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Unlike many writers of her generation Deledda was not influenced by writer Gabriele D'Annunzio — If anything, her work harkens back to even older writers, such as Sicilians Luigi Capuana — and Giovanni Verga — The naturalism of Deledda's fiction was a direct descendant of their work.

Grazia Deledda (1871–1936)

In fact Deledda admired Verga so much that, toward the end of her career, when she was awarded the Nobel Prize , she felt the Nobel committee had slighted him, and that he, not she, deserved the award. Among Deledda's other literary influences must be included Nestor Alessandro Manzoni — , the first great Italian novelist; the decadent writer Ogo Tarchetti — , and Antonio Fogazarro — , in whose work psychology and metaphysics played an important role.

Deledda began writing at an early age. In about she submitted a short story , "Sangue Sardo" "Sardinian Blood" to the Rome fashion magazine Ultima Moda, which published the piece. The story is about a love triangle involving a teenage girl, and when word got out that Deledda had written such a tale neighbors in her conservative village scorned her and even attacked her mother.

Consequently, from this point, if Deledda's work appeared in Sardinian literary and political journals it was published under the pseudonyms G. Razia and Ilia di Sant' Ismael.

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Deledda continued to submit work to Ultima Moda and published her first short-story collection, Nell'azzurro, in By then her first novel, 's Memorie di Fernanda "Recollections of Fernanda" , was being read and reviewed. Fior di Sardegna made Deledda famous, though her work—perhaps because it hit too close to home—was still shunned in her native Sardinia.

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It has been said that Deledda's fatalism sprang from the experiences of her family. Her older sister, having become pregnant out of wedlock, hemorrhaged to death during a miscarriage, and one brother became a thief and a wastrel and the other, disappointed by his failures as an inventor, an alcoholic. The last blow was too much for Deledda's mother who sank into depression.

Grazia Deledda

Consequently, Deledda took charge of the family business. This lasted until January of when she married Palmiro Madesani. Deledda had met Madesani the previous fall on her first trip away from home, to Cagliari, the capital of Sardinia. Madesani was a civil servant and after their marriage he and Deledda lived in Rome. In Deledda did research for, and contributed to, the scholarly publication Tradizioni popolari di Nuoro "Popular Traditions of Nuoro" , a collection of the folklore of her native area. The year before she had published the novel Anime oneste "Honest Souls" , a tale of two brothers, one of whom left Sardinia to study law and returned with a sense of unfulfilled entitlement, while the other stayed behind and made sacrifices for his brother's benefit.

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Her final works written in Sardinia were La giustizia "Justice" and Le tentazoni, both published in Moving to Rome, Deledda led something of a dual life. A shy and retiring woman by nature—the opposite of her tempestuous siblings—she was both a homemaker dedicated to raising a family and a successful writer. Yet sometimes these two roles clashed in the view of those who felt Deledda had never shed her provincialism.

This was made clear when fellow Sicilian Luigi Pirandello penned the scandalous novel Suo marito "Her Husband" , which satirized Deledda and Madesani.

Deledda, Grazia

Scelta alla fine avvenuta in modo del tutto casuale, tra i libri con un peso Il Dio dei viventi , poco conosciuto dal pubblico e poco riconosciuto dalla critica, risulta a mio parere inferiore a Canne al vento solo per ampiezza di contenuti: Una narrazione semplice, malinconica e un po' fiabesca, ma ricca di poesia. Una narrazione che ha contribuito a far meritare alla Deledda il premio Nobel per la Letteratura nel insieme alle invidie di "colleghi"!

Biography: Deledda, Grazia

Sara Baldussu rated it really liked it Apr 15, Carolina Pernigo rated it liked it Dec 11, Euskal Srpski marked it as to-read Jun 29, Lorenzo Liguori marked it as to-read Mar 17, Risa added it Oct 02, Mazzola marked it as to-read Feb 24, Lisa added it Jun 08, Vittorio Ducoli marked it as to-read Oct 29, Dorotea marked it as to-read Mar 02, Giovanni marked it as to-read Sep 09, In her works we can recognize the influence of the verism of Giovanni Verga and, sometimes, also that of the decadentism by Gabriele D'Annunzio.

In Deledda's novels there is always a strong connection between places and people, feelings and environment. The environment depicted is mostly that one harsh of native Sardinia , but it is not depicted according to regional veristic schemes neither according to the otherworldly vision by D'Annunzio, but relived through the myth. Deledda's birthplace and childhood home in Nuoro has been preserved as a museum in her honor the Museo Deleddiano.

The museum consists of 10 rooms where the stages of the writer's life are reconstructed. Below is a complete list of Deledda's works: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Grazia Deledda Deledda in , from the Nobel Prize website. After the divorce , La regina delle tenebre Elias Portolu Cenere ; English translation: The Woman and the Priest , ; English translation: The Mother , by Mary G. Steegman, Il segreto dell'uomo solitario Cattive compagnie: Retrieved 16 April Fidelity House in Italian.

Grazia Deledda

Retrieved 24 May Laureates of the Nobel Prize in Literature. Eliot William Faulkner Bertrand Russell.

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