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On the pages of these books, the sides were clearly being staked. And these were fighting words.


In the ensuing debate, many were on the side of European scientific progress. The most vocal of these voices was Eilert Sundt, a theologist and sociologist who founded the sociological journal Folkevennen.

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Luckily, porridge itself survived the controversy. In fact, according to modern Norwegian chef Andreas Viestad , "Porridge is having a revival actually, with inspirational cookbooks, porridge bars and a willingness to innovate. And this leads to a deeper appreciation of some of the traditional recipes as well.

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Dietitian nutritionist Amy Myrdal Miller says that there are numerous variables — heat of the porridge, hydration ratios, grind size of the grain, etc. And Stephen Scott Jones , director of Washington State University 's Bread Lab, notes that not only would the stirred-in flour have been digestible — it may also have been necessary. Especially if porridge was made from cracked grains of questionable quality.

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Which, if you're going back hundreds of years, was likely a safe bet. He says the same goes for if the worst of grain was used, or if it was just a bad harvest year — both of which could also yield grain with a poor starch-to-protein-and-chaff ratio, which wouldn't thicken in the pot. But, Jones says, you could solve this problem of watery porridge by stirring in a last-minute handful of flour — as Norwegians had been doing for centuries. A previous version of this story incorrectly said the Bread Lab is at the University of Washington. It's actually at Washington State University.

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Accessibility links Skip to main content Keyboard shortcuts for audio player. The Salt In , a male scientist tried to "porridge-splain" how to make proper gruel to Norwegian women who had been making it for centuries. Your email address will not be published. She did a brilliant job] Another child and his mum — who is an excellent actress — also helped out with a reading from Bash-Crash-Ding!

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