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This one stars Ralph Meeker as detective Mike Hammer. This Lucchino Visconti film is one of the founding films of Neo-Realism. The Lady from Shanghai: And then he made up this story, taking elements of Moby Dick , where he talks about the sharks, and the whole mirror sequence in that picture is unsurpassed. Visconti went a different way from Rossellini. He made this movie, which is one of the greatest films ever made. He shot it in 27 days.

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The use of superimpositions, the effigies at the beginning of the film—it was more like cinema than theatre. Anything Welles did, given his background in radio, was a big risk. Macbeth is an audacious film, set in Haiti of all places. Donat was a great actor. And this is a beautifully done film.

Can New York’s bold plan to close its jail on Rikers Island build a more just city?

That was the first football game I ever understood. Altman developed this style that came out of his life and making television movies, it was so unique—and his movies seemed to come out every two weeks. A Matter of Life and Death: Altman could shoot quickly and get the very best actors. He had planned on making more such films, like one on Karl Marx. He thought TV was the way to reach young people, to educate them. But then of course TV changed. Deeds Goes to Town: Smith Goes to Washington: Jimmy Stewart stars in this Capra movie, one of the all-time greats, which features a dramatic filibuster.

All his early work pointed to this movie. Night and the City: Harry Fabien, played by Richard Widmark, is a two-bit hustler running through the London underworld at night, and he always oversteps, particularly with the gangster played by Herbert Lom. It has a strange North African whiteness.

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He had the actors there! He had to shoot it! The film was so shocking to some British critics and the audience because he had some sympathy, sort of, for the serial killer. And the killer had the audacity to photograph the killing of the women with a motion picture camera, which of course tied in the motion picture camera as an object of voyeurism, implicating all of us watching horror films.

One critic said this should be flushed down the toilet.

He only got one or two more movies done. And now in England there are cameras watching everyone all over the street. Pickup on South Street: Richard Widmark picks up the wrong purse in this classic noir, unwittingly setting off a series of events that come to a violent climax. And yet Altman kept experimenting with different kinds of actors, different approaches to narrative, different equipment, until finally he hit it with this movie, which took him off onto a whole other level.

The Power and the Glory: NOT the Arnold Schwarzenegger pic. The ballet sequence is almost like the first rock video. He shot it in 16mm for TV, and called it anti-dramatic. Yet, I screen it once every couple of years, and when you look at frames of it on the big screen there are shots that just look like paintings. James Cagney and Humphrey Bogart star in this homage to the gangsters of the s.

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Smith Goes to Washington, Goodbye, Mr. Chips, Stagecoach and many many more. Rocco and his Brothers: We were living in Queens.

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There were only three stations. One station showed Italian films on Friday night for the Italian-American community, subtitled, and the family would gather to see the films. My grandparents were there—they were the ones who moved over in So it became a ritual. Secrets of the Soul looked almost experimental. And I love camera positions! But this was like you were living with the people.

High School Hoops Notebook: Freshman Kahlil Whitney has potential star power

A wild Sam Fuller movie about a journalist who enters an insane asylum to try to break a story. This Vincent Minnelli melodrama is definitely not a musical. She divorced the dentist, and became persona non grata in America]. Sullivan, played by Joel McRae, is in the studio system, under that kind of pressure. The resolution of the movie is very moving. Sweet Smell of Success: Like Ace in the Hole , this classic noir is about an unethical journalist who will stop at nothing to get his way.

Burt Lancaster plays the journalist. In fact, they lost it on that.

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He had in mind a composed film like a piece of music, and played the music back on set during the shooting, so the actors moved in a certain way. It made me see, with Kane, that there was another way of interpreting stories, and another approach to the visual frame of the classical films…all those low shots, and the cuts.

Just listen to this movie—you can close your eyes and imagine everything that is happening.

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Two Weeks in Another Town: Raw Deal was amended to reflect its release date of Whitney is still developing his strength and skill level, but he makes a few plays every game that make him stand out above every other player in the state. I try to do whatever coach wants me to do," Whitney said. Recruiting will certainly pick up for Whitney over the next few seasons as college coaches start to place more of a priority on rising sophomore prospects this summer. Although Whitney has already earned some interest from some great programs, he already has a dream school in mind. He's a great coach.

You can display your talent at the highest level and I just love the atmosphere there for games. Whitney leads a promising Class of that had a solid debut around Illinois at the varsity level this past season. Besides Whitney, others like St. Joseph point guard Marquise Walker and DePaul Prep guard Perry Cowan showed that they have the type of talent to potentially be high-producing stars as early as next season.

It's still a long way to go for the current freshmen class, but the group looks promising heading into the last part of spring. One of the major themes of the All-Illinois Invitational is how much talent Simeon still has on the roster for next season. The Wolverines have a group rising through the Class of , in particular, that is showing a lot of promising signs.

Lanky 6-foot-6 wing Devonire Glass is continuing to figure out the next steps in his game while bouncy 6-foot-5 forward Messiah Jones is still a problem to defend around the rim thanks to his elite leaping ability. Then there's the steady return of guard Kezo Brown, who missed most of the varsity season and is trying to work his way back into the rotation. Brown will head to Colorado Springs for tryouts in mid-June. I know a lot of people have their head down thinking I'm not going to come back from this, but I'm going to come back.

While Horton-Tucker, Glass, Jones and Brown have all generated some attention from area basketball fans, Simeon should also be excited about the development of wing Bakari Simmons. Between that solid core of players and the return of strong seniors like point guard Evan Gilyard, the Wolverines are going to be in serious contention for the No. The one-day showcase didn't have a true tournament format to determine the "best" team in Illinois, but it was important for teams from this state to start to play one another again.

Over the past few years, grassroots basketball in Illinois has been incredibly divided, as the top teams and players rarely face each other outside of the high school season -- especially within Illinois borders.