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Find a copy in the library Finding libraries that hold this item August von Kotzebue T Pugh Williams. Reviews User-contributed reviews Add a review and share your thoughts with other readers. Add a review and share your thoughts with other readers. Lustspiel in einem Aufzug". Linked Data More info about Linked Data. Including national character in literature. Prefer PN unless speolflcally German. History of German literature.

Including later editions of works of this period.

Das Posthaus in Treuenbrietzen - Ein Lustspiel in Einem Aufzug (German, Paperback)

Outlines, syllabi, tables, aftoses, charts. Collected essays, studies, etc. Here aro classified treatises dealing with the literature written completely or incidentally in the various dialects of the German language. For treatises restricted to a particular dialect, prefer classification with that dialect. Added entries to bo made in PT or PF as the case may require. Relations to liistory, civilization, cul- ture, etc. Relations to art, music, painting, etc.

Cf, PA , , , Classical literature. Kelations to foreign literature Con, By coimtryj or language, A-Z. U7E6 Emerson, ,8 Translations. German litoraturo by foreign au- thors. For general works only. Individ- ual authors classed like Gorman authors, PT Foreign literature by German au- thors. See the special literature. Various aspects, forma, etc.

Das Posthaus in Treuenbrietzen : Lustspiel in einem Aufzug

Evolution of tlie diftorent forms: H7 Holy Roman empire. CN6 Nibelungen, see PT W3 War, Special countries and races. Individual, see PT Homes and haunts of authors. Literary relations of women. Other classes of authors, A-Z. General works covering more than one pe- riod or parts of more than one period Medieval including poetry. Collected essays, studies, lectures. Special subjects not elsewhere pro- vided for under forms, etc. Prefer PT for subjeets not peculiar to the period. Old High German to ca. Poetry, General, see PT Beowulf legend, see PR Including Errannarich, Etzcl Attila , etc.

T4, Thid- reks saga; PT , Collections of epic poetry and the special poems mentioned. W3 History of German literature, History, by period. Dietrich von Bern, see PT E 1 8 , Eoken- lied. Ermanarich, see PT Etzol At- tila , see PT Heine, see W i t e g e utid Heine,.

Prefer PE 3 9 8 7. W5 Witege und Pleine. Hilde-Gudrun, see PT Walter of Aqui- taine. E6, Ekke- hardus I. PR , Anglo- Saxon. Other, A-Z — Continued. W6 Wieland Wayland the Smith. Special topics, see PT Renaissance and Reformation ca. Special subdivisions of the period.

Nicolai, Bremer beitrage, The age of Frederick the Great. Frederick the Great, De la litterature allemande. Special subdivisions of the period — Continued. PT , 18th and early 19th centuries. Naturalism, Heredity, Philoso- phy, Realism. R6 Romance philol- ogy-. F8 Prey tag, Gustav. Collected essays, lectures, etc. Special topics not A-Z. PN —, Poetry General litera- ture. PF — , Metrics and versification. Z8 Zuccnlmaglio and the Volkslied. For added entry only. Subdivided under each period: Special periods — Continued. Medieval, see PT Special forms of poetry.

Legends, see PT , ,L6 Love,. P7 Political Patriotic, Historical. Special by form, A-Z — Continued, e. Parody, Travesty, Society verse, Anacroontio verse. PT , Wit and humor. Technique of drama, see PN History and study of the German stage, see PN Short story, NovoUe, see PT Technique, see PN Prose fiction — Continued. AS Autobiographic fic- tion. L8 Lfigendichtungen, see PT P5 Picaresque fiction, ace PN Sohelmenroman, set Picaresque fiotion. W3 Wagner, see ML , Special periods. Reforma- tion, 17thth centui'ies. Juvenile literature, seePN For literary history, prefer the subdivisions PT ; for works on the origin, traditional beliefs and meaning connected with mythical char- acters, fairies, etc.

Collections of texts exclusively. Prefer GR, General. Collections of toxts exclusively — Con. For reprints not in chap-book form, prefer PT Special chap-books, Originals and reprints. Poetry, see PT Drama, see PT By region or place, A-Z. R6 Rhino, see DP Fairy tales Miirchen including transla- tions. For juvenile edition b, VZ 8j 24, 34, oto.

August von Kotzebue

For readers, ace PE U Special characters, heroes, fairies, etc. Engel, Carl, Zuaammonstolhing, der Faust-fiohriftew. CoUectioDs of texts exclusively. Faust legend, V olkab iicher — Continued. A2 Editions, by date. A3 Edition of , n. A4 Edition of with additional chapters. A5 Widman's edition, A6 Revised by Pfitzor, ,. A7 Faustbuch der Christlich Mey- nenden, , Christoph. Miethen supposed au- thor. A8 Other versions, by editor, A-Z.

A9-Z Translations, by language and date. A1 Collections, by date. A2 Separate editions, by date. A5-Z Translations, by language and date. A2 Volksbuch and later revisions, by date. A3 Puppet-play, ,A4 English version. Mario wo, Goethe, Ifeino, eto, Added entries only. H6 Historical and patriotic.

A2 Various literatures, see PN A6-Z Special literatures, by language, A-Z. Ti'anslations of Gorman literature. To , see PT Local divisions, see PT Selections from women poets. Various literatures, see PN A6-Z Special literatures, by language and trans- Translations into foreign languages. E7 Other special forms.

P Portuguese Divided like English. R Russian Divided like English. By language — Continued. Divided like PT O. Early to , see PT General, see PT A2 Contemporary collections, by com- piler or title. To be numbered by date-letter and title. Almanach der deutsohen musen, , PT Musenalmanaoh, Gbttingeni , PT Alpenrosen, , PT n B5 Bliltter fUr die kunst. Early to , by editor or title. Including editions of manuscript collections, reprints of broad- sides and early editions. See PT , PF , German dialects. PT , Gorman literature by region, etc.

Thirty years' war, etc, 17th- 18th century. Wars of liberatioBi Revolution, Franco-Prueaian war, etc. Frederick the Great, Prince Eugono, Napo- leon, etc. Songs of special armies, A-Z, o. Classified in PT PN , PT N3 Nature, ,P4 Peasants. Particular ballads and songs, A-Z. By first word of title including article. PT , Fables in prose. From foreign literatures into German.

From German into foreign languages. Z99 Plays in typewritten form. Translations, by language, A-Z. Drama Schauspiel , Special, A-Z. CM6 Moving-picture playsj PN Juvenile plays , see PZ PT , Faiiat legend drama. PN , Oburammergau play. Prefer PT , PT PN ; PT , Fauet legend. Shadow plays, see PN ,85; PN Prose General — Continued. Translations from German into other lan- guages. D8 Dutch and Flemish. M7 Mothers Lettora to or from mothers. Prefer PN for less literary produc- tions. PN , , , etc. Collections comprising both Old and Middle High German works. PP , Chrestomathiea and readers.

Alsace, Bohemia, Switzerland, Tyrol. Added entriea to bo made for FT Comprehensive Collections and Selections. Collections, by title or editor, A-Z. Frankfort am Main, Ka Kaspar von dor Rdn. Translations, by language and translator, A-Z. Special epics, boo the titles in PT Dietrich und iseine geaellon, DietrJoha ersto ausfahrt, etc. Rabonaohlacht, Roaongarten, see also Laurin. Legends, prefer PT Juvenile literature, see PZ Poetry, Special forms — Continued.

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Prefer PA ,88, un- ' less limited to German selec- tions. H2 Haagschc lieder- handschrift. H4 Hoidolbferger iie- derhandschrift, Grosso. J3 Jonaer liederhand- Bchrift. W4 Weingarten lioder- handschrift. Other, by language, A-Z. Medieval and early modem collec- tions. Erlauer splole, Storzinger spielo, etc. Modem surviyals, imitations, etc. Oborammorgau, see PN Legends and miracles dramatized. Low German drama, see PT 8. Poetry, see PT 1 Middle High Gorman, see PT , Drama, see PT , , Middle High German, see PT , A2 Dcr ackermann aua Bohmoii.

A3 Albrecht von Halberstadlffl. A4 Albrecht von Scharfenhergj 13th cent,. Middle High German, ca. Alexandorliecl, see Lamprccht dec pjajjc, PT A59 Alexius, SainL Legend. Alsf elder pasmoiibspiel, see PT E Schroeder, Das Anegcnge, ,. Der Laubacher Barlaam, ed. For tho poem by Uudolph von Eins, see PT Barthel Regenbogon, see Regenbogon, PT B6 Beheim, Michael, 6. BX , Catholic sermons. Prefer BS, with added entry here, except for poetical paraphrases and Bible stories.

For the poem, prefer classification here; Exodus. For tho poem, prefer classification here. B ,B ,B ,B Old Testament complete or several parts — Continued. Tilo von Kuhn, PT Prophets including Minor Prophets or selections. Other canonical books, Apocrypha, Maccabees, etc. New Testament complete or several parts. Epistles complete or several. Heinrich von Healer , PT Gospel of Nicodomus, etc. Cf, Heinrich vo7i Healer, PT Prefer olassificatiou here with added entry, BS History and criticism General , aee BS Brant, Sebastian, , Narrenachiff. Including the anonymous revised edi- tions quoted by Goedeke, Grundriss, 2d cd.

Extracts, partial refacimentos, ertw. Low German versions, by date. Modern German versions, by author, A- 2. Latiju alphabetically by translator , Latin and English. English alphabetically by translator. French alphabetically by translator. Brun von Schoneheck, ISih cent. Das buch der belspiele Translation of Bidpai. Burkhart von HohenSeh, fl, Crescentia, see Kaisorchronik, PT E6 Individual authors or works. David von Augsburg, d. PT ; PT 72G6. Dietrichs ahnen und flucht, see Heinrich der Vogler, PT Dietrioh imd seine geBcllon.

Disticha Catonis, eee Catonia distioha, PT Ebernant, of Erfuriy ft, , Ebncr, Christina, PT ; PT 20D. Modern versions, by editor, A-Z. Edclstoin, see Boner, Ulrich, PT Elizabeth of Hungary, Saintj Life of. Lcbcn der heiligen Elisabeth. Biography in verse written about Eneidc,see Heinrich eon Veldeke, PT Erlatier apiclc, see PT G4 Individual authors or works.

Exodus, see Bible, PT Byb, Albrecht von, Ezzo von Bamberg, 11th cenL Cf. Anegonge Das jiingoro , PT Folz, Flans, 16th cent. Frau Jutten Play , see PT Frauenlob, Heinrich von Meissen, known as, d. Freid-Fz, Fressaut, Hermann, 14th cent. Friedberger passionsspiel, see PT Friedrich von Hausen, d. Friedrich von ScHwaben Epic poem. Friedrich von Sunburg, ISth ce7it.

Fronleichnamaspielo, see PT Fttetrer, Ulrich, 16th cent. Genesis, see Bible, O. G5 Individual authors or works. Gciicht, Jiingstc, see Voii dem jungesten tage, PT Gcsta Hoin an oru in. Gf Mid tile High Gorman texts Cf. Got two i gcr Tro j aiier k neg. G8 Cf, PT A1 Tristan, only known work. Anonymous editions, by date. A2 Editions, by editor, A-Z,.

AO Other languages alphabetically. Z4 Language, inotrica, etc,. A1 Anonymous editions, by date. A2 Editions, by editor, A-Z. A Selections, by editor. A Other languages alphabetically. Z6 Language, metrics, etc. Z7 Dictionaries, glossaries, etc. Middle High Gorman, ca. G6 Giindacker von Judenburff, ISih cent. H37 Hiitzler, Klara, 15th cent. H4 Hagen, Gotfrid, d. H8 Hartmann, der arme,fl. A2 By editor, A-Z. A2A--Z Selections, extracts, etc. Other works, by title.

A Der armo Heinrich. A6 Editions, by editor, A-Z. Z86, Biography and criticism. H83 Individual authors or works, Middle High German, ca. Hartmann von Aue, cent Biography and criticism — Continued Language. Metrics, etc Dictionaries, glossaries, etc , by date. Ileidelberger licderhandechriften, see PT H Die licilige regcl filr ein vollkommenes leben, Hciinonskindor. Reinolt von Montelban; Benout van Mon- tnlbaen.

Heinrich der Tetch7ieryfl, Heinrich der Vogleff ca. Heinrich von Healer ffl. H84 Ueinvichvon Neustadtffl, Z4 Language, Metrics, etc. H3 Heinrich Cl6z6nero, 18 th cent. Helmbrecht, see Wernher der gartenasre, PT H25 Herger, 12th cent. Author of poems formerly ascribed to Spervogel.

H27 Hermann, Brwdcr, ISih cent. Hermann von Sachsenheim, see Sachsenheim, PT H32 Herzog Ernst Poem. H35 Hiitbolt von Schwangau. H8 Hugo von Langenstein, Jl. Iscngrtnes n6t, see Heinrich der Olichesaeret PT J77 ,J78 J79 K26 ,Ka Individual authors or works. Hu- J z — Continued. Jenaer liederhandflchnft, see PT 9. J3 Jeroflchin, Nicolaus von, jl. H75, Johannes von Frankensieinj Jl, We believe this work is culturally important, and despite the imperfections, have elected to bring it back into print as part of our continuing commitment to the preservation of printed worksworldwide.

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