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The Badish-protector types -

In this case, if you see a Shadow Spirit, it could very well be an accident, such as in the case of loving, benevolent Spirits passing through your space most often those who know you closely - Guides, Angels and Loved Ones. If this way of appearance bothers you, simply ask those in Spirit to appear to you in another way.

The Good types -

Are you going through a vulnerable life transition, such as an intense period of soul growth, an emotional unraveling, a dark night of the soul or a heavy change of any kind? A Guardian Spirit may be appointed to you to protect your vulnerable, energetic and soul self as you sleep to protect you from dangerous or predatory Spirits from coming into your life during this period of temporary weakness.

Guardian Spirits often appear to those they watch over as dark, heavy and dense energy masses and they often do not speak, have any facial or bodily features though they often look masculine in body type.

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They will likely not communicate with you - as it is not their job. Think of those guards for the British Royal Family - no speaking - their job is to watch, protect and guard, not to socialize. If you are going through a period like this, male or female, and you see a Shadow at the foot of your bed, this is likely who it is. I would not disagree, but would want to question whether her insights truly explain away the sense of the beyond, transcendent, absolute etc.

Hodge goes in search of the background to postmodern thinking about ethics in Hegel and Heidegger and, in contrast to Finn, sees the dimension of the transcendent as unavoidable, whilst welcoming the postmodern emphasis upon the immediate and the local. In one of three pieces on biblical texts, Joplin offers an illuminating reading of the story of the woman taken in adultery Gospel of John 7. Much more could be said. It is hardly a great book.

The Human Spirit in the Shadow of Death

But it serves a very useful purpose in offering in a relatively cheap format a crosssection of reflections on contemporary religious thought, consciously written against the cultural climate of postmodernism. As a topical and stimulating collection, then, it can be recommended.

Neil Kramer - Shadow Mapping and the TRUE Spiritual Path (April 2018)

Or we long for the light of god and undertake a demanding religious practice or discipleship, hoping that it will quench our thirst. Or we a chase a vision of the ideal home or community, which promises an end to our wandering. In this way, a life story unfolds, invisibly shaped by the object of our longing.

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  • But sometimes our spiritual yearning goes awry. We may misplace it onto concrete objects — sex, food, drugs, alcohol — and our longing becomes a craving, held captive in a substance.

    The Shadow of Spirituality UNCENSORED ::

    Or we attribute it to an authoritarian personality who abuses us, leaving us feeling shocked and betrayed. Or we direct our holy longing to the other world, devaluing the pleasures of human life. Or worse, like cult members or fundamentalists, we mistake death for transcendence and sacrifice our lives for uncertain paradise.

    If you feel a gnawing yearning beneath your other yearnings no matter how many desires you satisfy; if you feel disillusioned with traditional religions but seek spiritual values and practices elsewhere; if you suffer from religious abuse and demoralization but long to rekindle the flame of faith, then this seminar can guide you from spiritual innocence through loss to spiritual maturity.

    You can learn to: