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That probably comes a close second. Writing is the way I make sense of my life. I'd probably have been admitted to a psychiatric unit long ago if I didn't write. My favourite part of writing is the final editing. I love it when the story is in place and I can play around with the language.

I only like The Green Wing and Scrubs. I'd rather hammer a nail very slowly into my head that watch Grey's The story line is based around the chain of events, circumstances and characters that lead to the murder of Advocate Norman Ware. The novel is populated by some bizarre characters: These characters and their relationships form the background against which the murder takes place. The novel is very cheeky, quite dark and a little bit twisted.

Telling Stories: The Murder of Norman Ware by Rosamund Kendal

It provides a discrete but piercing social commentary, while remaining an easy read. Because I had no plans initially to publish the novel, I could play around with the language, story line and characters and the result was that I thoroughly enjoyed writing "The Murder of Norman Ware'. I think that this comes across in the novel. I believe that it's my best work yet and I hope that my fans will feel the same way. Sue Carey is a driven, twenty-something doctor struggling to preserve her sanity, sobriety and humanity in the corridors of one of Cape Town's biggest public hospitals.

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Finding imaginative ways of saving patients is her life's work. Finding a man who wants more than a one-night stand would be nice as well. Sue's journey of self-discovery is both harrowing and hilarious.

Norman Ware

The Karma Suture visits the bedsides of the patients who make her weep and the men who make her weak. She discovers that all she ever wanted is waiting for her See my review here. In The Angina Monologues three female medical interns from vastly different backgrounds are sent to a rural KZN hospital where gang assassinations and rogue snakes are facts of life and AIDS simply does not exist.

The Murder of Norman Ware.

The Murder of Thomas Becket

With its diplomatic-level security, smarmy country club and resort-style pools and restaurants, it is home to the rich, famous and infamous. But beneath the luxurious and well-manicured surface, corruption, lechery, evil and debauchery seethe. It is in this rotten stew that a series of seemingly random and coincidental events leads to the murder of one of the estate's most respected residents: As Detective De Villiers sifts through the witnesses and suspects - a philandering plastic surgeon, a harvester of body parts, a BEE property tycoon, a serial killer with a penchant for teenage girls, a recluse with ophidiophobia, and a queer, cross-dressing homophobe - the pillars of lies and deceit upon which the exclusive estate residents' lives have been built start collapsing.