home -based telebehavioural health care and in-person care for depression among current and former US service members.

Methods We performed trial-based cost-minimisation and cost-utility analyses to assess the economic impact of home -based telebehavioural health care versus in-person behavioural care for depression. Our analyses focused on the payer perspective Department of Defense and Department of Veterans Affairs at three months. We also performed a scenario analysis where all patients possessed video-conferencing technology that was approved by these agencies. The cost-utility analysis evaluated the impact of different depression categories on the incremental cost-effectiveness ratio. One-way and probabilistic sensitivity analyses were performed to test the robustness of the model assumptions.

In one-way sensitivity analyses, the proportion of patients possessing personal computers was a major driver of direct costs. In the cost-utility analysis, home -based telebehavioural health care was dominant when patients possessed video-conferencing technology. Results from probabilistic sensitivity analyses did not differ substantially from base case results. Discussion Home -based telebehavioural health care is dependent on the cost of supplying video-conferencing technology to patients but offers the opportunity to.

When I grow up: This paper proposes three new measures of components STEM career preferences affinity, certainty, and goal , and then explores which dimensions of science learning activation fascination, values, competency belief, and scientific sensemaking are predictive of STEM career preferences. These schools were chosen to represent socio- economic and ethnic diversity. Findings indicate that, overall, youth who are activated towards science learning are more likely to have affinity towards STEM careers , certainty about their future career goals, and have identified a specific STEM career goal.

However, different dimensions of science learning activation are more strongly correlated with different aspects career preference across different STEM career foci e. Gender, age, minority status, and home resources also have explanatory power. While many results are consistent with prior research, there are also novel results that offer important fodder for future research.

Critically, our strategy of measuring affinity towards the specific disciplines that make up STEM, measuring STEM and health career goals separately, and looking at career affinity and career goals separately, offers interesting results and underscores the value of disentangling the conceptual melting pot of what has previously been known as ' career interest.

Examining the feasibility of implementing behavioural economics strategies that encourage home dinner vegetable intake among low-income children. To examine the feasibility of implementing nine behavioural economics -informed strategies, or 'nudges', that aimed to encourage home dinner vegetable intake among low-income children. Caregivers were assigned six of nine strategies and implemented one new strategy per week i. Caregivers recorded child dinner vegetable intake on the nights of strategy implementation and rated the level of difficulty for assigned strategies.

Baseline data on home vegetable availability and child vegetable liking were collected to assess overall strategy feasibility. Participants' homes in a large Midwestern metropolitan area, USA. Pairwise comparisons showed that child dinner vegetable intake for the strategy 'Serve at least two vegetables with dinner meals' was greater than intake for each of two other strategies: Households had a mean of ten different types of vegetables available. To get the free app, enter your mobile phone number.

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