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Also the constant misspelling of certain words like starred instead of stared and rouge instead of rogue gave some additional bumps to the story.

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Jake a newly infected werewolf simply orders a pack of werewolves to leave the area and not bother the locals and they tuck their tail between their legs and leave! Werewolves are bloodthirsty animals who like to fight especially when they are threatened and one of theirs is attacked , furthermore it's a pack, so they are more than him alone and they are in wolf form while he is in human form.

Sorry but this scene with a pack of werwolves simply whining and leaving felt wrong on more than one account.

Thomas tomcat , Helen hell cat , Tabitha tabby cat and Allison alley cat. I blame the length restrictions. Why try to squeeze so much into such a teeny tiny story?

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Why not spend more time and develop the ideas? Or if preferring to make it short, Misty Burke should have limited herself and the story to only a basic plot, but cramming all these storylines with so many characters only harmed the story. Unfortunately there is very little I can applaud about Chasing Tabby, so I give it 1.

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Misty Burke is an established author, poet, and editor.

Chasing Misty

Over the years, she has published numerous romance novels and poetry collections from various small publishers in both the U. The video is awesome! Just goes to show that while clear skies is what you hope for, nature will always surprize you with its wonders. Not what I was expecting — but completely satisfied. Your email address will not be published.

Why is he the murderer?!

Preliminary Report — Total Eclipse of 22 July Oslen served up an impressive spread of trail snacks as we changed into our costumes and jumped into the dark brown pool, stained from the tannins of the trees upriver. The water was cool and welcoming, and we paddled to the end of the pool and sat on the rocks above the waterfall below. All the while, we were surrounded by swirling mist, making it feel surreal, as if we had entered another enchanted world.

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When we arrived back at Misty Mountain, there was the most magnificent picnic waiting for us — a spread second to none, all packed in wicker baskets and complete with a bottle of bubbly the alcohol free family version. We spent the rest of our weekend fishing, golfing, fine dining and sleeping, rounding off the most special family breakaway. Thank you Misty for sharing your magic with us, for enveloping us in your cloud and transporting our family into a realm where time moves slower, and peace and beauty reigns supreme.

Watch the video highlights of our weekend at Misty Mountain Reserve: Click here to watch on YouTube if it does not display correctly on your device.

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A lovely surprise at our honeymoon tent. The David Lane hiking trail. One of the most beautiful places I have ever seen.