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Features Biographical features on the most important individuals in stock car racing, from Bill France Jr. They were the first form of interactive audiovisual multimedia, introduced consumers to computer technology, and were one of the main selling points for early home computers, launching the digital age for the general public. The technologies developed for gaming also have applications with tangible benefit and value outside of entertainment—as the basis for training simulators, for example.

All in a day's work if you're an extreme sports enthusiast.

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The Encyclopedia of Extreme Sports traces the evolution of the most adventurous-and adrenaline inducing-land, water, and air sports. Over entries highlight the star athletes, extreme sport competitions, pro techniques, requisite equipment and clothing, and more.

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Averaging one to three pages, the entries are alphabetically arranged by subject, with a table of contents in Volume 1, an all-encompassing index in Volume 2, and a systematic outline of the title's contents arranged in seven broad categories and 26 subcategories. Each entry is signed and contains a bibliography. Bottom Line Similar to Routledge's one-volume Encyclopedia of Leisure and Outdoor Recreation, this is a fascinating look at data useful for research papers, sociological studies, and historical evaluations or simply to satisfy curiosity. The Routledge volume has a more international focus, describing in detail concepts related to the intersection of leisure, recreation, and tourism, while sports enjoy broader coverage in the Scribner volume.

Both works are recommended for all types of libraries. Part of the "Scribner American Civilization Series," this is one of the few encyclopedias in the field of recreation, describing the spare-time activities Americans have engaged in from Colonial times to the present. Cross gives special attention to how leisure activities have varied by region, class, ethnicity, gender, and age. Articles written by specialists reflect shifting social, cultural, political, and economic trends in the US. Each article offers cross-references and bibliographies.

The "Systematic Outline of Contents" in volume 2 shows the encyclopedia's conceptual framework, with entries arranged under seven major categories "Social Development of Leisure," "Processes: Over illustrations depict recreational personalities, activities, locations, and objects.

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General readers; secondary, undergraduate, and graduate students; researchers. Cheng Southern Connecticut State University. Thank you for using the catalog. Encyclopedia of recreation and leisure in America. Charles Scribner's Sons, []. From the time he was fifteen, Lowell Thomas Jr. Players such as Carl Yastrzemski, Jimmie Foxx, Carlton Fisk and Roger Clemens also created many fond memories in Red Sox history with their pitches and hits, their historic home runs and bring-the-heat strikeouts. The 50 Greatest Players in Boston Red Sox History features brief biographies of Red Sox players and their most significant contributions to the club since its founding in They are now one of the iconic franchises of the major leagues and a permanent fixture in Boston s history, culture and traditions.

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In this landmark collection, the author selects and rates this group based on the overall accomplishments of Red Sox players considered the best. He also weighs the achievements of those players during their time with the club. While this book will surely provoke discussion among Red Sox fans, a new generation of fans will get an inside look at the careers and statistics of players from various eras.

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The Ramblers of the NCAA college basketball season were pioneers in race relations in sport, though most of the time they were simply playing the sport they loved. When the NCAA tournament began in March, the Ramblers engaged in a series for the ages, daring to be the first NCAA Division I school to play five black athletes on the court at once and capturing the most prestigious title in college basketball at a time when states below the Mason-Dixon line still had laws on the books preventing black and white athletes from mixing even in pick-up games.

Records were set, rivals faced, and one of the most famous and significant contests in college basketball playoff history played out in what incidentally became a model showcase for race relations. Nearly every time the Ramblers took the court, the game was unique in its magnitude.

Relying significantly on exclusive interviews with surviving players, now in their seventies, Lew Freedman chronicles the entire journey, the adventure of the season that bound tight for a lifetime the group of men who lived through it. A Summer to Remember: He also relied on pitchers Bob Feller, Bob Lemon, and Negro leagues legend Satchel Paige then forty-one years old , as well as second baseman Joe Gordon and right fielder Larry Doby, who followed Jackie Robinson by only a few weeks in breaking the color barrier in baseball.

The Indians were victorious and would then defeat the Boston Braves in six games to win the World Series. While not every title we publish becomes a New York Times bestseller or a national bestseller, we are committed to publishing books on subjects that are sometimes overlooked by other publishers and to authors whose work might not otherwise find a home.

Where did the passion that fueled his success originate?

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As a youngster, Kenny was five-foot-seven but his older brother was six-foot-two so when playing basketball, Kenny had to jump up over his brother to get off a shot. That is how the jump shot was born, and Kenny used it in college and professional basketball. He played in Denver and several other cities whose team names have now changed, but he also played for the Boston Celtics with Bob Cousy.

After he left the NBA, he moved to Alaska and in settled in the Glennallen area, where he was a fishing and hunting guide in the Wrangle Mountains for thirty-five years.

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Kenny Sailors passed away January shortly after his 95th birthday. Williams is a man of many parts, a sports figure, a government figure, a leader of his people, a husband, a father, and a Native man with one foot firmly planted in the twenty-first century and another firmly planted in the roots of a culture that dates back 10, years in Alaska. Williams describes how he recovered from his dependence on alcohol through religion, loved ones, and racing dogs.

For many years Williams carried those sobriety pledges in his sled, focusing attention on a troubling, seemingly intractable problem. A one-stop record containing everything Cubs fans want to know about their favorite baseball team, this resource is packed with anecdotes, history, explanations of traditions, statistics, trivia, and photos. A one-stop record containing everything White Sox fans want to know about their favorite baseball team, this resource is packed with anecdotes, history, explanations of traditions, statistics, trivia, and photos. Cubs legends like Ernie Banks and Don Kessinger, and a handful of current players, reflect on many special plays and games that offer a glimpse into Major League Baseball from the s up to the pennant race.

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One of only two remaining charter members of the National Football League, the Chicago Bears are a team steeped in history. The behind-the-scenes story of one of professional basketball's most respected and beloved teams. More than 20 former and current Pale Hose players share their fondest single-game White Sox experience and memories with the Chicago Tribunes Lew Freedman. The Whalers are the only football team above the Arctic Circle: Ted Lambert is regarded as one of the premier Alaska artists, a true pioneer.

These are not quiet fans. Fortunately, The Packers Experience is not a quiet book. Additional feature articles highlight the legendary players and coaches who have made the Packers one of the most successful organizations in the NFL: All their most memorable moments come to life on these pages in iconic vintage and vibrant modern photos, classic memorabilia, and captivating stories.