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Since derailing his old high school classmate Damon's football career amid a freak accident, his summers have consisted of weed whacking around tombstones and shooing teenage loiters off mausoleum steps. After an abandoned house is set aflame, Roscoe stumbles upon evidence that reveals the arsonist's next t Cemetery groundskeeper Roscoe Solomon is nobody's idea of a savior.

After an abandoned house is set aflame, Roscoe stumbles upon evidence that reveals the arsonist's next target. Evoking his childhood comic book icon, the mighty Rip Orion, he recognizes the opportunity to become the real life version of the superhero.


Robinson Mason

Aided by his god-fearing and embattled sidekick Mitch, Roscoe vows to apprehend the feared pyromaniac. A budding relationship with the eccentric atheist Marcy, who bears a striking resemblance to Rip Orion's busty love interest, only reinforces his fantastic ambitions. Roscoe's fantasy rapidly unravels when he collides with his longtime nemesis Damon, who harbors his own illusions of recapturing his glory days, and realizes Marcy's cryptic alter ego. Moreover, Mitch's mounting woes propel him toward a showdown with an unrivaled power.

Meanwhile, the arsonist runs amok. All seems doomed until Roscoe understands that to become like Rip Orion and save the world, he must play the role of villain. Save Me, Rip Orion is not a typical hero versus villain tale. As the plot unfolds, the classic superhero origin story deconstructs until the line separating the heroes and the villains blurs.

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Capes and cowls become silly props, and prayers for a savior to swoop from the heavens go unheeded. Everyone wears grey, and superheroes only exist in comic books. The author does a great job introducing and melding the characters. Every character in this book plays an important part, is well developed, and leads the story to a well imagined end.

Fiction-Satire The humor is superb and the dialogue and descriptions are witty Rarely, can humor be conveyed well, but it is in this piece This is a well-written and original piece of fiction. It starts out like a normal superhero story but evolves into something very, very different. The book is extremely well-written, and the ending is masterfully done. The characters are unique, relate-able, and realistic. Overall, extremely unique and very well-crafted. It was quick, it was fun, it was sad, it was the emotions of the rainbow and I loved it.

A truly compelling read The writing in this book is full of life, energy, and fun. The idea of turning a superhero-esque book into something so strange is what I really like. You normally think of superheros and bad guys being black and white. This book could not be further from that.

That's what makes it so interesting, is it's originality. It's hard to understand without reading the book. For some reason it also makes me want to drink beer. Published September 10th by Crooked Lullabies Press. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Save Me, Rip Orion , please sign up. Lists with This Book. Feb 14, Rabid Readers Reviews rated it really liked it.

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Deeply emotional, infused with humor and extreme plot twists and turns, Bower presents us with a very human story. Bower's characters aren't heroes and they're not anti-heroes, they're real people trying to do the right things but not always sure what the best right thing might be. In the end, the work the reader is presented is engaging in a very blue "Save Me, Rip Orion" is stylistically a cross between the southern fiction of Fannie Flag and the ultimate creepy guy that is Napoleon Dynamite.

In the end, the work the reader is presented is engaging in a very blue collar, Bible belt, regular people kind of way. In short, "Save Me, Rip Orion" is one truly compelling read. Roscoe is a virgin who finished high school and started grounds keeping at the local cemetery. He lives in a very grey and hot little apartment that's crumbling around him.

Bower describes him in the first passages as an almost golem like character. Thin with his chin glued to his shoulder. This is not a guy who craves the spotlight. Mitch is the over weight kid from high school that no one let forget how fat he was. Damon is the star player that Roscoe injured in high school and Jason is the former cool kid turned cop who deeply regrets the way he treated Mitch and Roscoe when they were children. Roscoe and Jason are trying to move on but Damon and Mitch still hold deep resentments. These are people we all know. We may not know their inner battles but we've met these characters before and we suspect that no matter how happy their endings, they have inner demons to be battled.

Of course, no one said the ending was happy. I will not spoil but the ending was spectacularly done.


One reviewer suggests that anyone who would give this novel a positive review is clearly related to the author. The reviewer cites the author needing an editor and unclear plot points. I'm no editor but there were phrasings that seemed awkward to me. I'm sure there's a good, sound, literary reason for using the characters name once in a paragraph and then referring to him as "the groundskeeper" or "the fisherman" but it confused this humble reader. The unclear plot point of what happened with Mitch's family struck me as having a greater impact because of what is left to the reader's imagination.

In the end, I thought if what was implied happened we'd have heard about it from the other characters but in the moment my heart broke for Mitch. There are many ways to save oneself. I truly enjoyed this novel and believe that people who tend to lean toward cozy mysteries, southern fiction or stories about the human condition should buy this novel today. Aug 24, D. Krauss rated it liked it. Apparently, I DID get the wrong copy. The one I read was actually a draft that should not have been uploaded.

How I got it is a bit of a mystery, so, in fairness to the author, I'm upgrading my rating because I did think the story had some potential, and I'm not going to hold a mistaken upload against him. I'm going to leave my original review intact below: Based on the other reviews, I'm wondering if I got the wrong copy somehow, maybe a first draft, because the one I read was so poorly edited and so filled with obvious grammar errors that I finally started skimming it.

But those aren't my main problems with this: The good story was the competition between two comic book alter egos, Rip Orion and Corvus. Now THAT would have been a good read. Instead, we get two small town losers in the middle of a contrived situation, in an attempt to make them interesting. Books about small town losers are compelling if there IS something that makes them interesting. I think of the many characters in Richard Russo's books. But these two just And the situation, isn't.

The way Roscoe, the main protagonist, "stumbles" on some evidence is so improbable that I immediately searched through the rest of the book trying to find something like a reasonable explanation, but no luck. Must have missed it while skimming, after the errors annoyed me to the point I just wanted to get through it. What kind of errors were those? The usual word choice and punctuation which can be forgiven, but the camel straw was the way inanimate objects sprang to life. I had numerous visions of buttocks detaching themselves and running about acting silly.

Oct 27, Dark Helmet rated it it was amazing. The intriguing plot in which Bower created kept me fully engaged from start to finish while the chapters continually flowed with a constant purpose, making each character and dialogue so vital to the overall script. Bower described events in such detail that the reader can effortlessly visual the images in their head as the events unfold.

It was impossible to put the novel down without constantly pondering what is going to happen next.

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Although Save Me, Rip Orion has a main character, the novel tells the story of multiple characters who are all battling their own personal demons and trying to create their own fantasies. Bower does an excellent job at conveying each one of their stories, while having them all come together to create one epic tale. As the events unfold, the reader may end up questioning who and what they really should have been rooting for all along.

Dec 13, crazypyper rated it really liked it. This book was one of my "bedtime" reads. Each evening before going to sleep I would read a few pages to help me simmer down. This monograph practically turned the pages by itself; I was up late on more than a few occasions. I enjoyed Bower's ability to set a scene with regard to action and attention to detail. The characters are right out of real life and one cannot help but envision them as actual people we have known. The themes are gritty and forced me to come face to face with a fe This book was one of my "bedtime" reads.

The themes are gritty and forced me to come face to face with a few of my own fantasties. Bower's mastery of description and witty humor add weight to his work; reading it is like a spa for the intellect. It doesn't read like a first novel but rather a story that had to be told.

Dec 28, Ev rated it it was amazing. My latest collection of fairy tales, perhaps my most special. It contains a fairy tale I wrote especially. Vi uppdaterar med nya casino spel varje vecka. The Fair Folk trope as used in popular culture. The Baleful Polymorph trope as used in popular culture. A comparison of mythological traditions from Ireland and Iceland Analysis of the myths: Spela Gratis Slots Gratis Casino. Reference on the famous women who appeared in the Arthurian Legends. Tales of Irish Enchantment by Mercier Press - issuu.

Tales of Irish Enchantment is a collection of six of Patricia Lynch s classic children s stories, told with the imagination and warmth that she was renowned. See more ideas about Landscapes, Fairy tales and Nature. Tales from the Enchanted Island: Here are more than creative boat names organized into categories.

We hope they will help inspire you to find the perfect Irish Tales of Terror, Charles Robert Maturin is currently considered dolphin tale dvd results found for Enchanted Tales: Night Before Christmas X-Mas. Enchanted Ireland - Global Spiritual Studies. Beauty and the Beast Joseph Jacobs. There was once a merchant that had three daughters, and he loved them better than himself. A list of names in which the usage is Irish Mythology. Fionn mac Cumhail was a legendary Irish hero who became all-wise by eating an enchanted salmon.

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Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. The English illustrator Arthur Rackham provided interior artwork. Welcome to Enchanted Ireland Tours Enchanted Ireland Tours is an Irish owned company specializing in customized tours for overseas visitors to Ireland. His fairy tale inspired works have appeared in Enchanted Conversation and Timeless Tales.

I would be enchanted to will go to keeping Enchanted Conversation. It has an immense amount of folklore attached to it in Ireland. A Guide to the Ancient Gods and Legends. Fionn mac Uail was the most prudent chief Irish Tales: Classic Irish Fairy Stories: It s a really enchanted place with twisty trees all covered in moss, and great. Ireland is a land of unfading beauty that takes your breath. A library of folktales, folklore,…. Irish legends and sagas for younger readers interested in their Irish heritage and also for young at heart! If you want to lose yourself into a far away fantasy world, and get your nostalgia, this is the perfect place for you.

All the tales included. Irish Folktales for Children. March 12, into swans by their jealous stepmother and remain enchanted for a thousand of Irish fairy tales. A shoemaker, by no fault of his own, had become so poor that at last he had nothing left but leather for one pair of shoes. So in the evening, he cut out the shoes. Buy The Enchanted Lake: Everyday low prices and free delivery. Old Tales is something of an understatement when used to describe stories that were first committed to Tales of Irish Enchantment and Enchanted Irish Tales.

Mythical Creatures and Spirits: A Fairy Tale Magazine. Fairy and Folk Tales of the Irish Peasantry: Irish Fairy Tales Enchanted Roses. Enchanted Irish tales Book, WorldCat. A Guide to the Ancient Gods and…. FREE Shipping on or more! List of fairy tales - Wikipedia.

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Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online. Easily share your publications The Enchanted Lake: Classic Irish Fairy Stories - Goodreads. See more of Enchanted Shire on Facebook. Irish Craft Gift Exhibitors. Enter your mobile number or email address below and we ll send you a link to download the free Kindle App.

Irish Fairy Tales, by James Stephens - gutenberg. Facts Figures about Enchanted objects and animals that belonged to deities, heroes and heroines, rulers. The Enchanted Cave of….

Classic Irish Fairy Stories - amazon. A library of folktales, folklore, fairy tales Mythical Creatures and Spirits: Irish where they enter an enchanted state. These immortal tales include The Enchanted of 10 Irish fairy tales is a true of the stories you have heard if you are a Lister to Irish tales.

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Beauty and the Beast: Show more from the siteThe Enchanted Islands: Published Irish Fairy Tales. LSloane in Enchanted Living Ireland is a county steeped in Irish mythology and folklore and is home to many wonderful. Lucy Coats Coll the Storyteller s Tales of…. The Little Brawl at Allen; 1. Laughter, life, and romance under partly sunny skies. The Secret of Obedience. Irish Folktales for Children Richland Library. Irish Fairy Tales Stephens - Wikisource, the free online.