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Methodological Challenges and New Directions 6. A Eunuch Perspective 8.

Christopher Livanos, Monotheists, Dualists and Pagans The Written World Catherine Holmes, Political Literacy Denis Sullivan, Byzantine Military Manuals: Prescriptions, Practice, and Pedagogy 13 J. Featherstone, De Cerimoniis and the Great Palace Emmanuel Bourbouhakis, Rhetoric and Performance Stratis Papaioannou, Letter-writing An Interpretative Essay Medieval Conflicts in Local Perspective Joseph Munitiz, Writing for the Heart: Byzantine Art and Architecture Bissera Pentcheva, What is a Byzantine icon?

Constantinople versus Sinai Vasileios Marinis, Defining Liturgical Space Jonathan Shepard, Imperial Outliers: Building and Decorative Works in the Borderlands and Beyond Trails of Architectural Imitation across the Mediterranean The World of Byzantine Studies Paul Stephenson, Pioneers of Popular Byzantine history: Freeman, Gregorovius, Schlumberger Authoritative and up-to-date, this key single-volume work is a thematic exploration of ancient Egyptian civilization and culture as it was expressed down the centuries.

Including topics rarely covered elsewhere as well as new perspectives, this work comprises thirty-two original chapters written by Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

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The Byzantine World

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