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So this picture may seem like I got it all together but. I have a hole in my hand The rest of the room still looks like a demolition site, but the dining table has arrived and I'm too excited not to share a picture! Sometimes these two scrap all day, throwing, slapping, headbutting, and I wonder what I am doing wrong. Then these heart melting moments happen and I remember that I'm doing nothing and everything wrong all at once and either way they'll be okay.


They are putting themselves at the top of the to-do list Cropped face had to get the kiddos in there! Back to back dog and baby picture.. My house may be a mess, my hair needs to get washed, the dishes are piling up but I am still trekking on. Only 3 more months till we meet this little angel. And so it begins Que mon entreprise aille toujours parfaitement sans demander d'aide de mon conjoint ou de la famille.

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If you would've said this was my living room a year and some change ago I would called you a big fat liar! This is how my kitchen is looking today can't wait for it to be finished freezingcold takeaways houseisamess. So I was going to celebrate hitting followers.

I follow a variety of account and they all have one thing in common, well scrap that they are uplifting, inspiring, creative genuine people with genuine accounts. First round of stuff. Boxes for the win. I love him to death though. It kills me to accept this Being away from your kids is a funny one. Probably wouldn't change it or them though. That statement may change if I end up squished against my bedside table later on. This morning despite the cold the littlest one decided ankle socks would be a good idea to wear to school today.

Think she regretting that decision quickly, oh wells. However she was happy as today she went to her friends house for a play date and dinner. She had the best time and did t want to leave. I love how they play together and giggle away. They did however this evening have a silly 20 minutes together which was funny. Pair of fruit loops. The boy has been nice and chilled on the box tonight.

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The littlest one is beaming from her play date and is loving free reading. Today is the day! This month's patreon rewards will be going out when I get home from work! I'm sorry it is so close to the end of the month, but with the holiday I hope you can understand. So if you haven't signed up yet please be sure to do so asap so I can send your rewards tonight as well.

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Living in Norway gives us some amazing experiences and after having baby 2 Laura returned to work after 7 months, handing over to her husband. This week he returned to work after 4 months at home. What the Jenny Wren boys get up to while mummy is working!

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We did the play dough sensory play again today and made it more interesting by adding straws, cotton buds and pipe cleaners that he can use to push and pull. This is a perfect activity to offer him while mum washes up some dishes.

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The girls love playing with the foam seat cushions provided for us at the MGM Grand area in Vegas earlier this year. Obvious Snapchat of the day! We are two humble rescue Dogs that have found a passion for food styling. Did you know that marksandspencerfoodhallonline liked some of our pics.

Relax dont do it Loving gtc vegas baby 26 7 6: Snapchat of the day!