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The most famous Indian teas originate from two very different regions: The thin mountain air of the former, where tea farms are terraced into the foothills of the Himalayas, leads to bright, floral, fruity notes in the resulting brew, a flavour profile that the British quickly chose as their favourite for afternoon tea.

Darjeeling Himalayas India- Misty Mountain, Heritage Railway, Kangchenjunga Peak *HD*

After Southern China, the Assam region has historically been the most prolific tea region in the world, and not coincidentally, these are also the only two regions in the world where the camellia sinensis tea plant is a native species. So important is tea to the region that Assam has its own time zone, known as Tea Garden Time, set an hour ahead of Indian Standard Time to let tea pickers take advantage of the early sunrise and maximize working hours.

The matcha ritual offers a quiet celebration which pulls focus on the present.

Assam & Darjeeling

Matcha is winning the hearts and minds of consumers as one of the healthiest beverages on earth. We have come up with three exciting ways to prepare Matcha for the modern tea drinker. However, while both regions enjoy similar climatic conditions, their teas could not be more different. This difference can mainly be attributed to the following reasons:. Assam enjoys short, cool winters and hot, humid summers along with plenty of rainfall in both seasons.

Difference Between Assam and Darjeeling Tea

Darjeeling, in winters, is colder and harsher than Assam and has a much slower rate of producing tea. Assam tea is cultivated on low lying lands whereas Darjeeling tea is produced on highlands. The tea producing area in Darjeeling is also much less than the tea producing region in Assam. The first harvest that occurs in March is called the First Flush and it produces tea that is fresh, flowery and fragrant. The second harvest that occurs in May and June is called the Second Flush and produces tea that has a stronger flavour profile with spicy and malty undertones.

Darjeeling tea when brewed has a lighter colour than Assam tea.

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The former has a pale green- almost golden-ish hue whereas the latter has a deeper, reddish- brown jewel tone. Flavours of both Darjeeling tea and Assam tea depend on their season of harvest.

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