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Today I looked in the mirror to see if I was invisible.

Turns out I'm not invisible -- then why can't anyone see me? Today I made a fake Instagram account under a trendy name from the s to see whether I knew any people who had real Instagram accounts. All of the accounts were private save for one. Today I forced myself to be happy for a particular past crush who posted lots of pictures on Instagram with his new girlfriend. Today I looked at everyone's smiling faces and wondered why I wasn't smiling with them. Today I wondered why some people are complete idiots. Today I wondered why my skin tone - white as milk - should make people believe that I can't handle spice, or make people believe that I am stupid.

Today I comforted someone who said she had no love life. I didn't have the courage to tell her that I've never had a love life and probably never will. Today I told someone I write poetry and they laughed at me. Today I cried in front of a mirror while singing a made-up song that wasn't even sad. Today I told people I was fine when I really was not. I wish I was invisible.

If I were invisible maybe it wouldn't hurt so much 'cause I know I'm here but people refuse to see it. Can I please just be invisible? Where once I adjoined A facet of evergrowing life I now fall through the air Destined for the ground And the crunch of footsteps. This city is so silent at night The rain of a northern sky These lights that burn bright Lulled me to sleep I got lost on streets Forgot my worries I'm trying to feel myself again Maybe this is what I've been searching for This feeling of adventure This feeling of want I miss you Your limbs and your laughter The way your frame moves in dim lights You worry too much You love too hard I just want to be.

If I Die in a School Shooting. If I die in a school shooting I'll never go home again. My room will sit unused, A capsule frozen in time, A snapshot of how I was. If I die in a school shooting I'll never see my dog again. She will sit at the front door Waiting for me and wondering, Why I never came home If I die in a school shooting I'll never graduate from high school. My yearbooks will sit stacked Stopped short of their goal, Missing years that should have been If I die in a school shooting I'll never see my mom again.

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She will sit distraught, Planning a funeral For a child taken from her. If I die in a school shooting I'll never see my friends again. They'll sit together, missing me. One empty seat among them, A constant reminder of their loss If I die in a school shooting I'll never see my little sister again. She will sit through high school Knowing I can't guide her through, That she has to figure it out alone If I die in a school shooting My school will be stained.

Pools of students lives will sit, Blood tattoos on the brick structures, Marks of death ground into it. If I die in a school shooting Everyone will wear black. They'll send their thoughts and prayers To a town marred by death, Forever to be the home of a shooting.

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If I die in a school shooting Will the world change? What will it take? If things continue this way Children will have to live in fear. They'll look over their shoulders Always worried and wondering, If they'll die in a school shooting. The state of Florida is now home to the two most deadly mass shootings in American history.


My little sister often fears going to school. I'm afraid to graduate and leave her. I want to be able to protect her if something happens.

Hobo Johnson & The LoveMakers - 2018 NPR Tiny Desk Contest (Peach Scone)

I hate that we have a reason to be afraid That it's reasonable to have these fears. I was mad about being second best. I was mad about taking a second place in your heads. I was mad about what you discussed behind my back. I was mad about realising how mad it all made me become. I was sad about how excluded you made me feel.

There’s no such thing as a good wedding poem

I was sad about how vulnerable I had let myself become. I was sad about not feeling as important to you anymore. I was sad because I felt so alone without you. I was tired of seeing them push me aside. I was tired of being interrupted for your gains. I was tired of being used to broaden your shoulders And widen your egos I was tired of seeing her face and hearing you laugh at her words. Wounded because you left me all alone when I needed you.

Wounded because you chose them over me. Wounded because I had finally found my place and they took it from me. Wounded because my mistakes were haunting me. Wounded because you were hurting me, neglecting me, rejecting me. Now you've come back to me.

How Do I Love Thee? (Sonnet 43)

Come back like I predicted. Come back like none of this ever happened. Come back like she was never here. Like I never asked you that question. Come back like we were never different. Come back like my heart is still yours and yours is still mine. I love thee freely, as men strive for right; I love thee purely, as they turn from praise, I love thee with the passion put to use In my old griefs, and with my childhood's faith.

I love thee with a love I seemed to lose With my lost saints -I love thee with the breath, Smiles, tears, of all my life! No reason is needed for loving. Sign in Get started. Let no one know of our sublime beauty As we hold hands with God And burn Into a sacred existence that defies - That surpasses Every description of ecstasy And love. You might also like If I fall in love with you I will idealize you medium. To fall in love with you To fall in love with you is to burn stories of coulds and shoulds medium. Use the bullet points outlined in step one to structure your analysis of the poems.

For your analysis, you should pick out features of the poems and comment in detail on the effects of these when you write your response. You could follow the ideas below: This refers to what specifically the poems are about. This does not mean the themes of the poems, just the subject matter. This refers to the main themes of the poems. Are the poets trying to get the reader to think about specific issues or ideas?

This could be something like love, what happens to people when they get old, loneliness, the negative effects of war, etc. Think about how the poems make you feel. Overall, what kind of feeling do the poems create for you? Find words or images in the poems that have particular associations and could contribute to the mood.

This part has different sections: For this section you need to offer your opinion of the poems. You must justify your ideas.