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Alexander Conqueror – More of the same . . . which is a good thing – PG's Ramblings

JumpStart Adventures 6th Grade: Key Skills for Language Arts: Key Skills for Math: Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder! Kommissar Kugelblitz 2 - Geheimnis von Spooky Hill. Land of the Magic Stones 2: The Mist of Oblivion. Language Arts Grade 4: The climax occurs in orbit around Terra where Alexander and all of humanity must rely on every ounce of barbaric brilliance to save their race.

Alexander the Conqueror follows directly on Alexander Overlord. As the title of this post says, it is more of the same and that is a good thing as far as I am concerned because I really liked Alexander Overlord and I do like this book. Alexander is the same stereotypical knight in shining armour type hero who, eventually, vanquishes his enemies and saves the day.

For someone like me, whose science fiction preferences lean towards capital ship space battles, this book is like candy to a child. They are also reasonably realistic even though I still have a bit of difficulty with this converted-wet-navy-stuff. The fact that the really bad guys gets blasted at the end is certainly adding to the enjoyment I had when reading this book. This is pure fiction and adventure and I really like it. Stone Pass Stone Passions. Sword and Sword and Sorcery. Cupid Comp The Cupid Company.

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