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Mother Superior was a name he used for her, and 'jump the gun' could be interpreted as a sexual metaphor. An early acoustic version of the song, recorded at George Harrison's home in Esher, Surrey in May found Lennon reworking the words and chords of this section, at one point simply singing Ono's name. The song's complexity led to The Beatles spending 15 hours and recording 95 takes before being satisfied. They taped the first 45 takes of the song, with Lennon on lead guitar and guide vocals, McCartney on bass, Harrison on fuzz lead guitar and Starr playing drums.

The following day the group recorded takes At the end of these it was decided that the first half of take 53 and the second half of take 65 were the best, and the two were edited together on the evening of 25 September. With the edit in place, the group began overdubbing later that night. Lennon's lead vocals were supported by backing vocals from Lennon, McCartney and Harrison. Other additions were an organ, piano, snare drum, tambourine and bass. During the mixing stage it was decided that the first instance of the 'I need a fix' line should be left out.

The word 'down' can be heard on the final version, however, when the vocals were faded up slightly too early. Anyone know for certain? Paul did not play drums on Birthday. The songs Paul played drums on: Sure enough, it is only a mistake in the stereo and not the mono mix. The Beatles themselves along with George Martin all worked on the mono mixes and they are more tightly edited and correct. BTW, if you happen to have a bootleg of Happiness from the bootleg album Alternates volume 2, take a listen and you can hear the organ prominently throughout much more of the song.

I can see why they would have wanted it out for the most part, it crowds the sound of the song too much. I am still not sure if it is an outfake, but after reading this, I think it might not be. The organ is still there. If you listen in the very beginning, you can hear it behind johns guitar. I personally like it. It thickens up the guitar part a lot and also adds to the songs darkness. Yeah, that bit where the song goes into 3 time but the drums stay in 4 time is just insane….

They definitely were aware of it too while recording it. Paul, and George, really liked this song. Having multiple tunes, themes, textures, etc. I just read your observation and that is impressive. There is also organ part or melletron in first section. There was an organ part recorded along with a piano part, but they were left out of the final mixes.

There is an organ or mellotron part that you can hear at the beginning of the mono mix. It is either very low or not included in the stereo mix. At the very END, I can hear something that sounds like a keyboard: According to the session logs there was even a tuba used but it is so buried in the mix that it is virtually unheard. Is it true that Chris Thomas played on this? Also, is there any specific reason that George Martin did not produce the song? He produced the song — and several other White Album ones — because George Martin was on holiday. This has got to be one of my favorite Lennon tracks—ever.

I think his vocals were great, and the music is interesting. As for the lyrics, I never really looked into it all that much, mainly becuase they probably would have some drug influence. I know what most of their songs are about at those times—and that drugs influenced them. And I obviously know that they took drugs. I think I worded this weirdly, but I hope you get what I mean. There is an organ in the beginning. The Piano was in the chorus in the end of the song but it was wiped in the mix. In some of the bootlegs of the song, you can hear it clearly. I read it some where a long time ago and if you listen to it again there is a hint of a japanese accent.

George is a stud.

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If u had a thoroughbred mare that someone said you had only one chance at conception…one time to get the deed done…you would bring in George. This is a musical metaphor but still if you use your imagination I think u will get it. You are on the money, Bobby Scotland. He certainly held his own and did his job. You can tell he just loved playing this lick. I think that the tone is so high that maybe it was sung by McCartney, despite it sounds strange. I guess he was just on a roll when they recorded that — the whole vocal ist just so… awe-inspiring.

It is a distorted guitar. The opening of Revolution was done in this fashion too. Let me tell you. Yesterday he started saying: Congratulations to your alert boy. I love that a year-old gets enraptured by Beatles music. Did anybody find out how John imitates Mick Jagger in the last verse? In France, many books tell that this song talks about oral sex.

Could anyone confirm and tell me please?? My opinion — John just loved the way words sounded. He played with them for the lyrical effect rather than the actual meaning. Is very straight and simple, and I think John played it.

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George is actually playing the distorted guitar in the right channel, along with the fuzz toned lead guitar in the middle overdubbed. And the other sexually-themed lines all through the song, it just seems appropriate…. Both cases sound like Paul. On the subject of the keyboards, this is from Wikipedia. Someone needs to check out what songs Nicky Hopkins played with the Beatles. Just listened to this intently with headphones on. There is most definitely a piano or keyboard part. Sound more like like a piano. The organ is probably Lennon. He really felt it with this one! Whatever the meaning, a brilliant song that John Lennon could only have written.

I spent more than a few years of my youth obsessing over this song. Lizard on a Windowpane; Warm Gun Yeah! To find out that the reference was a bit more literal than I thought cracked me up! My favorite White Album song! Great song from the start to the end. Playing it and making it sound right it is just lots of fun! Love the lyrics melody. One of my first introductions outside of the game the game obviously has a very short catalog across The Beatles as a band.

This is who played what according to beatlesebooks. You just state the obvious with no real analysis except John Lennon is a druggie. Besides, even if you were right, I'm pretty sure John Lennon would not sit there shaking his head and saying "nope nope nope, uh-uh, your totally wrong" if you told him this.

Happiness Is A Warm Gun - Joe Anderson Ft Salma Hayek {Lyrics}

He might be all like, "thats not what i was getting at, but i totally see where your coming from" or something, but not a fucking dick like you are. Flagged Dudeman on January 14, Nuns wear a wedding ring on their right hand indicating they are "married to Jesus" ; however, this is very likely a shot at organized religion by John. In addition, it also talks of her ultimate fate, which is suicide because of her earthly seduction by someone who doesn't love here.

She's not a girl who misses much: For lying of course. If he meant heroin, he would have said "downtown", a euphemism for heroin just as 'uptown' is a cocaine euphemism but he is talking about the bits or shell of the woman he had this relationship, uptown implying class or somewhere of importance. The warm reference in "warm gun", in addition to denoting that she fired the weapon, also is an ironic Dante reference because in the 9th Circle, you are frozen in ice and not burned by fire, up to a level commensurate with your crimes.

Also, "She's well acquainted with the touch of a velvet hand like a lizard on a window pane" - this is a masturbation reference not an LSD reference. Her desires for love and carnal pleasure have often lead to masturbation. He is also covering his working class boots with the reflection or the fantasy of what he wants her to believe, but she is a willing participant, ready to believe him.

If you study the literary criticism of the 2oth Century beginning with Ezra Pound, John Crowe Ransom, James Joyce and TS Elliott, you realize we are in the century of Relativity; whatever meaning a song has to you is a valid interpretation [It is the meaning a song has to you ].

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The reason the author is excepted from interpretation is because of another artifact of Relativity and Quantum Mechanics i. When using this in terms of literary criticism, the person creating the work has too much psychological baggage to interpret his or her own work. In other words, you cannot step outside of yourself and see what you look like to other people.

A good example of this occuring to me personally where I began to really understand the significance, was when I was reading over some poetry from a college poetry magazine I had been involved with in the early 's, The pages were typed so I could not recognize the handwriting. I read two peoms that I was blown away by and I was trying to determine which of the people involved in the magazine had written the poems. I suddenly realized they were my own work; immediately, I no longer was able to see anything special about the poems, and I began picking them apart line by line.

I have always been very critical of my own writing and I cannot look at it from an unbiased veiw. No matter how many people tell me how much they like it or how impressed theey are, it is hard for me to get beyond the phase of self-doubt. I like dirty dan's interpretation. Very different than I ever thought. Flag MosquitoToMoscow on October 27, Flag rissahearts on January 13, MobiusDick, you are a badass. Thank you for setting everything straight.

Though I don't necessarily take your interpretation of this song as my own, I can totally see where you're coming from. Furthermore, I respect your clearly deep knowledge of literary theory and it only lends credibility to your opinions on this board. But I have to admit, I hate the idea that an artist's interpretation of his own work is the only one that is non-valid, or at least, the least valid though you are correct that it is one of the tenets of the age of Relativity.

I'm a fiction writer and I know what my own interpretation of my work is, but I don't eliminate the possibility that anyone else's opinion is as worthwhile as my own.

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  • We all bring our own baggage to a work, including the artist. Flag faulknerlovr on January 04, I love this song but now I'm extremely confused. Is it about heroin, nuns, or extremely graphic sex references? Which makes me really not want to sing along whith it anymore. But i do think agree with MobiusDick in that the mpst valid meaning of a song's lyrics is the one that you think of personally. Flag rainintheroses on April 19, DirtyDan I thought this was obvious Although she may have been on drugs when she sought revenge. A few things I wonder about though, why is her nickname "Mother Superior" and why did he eat a "soap" figure of his wife?

    And who is this "Man in the crowd with the multicolored glasses and the hobnail boots"? This may be the drug she was on when she took her revenge. Also I think the reference to, 'when I hold you in my arms" may be her new lover who knows about the justice she implemented on her previous husband and is happy to hear he has a woman who is protective and capable. Either way you look at it, it is a known fact that "happiness IS a warm gun oh yeah" sorry Pierce Morgan, you are an utter moron: Flag kelly on March 12, General Comment I believe this song is about heroin addiction.

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    Just think of an animal blocked from the natural world by a window, the outside world is visible but the animal or heroin user is disconnected to it. I need a fix cause I'm going down" is saying: I need to use heroin because I'm coming down, and going through withdrawals, the lack of drugs is ripping him apart, and the uptown reference could be referring to a particular spot in which drugs are purchased, saying, I need some more heroin because I'm hurting from withdrawals, so I need to go uptown, the place I always go to get heroin. The next line could be about a heroin addict singing to the needle "when I hold you in my arms" can be interpreted as when I've got the needle in my arm, "and I feel my finger on your trigger" and I feel my finger on the plunger the part of the needle you need to push to inject the heroin "I know nobody can do me no harm because happiness is a warm gun" the drug user knows that he's about to get high and therefore won't care about anybody or anything else.

    Flag rampagesk8a on December 14, My best friend always believed the same thing. Flag john on March 25, Song Meaning According to Lennon, the title came from the cover of a gun magazine that producer George Martin showed him: I just thought it was a fantastic, insane thing to say. A warm gun means you just shot something.

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    Schulz's culturally popular saying, Happiness is a Warm Puppy, which began in the Peanuts comic strip and became a widely sold book.