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But there are a few things you can do to kick things into a higher gear to assist in finding your answer:. Commit to writing down an idea a day for 30 days. Please make it a revenue-producing unicorn, for the love of all things sacred Even if you don't find your perfect idea after 30 days, you will have developed some excellent self discipline and created a habit of being on the constant lookout for inspiration.

Again, your subconscious is an outrageously powerful tool--use it. Carry around an idea notepad and a cool clicky pen.


30-Day Challenge: Business Idea-a-Day

It's , you say, why not use one of the million-plus apps in your phone to take notes? Because the act of physically carrying around a notepad primes your mind and provides a constant reminder of what you are setting out to accomplish. Be serious about your daily deadline. Humans need deadlines and crave constraints. It's just how we operate. So commit to physically writing your daily idea in your notebook before 12am each day--and pick a time zone if you travel. Take a picture each day and email it to an accountabili-buddy.

Your mom is perfect, and it gives you a good excuse to be a better child and check in more regularly like you should.

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In one of my first idea notepads, each day I committed to finding something that angered me, irritated me, or simply felt like a waste of time. Will your business grow? Will you feel more confident and competent? Be specific and make it exciting. Sign this contract and date it so you have a clear start and finish date.

How to Take Charge of Your Marketing: Take on a 30-Day Challenge

This is critically important because you will have countless distractions pop up over the course of the day challenge. You are worth it and your business is as well. Have a clear focus: Scott concentrated on testing the usefulness and viability of one social media tool … Twitter. It was Twitter and only Twitter. He kept clear on why he was testing Twitter as well.

Day Challenge: Business Idea-a-Day | HuffPost

Put in the work: Scott tweeted over times during the month. Your business goal will help you determine the type of challenge you run, who participates in it, and how you structure it. A great way to get ideas is to look at what your competitors have done, or are doing now. Then look at what your own customers find most challenging or have been asking you about most often. Pick the focus for your challenge and make sure it's something achievable. Set the time-frame for the challenge based on how long you think it will realistically take to achieve a result.

It doesn't have to be 30 days! Will your challenge be online, in-person, or a combination of both. Depending on the venue, you will need to create different types of content.

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  6. Create a profile of your target challenge participant. Will your challenge be open to everyone or just to a specific group of people, such as your current customers? How much will you spend on putting together and running your challenge? For example, do you need to outsource anything?

    Will you pay for advertising? Do you need to buy some content to use as your starting point eg from Content Sparks? Outline exactly what content you need to create, where you will distribute it, and when. For example, what content do you need to send to participants each day? What content will you post on social media during the challenge?

    Make sure all your content follows a logical, step-by-step flow that guides your participants and motivates them to complete the challenge. What tactics will you use to attract people to your challenge and what tools will you use? How will you gather data and stories from participants after the challenge? How will you build buzz for the next challenge?

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    • 30 Days to Starting your own Business Challenge (30 Days Challenges).

    And, while you're at it, what types of products and services can you market to challenge participants after the challenge? If you've already answered the questions and completed the previous 7 steps, you're ready to launch your challenge.

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    To make sure it goes smoothly, make a list of all your action steps and deadlines. Here's where a trusty project management system comes in handy.

    1. Begin with the Desired Result

    So that's the big picture for the steps to follow to create your 7, 14, 30, 60 or whatever number of days challenge. You can download our free 8-Step Customer Challenge Planning Worksheet to help you plan your own challenge by clicking on the box below:.

    But as you can probably already guess, one of the most time-consuming parts of all of it is the content creation. Here's how you can pull together your own 30 Day Challenge in a day or so, using your ready-to-go content from Content Sparks. Let's use 10 Days of List Building Madness as a first example you could pull content from.

    You'll need to fill in any gaps or delete content, just like you would with any done-for-you course, based on what your challenge participants know or don't know already. In the 10 Days of List Building , each chapter is broken into 10 points.

    30 Day Clutter Clearing Challenges

    And each has a learning activity. However, some of the activities are longer and couldn't be done in one day. To make this into a 30 Day challenge vs. The longer each task takes to complete, the higher your drop-out rate is going to be.