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Romney, the one-time moderate from liberal Massachusetts, and Perry, the outspoken conservative from the west Texas plains, share little except party membership, good hair and a past as governors of their respective states. The contrast in styles was in full display at the California debate, where the Romney-Perry rivalry turned the other six candidates on stage into bit players except for occasional signs of life from Jon Huntsman. Perry was a fountain of red-meat conservative rhetoric. Romney was the voice of moderation. Romney, whose moderate past and Obama-like healthcare plan in Massachusetts have made him an object of suspicion for some conservatives, has largely targeted his pitch to independents and swing voters who could decide a general election.

The two candidates have relatively few policy differences, but clashed again at the debate on who would be better at creating jobs. Romney touts his private business experience at an equity firm, while Perry points to his record as governor in Texas. But the difference in rhetoric on Social Security could become a flashpoint in the campaign. Romney was the one-time leader in polls of the race, but since joining the campaign last month Perry has zoomed past him with the help of deep support from social and religious conservatives. Ultimately, the winner in the Perry-Romney battle might be the candidate who is most effective in broadening his message and becoming more like the other.

Does Perry become calmer and more reasoned? With Perry taking away much of her conservative support, U.

Perry vs. Romney vs. Huntsman on jobs

And Texas enjoys some unique factors that helped it fare better than most states during the recession. However, that was far slower growth than the national average, 5.

Under Romney, the unemployment rate dropped from 5. As we noted when Romney cited the same statistic at the most recent Republican debate in Las Vegas, it is based on a disputed study by an anti-immigration group. It comes from a September report from the Center for Immigration Studies, a think tank that advocates for lower immigration. Romney advocated a state, rather than national, solution to health care reform. A human being is more important than an automobile.

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Mitt Romney runs for president. No conversation about health insurance, auto insurance. Let me tell you what I would do, just exactly as I described. I like what we did in Massachusetts. The plan we put together in Massachusetts I think is working in Massachusetts. I sure hope so. But Massachusetts has roughly 7 percent of our population uninsured. Texas has 25 percent. Now, I happen to like what we did. Maybe not every state, but most.

GOP Battle: Mitt Romney Vs Rick Perry

And I think a lot of states will choose what we did. Governor Schwarzenegger, for instance, in California, has his own healthcare plan.

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I like mine better than his; he likes his better than mine. The question then becomes, how do you insure the 45 or 50 million Americans who are not on the books? We let people buy their own private insurance. Most people can afford to buy that insurance, once you have an exchange that allows them to do that on a cost-effective basis. And then for those that are low income, you help them buy their own private insurance. There are some other bits of misleading information in the two Perry ads, some of which we have written about when they were raised in other venues:.

Smith, Ben and Martin, Jonathan. Fikac, Peggy and Danner, Patrick.

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Texas, — CBS interview with Mitt Romney. That false story was first published by a website that calls its work satire. Skip to content FactCheck.

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