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If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? Learn more about Amazon Prime. New York Times bestselling author Hannah Howell breathes life into the enchanting beauty of the Scottish Highlands in this epic romance between a strong-willed captor and the striking young woman he both confines and protects. The windswept Scottish Highlands hold great beauty, but also great danger. So when Aimil Mengue is abducted by a feuding clan, she is right to fear for her life--and her virtue.

For Aimil's keeper is the infamous warrior Parlan MacGuin. Aimil sets out to hate him, but Parlan is more honorable--and infinitely more alluring--than expected. Though betrothed to another, Aimil cannot deny her startling desire for the man who holds her captive. Parlan MacGuin knows well his reputation as a fierce warrior; he uses it to claim land and lovers. But beautiful Aimil is a different type of conquest. Now Parlan feels an unfamiliar longing for the woman he keeps at ransom as their forbidden passion threatens to spark an unstoppable blood feud--or forever fill their hearts.

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National Readers' Choice Award Winner To escape the queen's wrath, Sybil rides off with a strange Highlander who claims to be her husband. The Trouble with Dukes Windham Brides. Just when she needed an escape, a handsome Highlander showed up to kidnap her. Product details Mass Market Paperback: Zebra November 1, Language: Related Video Shorts 0 Upload your video.

Can their passion overcome their pasts? A duke's bastard son will risk all that he has to win the heart of the woman he is forbidden to love. But will it be enough to claim her as his own?

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While out riding Aimil Mengue and her brother Leith are taken captive by a feuding clan. Although she has no injuries, her brother does, and she worries that he might die if nothing is done soon. When Parlan McGuin returns to his home, he finds out his brother has taken two hostages. He is notably furious. Parlan immediately releases the hostages, gets medical care for Leith, and leaves the 'lad' with him. Everything seems fine, until an escape attempt reveals 'the handsome lad' is a bewitching young woman.

He gives her a choice: Aimil doesn't even take time to consider. She has hand-raised her horse, Elfking, from his birth and will not give him up. Her attraction to Parlan is elemental, and she knows this might be her only chance to experience real passion before she is married to Rory. From there on out is a game of ransom for the two Parlan holds.

He is drawn to Aimil, and worries over her betrothal to a man who is known to be malevolent, but so far without proof. He plans to make certain the marriage never occurs. How he can accomplish this, he hasn't decided for certain yet. Their progressive relationship is a pleasure to watch, even as evil stalks them.

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Although his reputation as a warrior is formidable, he is gentle with her. She is a heroine to cheer for; her spirit is unquenchable. A love is born between them that cannot be destroyed no matter the challenges. One person found this helpful 2 people found this helpful. I gave this book a five star rating because it had all the elements of a good read. I would recommend this book to all romantic's. One person found this helpful. Mass Market Paperback Verified Purchase. Hwe books are all good.

She asked for some time to think about it. He decided to allow her a month with no pestering, for her to think it over. For that remark, I demand an extra day or a new pair of shoes. She snorted and disappeared down the trail. I have learned many lessons from him. One is nobody," she slammed her fist on the table beside Glen, "and I mean nobody comes on our land and pushes us around. Another is do not spank a dog tomorrow for today's bad act.

But we do not spank dogs. I suppose would could take a dog or two. You must go now and take revenge. A few pages later when Duncan is questioning Alera as to where she hid the sheep that were stolen back form the MacTavishes, she informs him they are safe because Duncan wiped a hand over his face. He knew he shouldn't, but was going to ask. Anyway, nobody comes on our land and pushes us around. Course then she lost me. Wanted to spank dogs. I was trying to tell you revenge should be swift.

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I asked if your brain just pooped. May 01, Mily Lou rated it it was ok Shelves: What can I say about this book?

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Many things actually, first thing, I am beginning to think that families of certain authors like to write 5 star reviews, to convince a reader that they should buy the book because of the 5 stars. I am not saying that all authors ask their family and friends to go to amazon. My mistake when buying a book is that I tend to look up at how many stars a book might have, in ord What can I say about this book? My mistake when buying a book is that I tend to look up at how many stars a book might have, in order to make my decision to buy it. This book does not deserve to many stars.

Now having said this, the book is not as I expected. The girl name Alera was supposed to be a strong character. She does have a strong personality, but that is not what I am talking about. What I meant is something like a warrior woman. That is what the first chapter led me to believe.

Highland Wolf Pact

I got a sample sent to me to my amazon kindle. After reading the first chapter sample I bought the book.

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Bad assie Buffy the vampire slayer. But sadly I was wrong. The book is titled "Highland Captive". I thought, oh, the girl is going to be taken prisoner, and she is going to fight her way out. The book is about a girl who is taken captive and falls for her abductor. This was stupid because who in the right mine would fall for a kidnapper. Then I thought, wait this is just a book and authors could write what they want. They do not have to write anything believable.

Who really falls for the kidnapper? I also believe that the girl is not the smartest person in the world.

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She does dumb things. I totally lost interest in the book right away, the entire book talks about her being tamed by this barbarian war lord and how many time she escaped later to be found again by her lover. That was her punishment. Well, not her punishment, it is not a punishment if the woman liked it. The book is something I've read before.

In the lovers home. Girl is forced into marriage. Girl is tamed by her lover warlord barbarian. I have heard this story told by many authors, only the characters names are changed. I fell asleep reading this book. Is that a good thing, I asked. I need to take some sleeping pills each night which is a bit frustrating. So, people, now I know that if I need to sleep, but cannot, I just need to read the book again, and it will have me sleeping like a baby in no time.

Bad for the author because, I sleep. What saddens me is that romance has taken a different path. These novels have to do with sex more than love between to people. A mysterious or fascinating quality or appeal, as of something adventurous, heroic, or strangely beautiful. Nowhere in this definition does it say: Okay, I guess you can call me old fashioned.

I really do not think that a good book has to be based in SEX alone. Why do I know this???? Because many authors have written books that are great and that have nothing to do with sex. This is one of the many reasons why I stopped reading romance novels. Readers lose track of the main goal, the purpose why the book was written to begin with. Lets not overdo it. People say that MEN think about SEX every two seconds, I am beginning to think that women do the same but instead of talking about it like men do, females write about it.

Or maybe I am the only person who thinks this way. I am not trying to be mean, but if you guys pay attention you will see that I am saying the truth. The one star is for the characters, she did do a good job on them. The other star is for the first chapter of the book. Everything else, the entire story was not the very best. The same story told by one author is good enough for me. But to have many authors tell almost the same story, it can get a bit old. Thanks for reading my reviews, have a good one. Alera is what some people would call selfish and spoiled, but that couldn't be further from the truth.

She is loving, loyal, protective, nurturing, spirited, and compassionate to the suffering of others. Her being a proper lady is only further enhanced by the skills she possesses in running a household. All of these traits were instilled in her from an early age by a mother who knew that someday Alera would grow to appreciate and use the lessons that were being taught. Her mother knew that Alera Alera is what some people would call selfish and spoiled, but that couldn't be further from the truth.

Her mother knew that Alera was Gifted, and made sure to let Alera know how special she is and to embrace her uniqueness. Unfortunately, her protected circumstances change when her mother passes and her father is presumed dead. Being the sole heir to her father's estate garners unwanted attention by her vile uncle who wants the estate and sells her to Viking slavers. There is one thing none of them ever counted on and that is the demon rage she harbors within and an angel guardian named Henry.

Duncan is ill-prepared when it comes to the enchantress that washes up on his Highland shores. There is no weapon to battle the feelings that she stirs within him nor is there a way of controlling the feisty woman. It becomes quickly apparent that she more than what she appears and the thought of her leaving him is unfathomable. No matter how much she tries his patience, the soul of the passionate woman beneath the beautiful exterior calls to him and Duncan will do anything to possess her.

The extraordinary gifts that Alera brings to his clan only further his need to claim her and nothing and no one is going to stop him.

Highland Captive (Sisters by Choice, #1) by Mary McCall

Not even Alera herself. The scenery, the characters, and the ever unfolding storyline are magically presented in this first in a new series by Mary McCall. From the start of the story the plot progresses quickly with authentic descriptions and characterizations. A fluidly written historical romance that immediately grabs the reader by the heartstrings and pulls.

The depth of emotion and romantic development are believable and allows readers to experience vulnerable moments between Alera and Duncan. Alera has so many admirable qualities and at such a young age her wealth of life knowledge is tremendous. Meanwhile, Duncan's rough Scot qualities make him a formidable warrior and lover and the best opponent for Alera in both.

Perhaps best of all is the connection made with the charming secondary characters, even those in animal form. They each bring a different dynamic to the story that richly enhances the dialogue and lends plenty of humorous moments. I am excited to relive this enchanting world that Ms. McCall so skillfully put together and will gladly be rereading this tale for many years to come.

Jan 24, Rachel rated it did not like it Shelves: I've realized that my Kindle is going to be my downfall. Let me read a review to make sure. For one, I've never really read a historical romance before. Not my cup of tea. The language was weird and awkward, and I was pretty irritated the whole time reading it. I was confused most of the time, too. Things happened and the author seemed to think that I could read her I've realized that my Kindle is going to be my downfall. Things happened and the author seemed to think that I could read her mind and deduce the reasons for things happening when she never actually tells us in the book!!!

A hundred pages later I would have liked to know sooner! Another issue, I need to look at multiple reviews. I usually pick a mid-range rating and read that, hoping that it's accurate. The review I read was like "Well, I Really liked it, but it wasn't as good as some I read blah blah great romance blah blah and it's clean! Nice uncreepy and totally TMI romance. Let me ask you, dear person, what the heck is your idea of clean??? They can do it, just don't spell it out for me.

And basically all this was was them doing it over and over and over and over and over again. And he basically rapes her at the beginning, but oh, that's okay because she actually wants it. Just because she's saying no, stop, let me go, she has a really mind blowing orgasm, so that must mean it's all fine and dandy. I get that it's all "historical" and stuff like that happened, but it seemed more like an excuse for the author to right an entire book about sex. Now, all of the above complaints could have been avoided if I had just stopped ready when my spidey-senses started tingling No offense to any gingers reading this, but honestly, I don't want to do it with a giant kilt wearing, long haired, hairy red headed man.

In fact, I wouldn't do it with anyone in a kilt regardless of hair color. Or with anyone overtly hairy Moral of the story, I have learned my lesson and will no longer be sucked in by cheap prices, pretty covers, and misleading reviews ehem, fellow goodreaders! Get on the ball! This is my pledge, and I will probably break it within the hour Jan 12, Amanda rated it really liked it Shelves: I really enjoyed this highland tale.

Our heroine is feisty and to much for following orders. Our hero is a laird all about giving orders. And is the Highland way, when Duncan first sees Alera he knows he's keeping her weather she agrees or not. This tale has treachery, a bit of the mystical and of course stubborn highlanders!

Highland Captive - ebook

It kind of reminded me of a Julie Garwood highlander book. It was a fun easy read. And I got it for 1. Got to love a cheap read. I have never heard of this author or her series. But anything with Highlander, it's caught me. Highlander is one of my favourite guilty pleasures: Right from the start their story won me over and kept me entertained. Thank you Ashley for the great gift! Of course, she had the help of her guardian angel Henry. She determines to do just that as soon as she can find her way back home.

Flung up on the Scottish coast by the icy sea, Alera is propelled into a life-changing drama that is full of humor, incredible love, and a challenging contest of wills, along with dangers that make the heart pound. Duncan Ranald, Laird of Laidirken, is a warrior, a handsome massive giant of muscle that exudes raw power. He is amazed to see a near-nude golden goddess poised to kill a wild pig. Lust races in his blood.

He wants her and takes her to his home to recuperate from the trauma she has suffered. The many secondary characters add sub-plots and back story as they reveal truths and relationships that had been kept secret from Alera for many years. The meddlesome little twins are great fun to know and they do much to propel the story along. Of course, the MacKay women like Aunt Hope, Aunt Toril, and Alera bring fun, common sense, and a bit of foolishness to a time in Scottish history when many call all Scots barbarians.

Mary McCall weaves in much of the culture, mores, and superstitions of the twelfth century British Isles, but THESE never overshadow the consuming love story of two strong personalities who find their way to true love while protecting their own. Her Highland Captive is full of action, love, and fun. Nov 14, Chandra rated it really liked it Shelves: Mary McCall is a Historical Romance writer with a great sense of humor. Her father in this book could not have described her any better than that. He is the Laird. He claims what he wants.

He is a great warrior and tracker so forget trying to run away from him. He will take advantage of you while you are dreaming. His passion is blissful. You can frustrate him to the point of fun. She manages to jump ship and swim to land after being kidnapped by Vikings. She has managed to swim to the shores of Scotland.

He is out hunting a wild boar that just ran into the woods when he sees her climb onto the beach and head into the same woods. When gallops into the woods to protect her, he finds that she has just killed the wild boar's mate. She is battered from her swim from the sea and he decides she is the most beautiful woman that he has ever seen. He takes her home and immediately decides that she "will be" his woman. Measured from Inspirational romance not explicit to Erotica hot, steamy and sizzling.

He stood upright, gripped her hips, and surged into her, burying his pulsating shaft to the hilt and causing her to take mor of him than she ever had. Ensnared by lust and goaded on by a primitive need, he ignored her strangled outcry and thrust a wild rhythm". His having determined where her home would be, over and over again. She always ends up in water and talks to Henry The end was a bit confusing. I give this book 4 stars because I had no appreciation for God being mixed up in some of this.

The plot was great but I found some not all of the dialogue between characters a bit