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This takes the pressure off it being all about them and makes it all about the clients they are meant to serve and how they can help them. From that place, the writing and the content development just start to flow. When marketing with business cards use the back side to your advantage. Add value to your card, make it worth holding on to. Here are some ideas on how you can add value to your business cards using the back side:.

At the page offer discounts, gifts or other special information. Give your clients what they want and your business cards will pay for themselves many times over. Since most businesses in the US are micro businesses, often solo or home based, use joint ventures and strategic alliances to reach larger numbers in your target market.

Social Media Marketing Secrets Revealed (For Small Businesses)

Determine what you offer that would be of real value to them. Offer your partner a percentage of sales if they will promote your business to their clients and subscribers and make sure you make it easy for them to say yes by preparing all marketing materials and making order fulfillment easy. You can also create new products with partners, you can co-market and sell bundled packages where you combine one of your products with theirs if there is natural synergy. The possibilities are endless, and your ability to reach much larger numbers or prospective clients on a small marketing budget can make a big difference to your bottom line.

Thanks for the wise words. I see I need to refocus my online marketing resources toward a more social network approach. The internet is the greatest thing EVER for introverted entrepreneurs like me. No more shaking hands, small talk and rubber chicken. In the online world, teaching other people what you know is a way to network blog. Hat tip to WakeUpLater for the opening exchange.

Marketing requires a lot of creativity and that takes time; even for the most experienced of marketers. It takes time to understand what your customer and prospects really want. While that is a challenge, it is even more challenging to develop the right words and images to engage them. And the group can consist of truly great people who are now dead! So say you love snowboarding and you love Barack Obama for president. Do reports to find out what political campaigns snowboard manufacturers are giving money too. Do a survey of top snowboarders to see what candidates they support.

Do a report of top issues that concern people who snowboard. Do a report of what political issues will directly affect the snowboard community. Being up front about what you are trying to do will set you apart, and ironically make your message far more believable in the process. Understand your target market: Never forget to make the most of a first impression: Potential customers will develop an impression about you and your business in the first few seconds. Make the most of that by developing a top notch look for all your promotional material.

Best money for a new business owner to spend is in the development of a professional logo.


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Ensure you and all your staff best represent your company…. As time goes by, this remains a big mantra of mine: Goes for time and resources as well. Put the buyer at the center of your offering — not your product or your company. Buyers do not care about you or your product, they care about themselves in the context of your product.

Also, buyers do not want to hear from you anymore, they want to hear from their peers — so is your story one that has the buyer at the core of it, and is your story easily retold? Focus on excellent customer experience and spend heavy on branding within that.

Social Media Marketing Secrets Revealed (For Small Businesses)

Exceed peoples expectations so much when they come in contact with you that they become your sales people. Make your product or service sell itself. Starbucks has done an excellent job of this, spending next to nothing on overt marketing, but spending a fortune on packaging, operations, and store layouts. An elevator pitch is an overview of an idea for a product, service, or project that can be delivered in the time span of an elevator ride say, thirty seconds or words.

Knowing how to make the perfect elevator pitch is important because sometimes thirty seconds is all you get with your boss, client or investor. Give both facts as they are and your own opinions. Your brand should permeate your company, through and through. Customers are empowered to engage companies through more diverse channels and touch points than ever before.

Every single customer touch point is an opportunity to make a brand impression. Fully integrated marketing plans are key in creating a meaningful and memorable customer experience. Be Remarkable, Consumers tired of the endless scheming of marketers , tuned out years ago. Thats all Lucio Dias Ribeiro http: However, a number of 1s and 3s is a definite signal for improvement.

As they say — keep your friends close and your enemies closer. In a marketing context, it is essential to know all about your key competitors as the information you get, will allow you to take advantage of their weaknesses and defend against their strengths.

By analyzing your competitors it helps you to work out your key point of difference and what you do better. Remember they would probably love to have some of your customers for their business and they are probably keeping a close watch on you,. Step into the role of your customers and ask yourself: Would you buy your product, honestly? Do you use your own product?

Are you selling a product, or are you selling the value of the product? My best marketing secret: It takes time for efforts to come back to you. Write a book 2. Market it online 3. Convert book buyers into clients. My free online course will help.. But how many of us actually, really, truely listen? Follow me on Twitter at: When working with clients on their marketing the things I focus on are a combination of many because not just one thing will make you the best marketer.

There are a multitude of ways to market businesses and I work with the client to determine the areas of focus and then formulate the plan to get it launched within the desired budget. People who think less about markets and products and more about needs and solutions tend to have more and greater success! These are awsome Ideas!!

The bottom line seems to be always and only speak to your ideal client. Whether its teaching, selling, or asking the ideal client.

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I especially like the book idea. And just this last comment on solutions. They want to experience what they want… not be informed on how to get it, yet it takes what it takes. Sometimes it feels like standing in a crowded stadium with everyone yelling. Finding your target client needs to be done on the way in perhaps, the way into the stadium. This is where the 25 words come in.

Only talking to the ideal client is tough sometimes. Whatever you do, whatever your business is, you must create a marketing plan, track that plan and adjust course as needed. The most important thing is honesty. I was taught this at a very young age and I have been practicing it for years. Honesty really pay off in the long run and no matter how dishonest other businesses may be, remain honest to your customers and also to yourself and you will reap the rewards. To learn from the best — great article and its always good to hear from what the top people in the industry are doing.

Small Business Trend of Marketing: Is very usefull , informative and also expertise. The idea give for the business card format is very impressive , i loved it.

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The best marketing secret of them all: What a great list of experts sharing their knowledge. This post is packed with great information. Ascertain what they really need. Care about them, their problems, their issues, their dog!

Top Experts Dish with their Best Kept Marketing Secrets

Setup yourself up towards integrity. Upfront and then explain to the customer what you can do. Yet I see this all the time. Sounds simple, but many do not do this. Solve marketing problems using the best possible tools to solve those problems — not the ones that are getting all the buzz. Give potential customers a taste of your offerings, give people something for free and they will feel obligated to return the favor. Thanks for compiling this. I find that learning what others do and think is one of the key factors that can contribute towards success.

You learn faster and easier by taking note of what others do. They have probably been there and done that. Improve Your Business And Others. Weekend Link Karma Copyblogger.

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